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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61

International Trade Fair E-Comps + DigiTec 2022 Kyiv IEC.

Digital revolution has been rapidly changing the world and giving impetus to the further development of high‑tech industries. Ukraine, together with the leading countries of the world, has been moving steadily along the path of digital transformation and use of digital technologies in various areas of economy and everyday life.

The modern constructive technology and functional level of electronic components is the basis for development of new electronic and microprocessor technology and gives impetus to the development of related high‑tech industries, other sectors of economy.

At the same time, data processing and storage technologies have been evolving, with use of which intelligent information and technical systems are created in energy, industrial production, education and other areas of public life.

Synergetic effect of the two thematic components of E‑Comps+DigiTec trade fair is the basis for creating an effective communication platform for development of the electronic infrastructure and implementation of digital transformation projects in Ukraine.


Development of new electronic devices with a large number of elements has become possible on the basis of modern microelectronics. This natural stage of evolution is characterized by continuous increasing of complexity of the functions of the component base, requirements of high reliability, small size, low weight and power consumption. E‑Comps+DigiTec trade fair will present samples of such high‑tech products and technologies.


Modern telecommunication equipment for building digital networks, revolutionary data processing and storage technologies, IoT systems, digital platforms - E‑Comps+DigiTec will present practical solutions in digital transformation for various economy sectors.

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