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on the results of
XVI International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2018

On November 6‑8th, 2018, the XVI International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE ‑ 2018» was held at the International Exhibition Centre, which traditionally is heldunder the Cabinet of Ministers Decree.

- International Exhibition Centre Ltd.
With the support of:
- Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
- Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
- Association of Cities of Ukraine
- Drinking Water of Ukraine Association

The solemn ceremony on the occasion of the opening of this leading industry event was attended by:International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018
- Taras Tokarsky ‑ Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine for European Integration Issues
- Iryna Ovcharenko ‑ State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
- Oleksandr Slobozhan ‑ Executive Director of the Associationof Ukrainian Cities
- Istvan Lang ‑ General Manager ofthe General Directorate of Water Management of Hungary
- Anatoliy Tkachenko ‑ General Manager of International Exhibition Centre, Ltd.

During the official ceremony honorable guests had underlined the need and importance of annual observance of International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE».

«At this event, new ideas are emerging, communication between government and business, new approaches are being developed to attract investment in the water sector, and discussions are continued devoted on current issues for introducing European standards in water management. Water is a unique natural resource, the basis of our life, and the provision of water resources determines the resource security of each country, its stable economic development, standard of living, health and well‑being of citizens» ‑ noted Iryna Ovcharenko in her speech.

106 companies from 9 countries (Austria, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Poland, USA, Turkey, France, Czech Republic) presented an unique developments and achievements for International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018specialists from different industry sectors.

In development of global progress, industrial and domestic wastewater is one of the most dangerous sources for water contamination surface. Namely the implementation of the most advanced and resource‑efficient systems presented at the stands of ACH Inorganic Chemicals (Turkey), EMI Sp. z o.o (Poland), Environmental Dynamics International Inc. (USA), Marseplast Sp. z o.o (Poland), Nexson Group SAS (France), Aquality, Albion Group, Ecopolymer, Oniko, Unibud Energo Service andothers can provide an opportunity for enterprises‑manufacturers from all sectors of economy to minimize their production influence into country's water management in general.

Protecting and managing of water resources is one of links in the complex world problem of environment protection.

Developments for sustainable use of water sources were proposed on AQUA UKRAINE‑2018 exposition.

Representatives of General Directorate of Water Management of Hungary had demonstrated on their own stand developments in the field of water policy, systems for preventing the outbreak of floods, irrigation of territory and water management implemented and used in the framework partner's project between the State Water Agency of Ukraine and Hungary for water management of boarder waters.International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018

Equipment for water treatment, namely: systems of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, industrial filters, bactericidal treatment and decontamination of water were shown by the leading industry's companies: Akvantis, Arista, Bortek, Difrano Union, Ecotech‑Engineering, Laboratory of water chemistry, Nerex, Technoetalon, Matik‑Control.

Professional interest was caused by the booth of company Inkla‑Kiev, specialists of which had demonstrated facilities and technologies of French and American manufactures namely: robots and automated systems for sewerage inspection and pipe integrity made by ECA group (France) and protective coatings for industrial equipment and constructions made by A.W. Chesterton (USA).

Direction of trenchless technologies, video diagnostics of pipes and engineering networks, professional tools, as well as equipment for planned and emergency works on pipelines, which is emphasized among the specialized audience of visitors were proposed at the stands of Raedlinger Primus Line (Germany), Alternative Springs, Validus, Imest Plus, Pipe Tools and others.

International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018Fittings, PVC pipes and connections for water supply and sewage systems manufactured with European and national standards were presented by annual and new participants of the Fair: Austroflex Rohr‑Isoliersysteme Gmbh (Austria), Spiroplast, Brovary Plastic Plant, First Pipe Works, Eurotrubplast.

The traditional exhibitor, company Wilo‑Ukraine, surprised industry experts with the latest innovations of the concern, namely: Wilo‑Rexa SOLID‑Q from Nexos Intelligence. Wilo‑Rexa SOLID‑Q з Nexos Intelligence ‑ is intellectual system solution for sewage pumping stations, characterized by reliability of exploitation, energy efficiency and the high‑level of digital network organization.

Complex solutions for automation of production processes, dispatching systems, pumps and pumping equipment were demonstrated by the GWE pumpenboese Gmbh (Germany), Arsenal‑2010, Ast‑Master, Dynamo‑Kontinent, Energy Saving Technologies, Flowex, Sk Traiding Group.

List of participants and PhotoreportInternational Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018

«Thanks to the technological achievements presented at the exhibition, it is possible to make a breakthrough in the development of housing and communal services. And the quality of life of every citizen depends on it!» ‑ noted Dmytro Andrievsky ‑ Chairman of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing and Communal Services on his Facebook page.

Business‑program traditionally held in the format of science scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables and other specialized events.

Annual International Congress «Institutional and Technical Aspects of Reforming of Housing and Communal Services» was held by the support and personal involvement of Hennadiy Zubko ‑ Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine ‑ Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Dmytro Andrievsky ‑ People's Deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services and Regional Policy, Johannes Baur ‑ the Head of the Department for External Assistance Programs «Economic cooperation, energy, infrastructure, environment and climate» Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, Nicolas Guigas ‑ Deputy Director of Swiss Cooperation Office, George Cristodoresku ‑ Project Director of «Reforms in the sphere of energy efficiency in Ukraine», implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Diana Korsakaite ‑ Head of the USAID Project «Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine».

During event questions concerning implementation of municipal services and energy efficiency reforms in Ukraine, as well as aspects of international support for national energy independence were discussed.

International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018Traditional scientific and practical conference «Water and environment» (organizers: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine), which is an integral part of International Trade Fair «AQUA UKRAINE», was organized in the form of three panel discussions as well as the platform for communication of all Ukrainian and foreign water sphere professionals.

Business program

Combination of intense business program and simultaneous conduct of thematically related International Trade Fairs («CommunTech/RoadTechExpo», «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», «EuroBuilExpo», «Industrial Ecology») have got for specialists an opportunity to take part in breakout Congress sessions, to get acquainted with the wide range of modern products and the newest engineering technologies as well as for companies to present their own achievements to the target audience. The number of visitors of above mentioned Trade Fairs was more than 8,500, and the exhibition area was about 16 500 m2, bringing together 342 participating companies under the roof of the International Exhibition Centre.International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018

Together with this complex of industrial exhibitions the International Trade Fair «Power Engineering for Industry», «Mining Industry Expo», «OilGasExpo» and «Electro Install» was held. Exhibitions were attended by more than 14 000 specialists, including government officials, heads of regional and district state administrations, heads of local authorities, management and engineering staff of utilities, water utilities, basin administrations, construction and installation organizations, design and scientific‑ research specialists, institutions, professionals of enterprises of other industries, which annually take part in exhibitions and business program events.

International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018

International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018

International Trade Fair AQUA UKRAINE 2018

Field of the Company’s Activity, %

Water sector


Design and construction


Power and heat engineering


Mechanical engineering


Gas and oil industry


Agricultural sector


Non-governmental organizations


Scientific and educational institutions


Central and local authorities, other authorities


Metallurgy industry


Food processing industry





Topics Interesting to Visitors, %

Water supply


Water preparation


Wastewater treatment


Sewerage systems


Pumping equipment and pipeline accessories


Sludge treatment


Automation of technological processes


Devices and the equipment of quality assurance of water


Engineering networks


Bottled water


Protection of water sources