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Official support of EcoEnergy Expo - 2021

To the General Director
of the International Exhibition Centre LLC
Mr. Anatoliy TKACHENKO

Dear Mr. Tkachenko!

In response to your letter dated 01.03.2021 No. 17‑01/ЕЕ we inform you that the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine supports the XIV International trade fair "EcoEnergy Expo '2021", which is held within the framework of the XIX International Energy Business Forum "5E" in the International Exhibition Center on October 19‑21, 2021.

Taking into account the high energy intensity of the national economy and at the same time the significant energy saving potential, Ukraine is heading towards decarbonization, energy efficiency and the "green" transition, following the global trends.

The State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, as the central executive body that implements the state policy in the sector of efficient use of fuel and energy resources, energy saving, renewable energy sources and alternative fuels, is interested in broad informing of the society about the possibilities and benefits of the "green" modernization of the Ukrainian economy.

Thereby the XIV International trade fair "EcoEnergy Expo '2021" aims to consolidate the professional community for the extensive implementation of energy efficient lighting and environmentally friendly technologies in all sectors of public life.

The motto of the trade fair is "We are bringing the energy of the future closer today!" Among the main thematic sections of the event are technologies of solar and wind generation, distributed energy, energy storage systems, bioenergy, energy‑efficient lighting, eco‑transport, greening of industrial and energy complexes.

Presentation and distribution of the latest technologies and solutions will contribute to the market activation, new projects implementation, investment attraction.

Taking into account the relevance of the topic, the Agency is ready to provide information support for the above mentioned events which shall be held in compliance with all epidemiological requirements to prevent the spread of acute respiratory disease COVID‑19 caused by the SARS‑CoV‑2 coronavirus in Ukraine.

Sincerely yours
Acting Head

Mr. Kostiantyn GURA

Official supportInternational Exhibition Center, LLC
To the management of enterprises,
institutions, organizations
(according to the mail list)

About holding The International Energy Business Forum “5E”

In accordance with the letter of International Exhibition Center №270-01/E, dd June, 3, 2021 about holding The International Energy Business Forum “5E” (Energy. Electrical Engineering. Energy Efficiency. Ecology. Energy Resources), which is going to take place on October, 19-21, 2021 in the International Exhibition Center (15, Brovarskyi Ave, Kyiv), we suggest you to consider the possibility of taking part in the events of the indicated business forum and provide you with information about the event according to appendix.

Appendix: 2 sheets in 1 copy

First Deputy Minister

Yuriy Vlasenko



Information about holding

The International Energy Business Forum “5E”
(Energy. Electrical Engineering. Energy Efficiency. Ecology. Energy Resources),
which is going to take place in October, 19-21, 2021
in International Exhibition Center
(15, Brovarskyi Ave, Kyiv)

Business Forum “5E” format:

- ХІХ International Trade Fair POWER ENGINEERING FOR INDUSTRY '2021
(power, electrical equipment and technologies for nuclear, thermal, hydro power plants, high‑voltage power grids, substations, power distribution grids, power supply systems of industrial enterprises).

- XIV International Trade Fair ECOENERGY EXPO '2021
(energy efficient and environmental technologies for solar and wind power, energy storage systems, distributed energy systems, bioenergy, eco‑transport, LED lighting, industrial ecology).

- IV International Trade Fair ELECTRO INSTALL '2021
(low‑voltage protective, switching, control, voltage and current regulation devices, control and metering devices, electrical wiring and installation products, lightning protection and earthing systems, lighting equipment, automation components and systems, driving equipment).

- International Trade Fair E‑COMPS+DIGITEC '2021
(electronic components, standard and intelligent power modules, printed circuit boards, digital networks, IoT, digitalization technologies).

- VI International Trade Fair MINING & MINERALS EXPO '2021
(roadheading, extraction, longwall mining machinery; underground and open‑pit mining special vehicles; conveyor systems; drilling tools; crushing, screening and mineral processing equipment; measurement devices; automation, communication, personal protection equipment).

- VI International Trade Fair OILGASEXPO '2021
(drilling rigs, equipment for well operation and workover, pump and compressor equipment, oil and gas pipelines, valves, automation, control and measuring devices, oil and gas refining, oil and gas storages, environmental and fire safety).

- Business program: thematic meetings, conferences, work-shops, “round tables” and other events in the frame of “5Е” for professional discussion and business communication.

For information on the forum, contact International Exhibition Center (15, Brovarskyi Ave, Kyiv)
Tel/fax: +38 044 201-11-57 (78, 67);
е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
site: www.iec-expo.com.ua