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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
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Main topics

І. Fire safety of buildings, constructions and compounds
1.1. Central fire alarm monitoring systems
1.2. Security and fire alarm and notification systems
1.3. Automatic fire suppression systems
1.4. Smoke extraction and ventilation systems (valves, rooflights, etc.)
1.5. Explosion suppression systems
1.6. Lightning protection equipment
1.7. Standby power supply and uninterrupted power supply for security and fire alarm systems
1.8. Fire‑retardant paints, coatings, veneer
1.9. Non‑combustible insulation materials
1.10. Fire‑resistant cables and cable penetrations
1.11. Fire point boxes and stands
1.12. Fire doors, gates, curtains
1.13. Fire hydrants
1.14. Fire extinguishers
1.15. Maintenance equipment for fire extinguishers
1.16. Fire retardants

ІІ. Firefighting and rescue equipment and gear
2.1. Special vehicles:
- firefighting vehicles
- rescue and emergency response vehicles
- turntable ladders and tower ladders
- mobile chemical laboratories
- EOD vehicles
- command vehicles
- watercraft and amphibians
- remote control vehicles
2.2. Special vehicles equipment:
- signaling and flashing lights and loudspeakers
- fire hoses
- fire nozzles
- fire pumps and other pumping equipment
2.3. Pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, hand auxiliary tools and equipment for rescue units
2.4. Equipment for flood control and oil spill response:
- dikes
- oil booms
- temporary bridges and walkways
- sorbents
- water decontamination products
2.5. Search and rescue equipment:
- radio receivers
- emergency radios
- thermal vision devices
- night vision devices
2.6. Equipment for evacuation of people from the emergency sites
2.7. Rapidly‑erectable structures (tents, boxes, modules)
2.8. First aid equipment and means of transportation of the wounded and injured
2.9. Simulators and mannequins for rescue & emergency medical care training
2.10. Communication systems and equipment
2.11. Equipment for control centers and emergency operations centers
2.12. Electrical equipment, stand‑alone power systems:
- generators (mobile, portable)
- lighting systems
- lanterns and lamps for special purposes (under water, in explosive atmospheres, etc.)

IІІ. Personal protective equipment
3.1. Protective clothing:
- water‑resistant workwear
- firefighter and rescue clothing
- nuclear, biological, chemical suits
- protective footwear
- safety helmets
- protection gloves
- overalls and workwear
3.2. Respiratory protective equipment:
- compressed air breathing apparatus
- self‑contained self‑rescue devices
- gas masks
- respirators
- escape hoods
- devices for monitoring the operation and maintenance of breathing apparatus
3.3. Eye and hearing protection equipment
3.4. Radiation protection devices:
- personal dosimeters
- dose absorption monitors
3.5. Fall protection equipment

IV. Occupational and industrial safety
4.1. Control of occupational conditions and safety:
- inspection of labor conditions
- certification and organization of workplaces
- organization of occupational safety
- regulatory, methodical, educational literature
4.2. Occupational safety signs and boards
4.3. Medicine and occupational health
4.4. Control and measuring devices for occupational safety:
- gas analyzers and gas alarm devices
- explosion prevention systems, explosion hazard alerting systems
- chemical agent detection and alert devices
- humidity, temperature, electromagnetic radiation, pollutant, noise monitors
4.5. Nondestructive testing devices and technical diagnostics:
- leakage detection and neutralization devices
- infrared measurement devices
- technical diagnostics and inspection of equipment, constructions and buildings deterioration; testing equipment
4.6. High‑strength and wear‑resistant materials used in aggressive atmospheres and in hazardous locations
4.7. Evacuation management systems:
- orientation and marking signs systems (emergency lighting, evacuation route signs)
- evacuation alarm systems (light, sound, vocal and combined systems)
- special communication equipment

V. Forecasting and prevention of emergency situations
5.1. Emergency monitoring and forecasting technologies
5.2. Early emergency detection systems
5.3. Development of emergency response plans
5.4. Centralized emergency alert systems
5.5. Disaster modeling and risk assessment software; pre‑disaster and disaster computer simulators

VI. Nuclear and radiation safety
6.1. Radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management at nuclear power plants
6.2. Storage, processing, utilization of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, safe handling of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel
6.3. Physical protection of nuclear plants, nuclear materials, radioactive waste and other ionizing radiation sources
6.4. Emergency preparedness and response to nuclear and radiation accidents
6.5. Nuclear and explosive detection and neutralization devices used in the nuclear industry
6.6. Radiation personal protective equipment
6.7. Special vehicles for the transportation of nuclear and radioactive materials