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Main topics

Municipal and economic‑drinking water supply:
- technologies of water processing
- systems of drinking water preparation
- individual systems of water preparation for residential buildings
- water quality control devices and equipment
- household and special purpose filters

Technologies and systems of water preparation and water removal for industrial water supply and fuel‑energy complex (food, chemical, petrochemical, mining and coal, building, light industries, galvanic manufactures, CHP, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, transport, agriculture):
- cooling and circulating water supply systems
- water treatment (decontamination, softening, degassing, demineralization and addition of chemical components, etc.)
- sewage treatment
- industrial and local water treatment devices
- industrial filtration systems

Wastewater treatment. Disposal of sewage sludge. Sewage stations.

Pumps and pumping equipment for industrial, special, municipal and household water supply and water removal.

Engineering networks:
- technologies, equipment and machinery for pipe laying
- pipes and pipeline accessories (valves, fittings, seals, latches, faucets, etc.)
- pipeline diagnostic and control systems
- pipe clearing and restoration technologies and systems, leakage elimination
- expansion tanks and hydraulic accumulators

Well water drilling technologies and equipment for household, municipal and industrial water supply.

Measuring, regulating and analytical equipment.

Materials and equipment for construction, repair and operation of water facilities.

Automation of water resources management and engineering systems. Information technologies for water industry.

Geological investigation and extraction of underground waters, stock assessment of water resources. Hydraulic engineering constructions. Engineering‑hydrological works. Reconstruction of hydrological and treatment plants. Water resources protection.

Developments, innovationsandtechnologies in water industry.

Water parks and swimming pools.

Bottled water (water preparation systems, equipment for washing, bottling and sealing, labelling machines, dispensers, coolers, pumps, packaging, etc.).