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ADDIT EXPO 3D – 2018

On April 3rd to 5th 2018 in the territory of International Exhibition Centre the following exhibition events took place:

It was the tenth time in succession, that International Exhibition Centre turned its own ground into a meeting place for enterprises, companies and institutions engaged in the domain of polymer processing technologies, machines and raw materials, additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies, equipment and materials, as well as general engineering, metal processing, tools, welding and cutting, foundry, surface treatment, related materials, tooling and components.

In summation 120 exhibitors from Ukraine, Austria, Belarus, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Poland and Turkey presented their developments and products at the exhibition, took part in the conference events of the business program. The total exposition area 5,000 sq.m. During the three working days the event was visited by more than 4,000 specialists from Ukraine and foreign guests.


List of participants


The headpersons of the participating companies willingly commented on the work of this year's exhibitions:

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good day, my name is Mykola Skrypnyk, I am the General director of "Abplanalp Ukraine" company, which supplies to Ukraine the metal processing machinery, CNC machine‑tools, lubricating materials, spare parts to CNC machines for already 27 years. Our company has a maintenance department, which employs more than 10 certified service engineers. We are pleased to take part in this exhibition for the first time this year and we hope that next year we will also have a stand. We consider it positive, that the visitor’ interest to CNC machines has grown this year."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good morning, my name is Andrew Antonov, I represent "Polymerservice" company, which has been working at Ukrainian market since 1996. Our main mission is to be useful to representatives of the polymer industry in Ukraine. We mainly offer equipment, spare parts, additives and technology. It is the second time we participate in Plast Expo Ua. The exhibition is interesting because today it is the only professional platform for meetings and communication of entrepreneurs and manufacturers of polymer products of Ukraine. Also thematic conferences are organized within the exhibition, where you can exchange views with other professionals and speak about a particular issue. We bring our thanks to the organizers. Sure that our company will join this exhibition in the following year too."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good day, my name is Yurij Shafran and I am responsible for the equipment sales at "OSV‑Technology" company from Oleshky, Kherson region. For the third time we are taking part in the exhibition "Plast Expo Ua". This year we show a really new development: a machine for mixing loose materials with liquid connectors. In addition, we show the flow production model of equipment. The previous year was remarkable for us, as the Ukrainian market, after many years’ inactivity, became successful in 2017. We really hope that 2018, thanks to our participation in the exhibition and diligent work at the production, will also be interesting and profitable in all senses."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good afternoon, my name is Suren Vlasyan, I am the director of "Smart Steel" private company from Chernigiv. We are the supplier and official dealer of such trademarks as: BAYKAL, CANSA MAKINA (Turkey), PEDRAZZOLI (Italy) and others. It is our first participation in Kyiv Technical Fair and we are fully satisfied with the number of visitors, who came to our booth, with the quality of the exhibition in general and also with the work of the organizers. Our plan is to exhibit again."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"My name is Ennan Ashyrov, I represent "Kalafat" company. "Kalafat" supplies metal processing machinery and is the official representative of the Turkish producer Dener and the Spanish producer Geka. Also we have a well‑developed technical maintenance service. We are satisfied with the exhibition, it is our second participation and we plan to come again, as it is really effective. My gratitude to the organizers."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"I am Dmytro Trunov, director of "Technopolice" engineering company, Kyiv. Our company is one of the leaders in Ukrainian market in the field of software for automation of engineering processes and introduction of these products at Ukrainian enterprises. We focus on obtaining the maximum effect of industrial enterprises on the use of modern innovative technologies of design and production preparation. Every year we take an active part in the exhibitions organized by the International Exhibition Center: also it is not the first time, we are taking part in the current exhibition Plast Expo UA, it is a very good platform for communication. It is worth noticing that, in comparison with the previous years, the number of exhibitors increased and the interest towards the modern design technologies that allow to produce high‑quality products is growing. We are thankful to International Exhibition Centre for the opportunity to take part in the exhibition and will gladly accept the proposal of participation in the next edition of the event."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good afternoon, my name is Oleg Semenov. I am a regional sales manager of "Аrburg" company (Germany) and I am responsible for the market of the former CIS countries. "Аrburg" is one of the leading manufacturers of injection molding machines in various versions: hydraulic hybrid, electric, closing with a force of 12.5 to 650 tonnes. It is the first time that we take part in Plast Expo UA exhibition and it has satisfied our expectations. We met many of our existing partners and clients, and what is most important - we found new potential customers."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Hello, my name is Mark Kantor. Our company "Mios" is a domestic manufacturer of tools for sheet bending machines of all models and generations. We have been manufacturing tools for more than 15 years. The high‑quality tooling, we offer meets all European standards; also we provide various services and service offerings for our tools, such as: repair, renovation, upgrading and technological selection, technological assistance in the development of bending technology etc. Also, we offer on the Ukrainian market sheet benders, corner‑punching and punching presses of our production, under our trademark, which are equipped with CNC controllers and other elements of automation to improve the work and are equipped with our tools. It is the first time that we take part in Kyiv Technical Fair, and we’re satisfied with the number of contacts and also with the exhibition content. I suppose, we shall take part in the following events."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Hello, my name is Mykhailo Gesal, I am the commercial director of "Bdzhilka" and "Shini Ukraine" companies. Since 1998 we have been working at Ukrainian market. Our main activity is the design and manufacture of moulds. Also our companies deliver the machinery like injection moulding machines of Chen Hsong Corporation, chillers Industrial Frigo, auxiliary equipment Shini, pelletizing machines, extrusion moulding machines and others. We have been participating in the exhibition for 10 years in succession. I would like to say that this exhibition is one of the best in Ukraine. The attendance is very good. We are satisfied with the exhibition and will surely participate in future. Thanks to the organizers and greetings on the tenth anniversary. Wish you that every year you had more and more exhibitors and guests, not only from Ukraine!"

