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On October 8‑11, 2019, with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine a new domestic event of the security industry took place at the International Exhibition Centre for the first time ‑ EXPERT SECURITY‑2019 International Exhibition.

When creating a new format for the security industry exhibition, the goal was to make the event interesting not only for security industry professionals, but also for ordinary citizens. Despite the fact that the personal security care, equipping the house with the security systems and the use of security services have not yet become a priority in Ukrainian society, the exhibits aroused great interest among citizens, being saturated with products not only for business and state security, but also for private use.


The exhibition was held in the joint format together with the Arms and Security‑2019 International Specialized Exhibition and Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2019 International Specialized Exhibition. This complex of security exhibitions has become the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The joint format has transformed the exhibitions into a major international business and science forum dedicated to the full range of security issues for the state and society.

In general, 3 exhibitions events covered the total space of over 34 000 sq. m ‑ 31 000 sq. m in four exhibition halls indoors and over 3 000 sq. m outdoors.

The total number of participants is about 500 enterprises, incl. 55 foreign countries from 17 countries (Turkey, USA, Poland, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, China, Latvia, Belarus, Austria, United Kingdom, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Croatia).

27 707 trade visitors attended the International Exhibition Centre throughout working days of the exhibition, including the representatives of 61 countries of the world. Most of the specialists who visited the exhibition were from Turkey, India, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, USA, Egypt and UAE.

79 enterprises participated in the EXPERT SECURITY ‑ 2019 Exhibition ‑ Ukrainian manufacturers, distributors and foreign enterprises from Austria, Finland, Denmark, China and Israel. The visitors were also able to see 25 units of police, special fire‑fighting and rescue equipment, including the helicopter of the National Guard of Ukraine ‑ EC225 Super Puma.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine and Malls Club Ukraine, a decent level of attendance of the exhibition was provided by the heads of security services of large corporations of private business, trade, entertainment and tourist infrastructure objects, as well as the representatives of the security services of the banking sector.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"HONORARY GUESTS:
President of Ukraine – Volodymyr Zelensky
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Oleksiy Danilov
Minister of Internal Affairs – Arsen Avakov
Minister of Defence of Ukraine – Andriy Zahorodniuk
Chief of the General Staff ‑ Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Lieutenant General Ruslan Khomchak
Director General of the Ukroboronprom SC – Aivaras Abromavičius
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine – Lieutenant General Mykola Balan
Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine – Serhiy Deyneko
Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine – Mykola Chechetkin
Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine – Pavlo Degtyarenko
and other representatives of the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

The official foreign delegations of law enforcement agencies from 14 countries took part in the opening ceremony and were present during working days of the Exhibitions: Kingdom of Bahrain, Federative Republic of Brazil, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Lithuania, Lebanese Republic, Republic of Moldova, Federal Republic of Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Poland, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Slovak Republic, USA.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"MEDIA ATTENTION

288 media representatives from 184 media resources were accredited for the Exhibition events coverage, including 13 foreign ones. Most of the largest domestic TV‑channels and media presented their reports and commentaries concerning the events: 1+1, ICTV, Inter, TRK Ukraine, 5th Channel, Espresso TV, 112 Ukraine, ZIK, Military TV of Ukraine, Interfax Ukraine, Ukrinform, Unian, Zensor.NET, Defense Express etc.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"PROGRAM OF THE EXHIBITIONS included 43 scientific and practical events. The key events for participants and visitors of the EXPERT SECURITY‑2019 Exhibition were:
- Conference: The black market for personal protection is the path to nothingness. Restart
- V Industry Forum: Cottage Towns: Service territory
- Presentation: New EBS Security Solutions line: personal solutions, staff control, room security
- Workshop: Protect yourself. Protect your business
- Seminars organized by the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Along with the traditionally rich program of scientific and practical activities, for the first time this year, the program of interactive events was also presented. Namely:
- Demonstrations and shows organized by professional guards;
- Workshops for professional guards in extreme driving and sniping;
- Workshop in providing the premedical assistance;
- Demonstration of smoke alarm systems by Ur Fog TM.


