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Official statements on the exhibition:
Mykola Chechotkin,
Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine:
Today I had an opportunity to attend International Exhibition "Protection Technologies/FireTech‑2019". I should note that this is not only a professional event, but also a true security zone where leading manufacturers of vehicles, equipment and gear showcase their latest products. Officers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine who arrived in Kyiv in order to participate in panel discussions within the exhibition program also are looking for innovations and new products.

On 8‑11 October 2019, XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies/FireTech‑2019", the leading event of Ukraine in civil defense, fire and rescue equipment and labor protection, took place at the International Exhibition Center. The exhibition was traditionally held in the joint format and concurrently with XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019" and International Exhibition "Expert Security‑2019".

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"The exhibitions were attended by the following honorable guests:
President of Ukraine – Volodymyr Zelensky
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Oleksiy Danilov
Minister of Internal Affairs – Arsen Avakov
Minister of Defence of Ukraine – Andriy Zahorodniuk
Director General of the SC "Ukroboronprom" – Aivaras Abromavičius
Chief of the General Staff ‑ Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General Ruslan Khomchak
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General – Mykola Balan
Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine – Serhiy Deyneko
Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine – Mykola Chechotkin
Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine – Pavlo Degtyarenko
Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Head of the Interagency Commission on Policy of Military‑Technical Cooperation and Export Control – Serhiy Krivonos
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – Vasyl Bodnar
Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General Oleksandr Sirsky
Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Admiral Igor Voronchenko
Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Colonel General Serhiy Drozdov
Commander of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General Igor Lunev
General Director of International Exhibition Center Ltd. – Anatoliy Tkachenko

The following foreign delegations took part in the opening ceremony and were present during the exhibition:
XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Kingdom of Bahrain; Federative Republic of Brazil; Arab Republic of Egypt; Republic of Kazakhstan; Republic of Lithuania; Lebanese Republic; Republic of Moldova; Federal Republic of Nigeria; United Arab Emirates; Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Republic of Poland; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Slovak Republic; USA.

The exhibitions were covered by 184 accredited media resources, including 13 foreign media. Ukrainian mass media were represented by major TV channels and industry‑specific media: 1+1, ICTV, Inter, TV Channel "Ukraine", Channel 5, Espresso TV, 112 Ukraine, ZIK, Ukrainian Military TV, Interfax Ukraine, Ukrinform, Unian, Censor.NET, Defense Express and many others.

The exhibitions program comprised 43 scientific and presentational events, workshops and seminars. Joint format of the exhibitions made them a large‑scale international business and scientific event dedicated to a full range of issues of security of state and society. In general, 3 exhibitions covered the total space of over 34 000 sqm ‑ 31 000 sqm in four halls indoors and over 3 000 sqm outdoors.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Total number of exhibitors ‑ around 500 companies, including 55 foreign companies from 17 countries (Turkey, USA, Poland, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, China, Latvia, Belarus, Austria, United Kingdom, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Croatia).

27 707 trade visitors attended the exhibitions, including the representatives of foreign companies from 59 countries. The biggest number of visitors came from Turkey, India, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, USA, Egypt and UAE.

Among more than 80 exhibitors of "Protection Technologies/FireTech‑2019" there were Ukrainian manufacturers and distributors, as well as foreign companies from Croatia, Turkey, Italy, USA, Poland, and Germany.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"The relevance of the event for the country was confirmed by a notable quantity of visitors ‑ around 5 000 trade visitors from Ukraine and abroad.

The event attracted the attention of the representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, firefighting and rescue units, united territorial communities and experts in fire and occupational safety from all over Ukraine, which indicates the interest in the topic by both specialists and the general public.

The event covered the following topics: "Fire safety of buildings, constructions and compounds", "Fire and rescue equipment and gear", "Occupational and industrial safety", "Nuclear and radiation safety", etc.

State Emergency Service of Ukraine was represented by 5 research and educational institutions from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Cherkasy and Lviv.


Croatian company Flammifer presented information on its products: fire trucks, drinking water tanks, containers and trailers for the transport of rescue equipment, aluminum emergency boats and lifeboats, command and communication vehicles and a number of other aluminum and steel products and structures.

This year, for the first time, there was a wide display by companies specializing in fire retardant structures and materials: Siniat, Kovlar Group, Bionic House, Vognezahyst and XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Protective Materials showed both new and well‑proven products.

SNOK Ltd., which is the official representative of AGC in Ukraine, introduced fireproof and bulletproof glass and fire protection structures. XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"The glass is able to protect against fire by reducing or completely blocking the heat radiation for 30‑120 minutes, depending on the composition of the glass. The company processes this glass both for manufacturing its own products, and for supply of customized glass to manufacturers of fire‑resistant translucent constructions and metal doors with partial glazing.

