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II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"II International Specialized Exhibition of Low Voltage Electrical and Electronics "ELECTRO INSTALL", which took place on November 5 ‑ 7, 2019 in Kyiv at the International Exhibition Center, showed brilliant growth dynamics. Within two years, ELECTRO INSTALL, together with its related topic "Energy in Industry", gained a synergistic effect, which ensured the transition of events to a qualitatively new level of carrying out in terms of their value, quality and scale.

II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"At the same time, the International Exhibitions "OILGASEXPO" and "Mining & Minerals EXPO" took place. In Ukraine there are no analogues of such a set of events. II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"The exhibitions comprehensively illuminate the entirepicture of the work of related industries, which are the basis for the national economy.

The IEC’s demonstration area of about 12 000 sq. m presented a wide range of products for all units of the energy chain: production, generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy resources. A large‑scale exposition of modern technologies and equipment was presented by 332 companies from 24 countries.

II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"The exhibitions attracted the attention of numerous visitors ‑ representatives of many industries and other fields of activity working in the fields of energy, electric power, electrical engineering, electromechanics, thermal power, energy management, construction, engineering, etc. During three days of the exhibitions, 9113 visitors from 49 countries were registered.

II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"On November 5, the Deputy Minister of Energy and the Environment of Ukraine Stanislav Kovalevsky, Chairman of the Coal Industry Subcommittee of the Committee on Energy Housing and Utility Services of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mykhailo Bondar, the Hero of Ukraine, the President of Assosiation "Ukrhydroenergo" Semen Potashnik, the President of the International Council for Large Electricity Systems CIGRE in Ukraine Alexander Svetelik, Her Majesty's Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Ukraine Melinda Simmonz and other honored guests.

The exhibition "ELECTRO INSTALL" is dedicated to the most capacious and highly‑demanded segment II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"of the electrotechnical market, which responds to consumer preferences and promptly forms strategies for the production of a quality product.II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"

A variety of modern electrical appliances, low‑voltage equipment, cable and wiring products, electronic components and systems, LED technology, automation, analog and digital technology, installation and wiring products, power supply systems for wide household use, were presented at the expositions of leading companies and industrial spheres.

II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"Among the exhibitors there are companies of many world‑renowned brands that set technological trends and trends in the electrotechnical market, leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of products, developers and suppliers of modern technical solutions and services.

II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"DEMO‑AREA of ELECTRO INSTALL ‑ 2019 for two days become the area of open communication, commercial communication of exhibitors with visitors. Presentations, workshops, competitions, prize draws with the participation of active participants of the exhibition of the electrical market were bright, interesting and useful for visitors. Famous companies have introduced real and potential customers with new developments, operational and quality advantages of their products and technologies.

II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"Electrotechnical Exhibitions of International Exhibition Center have great prospects for further development. Today, ELECTRO INSTALL and Power Engineering for industry is a substantial exhibition event in Ukraine in the field of electrical engineering, energy, energy saving. This year we have the undeniable fact of recognizing the events as the most effective, useful and convenient for demonstrating products and establishing business contacts by the participants and visitors of the exhibitions. This is shown by statistics ‑ indicators of quantitative and qualitative composition of participants and visitors, the increase of the exhibition area, etc.II International Trade Fair "ELECTRO INSTALL - 2019"

According to the survey results, 97% of respondents consider participating in next year's events. The Organizers are pleased with the positive feedback from the participating companies, so let's not stop there, a lot of work ahead for new projects and events.

The International Exhibition Center started the preparations for next year's exhibitions. The organizers are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Specialized Exhibition "ELECTRO INSTALL ‑ 2020", which will take place 10 ‑ 12, November 2020.