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Official statements on the exhibition:

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018PETRO POROSHENKO
President of Ukraine

The Berest rocket fire system, the updated BTR‑70D (GM), BMP‑M1S, the Mangust BRM – these are the main premieres of the exposition of the State Concern Ukroboronprom at the Arms and Security International Exhibition taking place in Kiev. The new equipment has significantly enhanced combat performance, which significantly increases the reliability and firepower of military vehicles. What is more, the Ukroboronprom enterprises managed to abandon the components of Russian production, replacing them with domestic ones and the components produced by NATO member countries.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

International exhibition events contribute to the identification of important benchmarks of the current and future re‑equipment of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, special services and all those whose activities are directly associated with the ensuring of national security and defense, and a joint format of the XV International Exhibition Arms and Security‑2018 and the XI Aviation and Space Salon Aviasvit‑ХХІ is a bright example of this.

Within the frameworks of the exhibition event the Secretary discussed core issues of defense and security cooperation with the heads of the delegations of Poland, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Thailand. Foreign partners are completely satisfied with Ukrainian arms and equipment. The Thai military officers payed great interest to the new Ukrainian BTR‑4MB1, which, in their opinion, could become the main combat vehicles of the Royal Marine Corps.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018STEPAN KUBIV
First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

XV International Exhibition Arms and Security‑2018 and XI International Aviation and Space Salon Aviasvit‑XXI are the space for Ukrainian and world aircraft and missile engineering achievement demonstration. Their opportunities are almost unlimited for direct communication of developers, customers and manufacturers of aviation, military and special equipment, and familiarization with prospective projects, cutting‑edge developments, experience sharing and new partner finding.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018ARSEN AVAKOV
Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

The Arms & Security 2018 international forum presents the development of present‑day approaches to armament, technical equipment of the law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces of Ukraine by demonstrating the best models of the latest domestic and foreign achievements every year. Boosting the exhibition's potential by expanding its exhibits, approaching the level of the world's leading weapons salons, and improving the quality of exhibited products has been a response to current challenges. This is particularly important now when top priority is given to issues such as the development and creation of a perfect technical base of units responsible for maintaining public security, counteracting terroristic threats, and preventing emergency situations.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018STEPAN POLTORAK
Minister of Defense of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine

The Arms & Security 2018 and Aviasvit XXI exhibition events have become an important channel of communication with potential partners and an efficient site for demonstration of offers from foreign and domestic manufacturers. Every time high‑tech equipment samples and forward‑looking achievements are displayed at the stands of participants. Emergence of new types of weapons and military equipment, including those manufactured jointly with foreign partners according to the advanced international standards, has been a result of further painstaking cooperation of scientists, industrialists, and the military.

On October 9‑12, 2018 the XV International Exhibition Arms and Security‑2018 took place at the International Exhibition Center, together with the XI Aviation and Space Salon Aviasvit‑ХХІ and the XVII International Specialized Exhibition Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2018. For several years now, the exhibitions are symbolically held on the eve of the Defender of Ukraine Day in a joint format.

The honored guests took part in the opening ceremony and the overlook of the exposition:
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Oleksandr Turchynov
Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine – Pavlo Degtyarenko
Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense – Sergiy Pashinskyi
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine – Colonel‑General Yuriy Allerov
First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine – Oleg Gladkovskyi
Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine – Yuriy Brovchenko
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – Maxim Strikha
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – Roman Greba
Deputy Minister, MFA of Ukraine – Vasyl Bodnar
Deputy Chairman of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine – Ruslan Beloshytsky
The Head of the Parliamentary Faction of the Political Party "All‑Ukrainian Association" Batkivshchyna" (Motherland) in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – Yulia Tymoshenko
Director General of the SC "Ukroboronprom" – Pavlo Bukin
General Director of International Exhibition Center Ltd. – Anatoliy Tkachenko

