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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
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International Exhibition Centre,
15 Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019II International trade fair of low voltage electrical and electronics "ELECTRO INSTALL", which took place at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv on November 5 ‑ 7, 2019, showed brilliant growth dynamics.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019Within two years, "ELECTRO INSTALL" together with its thematically related trade fair "Power Engineering for Industry", brought together professional communities to share experience, to establish productive business contacts, demonstrate a wide variety of modern electrical equipment, energy efficient solutions and technologies, used in all spheres of everyday life: construction, industry, social and commercial infrastructure, transport.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019The International trade fairs "Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy", "OILGASEXPO" and "Mining & Minerals Expo" are co‑located events. In Ukraine, there are no analogues of such a format of event that demonstrates a complete picture of the work of related industries, which are the basis to the economy of the country.

Thematically related trade shows have concentrated a huge number of goods and services, increased the number of useful business contacts and made the shortest way from manufacturer and supplier to the consumer of products.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019The largest exposition in the country on the exhibition area of more than 13,000 sq. m was represented by 405 companies, including 99 foreign companies from 24 countries (Austria, Belarus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA).

The exhibition event attracted the attention of the large target audience ‑ the representatives of many industries, various fields of activity, whose profession is related to electrical engineering, electricity, electronics, telecommunications, electromechanics, energy saving, construction, engineering, services. Within 3 days about 10,300 visitors from Ukraine and 49 countries were registered.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019On November 5, the official opening ceremony of the Forum and the trade fairs was attended by the Deputy Minister of Energy and the Environment of Ukraine Stanislav Kovalevsky, the Chairman of the Coal Industry Subcommittee of the Committee on Energy Housing and Utility Services of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mykhailo Bondar, the Hero of Ukraine, the President of the Assosiation "Ukrhydroenergo" Semen Potashnik, the President of the International Council for Large Electricity Systems CIGRE in Ukraine Olexander Svetelik, Her Majesty's Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Ukraine Melinda Simmonz, General Director of IEC Anatolii Tkachenko and other honored guests.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019Traditionally, the trade fair "ELECTRO INSTALL" attracted the attention of visitors with the vivid design of stands, interesting exposition content, full‑scale samples of products ‑ from electromechanical relays to intellectually capacious microprocessor devices.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019Broad coverage and rapid development of the modern electrical engineering market stimulate manufacturers, more and more market players focused on a clear innovation strategy and production of products appear and it meets the requirements of tomorrow.

At the expositions of the leading companies a variety of wide range of modular automation, complete devices, power and switching equipment, enclosures, products II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019for electrical installation and wiring, measuring instruments, cable and wiring products, cable systems, electronic components and systems, LED equipment, II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019analog and digital technologies, guaranteed power supply units were presented.

Trade fair's visitors paid special attention at:
- the companies that are among the TOP of the world famous and most successful brands defining technology trends and direction of the electrical market development: Chint Electrics, Eaton Electric, ЕМКА, E.NEXT, Ergon, ETI, Legrand, Phoenix Contact, Rittal, Schneider Electric, Schréder, SEA Electronics, SICAME, WIKA, etc.;
- the leading domestic and foreign producers of tens of thousands of high‑tech products: equipment, devices, products, materials and technologies related to the generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity: IEK Ukraine, SCaT TM Systems of Cable Traces, ALAY, Dielectric Cable Systems of Ukraine, Electrograd, KEAZ Group, Leader Electric, Microl, RELSiS, AIZ (Lithuania), Marel (Serbia), Powerwalker ‑ Bluewalker GmbH (Germany), StalFlex (Poland);
- the largest providers of modern technical solutions, engineering and maintenance services: BRK Electrics, Vektor VS, WM Ukraine, Eknis‑Engineering, Interlink, Kopos Electro, Microprylad, Novacia, Recloser, SV Altera, SEZ‑UA, TEKO Interface, etc.;
- national expositions of the companies from Czech Republic, Taiwan, South Korea, United Kingdom.

We are pleased to note the great contribution of participating companies to organizing their own exposition, the design of impressive stands namely Kopos Electro, ТF‑К, International Energy Cluster, WM Ukraine and Weidmueller International GmbH & Co, Representative, etc.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019The modern Vector‑VS stand attracted a large number of visitors and became the most photographed object of the exposition. Vector‑VS, the leader of the electrical engineering industry in Ukraine, presented a wide range of equipment in the form of complex solutions. The stand itself was quite active, business negotiations were carried out with the visitors and customers of the company.

Within the framework of the trade fairs "ELECTRO INSTALL", "Power Engineering for Industry" II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019a rich business program was held.

Within two days ELECTRO INSTALL DEMO‑AREA ‑ 2019 was an open space meeting area, a place for commercial communication of exhibitors and visitors. Presentations, workshops, competitions, prize draws with the participation of active exhibitors were vivid, interesting and useful for visitors.

Such a form of communication allows to realize all the opportunities of the exhibitor, present the specific products and services of the company to the public, to activate "feedback" from the consumer, to expand the interaction with the brand, to evaluate its popularity and demand.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019On the demo‑area well‑known companies introduced the latest technology trends, new developments, operational and quality advantages of their products to the real and potential customers.

The companies made a creative approached to their presentations, inspiring the audience with interesting content, prize drawing, quizzes and unforgettable performances.

The indicators of quantitative, qualitative composition of participants and visitors, increase of the exposition area indicate significant dynamics of growth. According to the survey results, 97% of respondents consider participating in next year's events.

II International trade fair ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019The participants of the exhibition noted the absolute advantages of the International Exhibition Center. Thease are developed infrastructure, level of service, convenient location, which in the complex create the most comfortable conditions for organizing of the exhibition events.

The International Exhibition Center has already started the preparations for the next year's trade shows. The organizers are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL ‑ 2020", which will be held on November 10 ‑ 12, 2020 in the one cluster with the trade shows "Power Engineering for Industry" and "EcoEnergy Expo" (rebranding of the trade fairs "Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy", "Industrial Ecology").