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On June 15-18, 2021, the prominent event for Ukraine in the field of fire and rescue - XIX International Exhibition "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2021" took place at the International Exhibition Center.

The event was traditionally held together with II International Exhibition "Expert Security - 2021", XVII International Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2021" and XII Aviation and Space Salon "Aviasvit - XXI".

The exhibitions were attended by a number of honorable guests, including those directly involved in the functioning of the civil protection and public safety system:
Head of the Security Service of Ukraine - Ivan Bakanov
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Anton Herashchenko
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine - Lieutenant General Mykola Balan
Head of the State Border Service of Ukraine - Major General Serhiy Deyneko
Head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine - Lieutenant Colonel Yuriy Shchyhol
Acting Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine - Oleh Melchutskyi
Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine - Ruslan Biloshytskyi
Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine - Mykola Ilchenko

Key indicators of 4 exhibitions:
Area - about 30,000 sqm:
27,000 sqm inside the halls
3,000 sqm outside
Number of exhibitors ‑ 348
Number of unique visitors ‑ 21,681

Among 51 exhibitors of "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2021" there were Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers and distributors which showcased firefighting products to those in attendance.

6 units of fire and rescue vehicles and equipment were demonstrated at the exhibition grounds.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine was represented by the Institute of Public Administration and Research in Civil Protection, and Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety Named After Chornobyl Heroes.

Within the business program, Resourcing Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine held 2‑day seminar with the heads of resourcing departments (divisions, sectors) of territorial bodies, divisions of central subordination, educational institutions and special formations within the SES system.

Ozon S hosted a seminar on the implementation of the recommendations of the SES of Ukraine on the design, operation and maintenance of automated centralized alarm systems.

Audience of the exhibition comprised representatives of the State Emergency Service, emergency rescue units of various levels, volunteer firefighters, local communities and experts in fire safety and labor protection from all over Ukraine.


International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021Pozhmashina, one of the few Ukrainian manufacturers of fire, rescue and special vehicles, demonstrated its new product ‑ АЦ‑8‑50 (TGS 26.360)‑530Mn. The fire truck is intended for delivery to the fire site of a truck crew, fire extinguishing and fire‑technical equipment, and serves for fire extinguishing with water and mechanical foam. The truck is based on the all‑wheel drive chassis with a capability of interwheel and interaxle blocking. It is designed primarily for waterless areas and off‑road.

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021Another fire truck showcased at the exhibition is a fire ladder on a powerful Chinese chassis of the Howo truck (6x4) manufactured by CNHTC Group (represented by Spetstechnoexpo in Ukraine). In addition to the actual ladder, which provides a maximum working height of 32 m, the truck has a supply of water (up to 5 cubic meters) and foaming agent. As of today, localization of manufacturing in Ukraine is being discussed ‑ it is planned to install a fire tank made in Ukraine.

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021Telecard‑Prylad presented mobile control center, which was supplied to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and was already operated during extinguishing large‑scale fires in the Luhansk region in 2020. Mobile control center is intended to ensure the autonomous work of a head of emergency management team and for many other goals.

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021Ukrainian Helicopters demonstrated a modernized Mi‑8MTV‑1 helicopter, which is used for search and rescue operations and air medical evacuation, and was used in UN peacekeeping missions in the Republic of Mali, Somalia and the Republic of Djibouti.

This helicopter operates 24/7 and is ready to provide assistance to victims within 30 minutes after receiving the task. The helicopter can operate autonomously, without assistance of ground services, determining the location of the victims, ensuring search and rescue of people.

Stand‑out exhibits

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021The full range of equipment and gear for both professional and volunteer firefighters was presented at the booths of Ukrpozhstandart, UASafety, Pozhsoyuz, Aquasila, Taranis, Krok, Talanlegprom, Pyrocool, Protective Technologies of Ukraine, Ecotest, Atemluft‑Gas Technika, United Research (Fireco) and Ukov Ltd. Helmets, special and protective footwear and firefighting uniform, firefighting and rescue equipment, forest fire fighting products, protective clothing and footwear resistant to liquid chemicals and infectious agents, radiation monitoring equipment ‑ all these products were on display during the exhibition.

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021Fireport (Czech Republic) showcased affordable and efficient alerting systems for volunteer fire brigades. Over 800 fire brigades in Czech Republic and Slovakia trust Fireport and combine all the features the system offers. The system offers alerting via SMS messages, automated phone calls, smartphone (Android + iOS) application and paging networks. It provides also an equipment at the fire station to give additional comfort and information - LCD monitor (incident details, map and firefighter feedback), printer (printed details and map), speakers (automatically spoken information about the ongoing incident) and automation (automatically start air pressure compressor, open door gate, switch lights, etc.).

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021Kyiv Lifeguard Service (Pleso Municipal Enterprise) is a municipal service, whose main purpose is to prevent accidents on the official Kyiv beaches. Representatives of Kyiv Lifeguard Service showed rescue equipment they operate and commented about the basic principles of their work.

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '20213 companies offered diving equipment and gear for both rescuers and special units of the army, special services and law enforcement agencies. At the booths of Tetis - Breathing Systems, Life Support Systems and Professional Diving Solutions there was an opportunity to check the products used during underwater technical, rescue and special operations.

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021One of this year's exhibition trends was notification systems as 4 companies presented products in this category. New companies Street Radio and ICOM Systems joined the well‑known players in the market Ozon S and Optima‑Complex. At their booths, there were conducted demonstration of how alarm and emergency warning systems, multifunctional automated control systems of technogenic safety and operative‑dispatching and loudspeaker communication operate.

Pozhsoyuz exhibited a wide range of fire‑fighting products: fire extinguishers, fire doors, fire hoses, fire cabinets, racks, stands and more.

International Exhibition Protection Technologies/FireTech '2021Another attraction of the exhibition was LogicPower product ‑ LogicPower Fire Stop, stand‑alone fire extinguisher which automatically localizes fires without damaging property. It's easy‑to‑use and affects the fire in the initial stage of ignition, preventing the spread of flames. If installed in a fire zone, a fire extinguisher will localize the fire automatically, without human intervention.

One of the zests of the event was a photo exhibition by Pavlo Petrov - a fire photographer, rescuer of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv. At the exhibition, he displayed photos taken when Kyiv fire and rescue units are working in the epicenter of emergencies. According to Pavlo, his goal is to create a unique brand of the capital's rescuer, make it recognizable and leave something beautiful for each of them in memory of many years of service.

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