The following foreign delegations took part in the opening ceremony and were present during working days of the exhibition:
Austria: head of delegation – Head of the Office for Armaments and Military Technology of the Austrian Federal Troops, Brigadier Michael Janisch
Belarus: head of delegation глава делегации – Deputy Minister of Defence for Armament – Chief of Armament, Major General Sergei Simonenko
Bosnia and Herzegovina: head of delegation – Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Ivica Erkich
Kazakhstan: head of delegation – Director of the Department of Development of the Military‑Industrial Complex of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Marat Karabaev
Qatar: head of delegation – Provost Marshal, Major General Mohammed Maskhi Al‑Ahbabi
Moldova: head of delegation – State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Wladimir Iliew
Myanmar: head of delegation – Deputy Minister of Defence, Rear Admiral Myint Nwe
UAE: head of delegation – Commander of the Land Forces of the Ministry of Defence, Major General Saleh Mohammed Al‑Ameri
Pakistan: head of delegation – Assistant of the Federal Minister for Defense Industry – Mr. Ahmed Khalil
Poland: through State Space Agency of Ukraine: head of delegation – President of the Polish Space Agency Mr. Grzegorz Brona; through Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: head of delegation – Deputy Director of the Armament Policy Department of the Ministry of National Defence Mr. Mateus Saroszek
Saudi Arabia: head of delegation – the Commander of the third Wing, Air Forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Major General Ahmed Ghanem M. Alfadjeri
USA: head of delegation – Adjutant General of the California National Guard, Major General Mr. David S. Baldwin
Thailand: head of delegation – representative of the Commander, Rear Admiral of the Royal Thai Navy Mr. Tannin Likitavong
Turkey: head of delegation – Assistant of the General Manager for the Military Industry of the Ministry of National Defence, Brigadier General Ismail Amanvermez
Czech Republic: head of delegation – Deputy Minister of Defence for Strategic Planning and Defence Policy, Mr. Jakub Landowski.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018287 media representatives from 152 media resources were accredited for the exhibition events coverage, including 15 foreign ones, such as Agence France Presse (France), Air agency LTD (Poland), BBC News (UK), MENA Defense (South Africa), Defence 24 (Poland), European Press Photo agency, MSI Turkish defense review (Turkey) etc. All the largest domestic TV‑channels and media presented their commentaries concerning the events: 1+1, ICTV, Inter, STB, TRK Ukraine, 5th Channel, Espresso TV, 112 Ukraine, ZIK, Military TV of Ukraine, Interfax Ukraine, Ukrinform, Unian, Focus, Zensor.NET, Defense Express, Kyiv Post, Liga.net, Viysko Ukraine, Narodna Armia, National Industrial Portal etc.

Program of events consisted of 18 scientific and practical conferences, workshops and industrial forums.

In general, 3 exhibitions events covered the total space of over 30 000 sq. m – 28 000 sq. m in three halls indoors and over 3 000 sq. m outdoors.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Total number of participants – approximately 500 enterprises, including 57 foreign enterprises from 18 countries of the world (USA, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan). There were also three national pavilions at the exhibition – Polish national pavilion and Turkish one and the pavilion of the Czech Republic.

Over 24 000 trade visitors attended the International Exhibition Centre throughout its duration, including the representatives of 46 countries of the world. The biggest number of visitors came from Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Lithuania, China, Germany, USA and UAE.

346 companies directly participated in Arms and Security ‑ 2018, including 34 foreign companies from 14 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Italy, UAE, USA, Germany, Luxemburg, Croatia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Latvia), presenting products in two main segments:
- armaments and military equipment for the army and law enforcement agencies
- weapons and related products for civilian purposes.

Defense industry of Ukraine was represented in the following formats:
1. Joint expositions of organizations:
- Ukroboronprom SC ‑ 50 companies;
- League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA ‑ 12 companies
2. Expositions of the relevant ministries and departments:
- Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
- Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
- Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
- Security Service of Ukraine
3. Individual stands of state‑owned and private enterprises.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018This year's accomplishments and achievements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the field of national security were presented by the National Guard of Ukraine, the Security Police Department, the canine units of the National Police of Ukraine, the State Research Institute, the National Academy of Internal Affairs and the Fort Science Industrial Association.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The stand of the Police Guard presented the samples of equipment for personnel, transport and the latest technical means used for equipment of premises with the alarm systems. The new Child security application was demonstrated to the audience. This application is a tracker with a help of which the child can call the security police in case of danger and the police squad will be sent there immediately.

State Research Institute presented the developments in the field of special technical equipment, systems, equipment for law enforcement agencies, modern technologies and materials for the of special equipment production, the practices of providing law enforcement structures with modern technical tools.

By request of the Main Directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine, the modular construction unit BLOCKPOST‑M was developed and demonstrated at the exhibition, which can also be used by employees of the National Police special units and the State Border Service of Ukraine. The device is intended for the swift installation of temporary roadblocks in places where the installation of a stationary roadblock is impractical or in case there is not enough time for such installation.

Specialists of the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine also demonstrated a vacuum chamber for detecting latent fingerprints with the use of the cyanoacrylate method. The camera allows specialists of the units of the Expert Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to research the objects that might carry forensic information in laboratory conditions, to identify and fix latent traces that are formed as a result of fatty substances layering on various objects.