UASAFETY LLC showcased personal protective equipment, workwear, work shoes, as well as a line of explosion‑proof torchlights for firefighters manufactured by Nightstick.

Ecohouse, which has been specializing in the manufacturing and sale of polyethylene and polypropylene products for more than 15 years, presented information on its fire tanks.

Aquatherm‑Kiev GMBH demonstrated polypropylene pipes and fittings for internal engineering networks (water supply, heating, floor water heating, air‑conditioning, heating and / or cooling of ceilings and walls, and also for systems of fire extinguishing) and for external water supply systems (water pipes, heating lines, etc.).


MARKO Ltd showcased stationary and mobile fire extinguishing service stations. The company manufactures fire fittings, diesel fire pumps, and imports firefighting products which are well‑established in the Ukrainian market.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Pirena demonstrated its own and imported products: firefighter suits, Index‑series special thermal protective and heat‑reflecting suits, KP‑10 firefighter helmet, firefighter belt, Pirena general purpose foaming agents, AFFF 3% and 6% special‑purpose foaming agents, Bullard thermal imagers, Interspiro breathing apparatus, Peli flashlights and other firefighting products.

Tusmo exhibited LIGA‑S 3 special protective suit, which has a high degree of protection and is sewn from high‑tech, high‑strength fire‑resistant Kevlar, Nomex, PBI and PBO materials.

Solutions for furnishing civil defense and private shelters were presented by Webcom. Among the products that were on display at the company's booth there was filtering and anti‑explosive equipment and autonomous life support systems. Webcom is a manufacturer of blast‑proof and gastight doors, fans with manual backup, gastight valves and is engaged in the development of projects of protected rooms and bunkers. In Ukraine, the company is the official representative of Beth‑El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd. (Israel) and Minearc Systems (Australia).

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"At the exposition of the co‑located exhibition Arms and Security, Telecard‑Prylad showcased the model of the mobile control center, which was supplied to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and is one of a kind in Ukraine. Mobile control center is intended to ensure the autonomous work of a head of emergency management team, special governmental emergency response commission, state commission for industrial and ecological safety and emergencies or emergency response command nearby an emergency zone.

The equipment provides satellite, radio and relay communications, video conferencing and video broadcasts from the emergency zone online. It also provides for air reconnaissance by using UAV.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Aquasila, which is the only fire hose plant in Ukraine, showcased pressure fire hoses for fire engines and fire cabinets. The products can be used not only for extinguishing fires, but also for ensuring technological processes at the production sites, chemical industry enterprises, agriculture and housing and utilities sector.

Defending Technology Ukraine demonstrated new CO‑3 loudspeakers, emergency evacuation indicators and other fire safety and security solutions.

Gamma showcased fire alarm control devices and related equipment which is intended for fire extinguishing and alarming.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Optima‑Complex, official distributor of digitex® products in Ukraine, demonstrated integrated public alert and alarm systems. DSE electronic sirens are reliable, high‑tech devices that, in combination with the latest software solutions, create effective security systems.

Polish company Rekord Hale Namiotowe unveiled several NSR rapid‑deployable tents that attracted interest not only of the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Such tents can be deployed by 4 people in just 12 minutes and withstand 100 km/h wind power, which makes it possible to apply them in severe weather conditions. Moreover, the company has the capacity to produce tents of any size and color, as it has its own manufacturing facilities. The tents can be supplied with or without customized equipment.


