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We invite you to take advantage of additional advertising opportunities during the exhibition. The list of advertising services is below.

Due to the high demand for some items from the list and their limited number, it is necessary to check their availability. For the same reasons, items 1, 4, 10 from the following list are offered only in packages with the provision of the event partner status:
- Platinum Partner of the Exhibition*
- Golden Partner of the Exhibition*
- General Partner of the Exhibition*
*The status name may be suggested by the client

To find out the cost of services and terms of their purchase, please contact us by phone +38 (044) 201‑11‑63 or e‑mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Сontact person ‑ Tetiana Yelcheva.

List of some advertising services for exhibitors and partners
of the exhibitions organized by the exhibitions department of IEC


Service name


Placement of an advertising banner on the external walls of the exhibition halls of the International Exhibition Center during the event (place and size to be discussed additionally)


Placement of an advertising banner during the event inside the exhibition halls on the balconies or along the walls of the halls (place will be discussed additionally)


Placement of an advertising banner (roll‑up) inside the exhibition halls in the food outlet areas (place will be discussed additionally)


Presence of the logo on the media used in the advertising campaign accompanying the event:
- business and trade press (approximately 15 printed media will be involved during the year)

- logo on external advertising media (outdoor advertising structures) in Kyiv and on the main access roads to the city during September‑October (more than 20 media)


Placement of a web banner on two websites of the International Exhibition Сentre (www.iec‑expo.com.ua, www.tech‑expo.com.ua). Average attendance over 1500 people per day)


Posting information on the exhibition pages in social networks


Color advertising in the official exhibition catalog (printed and electronic version, A5 format):
- full‑color page

- cover (second page)


Placement of the logo in information letters about the exhibition:
- e‑mailing among potential exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition (IEC's own databases, at least 10,000 addresses in each mailing list, about 15 e‑mailings per year)

- direct letters to key persons sent by fax or e‑mail (IEC's own databases, at least 8000 addresses within 3 weeks before the opening of the event)


Logo on electronic invitations (the organizer distributes it to the exhibitors, exhibitors send invitations to their guests for free‑of‑charge admission to the exhibition, total number ‑ about 5,000)


Logo on visitor badges (online and on‑site registration) and paper visitor forms that must be completed by visitors. Total number ‑ 28,000, visitor badges are valid for several co‑located events


Direct mailing (via Ukrposhta) of advertising leaflets (200x110) in the same envelope with an invitation to the exhibition using IEC's own databases (more than 60,000 addresses). You can select a category and necessary number of addresses from the database


Distribution of advertising and souvenir products at the registration desks:
- logobands for visitor badges (excluding VIP and official foreign delegation badges)

- plastic bags

- pens


Including an advertising leaflet (max. 1 page with a max. A4 size) into exhibitor packages

*The client produces promotional materials independently

International Exhibition Centre Ltd.
Address: 02002, Ukraine, Kyiv, 15 Brovarskyi Ave
phone\fax: +38 (044) 201‑11‑63, 201‑11‑64,
e‑mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , www.iec‑expo.com.ua