Besides, experts of the Research Institute presented the following items at their exposition: demining kit, kit to ensure the participation of a canine specialist in investigative (search) actions with a service dog directly at the crime scene, a specialized vehicle for transporting people taken into custody etc.

The National Guard of Ukraine presented at the exhibition a universal sapper bag (40 sets) and a modernized version of the reconnaissance kit (4 units), which are specially designed for the National Guard, as well as updated military uniforms, which were already tested in 2017 and from 2018 are actively purchased for the needs of military units and military bodies. The first one is a daily uniform for operational units, educational institutions and special forces, for the protection and escort of defendants, the second one is designed for military units and subunits for the maintaining of public order, the protection of diplomatic missions and consulates, and the third one is a special field form for military and special purpose units.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Traditionally, the attention of the visitors was fixed at the stand of the Fort Science Industrial Association, where the experts presented new and improved models of small arms. One of the main novelties was the Fort 250 block system rifle, which may even someday replace Kalashnikov assault rifle used by the special forces. The rifle can shoot three types of ammunition ‑ domestic, NATO standard ammunition and even rare American ones; one just needs to change the barrel, the magazine and the bolt.

Scientific institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine showcased the results of their work on improving military equipment and gear of the Armed Forces with the best developments of Ukrainian manufacturers. The inventors of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies presented a software product with the help of which a system for capturing, identifying and tracking dynamic targets was implemented. The functioning of this software product was demonstrated by implementing it on a multi‑rotor type UAV, which was assembled at the Institute. What is more, the UAV repeater produced by the Institute was demonstrated at the stand, which has resolved the issues of electromagnetic compatibility of telecommunications and aviation equipment directly without mutual influence and interference.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine organized an exposition of 14 Ukrainian higher education institutions that demonstrated scientific and technical developments for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and defense companies, which are necessary for innovation development, defense capability and economy of Ukraine.

Ukroboronprom SC presented the biggest exposition displaying 194 exhibits developed by 41 enterprises of the Concern, including high‑profile public premieres: modernized armored vehicles, multiple launch rocket system, various types of armaments and joint projects with foreign partners.

The participation of the League of Defense Companies of Ukraine has already become a tradition starting from the year 2016. The Joint stand of the League gathered 12 member companies that presented the whole variety of products for the military, from personal protection means to heavy armored vehicles.


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The military industrial complex of the Republic of Poland was represented by a joint stand of the Polish Defense Industry Concern PGZ, Polish Chamber of National Defense Manufacturers (PCNDM), and individual stands of the private companies. The PCO S.A., a member of the PGZ Concern presented night‑vision goggles MU‑3ADM at the exhibition. It is an advanced passive night vision device designed to monitor relief conditions at night.

MESCO (Poland) brought to Ukraine its portable GROM anti‑aircraft missile, designed for the destruction of airplanes, helicopters and other targets, emitting infrared radiation. Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia and Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze N1 presented noteworthy products for the modernization of air defense systems and Mi‑family transport helicopters. Poznańskie Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne showcased the project of the upgraded reconnaissance vehicle BWR‑1S and the Power‑Pack drive unit for APC amphibious armored personnel carrier.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Rekord Hale Namiotowe (Poland) impressed the visitors with advanced technologies on the deployment and the organization of tent camps for various purposes used by the US army and NATO troops. The heart of the exhibition was a tent of the hangar type with a height of 8 meters. It consisted of three smaller tents with different functional and technical characteristics, which showcased modern technological solutions in the organization of tent camps.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018This year, the presence of US companies at the exhibition has significantly increased. Thus, the number of participants in 2018 in comparison with 2017 increased from 1 to 5 manufacturing companies: Flir, AeroPrecision, Harris Corporation, Intersec, Night Vision Devices. Harris Corporation, the world‑famous American company demonstrated a series of Falcon 3 radios, which are already in use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The most interesting exhibit for visitors was the shortwave station RF‑7800h‑mp, an improved version of the existing model AN / PRC‑150 (C), which belongs to the Falcon II radio stations family, but with smaller dimensions and higher broadband signals transmission speed.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Flir Detection (USA) presented stationary and portable detectors of radiation and biological substances. IdentiFINDER R systems are easy‑to‑use hand‑held devices that quickly detect, localize and identify sources of radiation, and speed up the response measures. The Griffin series devices apply up‑to‑date mass spectrometry technology to accurately detect and identify explosive, toxic industrial chemicals, environmental pollutants and a wide range of other chemicals.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The military industrial complex of Turkey was represented by Aselsan A.Ş., Vestel Savunma Sanayi A.S. та Aydın Yazılım ve Elektronik Sanayii A.Ş., which offered their solutions in the field of military electronic systems and anti‑aircraft defense systems at the exhibition. Within the framework of the exhibition Aselsan has signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the Spetstechnoexport SC.