International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Representatives of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine presented at their own stand their own experience in ensuring the functioning and development of the state system of government communication and the national system of confidential communication.

Representatives of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine presented at their booth their own experience in ensuring the functioning and development of the state system of government communication and the national system of confidential communication.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Among the most striking exhibits the Viatec booth should be named, which consisted of two parts. One part was dedicated to the products of the world‑renowned Hikvision brand, which presented security solutions for both small private entities and large‑scale Safe City and Safe State projects.

In addition, the UAV‑D04JAI mobile systems for countering unmanned aerial vehicles were presented at the company booth for the representatives of security agencies, heads of security services of various organizations and foreign delegations. The work of such systems was demonstrated at the open area of the exhibition center. As a result of the test, the UAV of the conditioned attacker was successfully neutralized.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"The second part of the Viatec booth was saturated with products of Dahua Technology. The main trend of this part was the introduction and use of artificial intelligence in modern security systems. In particular, the company introduced a number of solutions for retail, security and perimeter protection, security solutions for technical and passenger transport, multi‑apartment and individual intercom, access control, as well as a new iMou sub‑brand. The most "massive" novelty of the Dahua Technology exhibit was the PFL363L‑SD1 solar battery, a ready‑made solution for autonomous power supply for CCTV systems.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"A significant event for both Viatec company and the Exhibition was the visit of the exposition of the Hikvision brand by the President of Ukraine Volodimir Zelensky. In addition, the delegation of the leaders of the Chinese Hikvision Corporation, headed by President Mr. Hu Yangzhong, attended the Expert Security Exhibition, confirming the high level of organization of the event and its target audience.

Among other exhibits that impressed the audience with a variety of interesting ideas and wide presentation of products in action, the following companies should be named:

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"IQ Trading ‑ multidisciplinary distribution company with 18 years of experience in Ukraine. At the company booth, visitors could get acquainted with the latest Milestone video management system, Suprema biometric access control systems, BriefCam and AngentVi video analytics, Axis network cameras, radars, TVs and audio systems, Hanwha Techwin equipment and Legrand data center solutions.

SEC Group managers and technicians during the four working days of the exhibition introduced the bestsellers of technical security products of the leading brands: ATIS, Yli Electronic, Tantos, HIVE, Aoyodi, Full Energy, ZKTeco.

Hatisa Information and Technology Company introduced innovative solutions in the field of safety and security ‑ video surveillance systems, access control, identification systems, monitoring of mobile objects (GPS) of well‑known European manufacturers, namely AMIKO HOME, EBS, ARH Inc., TKSTAR, AVS electronics, ESurv and others.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Bastion‑Kyiv Company presented new and original products in the field of mobile access, limited access to information, biometrics, access control systems (ACS), working hours control systems, as well as fire alarms of such well‑known brands as APOLLO, Apacs Enterprise, Suprema, HID Global, NSC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"STA Electronics is one of the largest suppliers of equipment for CCTV, access control, signaling and alarms systems in the security market of Ukraine, as well as a professional consultant on security and facility protection. At the Exhibition the company demonstrated biometric solutions for access control systems and video surveillance of famous brands Avigilon, Sensurity, Gmafcon, Gunnebo, Ronyo, Optex.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"At the booth of Finnish company Abloy Oy, which is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electromechanical locks ‑ everyone was able to test products for durability and quality both with their own muscles and with the help of the powerful tools. Tests have proven once again that the company's products meet the requirements of contemporary society, such as security, secrecy and ease of use.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"In addition to mechanical ones, smart locking systems were also presented at the Exhibition: biometric locks with a Bristol TM scanner for offices, hotels and private apartments, as well as security systems with the use of contactless plastic cards.

For the heads of the transport departments the exhibitors offered attractive products in the field of road transport safety:
International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"- a unique tool for collecting information about the car park environment while traveling and for timely harassment identification and prevention called Umbra was presented by Hyperion Protection Services;
- the light‑signaling equipment of the leading world companies Premier Hazard (UK) and Code 3 (USA) for equipping vehicles of security units and patrol police demonstrated their exclusive representative in Ukraine Signal‑Auto LLC.

