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Report on the results of
XVI International Trade Fair
Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2017

From 10 to 13 of October 2017, XVI International Trade Fair "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2017", the leading event for Ukraine in the sphere of civil protection, fire and occupational safety, took place at the International Exhibition Center. The exhibition is organized by the International Exhibition Center LLC. The event was traditionally held in a single format with the XIV International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2017".

The exhibitions were mutual officially opened by:
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine – Oleksandr Turchynov
Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – Arsen Avakov
Minister of Defense of Ukraine – Stepan Poltorak
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine – Volodymyr Omelyan
Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine – Mykola Chechotkin
Federal Minister of Defence Production of Pakistan – Rana Tanveer Hussain
Deputy Minister of National Defense of Poland – Bartosz Kownacki
Head of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries of the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey – İsmail Demir
Assistant Deputy Minister of Defense of the United Arab Emirates – Abdallah A. Al Hashmi
General Director of International Exhibition Center Ltd. – Anatoliy Tkachenko

Official opening ceremony honorary participants:
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine – Yuriy Allerov
Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine – Yuriy Brovchenko
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – Roman Greba
Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense – Sergiy Pashinsky
Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine – Pavlo Degtiarenko

The exhibitions were covered by 173 media representatives from 112 accredited media resources, including 14 foreign media such as Jane’s Defence Weekly, Army Recognition, France Press, C4Defence, BBC News, European Security and Defence Mittler Report Verlag, TRT World, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited, Defence24.pl web portal and others.

International Trade Fair Protection Technologies/FireTech '2017The exhibition program comprised 22 scientific and presentational events. Joint format of the exhibitions made them a large‑scale international business and scientific event dedicated to the full range of issues of defense and security of state and society. In general, two exhibitions covered the total space of over 24 000 sq.m - 21 000 sq.m in three halls indoors and over 3 000 sq.m outdoors.

The total number of exhibitors - 425 companies, including 36 foreign companies from 13 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, Turkey, China, Italy, Pakistan, Switzerland, UAE, USA, Israel, France, Germany).

Over 19 000 trade visitors attended the International Exhibition Centre throughout the events duration.

Representatives of over 100 companies from approximately 50 countries were among the guests of the exhibitions. The biggest number of visitors came from Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Pakistan, Romania, China, Germany, USA and UAE.

More than 70 Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers from Turkey, France, Switzerland and the UAE took part at the XVI International Trade Fair "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2017".

International Trade Fair Protection Technologies/FireTech '2017The importance of the event and its actuality for the country and for everybody was shown by an appreciable quantity of exposition visitors - more than 3 500 specialists from 14 countries (United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, Germany, China, USA, Austria, Croatia, Israel, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine).

Such a large number of visitors shows the active position of citizens in the sphere of individual and collective protection both at work and in everyday life. This is because in all developed countries of the world one of the most important indicators of the level of development and safety of the enterprise is the status of fire safety systems, occupational health and safety.

The exposition was presented in several thematic areas: "Fire safety of building, constructions and areas", "Technical equipping of the fire and rescue squads", "Individual protection means", "Labour protection and industrial safety", "Nuclear and radiation safety", etc.


Webcom Company (Ukraine) presented its services on supply of collective protective equipment and equipment for protective constructions; "turn‑key" solutions for private protective shelter and unprotected facilities; anti‑epidemic protection systems, mobile surgery rooms; filter‑ventilator units for vehicles and containers; carrying out inspections and repair activity of protective constructions; realization of different degree of complexity projects (from a small protective shelter for one family to an object that can shelter thousands of people).

Specialists of Status‑S Company (Ukraine) presented equipment for work in emergency situations - individual and group lamps, compressed air breathing apparatus, firefighters protective clothing, gas‑tight suits produced by companies such as NightSearcher Company (Great Britain), Scott Safety Company (Great Britain), Svitlogorskkhimvolokno Company (Belarus), Protek‑System Company (Poland).

Invest Group of Ukraine Company (Ukraine), which is the exclusive representative of Angus Fire Ltd (Great Britain), demonstrated the innovative quick fire extinguishing system "CoolFire" on stream. Also at the exposition of the company everyone had the opportunity to find out more about the next line of fire fighting equipment - portable foam mixers and foam generators, barrels foam generators of low and medium expansion rate.

The mobile radiation research laboratory RanidSONNI was presented to the fair visitors by the specialists of Star Technology Company (Ukraine) together with Environics Company (Finland), a manufacturer of equipment for radiation protection. In addition, there were demonstrated dosimeters, chemical detectors, complex systems of means for decontamination of already contaminated objects and equipment, as well as protective suits, masks, filters.

The representatives of THG AG Company (Switzerland) provided everyone with complete information on a wide range of products - footwear and clothes for firefighters, mobile fire systems for use at the objects of various industries, fire extinguishing systems for buildings and tunnels, throwing fire systems with a throwing range water streams in 95m, as well as stationary fire installations and fire trucks.

Atemluft‑Gas Tekhnika Company (Ukraine) presented portable and stationary compressors for breathing apparatus produced by Bauer Kompressoren Company (Germany).

