Exhibitions in Kyiv, International exhibition centre Kyiv Ukraine

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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61


- technologies and equipment for polymer materials production and processing
- extruders, extrusion and pultrusion lines
- injection moulding machines
- thermoforming machines
- blow moulding machines
- rotation moulding equipment
- machines for the production of foams and for the processing of reactors, including reinforced
- compounding
- auxiliary equipment
- plastic waste processing equipment
- reconditioned equipment for production and processing of materials
- welding equipment
- periphery equipment
- tools and accessories for plastic materials processing
- moulding tools, moulds, dies
- industrial installations for cooling liquids
- raw materials: PE, PRP, PVC (rigid, plasticized), ABS, PET, polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate, composite materials, elastomer materials, rubber etc.)
- auxiliary materials: masterbatches and additives, catalysts, stabilizers, modifiers, pigments, lubricants, foaming agents, fillers, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics etc.
- engineering plastics
- chemical fibres and filaments
- laboratory, control and testing equipment and devices
- innovations and engineering services
- polymer products and services for their production
- polymer packaging

Special exposition "POLYURETHANES":
- equipment for production and processing of polyurethanes
- raw materials: polyurethanes, silicones, epoxide resins, acrylic resins, industrial plastics
- ready-made polyurethanes items

Special exposition "RUBBER":
- raw materials and auxiliary materials (natural and synthetic rubber, elastomers, composite materials, softeners, plasticizers, modifiers, aroma resins, etc.)
- equipment for the production and processing of rubber products
- secondary processing of rubber products
- ready-made items