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good day, my name is Yevhen Kozhukhovsky. Our company "SmartPrint" is the leader of the additive technologies market in Ukraine. We provide 3D printing services for both industrial enterprises and small and medium businesses. This year we re-take part in the Addit Expo 3D exhibition and focus on Voxeljet technology - it's 3D printing for foundries. We plan to take part in the exhibition again and next year we will present new technologies, including 3D printing with metal, so be sure to come to our stand next year."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good morning, my name is Volodymyr Odnorog, I am the trade manager of "Fronius Ukraine" company, which has been operating in Ukrainian market since 1989. We are engaged in realization and service of welding equipment of the world‑famous company Fronius (Austria). It is the first time we take part in the exhibition "Kyiv Technical Fair". A lot of visitors are interested in our equipment. I think that the leadership will consider the issue of participation next year as a result of this exhibition."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Good day, my name is Lyubomir Gudz. Our company "Galsoft Service" has been the representative of DURMA (Turkey), a manufacturer of metalworking equipment, for 15 years. All this time we participate in technical exhibitions, communicate with potential customers. Several hundred pieces of equipment have already been sold in Ukraine. As this kind of equipment is not produced in Ukraine, we have to support our industry."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"My name is Sergiy, I'm a sales manager of "PROSTIR 3D" company. We represent the American company STRATASYS in Ukraine, which is the world leader in 3D printing. Following the results of this exhibition, we have gained a number of clients, whom we help to implement additive technologies in production."

KYIV TECHNICAL FAIR 2018"Hi, my name is Erol. We are a consulting company from Turkey. We take part in exhibitions in many countries of the world. The polymer market in Turkey is highly developed, and we are convinced that there is a high potential for successful cooperation between Turkey and Ukraine. I wish success to you and all the participants and guests of the exhibition! Thank you."

A large-scale program of conferences and round table discussions on topical issues of the modern industry: plastic and waste processing, surface treatment, casting, additive technologies and 3D printing, computer simulation and introduction of innovations into production was organized within the bounds of the exhibitions.


Events program


To sum up the results of the events, some relevant statistic data should be admitted:






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