For the forensic units of the National Police of Ukraine and forensic experts of the State Security Service of Ukraine, modern scene inspection equipment was demonstrated by PKF Inzhen Industrial and Commercial Firm and Expert Scientific and Production Company.

Covidence (Denmark) presented the miniature listening and video surveillance systems for police, intelligence, and special forces.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Israeli company Verint Systems effectively introduced their own solutions. Company software is used to analyze human speech, IP surveillance cameras, and "smart" video analysis software. These technologies also enable law enforcement agencies to control and analyze voice, video and data for a wide variety of purposes across all types of large, complex computer networks to collect and document evidence of these or those people involvement in a crime.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Primetehplus Ltd. presented at the Exhibition AMUR multi‑channel digital audio recorder, as well as the AMUR‑SOCOR PTT, CIFRA‑R systems of objective control at the objects.

Forensic Technology Ltd. introduced EyeDetect deceptive detection technology. This technology is based on the analysis of the eye movements and can be used to check both employees and candidates for theft, drug use, transfer of private corporate information to the competitors, for bribery etc.

During four working days of the exhibition event Konica Minolta was demonstrating a newly presented in Ukraine system of video solutions under Mobotix TM for agrarian sector, logistics, retail, municipal security, transport, etc.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Panasonic Corporation took part in the exhibition together with Ukrainian Infosystems Company and presented numerous business solutions at their booth, namely: video surveillance systems, protected Toughbook notebooks and integrated security systems.

Video surveillance systems, security systems, access control and automation systems were also demonstrated by such well‑known companies in the field of security as: Kashtan Company LLC, IT Grand Ltd and Automatic Line LLC.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"It is worth emphasizing that not only ready‑made technical solutions, but also individual components for the construction of communication networks and video surveillance systems, namely electronic components, computer equipment, passive equipment for security systems, access control systems, server cabinets, software, fiber optic components were demonstrated at the exhibition. Those extremely important products were presented at the boothes of various companies, namely VD MAIS, EServer, LanTec, Simmetron‑Ukraine, Seltok Ukraine Electronics, SV Altera, Optokon Ukraine etc.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"We are pleased to confirm that almost all domestic enterprises engaged in producing perimeter security equipment, including: Sitka Zahid Ukraine, Frunze Plant, Centr‑Sitka Plant, Plit, Yugo‑Zapad Agency of Information Security took part in the exhibition this year. This allows us to claim that a powerful thematic segment of manufacturers of protective fences, perimeter equipment, metal nets, which found their clients among the visitors of the exhibition, state institutions, heads of critical infrastructure facilities and enterprises of the defense industry of Ukraine, was formed at the exhibition.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"The stand of the E S U Ltd attracted a lot of public attention at the exhibition demonstrating complex solutions in the field of security: perimeter safety and security systems, state border security systems, objects of critical infrastructure.

Among the company exhibits was an operating model of situational monitoring center for security systems control and management, video surveillance and video analytics based on FORTIS 4G software, together with MAGAL perimeter protection systems of (Israel) (OMNITRAX, FENSOR, FIBERPatrol), video surveillance system and analytical module. Visitors of the booth were able to test the ease, convenience and other numerous benefits of a complex, automated security system when applying to different fields of activity.

