Exhibitions in Kyiv, International exhibition centre Kyiv Ukraine

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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
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Main topics

I. Fire safety of buildings, constructions and areas
1.1. Video surveillance centralized systems
1.2. Fire-burglar systems with signaling and annunciation
1.3. Automatic fire-extinguishing devices
1.4. Systems of smoke removing and ventilation (valves, top lights, etc)
1.5. Explosions suppression systems
1.6. Systems of protection against lightning
1.7. Reserve supply and no-break systems of fire-burglar systems with signaling and annunciation
1.8. Fire-retardand paints, coatings, sheeting
1.9. Incombustible and isolating materials
1.10. Fire-resistant cable and cable penetrations
1.11. Fire safety boxes and boards
1.12. Fire stop equipment (doors, gates, shrouds)
1.13. Internal and external fire hydrants
1.14. Extinguishers
1.15. Servicing equipment for extinguishers
1.16. Extinguishants and agents

ІІ. Technical equipping of the fire and rescue squads
2.1. Special vehicles:
- firefighting
- rescue
- ladder trucks and elevators
- mobile chemical laboratories
- pyrotechnic service cars
- staff cars
- water vehicles and amphibians
- remote control
2.2. Special vehicles equipping:
- luminous-signal and loudspeaker installations, rotating lights
- fire hoses
- fire giants
- monoblock pump and other pumping facilities
2.3. Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic, hand operated auxiliary kits and equipment for rescue rangers activities
2.4. Control equipping for floods and oil spills liquidation:
- dike-dams
- oil booms
- temporary bridges and walkways
- sorbents
- water treating means
2.5. Means for searching the wounded:
- radio receivers, alert warning receivers
- thermal viewer
- night-vision devices
2.6. Equipping for the people evacuation from the emergencies place
2.7. Quick-erectable constructions (tents, boxes, modules)
2.8. First aid supplies and transportation of the wounded
2.9. Training simulators and dummies for practicing the activities during rescue and rendering urgent aid
2.10. Communication systems and equipment
2.11. Equipment for control centres and field headquarters
2.12. Electrical equipment, autonomous sources of energy:
- generators (mobile, hand portable)
- lighting systems
- lanterns and lamps for special circumstances using (under water, explosive environment, etc.)

ІІІ. Individual protection means
3.1. Protective clothing:
- clothing for work in water environment
- firemen and rescuers clothing
- clothing for protection against radiation, biological and chemical pollution
- protective footwear
- safety helmets
- protection gloves
- uniform and special cloths
3.2. Respiratory protection means:
- breathing apparatus of compressed air
- self-rescuers
- gas masks
- respirators
- hoods for the urgent evacuation
- monitoring devices of operation and maintenance of breathing apparatus
3.3. Protection means of organs of sight and hearing
3.4. Radiation protection devices:
- individual radiation-measuring apparatus
- dose accumulation monitors
3.5. Protective equipment for work at height

IV. Working area safety and industrial safety
4.1. Control of conditions and working area safety:
- inspection of labour conditions
- certification and organization of workplaces on labour conditions
- organization of work area safety
- normative, methodological, educational literature
4.2. Visual propaganda means on work area safety and safety signs
4.3. Medicine and labour regimen. Sanitary and household care
4.4. Controlling and measuring devices and apparatus for support of industrial safety:
- gas analyzers and gas signalizers
- systems of explosion prevention, alerting about explosion hazard
- devices of chemical substances detection and annunciation about the danger
- analyzers of the level of humidity, of temperature, of electromagnetic radiation, of pollution substances, of noise
4.5. Non-destructive control devices and technical diagnostics:
- leakage detectors and neutralizators
- infrared measuring apparatus
- technical diagnostics and expertise of wearing grade of equipment, buildings and constructions; testing equipment
4.6. High-duty and wear-resistant materials used in aggressive ambient and in highly dangerous locations
4.7. Evacuation management systems:
- orientation and marking signs system (emergency lighting, evacuation routes signs)
- annunciation system during evacuation (light, sound and combined annunciators; systems of vocal annunciation)
- devices of special communication

V. Forecasting and prevention of technogenic and natural emergencies
5.1. Technologies of monitoring and forecasting of emergencies
5.2. Systems of early detection of technogenic and natural emergencies
5.3. Designing of plans for liquidation of emergencies
5.4. Centralized systems of people annunciations
5.5. Research-programmable complexes for modeling the disasters and for evaluating the risks; computer training simulators to practice the pre-disaster and actual disaster modes

VI. Nuclear and radiation safety
6.1. Treating of radioactive waste (RW) and of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) in the nuclear power stations
6.2. Storage, reprocessing and utilization of nuclear waste and of spent nuclear fuel. Safety, which should be kept during the processing of RW and SNF
6.3. Physical protection of nuclear plants, nuclear materials, radioactive waste and other ionizing radiation sources
6.4. Emergency preparedness and emergency reaction to nuclearand radiation accidents
6.5. Detectors and neutralizers of radioactive materials and of explosive substances in the nuclear branch
6.6. Individual equipment to protect against ionizing radiation
6.7. Special vehicles to transport nuclear and radioactive materials