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Official statements on the exhibition:

kubivInternational Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018OLEKSANDR TURCHYNOV
Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

International exhibition events contribute to the identification of important benchmarks of the current and future re‑equipment of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, special services and all those whose activities are directly associated with the ensuring of national security and defense, and a joint format of the XV International Exhibition Arms and Security‑2018 and the XI Aviation and Space Salon Aviasvit‑ХХІ is a bright example of this.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018STEPAN KUBIV
First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

XV International Exhibition Arms and Security‑2018 and XI International Aviation and Space Salon Aviasvit‑XXI are the space for Ukrainian and world aircraft and missile engineering achievement demonstration. Their opportunities are almost unlimited for direct communication of developers, customers and manufacturers of aviation, military and special equipment, and familiarization with prospective projects, cutting‑edge developments, experience sharing and new partner finding.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018STEPAN POLTORAK
Minister of Defense of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine

The Arms & Security 2018 and Aviasvit XXI exhibition events have become an important channel of communication with potential partners and an efficient site for demonstration of offers from foreign and domestic manufacturers. Every time high‑tech equipment samples and forward‑looking achievements are displayed at the stands of participants. Emergence of new types of weapons and military equipment, including those manufactured jointly with foreign partners according to the advanced international standards, has been a result of further painstaking cooperation of scientists, industrialists, and the military.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018PAVLO DEGTYARENKO
Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine

On behalf of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, I welcome you to the Aviasvit ХХI International Aviation and Space Salon and the Arms & Security 2018 International Specialized Exhibition.

Ukraine's scientific and technical, intellectual and industrial potential in the space field is a modern and powerful one and has all the preconditions for its further steady growth, wide use of the aviation and space industry achievements for both civil and military purposes.

Yearlong international cooperation with our old partners and search for new breakthrough international space projects of the 21st century to be implemented has been a priority area for Ukraine's aerospace industry. An important role in the process of achieving this goal is played by the Aviasvit ХХI International Aviation and Space Salon held in Ukraine as it is a professional site where representatives of the government, science, and businesses meet.

On October 9‑12, 2018, the leading Ukrainian exhibition event in the field of aviation industry and space technologies was held at the International Exhibition Center ‑ XI Aviation and Space Salon ‑ AVIASVIT‑ХХІ.

Traditionally, the event was held jointly with the XV International Arms and Security‑2018 Exhibition and the XVII International Protection Technologies / FireTech‑2018 Exhibition. For the third time, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine has assigned the International Exhibition Center Ltd. to be the manager for the organization of the Salon.

The honored guests took part in the opening ceremony and the overlook of the exposition:
International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Oleksandr Turchynov
Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine – Pavlo Degtyarenko
Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense – Sergiy Pashinskyi
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine – Colonel‑General Yuriy Allerov
First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine – Oleg Gladkovskyi
Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine – Yuriy Brovchenko
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – Maxim Strikha
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – Roman Greba
Deputy Minister, MFA of Ukraine – Vasyl Bodnar
Deputy Chairman of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine – Ruslan Beloshytsky
Director General of the Ukroboronprom SC – Pavlo Bukin
The Head of the Parliamentary Faction of the All‑Ukrainian Association Batkivshchyna (Motherland) Political Party in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – Yulia Tymoshenko
General Director of International Exhibition Center Ltd. – Anatoliy Tkachenko

