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Officially at the Exhibition:

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Volodymyr ZELENSKY. President of Ukraine

"We should have an even more powerful army. We respect our soldiers and we are very pleased with the innovative inventions of the Ukrainian design bureaus. We must become stronger so that our army would have the capacity to accomplish even more."
Shortly after the exhibition, the President had a telephone conversation with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, during which he congratulated the participation of Turkish companies in the Arms and Security‑2019 Exhibition and emphasized the importance of cooperation with Turkey in the context of enhancing Ukraine's defense capability.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Arsen AVAKOV. Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

"Arms and Security, being once organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, today is a project of not only national but also of international importance, a platform for business communication, strategic agreements and contracts between domestic and foreign developers, manufacturers and consumers of special equipment and equipment for law enforcement agencies, military and police weapons, security systems."

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Andriy ZAHORODNIUK. Minister of Defence of Ukraine

"The percentage of new equipment in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not suitable for us according to our plans. But here (note: at the Exhibition) there are those who will help to fix this issue. We will pay special attention to the technological samples that will help us to reach a new level of technology ‑ being our main priority. We will consider both state‑owned enterprises and private enterprises."

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Ivan BAKANOV. Head of Security Service of Ukraine

"Thanks to this exhibition platform, law enforcement officials, special services, soldiers, as well as security service specialists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in weapons, military and special equipment, of both domestic and foreign manufacture. These events (note ‑ Arms and Security and Expert Security Exhibitions) are very important in the context of the struggle for the European future. The harsh realities pose new challenges for us to ensure state security and strengthen the country's defensive capabilities."

On October 8‑12, 2019, Arms and Security‑2019 XVI International Exhibition took place at the International Exhibition Center, organized in a joint format together with Expert Security‑2019 International Specialized Exhibition and the Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019 XVIII International Specialized Exhibition.

President of Ukraine - Volodymyr Zelensky
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine - Oleksiy Danilov
Minister of Internal Affairs - Arsen Avakov
Minister of Defence of Ukraine - Andriy Zahorodniuk
Director General of the Ukroboronprom SC - Aivaras Abromavičius
Chief of the General Staff ‑ Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General Ruslan Khomchak
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General Mykola Balan
Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine - Serhiy Deyneko
Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine - Mykola Chechetkin
Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine - Pavlo Degtyarenko
Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Head of the Interagency Commission on Policy of Military‑Technical Cooperation and Export Control - Serhiy Krivonos
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - Vasyl Bodnar
Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General Oleksandr Sirsky
Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Admiral Igor Voronchenko
Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Colonel General Serhiy Drozdov
Commander of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‑ Lieutenant General Igor Lunev
General Director of International Exhibition Center Ltd. - Anatoliy Tkachenko

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The following foreign delegations took part in the opening ceremony and were present during working days of the Exhibitions:
Kingdom of Bahrain: head of delegation ‑ Chief Logistics Officer of the Armament Division of the Bahrain Defence Force ‑ Lieutenant Colonel Nasser Abdullah Ghanem AL‑SOLATHI;
Federative Republic of Brazil: head of delegation ‑ Deputy Secretary for Defence Products ‑ Director of the Department of Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Defence of Brazil ‑ General Luis Antônio Duizit BRITO;
Arab Republic of Egypt: head of delegation ‑ Ministry of National Defence ‑ Brigadier General Yahya HOSNI;
Republic of Kazakhstan: head of delegation ‑ Deputy Director of the Defence and Industrial Complex Development Department, Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development - Serhiy CHERNENOK;
Republic of Lithuania: head of delegation ‑ Director of the Defence Resources Agency of the Ministry of Defence Sigitas DZEKUNSKAS;
Lebanese Republic: head of delegation ‑ Inspector General of the High Military Council - Milad ISKHAK;
Republic of Moldova: head of delegation ‑ Minister of Defence - Pavel VOICU;
Federal Republic of Nigeria: head of delegation ‑ Commander of the Air Force Land Command ‑ Major General Idi AMIN;
United Arab Emirates: head of delegation ‑ Deputy Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defence of the United Arab Emirates for Logistics Major General Abdullah A.Al HASHMI;
Islamic Republic of Pakistan: head of delegation ‑ Chairman of the Armored Forces Development Board of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Chairman of the Board of the Taxila Heavy Industry Enterprise ‑ Lieutenant General Abdullah DOGAR;
Republic of Poland: head of delegation ‑ Advisor to the Secretary of State, Ministry of National Defence ‑ Colonel Grzegorz SKORUPSKI;
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: head of delegation ‑ Head of the Special Forces Weapons Division ‑ his Highness Prince Mosab Bin Fahad Al Faisal Al Farhan AL SAUD;
Slovak Republic: head of delegation ‑ Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic ‑ General Daniel ZMEKO;
USA: head of delegation ‑ Head of the Defense Ministry's Institute for Defense Studies - Martin NEILL;
Turkey: head of delegation ‑ Assistant of the General Manager for the Military Industry of the Ministry of National Defence, Brigadier General Ismail AMANVERMEZ;
Czech Republic: head of delegation ‑ Deputy Minister of Defence for Strategic Planning and Defence Policy, Mr. Jakub LANDOWSKI.


