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On 5‑7 November XVII International Trade Fair «CommunTech ‑ 2019», thematically complementing it X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019» and XV International Congress «Institutional and Technical Aspects of Reforming of Housing and Communal Services» took place in International Exhibition Centre, Ltd. (IEC, 15, Brovarskyi Avenue, Kyiv, Ukraine).

The aim of these annual branch events ‑ creation of new opportunities and promotion of development cooperation between local self‑government, business community and authorities, international organizations in the implementation of projects that are designed to make Ukrainian communities up‑to‑date, progressive and comfortable.

Organizer: International Exhibition Centre, Ltd., with the support of the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, Association of Ukrainian cities.

On the 5th of November in the exhibitions' opening ceremony took part:
- Aliona Babak – Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine
- Dmytro Zhyvytsky – First Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories of Ukraine
- Mykhailo Khorev – Acting Head of State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
- Oleksandr Slobozhan – Executive Director of the Association of Ukrainian Cities
- Ivan Tkachenko – Deputy General Director of International Exhibition Centre, Ltd., other honorable guests.

Over the years International Trade Fairs «CommunTech» and «RoadTechExpo» have created a single demonstration space for professionals, who are interested in communal, road, construction machinery, special machinery, equipment for accomplishment of cities and waste management, road sector development, etc. This year 95 enterprises from 6 countries of the world (Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ukraine) presented both its own products and the best samples of production of many countries of the world.
List of participants

More about participants in the exhibition's catalogue

Each exhibition ‑ is an opportunity for companies, both well‑known at the Ukrainian market and those who are starting their business or planning to expand the scopes of their products application, to represent it to the general public of specialists.

This year's exhibitions «CommunTech» and «RoadTechExpo»
were rich in new products and new participants.

X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019»Thus, the constant participant of Trade Fair «CommunTech» ‑ «Kärcher» company before the exhibition widely announced that for the first time in Ukraine it would represent two new machineries: large municipal machinery Kärcher MC 250, designed to clear roads and large urban areas and compact multifunctional machinery Kärcher MIC 35, designed to clean sidewalks, parks and similar objects throughout the year. According to the responses of the responsible employees of public utilities: «This machinery will solve all tasks!»

X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019»Every year Special Machinery Plant «Techcomplect» surprises by the number of new products. The variety of special machinery is amazing, because not for the first time «Techcomplect» uses the platform of exhibition «CommunTech» for presentation of the new machinery for needs of public utilities, power engineers, builders, farmers, road workers, etc. In addition to already known aerial platforms, emergency repair vehicles, dump trucks and so on were represented to specialists.

X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019»AVTEK company introduced new products in several segments of machinery for communal services. But traditionally, before the start of winter season, the main focus of utility companies was drawn to road machinery, which is so necessary for winter roads.

The line of autohydraulic hoists expanded from the companies‑debutants: «Auto‑Region» and «Modus».

X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019»Today International Trade Fairs «CommunTech» and «RoadTechExpo» gained popularity among visitors‑specialists of various branches of economy.

Due to this quantitative and qualitative composition of participants, the products of which focused on application in various spheres of activity, annually grows and expands.

Thus, the list of exhibitions' participants has been expanded by companies, which work in the sphere of supply of spare parts, components, engines, hydraulic systems and so on for special machinery: «Aspekt‑Plus», «Wissen‑Ukraine», «Komtek Service», «Servicecenter», «Motorimpex» and others.

X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019»This year new companies operating in road sector have joined the list of exhibitors of «CommunTech/RoadTechExpo‑2019»: Nissen (Germany) ‑ road safety management, «KTC Ukraine» ‑ road and bridge fences, Trading House «Pryzma» ‑ distributor 3M (the USA) membranes for signs production, «STiM Ukraine» ‑ road marking and others.

X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019»Among new exponents ‑ well‑known mobile operator «Vodafone Ukraine», which represented software for objects of housing and communal services.

Every year expositions of Trade Fairs «CommunTech» and «RoadTechExpo» are getting fuller and create a large‑scale demonstration platform, where you can get complete information about all links necessary for the development of the Ukrainian communities: from the latest tendencies for modernization of urban infrastructure, accomplishment of cities, street lighting, road safety to the rational complex waste management, etc.

Traditionally accompanying exhibitions thematically diverse business program annually draws the attention of specialists, representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, delegates from the national and local authorities, associations, NGOs, international experts from EU Member States. It gives an opportunity to share hands‑on experience, enhance international cooperation and at the same time discuss the status of the branch strategies and the potential for their development.

It became a tradition within the framework of exhibition «CommunTech» to conduct an event, devoted to development of housing and communal services of the capital (Organizer: Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure of Kyiv City State Administration). This year on Informational‑Practical Conference «Modalities for the operation and development of the housing and utilities sector in conditions of legislative changes» with the participation of representatives of district Kyiv city state administrations were discussed issues regarding establishment of condominium associations as the motivation of buildings' energy efficiency level, waste management plan in Kyiv city, energy efficiency reform in general, etc.

After viewing the exposition «CommunTech» Deputy Head of Kyiv State City Administration Petro Panteleiev during interview to TV channel «Kyiv» noted that peculiarity of this year exhibition is the presence of a large number of various machinery and exactly this exhibition's platform is the annual opportunity to exchange experiences, communicate formally and informally and make plans for the next year.
Program of Congress and exhibitions

X International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo ‑ 2019»For many years International Trade Fairs «CommunTech» and «RoadTechExpo» take place simultaneously with a number of other exhibitions: «AQUA UKRAINE», «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», «EuroBuildExpo» and «Industrial Ecology».

327 enterprises from 15 countries of the world took part in this large‑scale exhibition project at the total area of almost 17 000 m2, the number of visitors was 8 515.

According to exhibitors' and visitors' feedback, exactly this demonstration and communication platform leads the heads of communities, heads of communal enterprises, local entrepreneurs to use up‑to‑date technical achievements for the infrastructure development of cities, towns and villages of our country.

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2019

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2019

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2019

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2019

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2019