The following foreign delegations took part in the opening ceremony and were present during working days of the exhibition:
Austria: head of delegation – Head of the Office for Armaments and Military Technology of the Austrian Federal Troops, Brigadier Michael Janisch
Belarus: head of delegation – Deputy Minister of Defence for Armament – Chief of Armament, Major General Sergei Simonenko
Bosnia and Herzegovina: head of delegation – Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Ivica Erkich
Kazakhstan: head of delegation – Director of the Department of Development of the Military‑Industrial Complex of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Marat Karabaev
Qatar: head of delegation – Provost Marshal, Major General Mohammed Maskhi Al‑Ahbabi
Moldova: head of delegation – State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Wladimir Iliew
Myanmar: head of delegation – Deputy Minister of Defence, Rear Admiral Myint Nwe
UAE: head of delegation – Commander of the Land Forces of the Ministry of Defence, Major General Saleh Mohammed Al‑Ameri
Pakistan: head of delegation – Assistant of the Federal Minister for Defense Industry – Mr. Ahmed Khalil
Poland: through State Space Agency of Ukraine: head of delegation – President of the Polish Space Agency Mr. Grzegorz Brona; through Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: head of delegation – Deputy Director of the Armament Policy Department of the Ministry of National Defence Mr. Mateus Saroszek
Saudi Arabia: head of delegation – the Commander of the third Wing, Air Forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Major General Ahmed Ghanem M. Alfadjeri
USA: head of delegation – Adjutant General of the California National Guard, Major General Mr. David S. Baldwin
Thailand: head of delegation – representative of the Commander, Rear Admiral of the Royal Thai Navy Mr. Tannin Likitavong
Turkey: head of delegation – Assistant of the General Manager for the Military Industry of the Ministry of National Defence, Brigadier General Ismail Amanvermez
Czech Republic: head of delegation – Deputy Minister of Defence for Strategic Planning and Defence Policy, Mr. Jakub Landowski

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018287 media representatives from 152 media resources were accredited for the exhibition events coverage, including 15 foreign ones, such as Agence France Presse (France), Air agency LTD (Poland), BBC News (UK), MENA Defense (South Africa), Defence 24 (Poland), European Press Photo agency, MSI Turkish defense review (Turkey) etc.

All the largest domestic TV‑channels and media presented their commentaries concerning the events: 1+1, ICTV, Inter, STB, TRK Ukraine, 5th Channel, Espresso TV, 112 Ukraine, ZIK, Military TV of Ukraine, Interfax Ukraine, Ukrinform, Unian, Focus, Zensor.NET, Defense Express, Kyiv Post, Liga.net, Viysko Ukraine, Narodna Armia, National Industrial Portal etc.

Program of exhibitions events consisted of 37 scientific and practical conferences, workshops and industrial forums. The joint format of the events turned the exhibition into a large‑scale international business‑scientific forum dedicated to the full range of security issues of the state and society. In general, 3 exhibition events covered the total space of over 30 000 sq. m ‑ 28 000 sq. m in three halls indoors and over 3 000 sq. m outdoors.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018Total number of participants ‑ approximately 500 enterprises, including 57 foreign enterprises from 18 countries of the world (USA, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan).

Over 24 000 trade visitors attended the International Exhibition Center throughout its duration, including the representatives of approximately 50 countries of the world. The biggest number of visitors came from Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, Lithuania, China, Germany, USA and UAE.

147 enterprises took part in the XI International Aviasvit‑XXI Aviation and Space Salon directly ‑ Ukrainian manufacturers, distributors and foreign companies from Turkey, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria and the USA.

Products range presented at the participants' stands covered almost all fields of the aerospace industry.


International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018Particularly, civil and military aircrafts, presented at the following stands of domestic manufacturers:
1) Softex‑Invest LLC, presenting six units of aviation equipment of various types and purposes, including:
- for the first time in Ukraine, a lightweight multi‑purpose helicopter VV‑2, weighing 1100 kg, with a payload of 500 kg and the ability to transport two people at a time (1 pilot and 1 passenger) to a distance of 550 km, as well as the ability to fly at speeds of up to 270 km / hour (cruising speed ‑ 240 km / h). The maximum flight altitude is 3 km. The helicopter is designed, first of all, for pilot training. In addition, it can perform patrol functions: power lines, gas pipelines and forests monitoring.
- Ukrainian multi‑purpose aircraft V‑24‑1. This domestic aircraft is equipped with two engines installed on pylons under the wing and has International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 20184 seats (1 for the pilot and 3 for passengers). The aircraft can take off from a short runway, including the unpaved one. V‑24‑1 consumes a small amount of fuel (A‑95) and is equipped with a comfortable cabin and a paired control. The aircraft is certified in Ukraine and is designed primarily for training civil aviation and military pilots. In addition, a thermal imager and photo‑video equipment can be installed on the aircraft, which allows to use it as a light reconnaissance vehicle.
International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018- the first copy of the twin‑engine helicopter V‑22 at the final stage of development;
- the first copy of the twin‑engine V‑52 helicopter equipped with 5 seats at the final stage of development;
- unmanned helicopter Y‑2 (unmanned version of the helicopter VV‑2);
- VV‑2 complex helicopter simulator and Y‑2 UAV simulator.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018These were followed by the exposition of a regular participant of the Aviasvit‑XXI ‑ the Aviation of New Generation LLC, which presented a modified, in comparison with 2016, five‑seat aircraft of the new LA50 Patriot UA generation. The aircraft is made of modern composite materials, has an increased flap area, which allows for greater flight speed, as well as an onboard computer system and landing gear, which can be removed together with the shock absorption system.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018The first Ukrainian MSB‑2 helicopter NADIA of developed and produced by Motor Sich JSC was the heart of the aviation equipment exposition. The Ukrainian helicopter is equipped with a new gearbox, developed by Motor Sich specialists, new AI‑450M engines with a capacity of 465 hp and new avionics. More than 50% of the helicopter is made of carbon fiber, which has significantly reduced weight and increased technical characteristics. Comparing with its predecessor Mi‑2, MSB‑2 is capable of lifting into the air the weight of one extra ton. NADIA's ascensional rate has been improved by 50%. Moreover, new opportunities are being developed for equipping the machine with a winch, for carrying goods on an external sling and for creating a medical version of the helicopter. It should also be mentioned that the helicopter presented at the Salon has already reached a height of 7 thousand meters, setting a record for such class helicopters.