Visitors of the exhibition payed much interest to the exposition of the Czech Republic, where Excalibur Army spol.s.r.o. showcased full‑scale samples of armored vehicles. Moreover, Excalibur Army has signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ukroboronprom SC within the framework of the exhibition.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Hytera Communications (China) along with analog and digital DMR radios demonstrated complex solutions for creating integrated data exchange and situational readiness systems. Fields of application: emergency situations (natural and man‑made), large‑scale events and perimeter security.

Constant participation in the Arms and Security Exhibition had positive results for Beijing Trueguard (China), which opened an official representative office in Kiev in 2018. There were various types of personal protective equipment at the company stand that drew attention of the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

Glenair (Germany) is an international manufacturer of the innovative STAR‑PAN™ switches technology for the military and special forces. The technology is a multiport hub that allows to simultaneously connect multiple devices into a single network. Those devices can range from thermal imaging cameras and radios to laptops and smartphones.

Kärcher Futuretech (Germany), an international manufacturer and supplier of modular systems for rapid response missions in areas of adversity and life‑threatening emergencies, presented solutions in the field of water supply systems, mobile nutrition, field camps and protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contamination (CBRN).


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Stands with weapons for civilian use (hunting, sports, cold and collection weapons) traditionally enjoyed the great deal of guests' attention. Accordingly, products of various brands from around the world were showcased, both in the mass market and elite exclusive segments.

Starting from 2017, Europa Arm Sport LLC attracts its foreign partners to participate in the exhibition. This year was no exception, and each visitor had the opportunity to visit the joint stand of HS PRODUKT (Croatia), MKE (Turkey) and GLOCK (Austria).

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018A wide range of weapons and accessories (more than three hundred units) was presented directly at the IBIS stand. The new range of products presented the Typhoon smooth‑bore guns, including Typhoon XII Light Fixed Stock with a fixed butt and Typhoon XII Light Carbine Stock with a telescopic butt. What is more, everybody had the opportunity to talk with a representative of the company NightForce, a world‑wide manufacturer of optical devices at the company's stand.

Domestic manufacturers – Zbroyar, XADO, Latek and many others also successfully demonstrated their novelties.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The icing on a cake this year were riffles Z‑15 Sport SS 18" and Z‑008 Gen 3 Precision 26", which were presented at the stand of the company Zbroyar and attracted the attraction of the audience, including fans of small arms, military professionals, men of arms and foreign trade visitors. The visitors had the opportunity to consult with the leading experts, executives and engineers of the company directly. The future ammunition manufacture also worth mentioning.

XADO Concern, known for the production of the arms care means, demonstrated the latest development: modernized sniper rifle Snipex M (Military series). Snipex M is a short‑barrel rifle designed according to the bullpup scheme: the bolt band is located behind the trigger. An inertial system provides the automotive operation. The barrel is locked by a longitudinal sliding bolt. The novelty received a special disk‑type fuse located directly above the firing handle on both sides of the weapon.

Delta Technics position itself as a weapon‑custom atelier and manufacturer of high‑precision rifled bolt weapons for sports and hunting. The company specialists demonstrated custom carbines for Blaser R93 and Blaser R8. The carbine barrels are made of the barrel blanks of the best world manufacturers Brux and Krieger. The calibers range from 6BR to 338LM, including modern calibers 6 Creedmoor, 6 Dasher, 6x47, 6,5x47, 6,5 Grendel, 6,5 Creedmoor, 260Rem, 6,5 WSM, 7/270 WSM.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018InterProInvest presented the updated version of the Malyuk at the exhibition. The design improvements made by the company's engineers have increased the rapidity of fire, improved accuracy and ergonomic characteristics of the machine gun. The Hi‑Tech coating applied to the parts and components of the machine not only makes the operation with the machine gun more comfortable, but also prolongs its life cycle, while the new improved trigger mechanism allows to increase the rapidity of fire to 700 shots / min.

Not only firearms were offered for the attention of civilians. The range of knives and other cutting items at the exhibition was presented by TM Boker, Cold Steel, Chris Reeve Knives, FKMD, Helle, Karesuandokniven and other well‑known foreign and Ukrainian brands. And, indeed, the exhibition had a lot to offer regarding related products for hunting and outdoor activities (optics, airguns, flashlights, etc.) – of both Ukrainian and foreign production.