In general, 3 exhibitions events covered the total space of over 34 000 sq. m ‑ 31 000 sq. m in four exhibition halls indoors and over 3 000 sq. m outdoors.
27 707 trade visitors attended the International Exhibition Centre throughout working days of the exhibition, including the representatives of 61 countries of the world. Most of the specialists who visited the exhibition were from Turkey, India, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, USA, Egypt and UAE.

288 media representatives from 184 media resources were accredited for the Exhibition events coverage, including 13 foreign ones. Most of the largest domestic TV‑channels and media presented theirreports and commentaries concerning the events: 1+1, ICTV, Inter, TRK Ukraine, 5th Channel, Espresso TV, 112 Ukraine, ZIK, Military TV of Ukraine, Interfax Ukraine, Ukrinform, Unian, Zensor.NET, Defense Express etc.

The program of the exhibition consisted of 36 events, both scientific and practical, as well as educational and interactive, the key ones are:
- Session of the Working Group on NATO Programme Processes of the lifecycle management group of weapons and military equipment life cycle management of the conference of national armaments directors of NATO in the management system of the life cycle of the weapons and military equipment ‑ the system of interest and defense enabling systems
Organizers: Central Research Institute of Armament and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
- VII International Scientific Conference: Challenges of coordination of military technical and defense industry policies in Ukraine. Prospects of development of armament and military equipment
Organizers: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
- Set of seminars of the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
- Various seminars and presentations organized by exhibitors.

Along with the traditionally rich program of scientific and practical activities, for the first time this year, the program of interactive events was also presented
- Demonstrations and shows organized by professional guards;
- UADR Time Attack drone racing competition;
- Archery and airsoft shooting;
- Demonstrations of medieval culture, namely: knight duels, master classes in archery, presentations of medieval combat art.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Total number of exhibitors of 3 exhibition events ‑ almost 500 enterprises. 352 enterprises directly participated in Arms and Security‑2019 The exhibitors presented their products in two main segments:
- armaments and military equipment for the army and law enforcement;
- weapons and related products for civilians.

Foreign part of the exhibition consisted of the 51 foreign enterprises from 15 countries of the world (Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Italy, USA, Germany, Austria, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus, United Kingdom, Israel, Lithuania). USA, Poland, Turkey and Czech Republic were represented by national pavilions.

The exposition of the defense‑industrial complex of Ukraine was presented in the following parts:
1. Joint expositions of organizations:
- Ukroboronprom SC ‑ 37 companies;
- League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA ‑ 23 companies
2. Individual stands of state‑owned and private enterprises.
3. Expositions of the relevant ministries and departments:
- Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
- Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
- Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
- Security Service of Ukraine


This year, new samples and developments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the field of security were presented by the Guard Police Department, XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Dog Training Units of the National Police of Ukraine, the State Scientific Research Institute, the National Academy of Internal Affairs and the Science Industrial Association "Fort" of the MIA of Ukraine.
The police security units at the exhibition showcased their security equipment and services. Everyone had an opportunity to track on‑line police protection services for security of houses and apartments. the police services at their interactive stand. What is more, the latest developments in alarm systems for movable property were presented, providing the ability to track your car using your cell‑phone. In case of an alarm, the closest police unit responses immediately.
XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Many new developments were presented by employees of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
The key exhibits included:
- Unmanned aircraft counteracting device;
- Communication channel lock detection device;
- System of control and interaction between a policeman and a specially trained dog;
- Unmanned aerial vehicle monitoring device;
- STB‑1 breach training stand;
- Explosion technicians training stand;
- Combined explosive device "PM‑2020".

The exposition of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was presented by stands of scientific institutions. The team of Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies demonstrated their own development ‑ a special‑purpose sensor MESH‑network. The use of sensor MESH‑networks allows you to quickly obtain information about the enemy, intelligence information and transmit it to the headquarters of the unit. Scientists also presented a unique UAV repeater of their own production at the Exhibition. This compact device contains a transmit‑receive antenna, radio stations and a durable power supply unit. It can be installed on various unmanned aerial vehicles. Scientists of the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi demonstrated at the Exhibition their achievements and research results in the fields of development of modern information technologies, automated command and control systems, as well as in the field of testing of both individual and collective defense and military equipment and weapons for military personnel.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine organized an exposition of 14 Ukrainian institutions of higher education, which demonstrated the scientific and technological developments for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and enterprises of the military‑industrial complex, which are necessary for the innovative development of the military‑industrial complex and increase the defense capability of Ukraine.