The following companies participated and demonstrated natural samples of aviation equipment at the exhibition for the first time:
International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018- Gyropract LLC introduced a new development of a light Gyroplane Sapphire aircraft in a military version designed to protect borders, conduct aerial reconnaissance, evacuate the wounded and deliver essential goods. International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018Moreover, the gyro can be used in the civilian segment for hunting, expeditions, pilot training, excursions, advertising, chemical work in the agricultural sector, law enforcement, for monitoring forest fires, etc.
- The ultralight aircraft manufacturer Aeros Ltd has introduced a single‑seat Aeros Nanolight Trike. Nano‑trikes attract the attention of pilots, first of all, for their mobility and lightweight design.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018The greatest sensation of the Salon was a prototype (technology demonstrator) of a heavy manned copter with a gasoline engine and a take‑off weight of 450 kg, called FLYING BIKE, presented by a group of private developers from Kramatorsk. The copter has a gasoline engine with a capacity of 130 hp. Electronic stabilization in the air system provides almost anyone without special piloting skills with the ability to operate the copter. Lifting force is provided by 4 electronically controlled variable pitch propellers, International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018capable of lifting two people at a time.

Ukrainian and foreign developers of all types and purposes UAVs were widely represented at the exhibition, as well as, responding to the contemporary needs, systems and means of dealing with UAVs. The following enterprises demonstrated their designs: Vestel Savunma Sanayi A.S. (Turkey), WB Electronics S.A. (Poland), Aviation Systems of Ukraine LLC, Atlon Avia Scientific and Production Enterprise, DeViRo Production and Innovation Company, Matrix UAV, National Aviation University, Spitek Scientific and Production Enterprise, Ukrradioprom Scientific and Production Enterprise, Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Terra Hexen Company (Poland) and others.


International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018A prototype of an ion‑plasma engine for space flights, presented by FED PJSC became another highlight of the Salon.

"The most promising ion‑plasma engines will be used for space exploration, satellites launching, flights to the Moon, Mars, and other interplanetary flights. In the world there are only a few companies developing such technologies, and Kharkiv enterprises are among them. Ukrainian companies‑members of the MEHATRONIKA aerospace cluster are going to launch their own production of such engines within the next few years," ‑ stated Viktor Popov, PJSC FED Cluster Head and Chairman of the Board. The new units for airplanes and helicopters control were also showcased at the stand.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018The JSC Motor Sich and SE Ivchenko Progress joint exposition demonstrated modern aircraft AI‑450, MS‑500V‑C, TV3‑117VMA‑SBM1V engines 4E, AI‑450C, MS‑400 series. Among the novelties one should mention the AI‑322F turbojet bypass engine with afterburner duct, the main BP‑17MS and BP‑442 gearboxes for Mi‑8MSB and Mi‑2 helicopters, equipped with AI‑450M engines.

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018Softex‑Invest LLC presented a new aircraft Softex BSM1200 piston engine that runs on gasoline.


