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XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019» took place on 5‑7 November in International Exhibition Centre (IEC). It is annually held by the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

«AQUA UKRAINE» is one of the key exhibitions, which traditionally takes place each autumn in a single format: «CommunTech», «RoadTechExpo», «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», «EuroBuildExpo», «Industrial Ecology».

International Exhibition Centre, Ltd.
With the support of:
Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine
State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
Association of Ukrainian Cities
Association «Drinking Water of Ukraine»

In the opening ceremony of «AQUA UKRAINE» and complex of the related leading professional exhibitions on the 5th of November took part the following honorable guests:
- Aliona Babak – Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine
- Dmytro Zhyvytsky – First Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories of Ukraine
- Mykhailo Khorev – Acting Head of State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
- Oleksandr Slobozhan – Executive Director of the Association of Ukrainian Cities
- Ivan Tkachenko – Deputy General Director of International Exhibition Centre, Ltd.
other honorable guests.

On the opening ceremony the honorable guests noted the necessity and importance of annual conducting of International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE».

«International Exhibition Centre, where the event takes place, is a platform of professional communication on problematic issues on housing and communal services and construction industry, constructive dialogue of the representatives of the local self‑government, authorities, business and enterprises, which work in the sphere of housing and communal services» ‑ noted Aliona Babak in her speech.

XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»For 17 years International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE» has remained a recognized leader among the events, devoted to issues on water resources provision, industrial wastewater treatment, introduction of the best world standards, advanced achievements and technologies of water supply and water removal, prevention of water resources pollution, use of environmentally‑friendly technologies of water conservation. That's why exhibition is included in the list of strategically important and significant events, required for participation and support from relevant ministries, agencies, associations and international organizations.

«AQUA UKRAINE ‑ is an opportunity to establish partnerships between authority and stakeholders in water sector. State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine supports the organization of such event and annually takes part in it. Where else, if not at the Forum, more than 300 enterprises from 15 countries of the world represent products related to the water sector under single roof», ‑ noted Acting Head of State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine Mykhailo Khorev during the opening ceremony.

XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»After welcoming speech and the end of the official ceremony, the honored guests viewed the exposition of «AQUA UKRAINE», where the best latest developments and technologies were represented from 61 enterprise from 8 countries of the world (China, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine). The leading manufacturers and suppliers represented both their own unique products, as well as products of Austria, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the USA and many others. The expansion of geography of event's participants proves the development of water supply and water removal sector of the country, the progressive approach and high activity of the regional authorities and local self‑government towards promoting investments in water sector.
List of participants

«The main challenges for water supply and water removal sector are the lack of its development for a long time and outdated technologies», ‑ stressed President of Association «Ukrvodokanalekolohiia», General Director of «Kyivvodokanal» Dmytro Novytsky during the event.

Exactly these necessary up‑to‑date technologies and equipment, that meet all international requirements, minimize the negative impact of manufacturing enterprises' activity on water management, contribute to the effective solution of issue on water objects purification and restoration, offered at the exhibition the following companies: XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»APA Abwassertechnik (Germany), EMI (Poland), Environmental Dynamics International (Great Britain), Hidrostal Pumpenbau (Germany), Huber Technology (Poland), Turbosan Turbomakinalar (Turkey), Akvahimpostach, Alufinish Ukraine, Baruh‑V, Wilo Ukraine, Danlen, Linex, Matic Control, Systems of Autonomous Sanitation, etc.

Providing the population with quality drinking water has always been and remains one of the most important world problems of the present. XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»Solving the issues on purification of the contaminated water, its bactericidal treatment, decontamination, ultrafiltration, softening and preparation for consumption were presented by constant and new participants: Hungarian Water Treatment Cluster (Hungary), Akvahimpostach, Alufinish Ukraine, Aleksis Express, Baruh‑V, Danlen, State Agency of Ukraine For Water Resources, Difrano Union, Kyivvodokanal, Linex, Life Deluxe Ukraine, Matic Control, Nero, Nechnoetalon.

XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»Directions of trenchless technologies, video diagnostics of pipes and engineering networks, as well as equipment for conducting of scheduled and emergency works on pipelines, to which specialized audience of visitors have always paid a lot of attention, were widely represented on the stands of the following companies: Raedlinger primus line (Germany), Suma Rührtechnik (Germany), Adaquor, Alternative Sources, Ecopolimer, Imest Plus, SK Trading Group and others.

The debutants of the event presented a large number of novelties.