UKROBORONPROM SC ENTEPRISES presented6 new samples of weapons and military equipment at the exhibition.
XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Luch State Kyiv Design Bureau SE for the first time introduced a new versatile guided rocket R‑10. Rocket in a transport and launch container (TLC) has a replaceable warhead and is designed to hit both still and moving armored objects with dynamic protection, small ships and boats, as well as low‑maneuver air targets. The new development of Luch DB is aimed with the laser beam accompanied by the target tracking system in automatic mode. Now the prototype has two variations:
- anti‑tank guided missile P‑10‑K, being a part of a helicopter complex of guided weapons, equipped with a tandem cumulative warhead with armor penetration of 1100 mm dynamic protection;
- P‑10‑OF anti‑aircraft guided missile, being a part of mobile anti‑aircraft missile systems with a sharpshooter and a non‑contact explosive capable of penetrating up to 120 mm armor.
What is more, Luch DB for the first time presented a complex of individual training for the light portable missile complex "Corsair" gun‑layers. Its main task lies in the theoretical preparation, formation and improvement of practical skills of gun‑layers operating light portable missile complex "Corsair" in the conditions of educational class.

OPSN‑I optical‑sighting station was presented to the visitors' attention at the exposition of Izyum Instrument‑Making Plant SE, developed jointly with Luch DB. The station is equipped with powerful television and thermal imaging optics, an anti‑tank missile laser control channel and a rangefinder, which allows you to identify targets and aim high precision weapons at them. This station can be mounted on various types of military equipment, including light armored and armored vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and ship sighting systems.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Artem State Joint Stock Holding Company for the first time presented a full‑scale sample of the infrared homing head. It is designed for air‑to‑air missiles, provides detection, capture and automatic tracking of heat‑emitting air (ground) targets day and night under all angles, against the background of the earth's (water) surface and with active opposition of the enemy, as well as the formation of commands and signals needed to launch the missile and home it on purpose.

The representatives of the State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre for the first time at the exhibition showed the project of the Kaira‑150 multifunctional boat. The boat is fully optimized according to the tonnage, dimensions and technical equipment. XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Full speed reaches up to 27 knots, swimming distance equals 1000 miles. The crew consists of 15 people, but there are still 6 more spare seats. The special feature of Kaira is that it is a multi‑purpose unified platform. In the future, it can be developed into a whole family of boats from combat versions to dual‑use versions.

More novelties of the enterprises of Ukroboronprom SE you may find in the section Equipment at the Exhibition.

STATE SPACE AGENCY OF UKRAINE EXPOSITION included such exhibitors as Arsenal Plant SE, Arsenal State‑Owned Enterprise of Special Instrument Making and Yuzhnoye State Design Office.
Yuzhnoye State Design Office, being a leading Ukrainian company for the development and production of launch vehicles and missiles, introduced the concept of Lightning supersonic aviation guided missile (SAGM). According to the information provided by the developer, the air‑to‑surface SAGM is equipped with high‑explosive penetrating or fragmentation high‑explosive warhead, depending on the type of the targets. Such missiles are usually installed on supersonic Su‑24M front bombers, but this new missile could be also installed on multi‑purpose Su‑27 fighters and other similar models. In this case, the SAGM carrier aircraft will require only minimal refitting.XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"
Arsenal Plant SE has developed and demonstrated a versatile anti‑aircraft fire control system that can be integrated into various air defense systems. This system can assist the Ukrainian military in a quality upgrade of Ukraine's air defense system by linking various air defense systems in a single system. The system consists of two radar stations. Its main element is the observation station of the decimeter range, which is built on modern solid‑state elements. It is responsible for the detection of targets and is associated with fire control stations responsible for the target's defeat by air defense. The system is capable of controlling any anti‑aircraft complexes and Arsenal Plant is ready to adapt to the customer and provide a means of control of the weapons chosen by the Ukrainian military.


XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"This year the League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA has significantly increased its presence at the exhibition. Under the flag of Association, 23 private companies were represented (against 12 companies in 2018). Premiers of the League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA:
Atlon Avia Scientific‑Production Enterprise for the first time demonstrated its innovative development ‑ the Silent Thunder ST‑35 loitering munition designed for high‑precision defeat of important targets beyond reach for artillery and mortars, with minimal damage to civilians and civilian infrastructure. Silent Thunder conducts a self‑assessment of meteorological conditions in the area of ​​the target, reaches the target line and destroys it offline. Silent Thunder discharges its munition from a height of 500 m and rises to a height of 1000 m and acts as a repeater, maintaining a stable video link to the munition from 30 to 40 km up to the moment of hitting the target. The system has successfully passed a number of tests and is offered to the Armed Forces and other potential customers.

Radionix exhibits featured X and Ka mid‑range radar heads. Active head‑first‑point technology allows head to self‑adjust its movement to the target remaining unnoticed. Another head has a passive guidance system, by which the missile is guided to the specified coordinates without further involvement of the operator, but the considerable distance of the missile flight will allow the pilot to launch a projectile from a safe distance. The engineers of the company complemented the design, developed in Soviet Union, with modern technologies, and on the output received innovative prototype.

The exhibition also featured an amplifier of radio pulses and echo signals. A breakthrough in technology is that Ukrainian engineers were able to recreate the device and software to it, which had previously been manufactured only in Russia.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Kuznya na Rybalskomu Plant PJSC presented a modern automatic UAG‑40 grenade launcher, which in 2017 was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The UAG‑40 is capable of firing at a distance of more than 2000 m, being an effective remedy for both the enemy's manpower and armored vehicles and protective structures. High levels of mobility, no need to prepare the site for firing allow in rapid combat to quickly change firing positions ‑ both in open space and in an urban environment. The use of UAG‑40 increases the fire efficiency of the units of land forces.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Kharkiv Personal Protective Equipment Factory presented at the exhibition a completely updated line of bulletproof vests. Based on current global trends, the company has abandoned belt straps in favor of LaserCut system on all items of personal protective equipment.
In addition to bulletproof vests, company featured a new generation of plastic machine gun tape. By its characteristics and advantages, it is a truly unique product that has many advantages when compared to a metal one. Indeed, the tape is corrosive resistant and silent when firing, and is three times lighter than its metal counterpart.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Dolya & Co. Ltd. offered its novelty ‑ the Lybid CRT encrypted communication system. It consists of a key generator and a cryptomodule and has a following operation principle. The random key generator produces thousands of 256‑bit keys that are downloaded to a special computer. The keys are then transmitted to the cryptomodules in radio stations. The key is updated once a day or according to the settings. When the key stock is exhausted, the generator makes new ones, and so on. Also, radios that use this system are equipped with special sensors. If the enemy gets the radio, attempting to physically retrieve the cryptomodule, the system will automatically delete all the keys.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"TEMP‑3000 SPE in collaboration with such leading scientific institutions as the Institute for Problems in Materials Science (IPMS) of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Paton Institute of Electric Welding has mastered the production of his own titanium armor and intends to use this lightweight and durable metal in the production of the modern body armor vests. This provides a possibility of serial production of Ukrainian body armor with the use of a protective armor plate made of silicon carbide with a titanium backing. Having the equal mass with the Russian analogue, the Ukrainian plate of silicon carbide in combination with titanium is much stronger and firmer (the impact strength of the Russian plate of titanium is 600 J / cm2, while the Ukrainian one is 1400 J / cm2). According to the manufacturer, during the tests, the new domestic plate withstood a direct hit of a B‑32 (7.62 x 54) bullet with a 10 m LED.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Odessa‑based Telecard‑Prylad LLC introduced its concept of a digital so‑called "soldier of the future". This concept is developed by an enterprise in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and aims to create a set of equipment necessary for the military to integrate it into the modern tactical system of the battlefield. The key component is special glasses. Thanks to them, the soldier has an opportunity to see the location of both his and enemy's troops, as well as to point the weapons at the target. It also has the ability to switch between common operation picture and fire control. Each mark in these glasses is identified, thus having a designation of who / what it is and what is the distance to this mark. In order for the "soldier of the future" to be in a single information space with his unit, the company created a personal broadband terminal. This product provides remote access for the soldier to his own armored fighting vehicle and from the vehicle ‑ to the vehicle of a unit commander and so on. In fact, through a special camera on a helmet and this terminal, the soldier can display images of what he sees at any command level.