International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018In the exposition of the Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon Ukrainian space industry was represented by products of the following companies‑members of the State Space Agency of Ukraine:
– Yuzhny Machine‑Building Plant named after A.M.Makarov Production Association State Enterprise (MS‑2‑8 spacecraft, Vega launch vehicle rocket engine, bellows and spherical cylinder models);
International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2018– Arsenal State‑Owned Unitary Instrument Making Enterprise (optic‑mechanical blocks of a multi‑spectral scanning device and a scanner of the middle infrared range models, a long infrared range scanner and a small‑sized astro‑system models, a line of optical self‑homing heads, an ILS‑39 windshield indicator, SURA‑M helmet‑mounted target designation system, a RL‑08 laser gyroscope, etc.);
– Hartron‑Arkos LTD Scientific and Production Enterprise (on‑board computer of increased reliability, research sample of a strapdown stellar‑inertial unit, universal navigation complex, strapdown inertial navigation system with self‑calibration functions, etc.);
– Yuzhnoye Design Office SE (models of Antares, Cyclon‑4M, Zenit‑3SL launch vehicles, cryogenic fuel tank demonstrator, etc.)


Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦYuzhnoye Design Office SE presented the Sapsan operational‑tactical complex (the export name "Grom‑2") at the specially designated site outdoors. The complex is designed for hitting individual and group stationary targets at a distance of 50 to 280 km.

The homing heads for this operational‑tactical complex specially designed together with SATS LLC were also demonstrated.

Radionix LLC, one of the most powerful developers of airborne radar systems and optoelectronic equipment for missiles in Ukraine, introduced the suspended electronic protection system for the Su‑24 bombers and the Esmeralda multifunctional radar.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦAnother novelty introduced by Radionix LLC was Omut onboard complex of individual radio‑electronic protection. Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦSuch a complex is suspended on military aircraft or helicopters and is capable of drowning out the radar systems of anti‑aircraft missile systems, fighters, as well as active and semi‑active homing missiles during flights.

Moreover, the company presented a modernized P‑18MR radar, designed to detect air targets and to issue their coordinates.

Within the framework of the exhibitions, Ukrspetstekhnika Holding Company, Aerotekhnika‑MLT Scientific‑Production Enterprise and many others also presented their products.


The aircraft equipment and weapons were presented at the stands of numerous companies participating in the Aviation and Space Salon including:
- Complex exposition of solutions in the fields of aviation electronics, navigation and monitoring systems presented the joint stand of Aerotech LLC, Stork Production Commercial Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦFirm LLC, ADM Elektrik, LLC, Mikrodis Elektroniks, the official Ukrainian representative of the international brand Fischer Connectors.
- Joint stand of Symmetron‑Ukraine LLC, Kontron‑Ukraine LLC and Telematics systems LLC, engaged in the supply of electronic components for the needs of defense, aviation and space industries.
Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦ- Well known both in Ukraine and in the whole world representatives of the aviation and space industry also demonstrated their developments, including Elektronprylad PJSC, Ltava Plant PJSC, Connector JSC, Promtechcomplekt‑Ukraine LLC, Soty Production and Commercial Firm LLC, Unitech Production and Commercial Company LLC, Fregat, Plant PJSC, Hydrobest LLC, Vertol LLC, etc.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦThe premiere in the field of aircraft weapons was the demonstration of corrected bombing shots, as well as new thermobaric combat units for them conducted by Adron Scientific and Production Firm.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦUkrainian manufacturer SkyWideSystems introduced new special‑purpose parachute systems. The Cadet parachute system and the PGS‑1000 parachute‑cargo system, created jointly with MAININDUSTRY Scientific and Industrial Company LTD in the UK were real novelties of the enterprise. While Sokol parachute system presented at the exhibition has already been tested by experts of the State Research Institute of Testing and Certification of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦInspecprom LLC provided visitors with the opportunity to have a look at the KANAT‑1 removable on‑board equipment kit, which is already widely used in the Ukrainian army for military personnel parachuteless landing from helicopters. This system replaced the similar Adapter system, the production of which ceased after the annexation of the Crimea. What is more, the company presented new aviation sensors, medical equipment for helicopters, ammunition containers and much more.