As always, considerable attention of visitors was attracted to the full‑scale models of vehicles and equipment, the total number of which constituted over 50 units this year.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Ukrainian Armored Vehicles at the exhibition presented an upgraded version of the Novator 4x4 specialized armored vehicle armed with the Stugna‑P anti‑tank missile system. The specialized armored vehicle of domestic production is made on the basis of the popular Ford 550 chassis with significant upgrades. The vehicle is designed according to the needs and wishes of the special forces of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the visitors of the exhibition had an opportunity to get acquainted with the updated version of well‑known Varta armored vehicle. This is the eighth modernization of the specialized armored vehicle. The vehicle got a new, more powerful engine that allows to achieve maximum power and speed with minimal use of fuel. It is worth noting that the specialized armored vehicle was created to protect the fighters in case of a sudden attack or detonation. The vehicle has an automatic fire extinguishing system, which is activated within 3 milliseconds after fire hits the cabin, which significantly increases the chances of the crew to survive.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Yuzhnoye State Design Office together with the latest developments of the aerospace sector showcased missile system"Grom‑2". The system is designed for defeating single and group stationary targets at ranges from 50 to 280 km. The combat unit of a single‑stage ballistic missile is projected with the weight of 480 kg. The combat unit can be made either according to the one‑piece or cassette scheme.

AutoKrAZ plant (Ukraine) presented to the audience the range of military products, including a modern truck tractor. The new model is an all‑wheel drive truck tractor KrAZ‑6510 (6x6). Its main differences from other KrAZ tractors are the following: cabover cabin with a place to rest, 460 hp engine, automatic gearbox, hydraulically operated winch and fifth wheel with three freedom levels under the pin 3.5. In addition, MRA type armored vehicle KrAZ‑Hulk was showcased at the stand. It was created on the basis of serial terrain vehicle KrAZ‑5233 (4x4).

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The exposition of Techimpex scientific‑production company was noted above all by its presentations. The first premiere was a new Varan armored personnel carrier, equipped with a new combat module. Unlike the old Soviet armored personnel carriers, Varan has a front‑mounted engine and its design is similar to the one used on modern western analogues of the armored personnel carriers. Such design allowed to create a large troop compartment convenient for the fighters (accommodates up to 8 fighters), which can be abandoned using, if necessary, a stern ramp or one of the two side doors.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Another interesting novelty was a Plavets armored personnel carrier, a mutual project, which was created as a result of fruitful cooperation between the Kharkiv Tractor Plant PSC, Ukroboronprom SC (Ukrspetsexport SC) and Techimpex LLC. New floating tracked plavets armored personnel carrier is developed on the basis of the Multi‑purpose crawler chassis MT‑LBu. The crew consists of 3 people and the armored personnel carrier can carry up to 14 paratroopers. The armored personnel carrier can be used both in order to arm mechanized units operating in difficult terrain with a large number of water obstacles, and to transport the marines by water.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Practika Scientific‑Production Association PJSC demonstrated the new version of the well‑known Kozak‑2 armored vehicle, created in accordance with the requirements of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Special Operations Forces. The visitors payed great interest to the concept of a sanitary armored vehicle of Practika production. The novelty is a complex modernization of the BTR‑60, where, in fact, only the lower part, the suspension, the 8x8 wheel formula and individual elements of the transmission remained untouched. The protection of the armored hull against bullets was significantly increased and the mine protection elements were re‑worked. What is more, the armored personnel carrier is equipped with modern air conditioning and heating systems, which allows to maintain comfortable conditions for the crew, the wounded and the troops.

Ukrspetstechnika Holding Company showcased an interesting development of the Polonez mobile fighting complex against UAV. It is a portable radar with automatic targets detection and classification and the Anklav complex, designed for jamming satellite navigation by suppressing GPS / GLONASS signals installed on the light truck chassis.

Infocom Ltd LLC demonstrated the LASKA 2.0 unmanned robotic platform, which can be used for patrolling, reconnaissance, demining, ammunition delivery and the wounded evacuation. One of the main highlights of the platform is an intelligent system that allows you to carry out a mission without a GPS signal and to work in conditions of hostile electronic warfare. The operator specifies the coordinates of the target and shifts the system, after which the robot performs a combat task and automatically returns independently.