Information on the other interesting exhibits of the enterprises of League of Defense Enterprises you may find in the section Equipment at the Exhibition.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"At this year's exhibition, A.Drones presented a number of own developments, including multifunctional drones, kamikaze drone and robotic ground platform. In some developments, the company favored simple yet reliable and efficient designs. Indeed, you could see a robotic XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Centaur, an autonomous, multi‑purpose telecontroller designed to transport equipment and ammunition, evacuate casualties or be used as a mobile fire point. With a speed of up to 10 km / h, it can travel about 30 km. The maximum payload is 350 kg. An icing on a cake was the Great Chimera aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing with a load of up to 10 kg. The peculiarity of the device is a two‑way layout with placement of the overall payload exactly in the center. A.Drones also developed Pilium kamikadze drone. The mass of the warhead of the aircraft missile in a power unit version is 2 kg, while in the planning bomb version ‑ 5 kg.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"XADO PC has unveiled its latest large‑caliber Snipex T‑Rex 14.5X114 sniper rifle. The domestic company is one of three manufacturers in the world that have managed to create a rifle of such a large caliber, and the only one in Ukraine that produces them. The Snipex T‑Rex has an ergonomic bullpup layout and is designed to meet all gun requirements for precision shooting. Thanks to innovative solutions and quality of performance, the rifle provides a target fire and accuracy of not less than 1 MOA. It is noted that domestic weapons show an acceptable level of fire during the shooting. The recoil is quenched by the DHA, together with the action of the isolation, short recoil and the optimally balanced weight. It is worth adding that in addition to the powerful T‑Rex XADO also developed Snipex M100 and Snipex M75 rifles for the 12.7x108 load, which are already well‑known to the specialists, and the civil model Snipex .50BMG (12.7x99) ‑ Rhino Hunter.

Armorum Solutions innovative startup has developed a Shadow complex of radio exploration and bearings, disposable reconnaissance ammunition, upgraded PSNR‑5 radar and interference suppressor for GPS. Other projects are under development, namely: a multi‑sensor stand‑alone reconnaissance system and a set of sensors that are dropped from the UAV and transmit data to a drone repeater or other communication channel. Another trend is the processing of data from seismic sensors, which aims to remotely track the movement of equipment and personnel.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The Ukrainian manufacturer of small arms, UKROP, has offered a new development ‑ a semi‑automatic sniper rifle UAR‑10 under the NATO standard 7.62x51 cartridge.

UAR‑10 passed a long‑standing state test that resulted in its being adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the summer of 2017. Each UAR‑10 produced by the enterprise has an accuracy of up to 1 arc minute, which means that it is almost 30 mm per 100 meters. In general, the accuracy is the most important parameter for a sniper rifle, it is the parameter that is responsible for the fact that the sniper will hit the target.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Inter Pro Invest has introduced a RIFF‑P portable complex for countering drones. The complex is designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles of the rotary type (multicopters, helicopters, quadcopters, hexacopters etc.), as well as drones of flying wing or fixed wing types.
The range of the complex is up to 1.5 km, and the battery life equals 60 minutes. In addition to the complex visitors could see the already well‑known Malyuk machine gun, which has been being into service among the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from 2017. For today, our military units have already received several thousands of such machine guns. It is used aming the units of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Smart Defense, the official distributor of the US company Flir introduced a number of fascinating products, including the FLIR Griffin™ G510 gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. This is a universal, portable (personal) chemical identifier. It helps to carry out preventative measures during emergency missions by enabling respondents to analyze all phases of a substance (liquids, solids, vapors) and to promptly confirm chemical hazards. The FLIR Griffin™ G510 allows operators in the dangerous zone to detect a chemical in the air after a few seconds in survey mode. The shell of the spectrometer is protected according to the IP65 standard, allowing the use of FLIR Griffin™ G510 in adverse conditions. High capacity batteries provide support for every mission from its beginning to the end.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Regular exhibitor Thermal Vision Technologies presented 40 samples of weapons of its own production. One of the most interesting new features was the thermal sight ARCHER TSA‑7. The peculiarity of the sighting complex is the built‑in rangefinder, meteorological station, accelerometer, as well as a ballistic calculator capable of calculating atmospheric conditions (obtained from the built‑in or external meteorological station), derivation, angle of the target and Coriolis force. In addition, the complex automatically remembers the shooting conditions of a specific shot and makes adjustments when shooting under other conditions.

The team of Datagroup management integration projects office introduced their own military technological developments based on satellite communications, including: mobile satellite communications kit, field telephone, integrated hardware communications and many other innovative products.

Roda Computer has introduced an additional joystick module for its DS13 tablet. It greatly simplifies UAV control tasks, remotely controlled vehicles and automated combat modules etc. The company's experts also drew the visitors' attention to the compact 7‑inch Roda Panther DE13 tablet on the Windows platform. The two connectors of the Swiss company Fischer Connectors, which are used in the tablet, can connect up to 4 different devices.


XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"For the first time in the history of the exhibition at the state level Pavilion of US enterprises was organized, namely: L3 Harris Technologies, Inc; Advanced Technology Systems Company; Collins Aerospace; Dillon Aero; KVG; Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems LLC; Motorola Solutions, Inc.; Perkins Technical Services, Inc.; Rajant Corporation; Aerovironment Inc.