The following enterprises presented the products aimed at replacing Russian goods for Ukrainian aerospace sector and at creating new cooperative ties:
- Beatronic Supply ApS (Denmark), involved in production and introduction of electronic, measuring and testing equipment, Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦelectronic components for aviation and defense industries.
- Drabpol sp. J.P. Drabczynski I Wspolnik (Poland), manufacturer of avionics and aeronautical engineering.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦRockwell Collins, the international company, with its headquarters in the United States, in cooperation with the Ukrainian company Ukrsputnik introduced new solutions in the avionics, navigation and communications to the Ukrainian market.

PCO S.A. (Poland) began its cooperation with Ukraine in 2013, becoming one of the first companies that immediately provided assistance to the Ukrainian defense industry in difficult times of the onset of Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦaggression and occupation of part of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Within the framework of the XI Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon the company offered Ukrainian partners several solutions based on night vision / thermal vision technologies, which in a short time could increase the combat readiness of the Ukrainian army with the help of the night vision devices tested by the Polish army. As a result of cooperation, several contracts have already been signed in the concerning the supply of aviation PNL‑3 Bielik night vision goggles and THL‑5NV helmets for the modernization of domestic helicopters. Polish products have already expanded the capabilities of Ukrainian helicopters (modernization of the Mi‑24PU2), thereby allowing them to be used effectively at night and in non‑standard conditions.


As a result of the XI Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon in 2014 and 2016, several powerful expositions were formed, represented by both regular participants and debutants of the Salon, including:
Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦ- The field of non‑destructive testing, measuring and testing equipment was presented by the debutants IVService s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Beatronic Supply aps (Poland), Koda, Ukrainian‑American LLC, Ultracon Scientific and Production Firm LLC, as well as by the regular members Diagnostic Devices Scientific and Production Firm, Oniko Small Private Trade and Production Enterprise, and Anvit Private Enterprise.
Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦ- The field of production automation, new technologies and engineering solutions was presented by: Bee Pitron Cherkasy LLC, Reatron Scientific‑Production Enterprise LLC, Ukrainian partner of National Instruments LLC, Solid Scientific and Production Association LLC, an official distributor of Dassault Systemes (France), Aviation Space Systems and Technologies LLC, etc.
Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦ- The field of providing the manufactures with new materials, alloys, composites, raw materials and modern equipment for their processing was presented by: Arsenal‑Ukraine Trading House LLC, Bibus metals, Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant LLC, Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves PJSC, Ukrpromvnedrenie Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC, Plastics Ukraine and Prostir 3D, involved in production and supply of 3D printers for the manufacture of models, parts, prototypes; milling centers for processing light alloys, plastics and composites.
- Domestic leading world manufacturers have offered complex provision with high‑quality aviation oils and technical liquids: Ucoil LLC, official distributor of NYCO (France) and Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦТechmas‑Ukraine JSC, an official Ukrainian representative of ЕASTMAN (USA), specializing in aviation turbine fuel and aircraft hydraulic fluids production.
- The solutions for design, construction of airport refueling complexes and quality and quantity of petroleum products control were demonstrated by Eurosmazki LLC.
- The field professional tools and equipment for aircraft manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine were presented by: BAHCO Representative Office in Ukraine with its leading trademark SNA‑Europe, their Ukrainian partner Amtool LLC and debutants of the Salon ‑ Polish enterprise ARPOL  p. z o.o.


Within the framework of the preparation for the XI Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the International Exhibition Center Ltd. and the Airports of Ukraine Association, providing great involvement of managers of the largest Ukrainian civil airports and airdromes.

The following enterprises presented their products, designed to solve the main problems arising during the construction and operation of aerodromes and heliports of various classes and passenger traffic:
aviaotchet201834- Color S.I.M. LLC, engaged in the production and sale of runways marking materials.
- Avia Parts Ltd., specialized in the provision of engineering services for Ukrainian civil and industrial facilities design, construction and reconstruction, and also in supply of spare parts and components for operational repair of aircrafts.
Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦ- Famous international companies Flir Systems Inc. and Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated their products in the field of security of buildings and territories of the airports, customs and border points equipping.

Plit LLC, the member of Airports of Ukraine Association, provided the visitors with the opportunity to have a look at the means of physical perimeter security at the airports.

Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute (UHMI) of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine offered scientific developments that allow monitoring and forecasting of weather conditions, which affect the safety of various types of aircraft virtually anywhere in the world.


Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦTwo leading aviation Universities of Ukraine presented their capabilities in training professional staff, as well as their own innovative developments: National Aviation University and Kharkiv Aviation Institute.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦKyiv Aeronautic Company LLC carries out balloon flights and training for pilots of thermal balloons, being the only school for TA pilots training in Ukraine for both Ukrainian and foreign students. Flights are carried out on balloons of Czech and English manufacturers.

Courtage LLC, specializing in the production of uniforms for civil and military aviation, organized a thematic photo zone and a two‑day show of aviation uniforms and equipment on the main stage of exhibition events.

Aviation Equipment LLC (TM Crew Shop), an official distributor of well‑known international brands including Garmin Aviation, Aircraft Spruce & Co, David Clark, Eastern Aero Marin, Design4Pilots, US Wings, Sporty's, Plantronics, Pilot USA, etc, introduced the latest trends in clothing and equipment for pilots and other aviation professions.

Deka, an all‑Ukrainian chain of watches stores, presented stylish chronographs by Breitling, Hamilton and Zeppelin, designed specifically for pilots, as well as Luminox watches, developed for US Marine Corps Navy SEAL's.

Stels‑S PE demonstrated a wide range of new aviation headsets and spare parts for them.


Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦFor the second time in a row Depicon BVBA (Belgium), a leading operator in business development and support between Ukrainian companies and leading enterprises of the world, offering a wide range of equipment for airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, such as: Esterline, EuroAvionics, Aerosonic, Skytrac, Bruce Aerospace, HTMS, UnManned, Astroseal and ECS, took part in the Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon.


Among the novelties of the Salon one should also mention the exposition of scale models and exact copies of airplanes, helicopters, ships, armored vehicles, etc. Placed in front of full‑scale samples of aircrafts, the exposition was organized by Kim Ukrainian‑Polish Joint Company, International Plastic Modeller's Society Borispil (IPMS Borispil UA) and Mir Myslika IM Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦrepresenting a number of aviation toy manufacturers from Germany, USA and Denmark. The exposition aroused genuine interest among both experienced and novice aviators.

For the first time UADR Time Attack sports and racing drone competitions were held within the framework of the Salon, together with the Ukrainian Association of Drone Racing on a specially equipped area of 1000 square meters, as well as modern drones and DJI equipment (DJI‑Kyiv) presentation, drone control workshops using VR glasses, etc.

Competitions were held throughout all the four days of the Salon.


Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦAntonov SE presented models of the military transport aircraft An‑188 and a new strategic unmanned aerial vehicle at the exhibition.

Such unmanned aerial vehicles are designed for patrolling, reconnaissance, surveillance, fire support of ground forces, as well as for certain civilian purposes.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦIt is already the second known copy of the unmanned vehicle developed by Antonov SE. In 2016, at the exposition of the Aviasvit‑XXI Salon, Antonov SE presented a promising mobile tactical unmanned aircraft complex called Gorlitsa.

Aviakon Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant SE demonstrated models of the Mi‑8 MTV and Mi‑24 PU1 helicopters.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦMeridian Open Joint Stock Company showcased Spectator unmanned aircraft complex. New elements significantly improved its performance, including the new ground control station, battery charging, a new encrypted video channel (AES‑256) and an encrypted telemetry channel (AES‑128).

Ukrinmash State Self‑Supporting Foreign Trade and Investment Firm presented a model of the KT 112 helicopter. This combat helicopter is equipped with two engines allowing it to fly both in the city and over the sea, as well as over the forest terrain. The helicopter is also equipped with Austrian Rotax‑914 engines, which allows it to reach speeds of up to 200 km / hour and the altitude of about 4,000 meters. The combat vehicle can also be equipped with Barrier‑V anti‑tank laser‑guided missiles or other anti‑tank missile weapons.


Visit of the President of the Polish Space Agency.

In response to an invitation from the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, a delegation from the Republic of Poland headed by the President of the Polish Space Agency payed an official visit to the Salon. The delegation included representatives of institutions and companies in the field Polish space industry.

In the course of the visit, the delegation also visited the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", as well as several Ukrainian space industry enterprises in Dnipro and Kharkiv.