Having experienced a number of cyberattacks in recent years, Ukraine has made significant progress in implementing IT security and information security technologies. Considering the strategic importance of cyber threats countering, information security and equipping law enforcement officials with state‑of‑the‑art secure means of communication and equipment, specialists of relevant public and private bodies spent a lot of time at the booths of the following exhibiting companies:
International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"- Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated advanced European cybersecurity, radio monitoring and radio solutions;
- Digital and Analog Systems (D.A.S.) presented anti‑espionage products, metal detectors and services related to business security, including checking of premises for the presence of eavesdropping devices;
- Infozahist Scientific‑Production Centre introduced a line of unique means of technical protection of information and software;
- Dolya & Co. Ltd demonstrated radio equipment, digital radio systems, professional radio stations;
- ICM Group demonstrated integrated solutions in the field of critical infrastructure security and information security;
- Representatives of DATAS TECHNOLOGY provided information about the profile of the company, which is integrated IT services, software development and implementation of cybersecurity solutions;
- Tritel LLC in addition to military products, introduced a number of complex information security systems for ISPs, corporate clients and government agencies;
- Exclusive Ltd presented a set of services for information protection and search for weaknesses in the IT‑infrastructure of the enterprise, organization of secure meeting rooms and complex audit of existing ones;
International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"- Silvery demonstrated interesting solutions for IT infrastructure building, information security and business process automation;
- Cyberio introduced several product lines: Cyberiosoft (solutions that help clients protect valuable assets), Geo Target (a software that collects intelligence about goals located in a specific geographical area), Darknet Intelligence (reveals hidden information that was published anonymously by users on hundreds of trading venues and Dark Web forums);
International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"- Datagroup ‑ a leader in the creation and implementation of satellite solutions in Ukraine, develops and refines innovative technical solutions for the State Emergency Service units, National Guard units, as well as for the Ministry of Defense and State Border Service;
- Engineering Company Ltd introduced a rich exposition of security, GDPR, IT, automation and energy efficiency products;

The joint German‑Ukrainian company Infoсom offered to the attention of visitors and exhibitors various new solutions for the organization of data centers, data transmission (private secured networks), biometric identification (access control using a palm vein scanner), video surveillance services and analytics.


Aladdin Security Solutions (Locker's) offered screen covers for smartphones, credit cards, contactless car keys, RFID tags, NFR chips protecting against the unauthorized data reading.

Techno‑Resource introduced the Gidrolock system, which automatically shuts off water supply in case of an accident in the water supply or heating system.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"The segment of electronic locks and accessories was presented at the Seven Systems booth. What is more, the company has introduced new door phone models and a smart SEVEN Home IoT ecosystem, which includes the following products: security alarms, CCTV, intercom systems and smart home system.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Trident Defence demonstrated the work of the My Pol application developed by the company. If a citizen needs emergency help, he or she can use the SOS button on their smartphone, as well as an online map to find out about the nearest police department or medical facility where one can go for help. Additionally, app users can rate a police officer on a five‑point scale.

For private car owners, there were also interesting offers from PATRUL and I SEE, including car alarms, video recorders and GPS solutions for transport monitoring.

For those who need advanced driving skills, there was an opportunity to practice under the guidance of recognized masters of motor sports of Chaika Driving School of the emergency driving, as well as on a special simulator at the SEAL Center for Survival and Special Training booth.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Domofonnye Sistemy, operating in the market for more than 12 years, presented to the general public access control systems, burglar alarms and intercom systems of well‑known brands Slinex, Intercom and BAS‑IP. Great interest of the public gained the products for use in multi‑family homes, such as multi‑tenant call panels with 3D face recognition and new concierge monitors with notebook support and third‑party application installation.

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"Guard and security services were presented at the booths of the Guard Police Department of the National Policeof Ukraine, Ukrohoronholding Security and Detective Agency, Femida Complex Plus Ltd, Professional Association of Personal Guardians.

The Guard Police units at the Exhibition showcased their security equipment and services. Everyone was able to track the action of the police units when they provide the security control of the private houses and apartments online. What is more, the latest developments in moving property alarm systems were introduced, which gives an owner the opportunity to track his car using cell phone. In case of alarm, the closest police unit responses immediately.

According to the survey results, 95% of exhibitors consider participating in next year's exhibitions.

The successful holding of Expert Security‑2019 confirmed that a new exhibition event emerged in Ukraine, presenting the full range of home, business and state security solutions in a new format.

In general, the complex of security exhibitions at the IEC continues its growth and has excellent prospects for further development. The significant dynamics of expansion is evidenced by both quantitative and qualitative indicators among exhibitors and visitors, as well as the increase of the space of the exposition.

The exhibitors noted that the developed infrastructure, high level of service and convenient location of the International Exhibition Center together create the most comfortable conditions for holding exhibition events.

We are waiting for you on October 13‑16, 2020
at the EXPERT SECURITY‑2020 ‑ II International Specialized Exhibition!

International Exhibition "EXPERT SECURITY‑2019"

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