The products of the American company L3 Harris Technologies are already well known to our military. American communications equipment has proven itself in the course of the ATO, and then ‑ within the framework of the Joint Forces Operation in Eastern Ukraine. Manufacturers place great emphasis on maximum radio interception, signal detection and suppression.

Representatives of Motorola Solutions have introduced a line of radios that have been in service of Ukrainian Armed Forces for 5 years. At the booth of the company everyone could be convinced of the stability of products to extreme conditions. In addition to demonstrating radios testing after being immersed in water, company experts have shown a radio, which was tested in the war conditions. As a result of the explosion, the radio was burned and deformed. However, even under such conditions the radio continues to work.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The defense industrial complex of Turkey was presented both by a joint exhibition and by individual stands.
The collective exposition was organized by the SSI (Defense and Aerospace Industry Exporter's Association). The following companies participated in the collective exposition: OSSA Turkey; RST Techonology; STM LTD; ZSR Patlayici Sanayi A.S.; Transvaro Electron Aletleri Dream. Ve tic A.S.
Individual booths were attended by: Aselsan A.Ş.; Roketsan A.S.; Baykar Makina A.S.; Ariteks Boyacilik Tiacret ve Sanayi A.S.; 2G Aviation Electronics Inc.; Menatek Savunma A.S.; Makel Mekanik A.S. (Suprobox); Asyay Machine Industry and Trade Incorporated Company (Asyay Makina San. Tic. A.S.).

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Aselsan exhibited its latest developments in the field of optics, electronics, fire control systems and weapons systems for the land, naval and air forces. A landmark event was signing of the Contract between Aselsan and the SpetsTechnoexport SE for the supply of new sets of VHF radio stations to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the amount of $ 6 million. What is more, during the exhibition the assembly line of Aselsan radio stations was opened in Ukraine. Assembling production will concern radio stations already purchased under contract with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. These include the VRC‑9661 (10W and 50W) line of radios, the PRC‑9651 (5W) handheld radio and the PRC‑5712 (125 mW) soldier radio station.

One of the most interesting exhibits of the exhibition can be considered the impact UAV Bayraktar TB2 manufactured by the Turkish company Baykar Makina. It is a tactical multi‑purpose unmanned aerial vehicle that can conduct reconnaissance at a considerable distance from the control station, track and destroy targets. In general, the Bayraktar TB2, in addition to its record‑breaking flight time, does have a fairly high‑performance rating for its UAV: ​​take‑off weight of 560 kg, which is 55 kg payload. XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The drone has a powerful optical station capable of detecting targets at distances of tens of kilometers and the ability to strike high precision ammunition independently. Bayraktar TB2 drones have successfully completed functional flight tests in Ukraine, which are part of the acceptance tests. As a result, a decision will be made to adopt this UAV into service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This event will be the first in the history of domestic military aviation, when it will get the advanced machines manufactured by a NATO member state.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The booth of Roketsan was difficult to miss, since their booth featured the latest development of the enterprise ‑ the Alka complex. This complex uses electromagnetic and laser weapons to neutralize or completely destroy targets that cause air hazards, namely UAVs and ATVs that may be equipped with explosives. The complex automatically detects and tracks targets with artificial intelligence through image processing.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The Turkish company STM has demonstrated various naval projects at the exhibition. One that should be named is MILGEM. This is a project for the construction of an underwater defense corvette, reconnaissance and patrolling. The first three corvettes were deployed in the Turkish Navy in 2011, 2013 and 2018, respectively. On September 29, 2019, at the Naval Shipyard in Istanbul, the inauguration of the Turkish Navy on the fourth and last in a series of four ships of the F 514 Kinaliada Corvette took place.

In addition, the company booth featured a kamikaze drone, which has been used by the Turkish army for two years.
The Polish Defense Industrial Complex was represented by a joint exposition of the Polish Chamber of National Defense Manufacturers (PCNDM) and individual booths of the companies.
XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Polish company Rekord Hale Namiotowe has brought to the exhibition tents of rapid response for the military. One of these tents is the NSR quick‑release tent used by the Armed Forces of Poland and the United States of America. The NSR tent can be deployed by only 4 people in 12 minutes and can withstand winds of 100 km / h, which allows it to be used in extreme weather conditions. At the same time, the company can produce tents of any size and color having its own production.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Maskpol demonstrated products for both law enforcement and the military. Namely ‑ gas masks, personal protective equipment and outfit. Some of these products are designed for the needs of the local market and manufactured in Ukraine where the company has been present since 2014.

