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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
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ADDIT EXPO 3D ‑ 2019

On April 2nd to 5th in the territory of International Exhibition Centre (15 Brovarskyi Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine) a complex of integrated exhibition events took place, including international trade fairs:

Coating Expo UA '2019 Plast Expo UA
(technologies and equipment for polymers' production and processing)
Coating Expo UA '2019 Kyiv Technical Fair
(engineering, metallurgy, casting, metalworking, tools, surface treatment technology, compressors, drive equipment, pumps, pipes and valves, filters, non‑metallic industrial materials, diagnostic tools, industrial automation)
Coating Expo UA '2019 COATING EXPO UA
(paint coatings and materials, raw materials, equipment and technologies for their production, surface treatment, containers and packaging)
Coating Expo UA '2019 Addit Expo 3D
(additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies, equipment and materials)
The events have been organized by 
International Exhibition Centre International Exhibition Centre
 Official partners:
Association of Ukrainian manufacturers of paint and varnish industry  Association of Ukrainian manufacturers of paint and varnish industry

Every year, the scale of the exhibition increases, this year was not an exception. According to the results of 2019, 179 companies and organizations from 10 countries participated in the events, namely from: Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Iran, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and in particular ‑ national expositions of manufacturing companies from China and Turkey were presented at the expo ground. During the four working days more than 6000 professionals visited the exhibitions. The total exposition area exceeded 7 000 m2.

Visitors and exhibitors highly appreciated the consistent program of business activities:

Business programme

Conference "Results of 10 years" activity of the Association of Ukrainian manufacturers of paint and varnish industry. Promising ways of development of the paint industry", organized by the exhibition partners ‑ Association of Ukrainian manufacturers of paint and varnish industry, which gathered the headpersons of membering companies, attracted the attention of the audience. It was aimed mainly at familiarising of the market professionals with the legal and regulatory novelties, as well as definition of separate characteristics of paint and varnish products for the possibility of use in various branches of mechanical engineering.

Another noticeable event was the 1st Eco‑Marathon "Eco‑packaging: looking into the future". It was an independent space for dialogue between business and governmental circles to develop a national strategy for the gradual transition to safe materials for packaging. The marathon was devoted to innovations in the packaging, production, use, collection, recycling and recycling of wastes, in particular polymer packaging. Also a separate exposition of ecological packaging was presented in the hall.

The exhibitors assessed positively the dynamic development of the exhibitions, number and quality of visitors, their active interest to the new technologies, equipment and materials.

Representatives of the participating companies willingly left their comments about the exhibition:

Coating Expo UA '2019"Good day, we are "Stankoplast" company from Khmelnytsky. Our enterprise is a constant participant of Plast Expo UA, and we are thankful to the organizers for preparation of such a nice working ground for communication, searching for the new partners and customers. We found most of our clients here, due to the organizers' efforts. We plan to participate in the exhibition again."

Coating Expo UA '2019"Greetings! I represent the company "Specialist" from Kharkiv, which is a supplier of equipment from Asia and Europe. Now at the booth of "Specialist" company the German brand SOMOS is presented. To my mind, Plast Expo Ua exhibition is one of the best‑targeted for the polymer market of Ukraine. This event takes place every year. It's the first time that "Specialist" company takes part in the exhibition and we consider it to be rich and valuable for the market professionals. Next year we shall participate actively and probably will expand the exposition space."

Coating Expo UA '2019"Hello, we are "Viva Art" company. For 2,5 years already we deal with the professional 3D scanning and 3D printing. We render services and supply the equipment. Concerning the exhibition: everything is great, we participate for the second time and year after year the people visiting become more interested and conscientious, the event develops and becomes more informative."

Coating Expo UA '2019"Good day, our company is "Advent Invest", the brand we represent is Kompozit. The company is comparatively young: we have worked at the market of paints and varnishes. We are a leading manufacturer of water‑based varnishes and also anti‑corrosion paints for metal items. Today it's the first time we participate in Coating ExpoUa and display our products. The exhibition is extensive enough for us to represent our products in full volume, provide the visitors with all necessary information about the varnishes and make hopefully unrefusable offers."

Coating Expo UA '2019"My greetings to everyone, I represent "3D Tech" company ‑ a vendor of Wanhao equipment in Ukraine. This is our first‑time participation in this exhibition, we aim to show how Wanhao equipment is suitable for manufacturing companies; the equipment is implemented by government agencies to print their prototypes, as well as for use in industry. The event is very good, we are going to participate again and not once."

Coating Expo UA '2019"Hello, I represent "Triada Welding" company, which has been operating at welding technologies market since 1992. We develop our own welding manufacture. Our company is a contact participant of the exhibition, we present our products using the exhibition as a tool for customer database elaboration, promotion of technologies, marketing researches. Generally we are satisfied with the exhibitions, they bring good results to us and we suppose that our company will participate in the future events too."

Coating Expo UA '2019"Good day, I am glad to introduce my company ‑ "Radka Ukraine". We are taking part in the exhibition Plast Expo UA for the first time, which dovetailed with the 15th anniversary of our company's operation at Ukrainian market. "Radka Ukraine" is a part of "RADKA Group" of companies. We distribute the production of European and world chemical multicorporate enterprises among Ukrainian manufacturers: highly technological materials, mainly construction polymers, raw materials for varnish industry, rubber mixtures, silicones and other materials for construction industry. It's a pleasure that this year PlastExpoUA was accompanied by the exhibition Coating Expo Ua, which gave us a good opportunity to demonstrate the whole spectrum of our products to the potential customers."

Statistics on attendance

Coating Expo UA '2019

Coating Expo UA '2019

Coating Expo UA '2019

Coating Expo UA '2019