Infozahist Scientific‑Production Centre offered several innovative developments in the field of information security including the mobile radio‑intelligence facility, called Khortytsia‑M, and is installed on a high‑capacity and autonomous car chassis. This modern complex provides analysis of radio signals, their demodulation and decoding, as well as automatic determination of the coordinates of radio emission sources.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Kuznya na Rybalskomu Plant demonstrated a modernized version of the Piranha robotic complex armed with an UAG‑40 automatic 40 mm grenade launcher. The complex got more powerful engines and an additional generator, which enables Piranha to overcome the distance of 10 kilometers. In case of communication loss, it can independently return using previously passed route. Specialists of the plant also demonstrated the design of the new missile boat for the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The boat is designed to patrol and, if necessary, to destroy enemy combat and transport vehicles, both independently and together with the fleet's strike forces. The length of the boat is 64.46 meters, while the width is 9.6 meters.

Radionix LLC showcased modernized radar P‑18MR, designed to detect air targets and to send its coordinates. From the previous version of the P‑18, the upgraded station received only an antenna sheet, all other parts are the developments of Ukrainian manufacturers. The radar operates in the meter range and detects any hostile drones, as well as devices with stealth technology using an echo signal. The radars can operate at a distance of up to 100 m from each other, therefore the station control cabin with the operator can stay in a safe place.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Global Dynamics LLC demonstrated HOUND robotic remote‑controlled platform designed to solve combat and support tasks on the battlefield. The platform can serve to provide the infantry units with everything they need, as well as to evacuate the wounded. The combat version of the platform is equipped with a combat machine gun module "Saber".

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Not only heavy equipment samples of domestic production were presented at the exhibition, but also the equipment of foreign companies. One of such exhibits was the BMP BVP‑2SKCZ Szakal, demonstrated by the Czech company Excalibur Army. The armored vehicle is a modernization of the BMP‑2, armed with the Slovak KDV‑30 turret with an automatic 30 mm cannon 2A42 and a 7.62 mm machine gun. The Czech version of the vehicle is equipped with a Caterpillar C9.3 engine, has an updated hull, optic and electronic systems, being almost a completely new vehicle, with nothing to do with its prototype.

The upgraded 152‑mm self‑propelled gun Dana M2 deserves special attention. It is characterized by high speed across the cross‑country and the recently introduced automatic fire control system allows to quickly bring weapons into combat.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The representatives of the International Armored Group (UAE) this year decided to attract not only military, but also civilians, that is why they brought armored version of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with great security indicators for ballistic and explosive threats.

Kolibri Boat Manufacturing Company presented KOLIBRI STARK VOЇN‑650 D‑FCC International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018high‑speed patrol boat with aluminum body, D‑cylinders with EVA and Mercury 250 XL OptiMax engine. Starting from summer 2018, the boat is being used by Dnipro Patrol Police units.

Thor Legend Plus LLC (Ukraine) demonstrated a unique all‑terrain off‑road vehicle Тhor. It is the world first in the world off‑road vehicle, which develops a speed of 68 km / h in places of the all‑round off‑road. An adaptive tire pressure distribution system allows movement on any possible surface in interaction with the chainless transmission. The Тhor off‑road vehicle got a reinforced monocoque made of composite materials on a steel frame. This feature allows the vehicle to move around in any area with no threat to the life of the passengers.


Datagroup PrJSC demonstrated a range of complex integrated communication devices, mobile satellite communications kit and other innovative products. The mobile satellite communications kit is designed to provide control center staff with the open telephone communications and data transmission services. In case when the encryption equipment is used, these services are provided in a secure mode using a satellite communication channel in the Ku and Ka frequency bands at speeds up to 20Mbps. PMC‑67 multifunctional telecommunications complex is designed for the rapid deployment of an open data network and automatic telephone communication at the stationary and mobile objects of security services.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Incotel System, an official Ukrainian distributor of Rohde & Schwarz, presented the ARDRONIS innovative system against commercial micro‑UAV and announced the demonstration and testing of the system at the firing field of MIA of Ukraine.

Telecard‑Prylad LLC showcased a universal mobile operator's workplace. According to the company's representatives, the first model was projected for the missile troops, but being flexible and universal, it can also be used by other military units. The complex consists of several modern screens, which display the necessary operative information. The control of the place is carried out with the help of the usual keyboard (other means can also be involved). In addition, having its own powerful server, the complex can be controlled remotely using a special tablet.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Sparing‑Vist Center Scientific‑Production Enterprise carried out a presentation of a new system of chemical and biological intelligence, which is intended to detect hazardous chemical and poisonous agents in the air, soil, water and solid surfaces, determine the type and procedure for the personal protective equipment use, as well as check for any presence of chemical contamination after special treatment.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018UA.RPA, Ukrainian Advanced Research Project Agency demonstrated night vision goggles, training complex, helmets and laser rangefinders, as well as a modernized line of TVNE‑4BUM, TPN1‑49‑23UM and TKN‑3UM, TKN‑3BUM, TKN‑3VUM night vision devices for armored vehicles, designed to monitor the environment, search and detect targets in natural light. TOR kevlar bulletproof helmet is made of high‑quality aramid fibers and plastics from European manufacturers. The helmet meets NATO bulletproof and splitting resistance requirements (700m/s). Another kicker of the stand was the interactive T‑1 laser shooting simulator, designed for training and obtaining shooting skills in pistol, machine gun, RPG‑22 and RPG‑7 and other types of small arms shooting. The shooting gallery is used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Trimen Ukraine LLC, specialized in sights and night vision devices modernization and manufacture, brought the latest developments to the exhibition, including TPN1 MSW tank night sight, BPK‑2‑42MbT periscopic combined sight and TVNE‑4MbT driver observation and orientation device. Sights can be used both at night and during the day and allow to see the target at a distance of up to 4,000 meters.