The Czech Exposition was represented by Excalibur Army that demonstrated two pieces of military equipment. You will find more in the section Equipment at the Exhibition.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The German company Glenair is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative STAR‑PAN ™ switch technology for military personnel and special purpose units. Technology is a multi‑port hub that allows you to connect multiple devices to a single network. These can be thermal imaging cameras, radios, laptops, smartphones etc.

Italian company CMS together with a Ukrainian partner Prostir 3D presented a new five‑coordinate Athena machining center manufactured by CMS (Italy). The purpose of this machining center is high‑speed milling processing of hull and power parts of alloy metals and composites. The center has an additive module for production of metal parts by 3D printing method of aluminum, copper, nickel.
For the first time in Ukraine, the revolutionary LPM production system by Stratasys, operating on additive technology, was presented. The system is intended for mass production of aluminum and steel parts. It is a powerful technological line that will soon change the traditional technology of manufacturing parts in the engineering industry.


As always, visitors' attention was drawn to the samples of equipment, among which this year were presented more than 50 units.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The flagship of this year's exhibition was a full‑scale sample of the NEPTUN Missile Complex presented by Ukroboronprom SC, consisting of three units: a unified launch vehicle, a transport‑charging machine and a moving command post, which for the first time was demonstrated by Luch DB. Upon completion of the tests, a state defense order for one Division RK‑360 of MC Neptune is expected, consisting of 6 unified launchers USPU‑360, 72 R‑360 rockets, 6 TZM‑360 transport and charging vehicles, 6 TM‑360 transport vehicles and mobile command post of the RCP‑360 division. Marine and airborne missile versions are now being actively developed.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The Czech company Excalibur Army presented 2 pieces of equipment at the exhibition. On the open ground, everyone could see the 152mm self‑propelled artillery installation on the Dana‑M2 wheel. The unit is equipped with the best chassis, protected cab, digital fire and projectile control, and a diesel generator.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"In the hall of the Exhibition Center, Excalibur Army presented MLRS BM‑21 Grad on the Tatra chassis. This is a Tatra Force (4 x 4) Army truck with a signature spine frame and independent all‑wheel suspension. The combat weight of the machine is 16.3 t. Impressive patency parameters BM‑21 MT. Thus, the machine can drive through the depth of 1.5 m, overcoming the hills of 45 degrees.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"At the Exhibition, Ukrainian Armor presented the tenth modernization of VARTA APC, both successfully being exported and used by our troops during ​​Joint Forces Operation, as well as the NOVATOR APC with the Amulet anti‑tank missile system developed jointly with LUCH CB, capable of destroying tanks and armored vehicles up to 5 km away. XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Each visitor had the opportunity to get acquainted with a sanitary vehicle that has been tested during Joint Forces Operation since 2016 and saved more than 500 lives of soldiers. In addition, Ukrainian mortar rounds and mortars of 60mm, 82mm and 120mm caliber were presented, which passed all tests and are now being successfully used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Practika Scientific‑Production Association PJSC, being a part of League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA, in addition to the well‑known Kozaks of various modifications, officially introduced a new Ataman‑3 APC with 6x6 wheel formula, which is considered as the main contender for the Ukrainian Marines' equipment. Ataman‑3 differs from the old Soviet armored vehicles in that it is designed according to the latest trends in combat vehicles of this class: the front engine layout (Deutz ‑ 11.9 liters capacity and 558 hp ‑ approx. DE) and the rear layout of the assault compartment (designed for 9 fighters). At the same time, the Ukrainian armored vehicle has full protection against mines with multi‑layered floor and seats.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Techimpex Scientific‑Production Company LLC presented the modernized BTR‑70TD. The main advantage of the upgraded BTR‑70TD is the replacement of the carburetor powerplant with diesel analogue. In this version of the upgrade, 8‑speed gearbox and Deutz 320 hp engine are integrated, while the power of the BTR‑70 is 240 hp. Moreover, the torque was increased by almost 2 times, from 568 Nm to 1050 Nm. In addition, in the hall a joint project of public‑private partnership of Kharkiv Tractor Plant, Ukrspetsexport SC and Techimpex Scientific‑Production Company LLC was demonstrated ‑ Plavets tracked armored personnel carrier. The basis for a family of armored combat vehicles: for the installation of SPIS, GARDA, BM‑23‑2 combat modules, 122 mm 2C1 tower, 1B12 complex, fire support, control, communication, medical, 120 mm automatic mortar, repair and evacuation, RCB protection, engineering support.

