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Main topics

Environmental monitoring and assessment of environmental pollution:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Control systems of industrial emissions
- Analytical, laboratory and control‑measuring equipment
- Computer technology in the development of environmental monitoring. GIS and expert systems
- Environmental consulting, expertise, audit

Purification systems of industrial air emissions:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Methods and equipment that used to clean emissions from aerosols
- Cleaning of industrial emissions from vaporous or gaseous impurities
- Technologies of decrease emissions of air pollutants
- System and means of industrial ventilation and air conditioning

Treatment and recycling of industrial waste:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Machines, materials and equipment for the collection, transportation, storage and disposal of industrial waste
- Hazardous waste management
- Production waste recycling
- Environmental technologies for construction and operation of landfills
- Remediation technologies of landfills and tailings

Recycling and disposal of plastic waste and technical rubber products (machinery and equipment):

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Secondary recycling of plastics and polyethylene
- Industrial plastic waste disposal
- Technical ruber products treatment

Methods of decontamination and remediation of soil:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Evaluation of soil contamination by harmful substances of industrial origin
- Methods of remediation of soils contaminated by industrial emissions
- Technologies, materials and equipment for cleaning soils of industrial areas
- Greening of sanitary protection zones of industrial enterprises

The technology of sound insulation, noise and vibration:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Instruments for measuring noise and vibration in the enterprise
- Means and methods of collective protection against noise and vibration
- Personal protective equipment against noise and vibration
- Sound and vibration insulating materials

Electromagnetic and radiation emissions control:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Instruments, apparatus and equipment for measuring radiation and electromagnetic emitting
- Means and methods of protection against electromagnetic and radiation emitting at work
- Materials that absorb or reflect radiation
- Mechanization and automation of technological processes and radiation‑hazardous facilities

Industrial waterproofing and sealing:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Waterproofing of floors, walls, roofs, frame structures in enterprises
- Mechanisms for the production of waterproofing works
- Waterproofing materials and hermetics

Environmentally sound technologies and production:

Thematic sections of Industrial Ecology 2019

- Technologies that reduce/prevent the use and production of hazardous substances, materials
- Improvement of production processes and main technological equipment
- Creation of a closed production cycles, combination and cooperation of enterprises
- Minimising waste, waste‑free and low‑waste technologies