In particular, the interest of the specialists aroused the stand of the company Dzherelo‑Lux ‑ the absolute leader in Ukraine, leading domestic manufacturer of mineral water pump rooms and phytobars, produced on the basis of patented copyright technologies, which guarantee preservation of the valuable medical properties of mineral water and herbal drinks during their automatic heating, dilution and dispensing.

«Persha Baseinova Kompaniia» presented at the exhibition a new shape of the pool with the cutting‑edge design of «Como» series ‑ the most large‑scale model in the line of monolithic bowls from TM Water world.

Company IMS ROBOTICS (Germany) demonstrated the most advanced robotic systems for pipe restoration and sewage treatment using water under high pressure and UV curing systems.

«Teplovodooblik» Group of Companies ‑ the official exclusive distributor and partner of one of the biggest water meters manufacturers in Europe of «Apator Powogaz» Plant (Poland) ‑ presented at the exhibition the latest ultrasonic water meter «Ultrimis W», which implements advanced engineering and technical solutions and unique methodology of ultrasonic measurement «W‑Sonic Technology».

Control‑measuring devices, automation systems and laboratory equipment were represented at the exhibition by other companies‑newcomers: Antap Ukraine, iMeter, Soc Trade, Private Entrepreneur Oleg Sholudko ‑ official representative of the Czech manufacturer Dinel.

XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»For the first time, their own achievements, developments and pumping equipment of the new generation demonstrated the following enterprises: Poltava Foundry and Mechanical Plant ‑ the only manufacturer of energy‑efficient high‑power pumps in Europe; Layne Bowler Pompa Sanayi (Turkey) ‑ manufacturer of unique pumps for large volumes; Turbosan Turbomakinalar (Turkey); Hidrostal Pumpenbau (Germany); Shandong Huadong Blower (China) and others.

XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»At the exposition of State Agency of Ukraine For Water Resources an interactive stand was waiting for everyone to turn pages of virtual guide with water priorities, achievements, activities: monitoring girls demonstrated water experiments and talked about water industry of Ukraine. «Advanced bench» made of 72 kg of recycled plastic was also represented at the stand.
Exhibition's catalogue

Business program traditionally took place in the format of scientific‑practical conferences, seminars, round tables and other thematic sessions that covered the whole range of topics, tasks and priorities relevant to the industry.

The first exhibition's working day the special attention of visitors aroused the National Dialogues on Water Policy of Ukraine: «Harmonization of strategic vision of Ukrainian water sector development», «State of the water resources management reform in Ukraine». The organizers of the event were: Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine, State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine, EU project «Water initiative plus». Extremely important issues for positive changes and development of water sector of Ukraine were raised during the debate.

XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»Expert discussion: «NEW WATER MANAGEMENT» (State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine) also aroused professional interest and was presented in the format of discussion panels «Not prohibited phosphates ‑ a threat to rivers», «European monitoring of Ukraine» and «Need for reform in water sector». Experts paid a lot of attention to discussing ways to solve the problem of improving the efficiency, reliability of functioning of water supply and water removal systems, and discussed the most controversial issues of the current legislation. The question of the harmful effect of phosphates on ecology of reservoirs was sharply raised. In general, the discussions turned into a powerful motivation training for water sector.

Within the framework of the central event of the business program ‑ Congress «Institutional and Technical Aspects of Reforming of Housing and Communal Services»,XVII International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2019»constant organizers of which are Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, Association «Drinking Water of Ukraine», Association «Ukrvodokanalekolohiia» were held international conference «Comprehensive solution of problems of drinking water supply, sewage treatment and sludge disposal» and Seminar «Key issues appearing in progress of contract formation about the waterworks and sewerage services delivery» with the participation of 375 specialists from 143 water supply and water sewerage enterprises of Ukraine.
Business Program

A combination of a full business program and consolidation of International Trade Fairs of complementary topics («CommunTech», «RoadTechExpo», «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», «EuroBuildExpo» and «Industrial Ecology») gave opportunities for specialists to participate in the sectional sessions of the Congress, to get acquainted with a wide range of up‑to‑date products and the latest engineering technologies, and for enterprises ‑ to present their achievements to a target audience.

The total exhibition area exceeded 17 000 m2, gathering under the roof of the International Exhibition Center 327 companies‑participants from 15 countries of the world, number of visitors was 8 515.

Consolidation of these events allowed not only to increase the target audience of visitors, but also open new opportunities and development prospects for each exhibitions' participant.