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Report on the results of
ІX International Trade Fair RoadTechExpo ‑ 2018
XVІ International Trade Fair CommunTech ‑ 2018

ІX International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo‑2018» took place on 6‑8 November in Kyiv on the territory of International Exhibition Centre (15, Brovarsky Avenue, Kyiv, International Trade Fair RoadTechExpo 2018Ukraine). It is traditionally held in the single format with the International Trade Fair «CommunTech» and is an essential component of this complex exhibition event, devoted to the most urgent needs of the municipal economy of our country.

Exposition «RoadTechExpo» has demonstrated the best samples of technologies, materials, equipment and machinery from the Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, the use of which will make the communities comfortable and progressive.

The positive peculiarity of this year exhibition is the interest of the Ukrainian and foreign companies to demonstration of materials and equipment for development of road sector.

At the stands it was possible to get aquatinted with the services and products of the following companies: «Baltimark» (Lithuania) ‑ manufacturer of machinery for road marking, bituminous products for road construction and maintenance and so on; West‑East Group ‑ creation of road coverings of the newest generation; «Astra» ‑ supply of polymers for modification of bitumen; «Atis‑Service Ukraine» ‑ sale of tools for road‑construction works; «Dormash Group Ukraine» ‑ installations for the production of modified bitumen; «Triniti‑Group» ‑ official representative of a number of world leaders of asphalt concrete technologies, manufacturers of coating systems for bridges and so on; «Prombudindustriia» ‑ construction of roads and highways.

Novelty of 2018

Kremenchug plant of road machines (Kredmash) ‑ the leading manufacturer of asphalt mixing plants in Ukraine ‑ represented its new developments, as never beforeInternational Trade Fair RoadTechExpo 2018 relevant for repair of Ukrainian roads: asphalt regenerator РА‑802, intended for the preparation of asphalt concrete mixtures during pit repair of roadways close to the place of repair and mini tar paver КDМ337, intended for economical and rapid spraying of cold bituminous emulsions during small pit repair of roadway, asphalting of road areas, for sealing of stitches and cracks in asphalt concrete coatings.

Various kinds of machinery for construction, maintenance of roads and its communal services, spare parts and accessories were International Trade Fair RoadTechExpo 2018demonstrated by: «Amkodor‑Ukrospetsmash», «Budshlyakhmash», «Kriukovsky railway car building works», «Construction Machinery», «Ukr‑spetsteh», «Logistic Machinery», «Alfatech», «Euromash», «Euro Driveshafts Ukraine», «Anak Ukraine» and many other companies.

To create at the street‑road networks the conditions for fast, comfortable and safety traffic of road transport and pedestrians the engineering‑technical means are constantly improved and were represented by: «Rostok‑Elekom», «Atilos», «Swarco Ukraine», «Komkon Traffic».

To get acquainted with the list of participants


About the professional direction of the exhibitions «RoadTechExpo» and «CommunTech» indicates the target audience of visitors, which consists of responsible officials of the government agencies, heads of regional and district state administrations, mayors of cities and settlements of Ukraine, management of road services, road operation departments, utilities, in particular specialists, who have the authority for procurement of products, interested specialists of the related branches, representatives of the state and commercial companies.

International Trade Fairs «EuroBuildExpo», «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», «AQUA UKRAINE» and «Industrial Ecology» simultaneously took place with the above mentioned events at the total area of almost 16 500 m2. It contributed to not only increasing of a number of visitors (over 8 500), but the expansion of their branch composition as well. The third year in a row International Trade Fairs «Power Engineering for Industry», «Mining Industry Expo», «OilGasExpo» and «Electro Install» took place simultaneously with these branch events. This large‑scale exposition gave an opportunity to more than 14 000 specialists get acquainted as much as possible with the market of the latest technologies and equipment, which will contribute a complex approach for solving the urgent demands of the country's economy.

International Trade Fair RoadTechExpo 2018

International Trade Fair RoadTechExpo 2018

International Trade Fair RoadTechExpo 2018

Field of the Company's Activity, %

Road sector


Construction and project


Machine building


Provision of road infrastructure


Central and local authorities, other authorities


Scientific and educational institutions


Social organizations





Topics Interesting to Visitors, %

Road‑building machines and technologies


Utility‑cleaning technique


Lighting equipment for roads, streets, highways


Traffic Safety


Asphalt plants


Elevating & transport equipment


Materials for road construction