During the exhibition, visitors had an opportunity to take a look at 18 units of modern fire and rescue vehicles and equipment.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Pozhmashina presented 3 fire engines:
- FT‑‎4‑60 (530927)‑515М ‑ a model, which was supplied by the company to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine under government contracts during 2018‑2019. Due to efficient design solutions, it combines power and endurance.
- FT‑8‑60 (TGS 33.360)‑526М is an all‑wheel‑drive all‑terrain vehicle first manufactured in 2019. It is able to contain the fire without spending time on additional refueling and is indispensable in off‑road and waterless areas.
- FL‑30 (НD120)‑51‑2Н on Hyundai HD120 chassis with 224 hp engine. The maximum ladder lifting height is at least 32 m. The lifting range is from minus 7 to plus 75 degrees.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Tital presented 5 units of fire vehicles and equipment:
- APP‑2 rapid intervention vehicle on Peugeot Boxer chassis, which has twice the power density of conventional fire trucks. This allows:
to reduce the response time due to better maneuverability
to speed up the start of rescue operations
to reconnoiter the emergency zone before the arrival of the main forces and to report the extent of a fire in a timely manner
to contain and eliminate fires in densely populated cities.
XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"- FT‑5‑60 fire truck on MAN TGM 15.250 chassis. Its special feature is a tank for water and foam (5000 and 500 l, respectively) made of corrosion‑resistant material ‑ polypropylene. The internal volume of the tank is divided by partitions into compartments of 500 ‑ 800 l, which have small openings at the bottom for overflow of liquid.
- Insulated tank truck for transportation of drinking water FTTW‑6 on MAZ‑5434 chassis for the needs of the military, which has unique properties of survivability and maintainability due to the use of polypropylene.
- FM‑2‑7 fire module that can be installed in a truck body, which is intended for elevators, warehouses, recreation and health centers. It is equipped with a 700l water tank made of polypropylene.
- Mobile fire module MFM‑0,7‑7 Breeze, which is used as a separate unit of equipment for firefighting or as a pumping unit when operating in the mode of pumping with the abstraction of water from an open reservoir, any tank or hydrant. Installation of the module on any flatbed truck turns the latter into a full‑fledged fire truck.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Spetstechnoexpo demonstrated a mobile crane manufactured in China ‑ XCMG XCA 60‑E with a load capacity of 60 tons. The length of the fully extended boom is 48 m, with the jib ‑ 64 m. The main advantage of the truck crane is its high mobility, which enables it to quickly move between objects distant from each other.

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Pozhspetsmash presented a cabover fire truck FT‑40 (5401H2)‑712.11 tanker on KrAZ‑5401H2 (4x2) chassis. Stainless steel water tank and foaming tank ‑ 5000 and 500 l respectively. Pump НЦП‑40/100‑Р‑Р with rated flow of 40 l / s.

The company also showed hooded FT‑40 (5233H2)‑268.01 tanker on KrAZ‑5233H2 (4x2) chassis. Cabin for an emergency response team with 1+6 seats. Water tank volume ‑ 4000 l, foaming agent tank volume ‑ 580 l. PN‑40UV pump with a rated flow of 40 l / s and pressure of 100 m. The reserve of pressure hoses is not less than 340 m.

Artil LTD presented 2 units of watercraft that can be used by both rescue and police units: RIB and Tornado F50 Long hovercraft. Hovercraft greatly facilitates the process of rescuers' movement to a casualty, XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"as it is able to move through marshy areas, fractured ice, water, grass and land.

State Emergency Service of Ukraine showcased 4 firefighting and rescue vehicles. Among them light special rescue car SARM‑L based on Volkswagen T6 chassis was showcased. The car is designed to assist emergency responders during primary emergency response actions, road accident response, search for the injured and first aid measures, as well as to arrange communications and alert during emergencies.


XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"During the exhibition, a memorandum of intent was signed between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Antonov Company with the participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Mykola Chechotkin. The memorandum envisages the purchase of 13 aircraft: nine for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and four for the National Guard of Ukraine.

As part of the exhibition business program, Institute of Public Administration in the Sphere of Civil Protection traditionally organized XXI All‑Ukrainian Research and Practical Conference "Development of Civil Protection in Modern Security Conditions". Details (in Ukrainian): link1, link2.

Head of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Protection Vitaliy Kropyvnytskyi presented a website on the history of civil defense and rescue. Details (in Ukrainian).

XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Department for Organization of Civil Security Measures of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine organized educational and methodical seminar "Implementation of engineering activities of civil protection in urban development and construction, creating a base of civil protection structures".

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine organized a seminar‑meeting of the representatives of resourcing departments. The seminar gathered representatives of the Head Office and territorial offices from all over Ukraine.

At VII All‑Ukrainian Forum "Fire and Industrial Safety‑2019: Best Experience" organized by Ohorona Pratsi i Pozhezhna Bezpeka magazine, experts of the field shared their knowledge and interesting cases. XVIII International Exhibition "Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019"Details (in Ukrainian).

Ohorona Pratsi magazine held a workshop on "How to organize accident investigation under the new regulations. Expert consultations on the implementation of the new regulations on occupational accident investigation and management".

The event once again confirmed its renown of the main exhibition in Ukraine in the field of emergency response and fire & industrial safety, emphasized the importance of this industry in the overall security system of the state and provided the experts of various levels and regions of Ukraine and from abroad to get to know current market trends and share expertise.

We will be happy to see you on 13‑16 October 2020 during
XIX International Exhibition "Protection Technologies/FireTech"!
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