The National Guard of Ukraine demonstrated a modern multifunctional French Airbus H‑225 Super Puma helicopter, which recently was adopted by the National Guard of Ukraine.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Motor Sich JSC has presented two helicopters outdoors.
The Mi‑2MSB‑1 is an upgraded Mi‑2 helicopter. The vehicle with improved characteristics is equipped with the electronic control system. The helicopter turned out to be more economical, powerful and stable. The cabin, tail screw, blades and engines were completely replaced.
In addition, a new version of the Mi‑8MSB helicopter equipped with a modern so‑called "glass cockpit" was presented. The development is a joint venture of Motor Sich JSC and Stork PCF LLC. For the soldiers' convenience the helicopter is equipped with a night vision system. The presented helicopter is capable of carrying shock weapons, including the unmanaged guns and guided anti‑tank missiles by Luch DB.

The Ukrainian company Tritel has demonstrated at the exhibition its new development ‑ Note special complex of counteraction to the means of technical reconnaissance, which was installed on the Kozak armored vehicle. In addition to drone suppression, the complex can block the operation of mobile networks and counter‑battery radars.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Iskra Scientific‑Technical Complex SE demonstrated a national mobile 3D radar at the exhibition. The radar is designed to identify and transmit accurate target designations to military air defense units. It is capable of detecting the exact position of targets at distances of up to 500 km and can accompany more than 300 objects in the air at all altitudes. The radar system can make 12 turns per minute, which allows it to provide updated data every 5 seconds, while a large viewing area allows to detect tactical and operational‑tactical missiles.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Lviv company Roboneers has offered the Ukrainian Armed Forces an updated Fahd robotic platform designed for intelligence, surveillance and providing fire support to its own units at the front line. The design of the platform involves a number of interesting solutions. In particular, its components are connected by the use of a special rotary mechanism, with each wheel having its own gear motor. This solution allows the platform to hold the plane of movement and keep driving on all four wheels no matter how steep and bumpy the terrain is. The hybrid powerplant provides platform motion with the use of both a diesel engine and a generator that feeds the electric engines.

Scorpion land‑based combat drone, developed by the Ukrainian private company Infocom ltd, incorporates cutting‑edge advances in IT: blockchain protocols and neural networks. The drone armament now consists of a 7.62‑mm machine gun and a light anti‑tank missile system with two rockets. But it can be replaced according to customer's wishes. 30x optical camera, thermal imager and laser rangefinder altogether provides the pointing of the weapon and observing the battlefield. While the fire control system allows you to accompany the detected targets offline, the operator then only decides whether to destruct the target.


Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Antonov State Enterprise and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"The signed document confirms the mutual interest of the parties in equipping a single aviation security system and civil protection with AN‑178 multipurpose aircraft for the proper performance of tasks assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Guard of Ukraine and State Emergency Service of Ukraine. In particular, to rescue people and assist in the aftermath of accidents, disasters, natural disasters and other types of dangerous events that pose a threat to the life or health of the citizens. The memorandum envisages the acquisition of 13 aircraft: nine for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and four for the National Guard.

Signing a Letter of Intent for Cooperation between the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Turkish company STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş.
The letter confirms mutual willingness to of the parties to сollaborate on joint projects in the field of production of weapons and military equipment for the navy, as well as on other projects based on the principles of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Signing of new contract between Turkish company Aselsan and Spetechnoexport SC for supply of radio stations for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
The new $ 6 million contract is part of a framework agreement between Spetechnoexport SC and Aselsan for the supply of Turkish radiocommunications to Ukraine, which was signed in 2016. This agreement is implemented under the offset obligation mechanism between the companies and provides for the launch of their production in Ukraine. New batches of military communications systems will be supplied to Ukrainian troops in 2020, being the first to be manufactured in Ukraine.

XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Establishing a partnership between public associations, namely the League of Defense Companies of Ukraine, the Association of Manufacturers of Arms and Military Equipment of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Defense and Security Industry Association.
From now on, three non‑governmental organizations will direct joint efforts towards the effective and high‑quality re‑equipping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, liberalization and deregulation of the arms and security market, attraction of national and foreign investments in the defense industry of the country, as well as improvement of relations between the state and private business.
XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security‑2019"Leaders of the associations emphasized that the common task of partner organizations is to create an equal, transparent and competitive relationship between the state and business, a strong, prosperous defense industry, and a strong and independent Ukraine for the descendants.

Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership between the Noosphere Association and the International Exhibition Center
In 2020, Noosphere Space Summit will be held in a joint format together with the Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon!

Next year, Arms and Security Exhibition will be held from 13 to 16 October concurrently with the Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon.

When writing the report, the materials of the General Information Partner of the Arms and Security Exhibition ‑ Defense Express monthly journal were used. Follow the link.