Traditionally, one of the largest segments of the exhibition was gear, clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment for military and law enforcement agencies. More than 40 Ukrainian manufacturers and representatives of the foreign brands showcased both already time‑tested products and a number of new products, which attracted great interest of visitors.


This year, Ukroboronprom SC demonstrated a wide variety of weapons, military equipment, as well as military and dual‑use products at the Arms and Security Exhibition. Among the main premiers of Ukroboronprom SC one should mention BM‑21 UM Berest produced by Shepetivka Repair Plant SE. Berest is designed to replace the BM‑21 Grad, which is currently used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. New digital technologies integrate Berest into the information exchange system on the battlefield, which significantly increase the accuracy and effectiveness of firing. The new rocket launcher system has a salvo of 50 rockets, instead of only 40 in Grad.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Zhytomyr Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant SE demonstrated an updated modification of the BTR‑70D (GM), with the engines from the American General Motors corporation and the Delta combat module with a 23‑mm automatic gun and a digital fire control system. Another noteworthy showpiece at the exhibition was BMP‑M1C infantry fighting vehicle, which is an upgraded variant of the BRM‑1K armored command post vehicle with a significant increase of fire power and protection, and the replacement of outdated Soviet engine with a new German Deutz powerpack. The BMP‑M1C has a combat weight of 15,5 tons and can carry up to eight soldiers and effectively support dismounted infantry units due to its Stilleto combat module.

The specialists of Kharkiv Morozov Machine‑Building Design Bureau SE presented a new modification of BTR‑4MB1,International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018with a significant increase in armor protection. BTR‑4MB1 got a new frontal part and other structural changes aimed at improving survivability and combat effectiveness. A new upgraded version of the BTR 4MB1 is equipped with a new optic‑electronic OEП‑ВH sight with a powerful thermal imager, combined with a high‑precision digital fire control system. The sight was created by the specialists of Izyum Instrument‑Making Plant SE.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Great interest of the visitors attracted the new development of the Mykolayiv Armoured Plant ‑ the Mongoose combat reconnaissance vehicle. The vehicle is designed to conduct armed reconnaissance and fire support for combat units. BRM has a 4x4 wheel formula and an independent torsion bar suspension, which provides increased maneuverability. Due to the new IVECO diesel engine, Mongoose is capable of reaching the speeds of up to 100 km / h and is able to overcome any kind of water obstacles.

The specialists of Progress  Specialized Foreign Trade Company within the framework of the exhibition a new Harza mobile radar perimeter protection complex was demonstrated. This complex allows to monitor the perimeter at the transmission centers, warehouses, weapons and military equipment depots, as well as at power plants. International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The complex provides protection using radar surveillance in any direction, processing and recording information in the visible and infrared radiation ranges. This enables protection of the perimeter, territory and roads leading to objects in any weather and time of day.

Lviv Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant SE presented a noteworthy novelty outdoors – the armored recovery and repair vehicle LEV, which was created on the basis of the T‑72 tank designed for evacuation and towing of defective, damaged tracked and wheeled military equipment in combat conditions, as well as for carrying out its current and average repair in field conditions.


This year's exhibition was marked by the participation of about 20 companies specializing in the technical and information security market development.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Winncom Technologies representatives offered their video conferencing solutions: WebEx, WebEx Teams and Jubber, which provide reliable and secure video communication. Visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with solutions for meeting rooms (large and small ones), to test the functionality of desktop devices and special security devices for secret services.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Panasonic Corporation took part in the exhibition jointly with Ukrainian Infosystems LLC. Wide range of business solutions products was demonstrated at the stand: video surveillance systems, protected Toughbook family laptops and integrated security systems. The visitor's attention was drawn to Panasonic CF‑33 laptop, which key features are impact and dust resistance and waterproofness of the keyboard. The range of various laptops models allows to carry out work even in adverse weather conditions, for instance, underground, etc. Hard drive information will always be securely protected.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Incotel System LLC, an official Ukrainian distributor of Rohde & Schwarz, presented the latest developments in the field of access control, as well as equipment for secure communication and cyber security. What is more, the ARDRONIS innovative system against commercial micro‑UAV was demonstrated and the demonstration and testing of the system at the firing field of MIA of Ukraine was announced.

