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IEC's gratitude letter to CIGRETo the President of the International
Council on Large Electric
Systems CIGRE in Ukraine
Mr. Oleksandr Svetelik

Dear Mr. Svetelik!

First of all, let us express our deep respect and sincere thanks for the long‑standing support of the International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future" and personal commitment in the preparation and holding of the VI All‑Ukrainian Power Engineers Workshop.

The VI All‑Ukrainian Power Engineers Workshop organized by the Public Association "CIGRE‑Ukraine" and the International Exhibition Center, is traditionally held within the framework of the Forum's business program. The transformation of the energy market, the urgent need to address vital production and organizational issues, the ability to receive first‑hand information gathered a large audience of experts at the workshop.

The event was held at the high professional level due to the actual topic, participation of authoritative moderators, meaningful speakers performance. At that we would like to point out that your thoughtful expert opinion and comments during the open discussion had a special resonance among the participants of the workshop.

Also, we would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to the authoritative experts who actively participated in presentations and workshop discussions, personally to the experts of the Public Association "CIGRE‑Ukraine":
- Yuriy Bondarenko - Chairman of the Technical Committee of CIGRE‑Ukraine, General Director of Enpaselectro LLC;
- Oleksandr Zeniuk - Executive Director of CIGRE‑Ukraine;
- Volodymyr Yevdokimov - Member of the Presidiums of CIGRE‑Ukraine;
- Volodymyr Gomonay - Deputy General Director of Enpaselectro LLC;
- Oleksandr Denysenko - Advisor to the General Director of Enpaselectro LLC;
- Ivan Grigoruk - Vice President of the Energy Academy;
to the members of the Expert and Analytical Council of thePublic Association "CIGRE‑Ukraine":
- Serhiy Yermilov - Director of the Institute of Ecology and Energy Saving LLC;
- Serhiy Titenko;
- Oleksandr Rogozin - Vice President of the Public Association "First Energy Association of Ukraine".

In view of the above, please consider joining the formation of the business program next year.

Dear Mr. Svetelik, considering your indifferent attitude towards processes that are taking place in the electric power industry today, high professionalism and years of experience, we are sure that our further cooperation will contribute to solving the problems of development of the energy system of Ukraine, practical ensuring its sustainability; development and implementation of the energy system of the future, optimization of equipment and energy systems, strengthening respect for environmental ecology.

Best regards
General Director

Anatoliy Tkachenko