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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
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Official support

of December 11, 2018
No. 220/7314

Official support of Arms and Security 2019

To the Heads of defence departments of foreign countries, CEOs of domestic and foreign enterprises manufacturing protective equipment, weapons, military and special equipment

We inform that the XVI International Specialized Exhibition for Protection Means, Weapons, Military and Special Equipment, Dual‑Use Technologies and Goods "Arms and Security" will take place on 8‑11 October 2019. The venue ‑ International Exhibition Centre (Ukraine, Kyiv, Brovarsky Ave, 15).

Main thematic areas of the Exhibition: weapons and military equipment for the armed forces, police and law enforcement, military aviation, border security, self‑defence weapons and sporting arms, etc.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine considers the aforementioned event to be a large‑scale demonstration platform for familiarization with the latest systems and samples of weapons and military equipment, as well as for negotiations on cooperation in the defense industry.

We invite You to take part in the International Arms and Security ‑ 2019 Exhibition in order to demonstrate the latest technologies in the field of weapons and military equipment, gears and outfit for the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, special services, as well for those whose activity is directly related to ensuring national security and defense.

On participation please contact general manager of the exhibition ‑ LLC "International Exhibition Centre"
(tel./fax: +38 044 201-11-63; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;).

Minister of Defence of Ukraine
General of the Army of Ukraine


Official support of Arms and Security 2019Gratitude

is expressed to

International Exhibition Center Ltd

For a significant contribution to the improvement of the state's defense capability,
establishment of the effective and fruitful cooperation,
and active participation in the training of specialists
of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.




Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

Yehor Bozhok