Digital and Analog Systems offered the latest developments for technical channels of information leakage identification, for active negotiations protection, as well as manual and arched metal detectors. The greatest attention was focused on the WEGA‑i, hidden video cameras, hand‑held Garrett SuperScanner V metal detectors and arched Garrett PD6500i metal detectors.

Zmist Technology LLC stand attracted the attention of the visitors presenting a complex system for conducting a psychological analysis of a person in order to determine the general psychological state, to forecast the intentions, human behavior and to issue recommendations for further activities regarding the subject. The development can be used both during customs clearance and as an additional security measure at the areas under protection.

Hatisa Information‑technology company LLC representatives offered the visitors IP cameras and equipment for video surveillance, wire and wireless security systems and transmitters, video intercoms, as well as baggage scanners, metal, drugs and explosives detectors.

Such expansion of the exhibition's profile provided an integrated approach to covering issues of all aspects of security and the positive feedback from the participating companies gave impetus to the decision to further develop the security sector exposition. Therefore, the organizers decided, starting from next year, to create a new specialized Expert Security exhibition. The event will be held in a joint format with the Arms and Security exhibition, detailed information will be published on the official website in the nearest future.


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Signing of a Memorandum of modernization and supply of weapons and military equipment and cooperation between Ukraine and Moldova.

Promoboronexport SC and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova signed a Memorandum of cooperation between the parties to provide services for the overhaul and modernization of armored and aviation equipment. The parties also reached an agreement on the possibility of Ukrainian military equipment supply to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Signing of a Memorandum of organization of the joint production of Turkish radio communications in Ukraine between the Spetstechnoexport SC and the Turkish company Aselsan.

The agreements are planned to be implemented through the mechanism of offset obligations between the two companies. The establishment of the production of Turkish radio communication systems in Ukraine will allow the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to gain access to the most advanced and up‑to‑date communication technologies.

Signing of a Memorandum of cooperation between the Ukroboronprom SC and the Czech company EXCALIBUR.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018The Memorandum is aimed at combining the efforts of the Ukrainian and Czech parties for the development, manufacture and marketing promotion of innovative products in the field of armored vehicles. The document provides for the readiness of both parties to carry out scientific, technical and development activities aimed at creating new types of military equipment and weapons. "This is an opportunity to attract financing and investment in development and engineering, to finance promising projects, to bring them to mass production. This is also an opportunity to form innovative technological chains for modernizing our armored vehicles and developing promising projects," emphasized Pavlo Bukin, the Director General of Ukroboronprom SC.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2018Experience of NATO countries in the organization of procurement of weapons and military equipment, pricing and price control; Workshop with the participation of NATO representatives, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukromoronprom SC, and League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA.

The workshop covered the issues of building an inviting environment in Ukraine in order to attract foreign investments in the defense industry, as well as the analysis of the options for implementing the joint projects in weapons and military products development and manufacture and the issue of the preliminary prices for military products and offset deals in the interests of defense industry.

NATO representative Gordon Davis, the Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Defense Investment, assured that the Alliance totally supports the reform of the defense complex of Ukraine, in particular, the introduction of modern mechanisms of NATO member countries in the interaction between customers and manufacturers.

Agreement on the on the supply of spare parts for the repair of Kazakhstan armored vehicles.

Within the framework of the exhibition, the Lozova Forging‑Mechanical Plant (LKMZ), a member of UPEK Industrial Group, reached the preliminary agreements with the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan on the supply of components and spare parts for the overhaul of armored personnel carriers that are in this group of companies service.

Arms and Security – 2018 was a demonstration of the power and high potential of the national defense of Ukraine, as well as confirmed the fact that the Ukrainian companies participating at the exhibition became a successful symbiosis of public and private enterprises that are already able to meet the modern requirements of the world arms market, and also highlighted the interest of foreign players to cooperate with Ukrainian partners and customers.

We invite everyone to participate in the next
XVI International Exhibition "Arms and Security ‑ 2019"
to be held on October 8‑11, 2019 at the International Exhibition Centre, its traditional venue.