Moreover, according to the previous agreement between the National Space Facilities Control and Test Center and the Polish Space Agency, a Memorandum of cooperation in the field of space monitoring and space tracking was signed between these two institutions.

The signing of the Protocol regarding the implementation of activities under the Letter of Intent regarding the development and deepening of cooperation on a mutually beneficial and partner basis in relevant areas of scientific and technical activities in the field of aviation between the State Aviation Research Institute and the Air Force Institute of Technology of the Republic of Poland.

Signing of a Memorandum of modernization and supply of weapons and military equipment and cooperation between Ukraine and Moldova.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦPromoboronexport SC and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova signed a Memorandum of cooperation between the parties to provide services for the overhaul and modernization of armored and aviation equipment.

The parties also reached an agreement on the possibility of Ukrainian military equipment supply to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova.

Signing of a Memorandum of organization of the joint production of Turkish radio communications in Ukraine between the Spetstechnoexport SC and the Turkish company Aselsan.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦThe agreements are planned to be implemented through the mechanism of offset obligations between the two companies. The establishment of the production of Turkish radio communication systems in Ukraine will allow the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to gain access to the most advanced and up‑to‑date communication technologies.

Experience of NATO countries in the organization of procurement of weapons and military equipment, pricing and price control; Workshop with the participation of NATO representatives, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukromoronprom SC, and League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦThe workshop covered the issues of building an inviting environment in Ukraine in order to attract foreign investments in the defense industry, as well as the analysis of the options for implementing the joint projects in weapons and military products development and manufacture and the issue of the preliminary prices for military products and offset deals in the interests of defense industry.

NATO representative Gordon Davis, the Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Defense Investment, assured that the Alliance totally supports the reform of the defense complex of Ukraine, in particular, the introduction of modern mechanisms of NATO member countries in the interaction between customers and manufacturers.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦMotor Sich JSC and Softex‑Invest LLC have reached an agreement on the supply of an AI‑450 engine to be used in the design of a V‑51 helicopter.

Signing of a Memorandum of supply of An‑158 aircrafts between Antonov SE and Fanair airlines.

October 12, 2018, on the closing day of the Aviasvit‑XXI International Aviation and Space Salon, Yuri Kiselev, the Vice‑President for Marketing and Sales of Antonov SE and Vasil Pustovalov, the General Director of Fanair Airlines signed a Memorandum on the supply of An‑158 aircrafts.

"Today a significant event for Ukraine took place. We signed the document, according to which the Antonov State Enterprise, fulfilling its obligations and providing guarantees, in accordance with the agreements reached, will provide domestic airlines with the AN airplanes within the set period of time," ‑ noted Yuri Kiselev during the signing ceremony.

Выставка ЕвроСтройЭкспо 2018 Киев МВЦ"After a thorough analysis and research of the An‑158 aircraft characteristics, the Fanair Board of directors decided to purchase two such aircrafts to carry out flights on the territory of Ukraine, as well as in the nearest foreign countries. The delivery of these aircrafts is scheduled approximately for the end of 2020. Crews of the aircrafts will undergo retraining in the Antonov SE flight center. The signing of this Memorandum is an important event not only for the airlines and Antonov SE, but also for Ukraine. We hope that in the nearest future the AN airplanes will land at the regional airports," ‑ stated the General Director of Fanair Airlines.

Within the framework of the Salon events program the following workshops, conferences and reports took place:
- Thematic reports of participants of the Aviation in the 21st Century VIII World Congress. Organizer: National Aviation University
- VІ International Scientific Conference Challenges of coordination of military technical and defense industry policies in Ukraine. Prospects of development of armament and military equipment. Section Prospects of Development of Arms and Military Equipment of the Air Forces. Organizers: Central Research Institute of Armament and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, International Exhibition Center Ltd.
- International Scientific Conference Current problems of aviation equipment development. Organizer: State Research Institute of Aviation
- Workshops and presentations of the private companies in the field of aviation and space.

On the whole, the results of the Salon manifest the rapid trend and the sincere desire of Ukrainian enterprises, both manufacturers and suppliers in the field of the aerospace industry to create reliable modern and competitive products on par with leading European and global companies. The Salon once again has confirmed the fact that Ukraine is a powerful aviation and space state.