Tetis-Breathing Systems Company (Ukraine) presented to the attention of visitors the latest emergency and rescue equipment of such manufacturers as Flir Company (USA) - thermal imaging devices for firemen; Interspiro Company (Sweden) - mask AGA MK II, mask Panasil; Ansell Company (Sweden) - suits of chemical protection Trellchem, "dry" diving suits Viking; OTS Company (USA) - station of sonar communication STX‑101 and SSB‑2010.

Marko Ltd Company (Ukraine) offered to the visitors a full range of technological equipment for the organization of its own service stations - service units for extinguishers maintenance, both stationary and mobile.

OZON S Company (Ukraine) at the fair demonstrated a hardware and software suite for forecasting the development of forest fires Ozon Les and an automated system of centralized warning (including in the area of the anti‑terrorism operation).

The representative of Bronto Skylift Company (Finland) in Ukraine - Trans‑Service‑KTT Company (Ukraine) provided promotional information on hydraulic lifts on truck cross‑country chassis with a working height of lift from 50 to 112 m for fire fighting and evacuation of people during liquidation fires in high‑rise buildings.

Khladar‑Techsoyuz Company (Ukraine) presented a line of products of its own production: powder fire extinguishers (for extinguishing solid, liquid and gaseous substances of A, B, C Class, and also for extinguishing electrical installations under voltage up to 1000 V); carbon dioxide fire extinguishers (for extinguishing liquid and gaseous substances of B, C Class); holders, components and accessories for equipping fire shields and stands.

Ukrahrotekh Company (Ukraine) offered their services in the development of emergency response plans, a complex of automated systems for early detection of emergencies.

International Trade Fair Protection Technologies/FireTech '2017D Light Company (Ukraine) presented the own‑produced invention - fire trailer PC 0505 and firefighting module. The technical equipment is used to localization fires, extinguishing of forest fires, also for water supplying to remote settlements. The setting allows to minimize response time in case of fire occurring and to prompt responding to fire on initial stage without involving large trucks.

Pozhmashina Industrial Company (Ukraine) presented to fair visitors a fire‑fighting tanker AC‑4‑60 (530905)‑515М. In this model the specialists of the company took into account all the wishes of the specialists of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine to do the truck the most effective during fire extinguishing and saving lives.

Pyrocool Company (Ukraine) demonstrated automatic gas extinguishing installations, fire extinguishers, foam generators and fire barrels.


Aivaz Ukraine Company presented the following fire fighting equipment at the fair (production by Ayvaz plant in Turkey) sprinklers, a flow switch, a drainage cock for monitoring, an alarm system with a water alarm valve, hoses and fittings, seismic expansion joints, fire hydrants and cranes and etc.

International Trade Fair Protection Technologies/FireTech '2017NAFFCO Company (UAE) acted not only as a manufacturer of protective equipment, rescue and fire fighting equipment and special equipment, but also as an investor in the creation of production facilities for the production of relevant products in the territory of Ukraine.

The mobile fire extinguishing systems of Valvitalia (Italy) were presented to the guests of the fair by Gazprombudmontazh Company (Ukraine), which are designed for use in large‑scale emergencies and allow joining to the existing fire‑fighting system at any time - gas extraction and processing, chemical industry).

Stands for labor protection offices, safety posters, fire safety signs, medical signs, evacuation signs, device designations, dangerous goods markings and safety signs were presented by KB Studio Company (Ukraine).


International Trade Fair Protection Technologies/FireTech '2017The Fair program consisted of many informative, educational, research and practice seminars and conferences.

Within the business program of the Fair Scientific and Research Institutions of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine traditionally organized the 19th All‑Ukrainian Research and Practical Conference "Modern status of civil protection in Ukraine and the prospects of development". The conference was opened by the Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine - Mykola Chechetkin. The conference was attended by Deputy Head of State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management - Volodymyr Feshchenko. During the event, specialists of the civil protection sphere discussed problematic issues of prevention and response to emergencies of natural, technogenic and social nature, protection of the population and territories from their consequences.

International Trade Fair Protection Technologies/FireTech '2017In addition, the experts of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine held a Round Table "Investigation of fires. The current status and prospects of development".

The State Service of Ukraine on Labor Issues organized at the first time All‑Ukrainian competition "The best enterprise on industrial safety". The winners of the competition were awarded by the Head of the State Service on Labor Issues - Roman Chernega, and he noted that safety at work should be a priority for both heads of enterprises and employees.

The master‑class on the issues of system management and fire risk management was organized by the magazine "Ohorona Pratsi".

Specialists of "Media‑Pro" LLC shared with the best experience during their own event "Fire and Technogenic Safety - 2017".

Once more time the Fair confirmed the high level of the specialists’ interest to the novelties and innovative decisions in the sphere of fire and industrial safety, labour protection. The professionalism of the visitors audience shows the active position of citizens of our country.

See you on the 9th-12th of October 2018 during the
XVII International Trade Fair "Protection Technologies/FireTech"!

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