Exhibitions in Kyiv, International exhibition centre Kyiv Ukraine

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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61

List of participants

Company name


3D Print Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

selection, sale and maintenance of 3D equipment. 3D scanning and printing (technical, jewelry, dental, etc.) Representative of TM Liquid Crystal (UK), ZMorph (Poland), Formlabs (USA)

A. Marciniak OT Sp. z o.o., Poland

plastics welding equipment, hot runner systems, hydraulic cylinders, mold components

Abramat Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

production of flexible abrasives: grinding flap wheels, flap wheels from non‑woven abrasive materials, combined spindle mounted flap wheels, polishing felt flap wheels etc.

Aedice Co., Ltd, Taiwan

injection moulding machines

Altachem Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

official supplier of a wide range of polymeric materials of leading world manufacturers

Andis Techno Ltd., Cherkasy, Ukraine

CNC machinery production

Anshan Anza Electronic Power Co. LTD, China

lighting, electrical insulating materials, oil and gas and chemical industry, agricultural machinery, materials and products from plastic and rubber, alternative energy, security and fire-fighting, components, etc.

Automatic Welding, Kyiv, Ukraine

international scientific and technical, industrial magazine

Avantis Industrial‑cоmmercial firm Ltd., Zhytomyr, Ukraine

repair and modernization of cutting equipment, including those with CNC; metal items production; turning, milling, grinding, boring machines. Production of all types of gears

Avto-Sfera 88 Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

mold and die manufacturing

Bausano & Figli SpA, Italy

extrusion lines for profiles, granules, pipes, wood and plastic composites

Bdzhilka Private Commercial Firm, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

moulds, injection moulding machines of ТМ Asian Plastic Machinery, Chen Hsong Machinery; mills, dryers, feeders and other equipment of Shini Europe; chillers Industrial Frigo, extrusion blowing machines of TM Best & CMF; granulators and compounders of TM Guangda Extrusion; molding of plastic products according to individual orders

Becker Polska, Poland

supply and service of vacuum pumps, compressors and accessories

Best Business SE, Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of products from various types of electrocorundum, silicone carbide, synthetic diamonds and cubic boron nitride an also many other grinding materials and tools from these materials

Best-Trade Ltd., Cherkasy, Ukraine

machinery for wood and metal processing of ТМ ANDIS TECHNO (Ukraine)

BNH Ukraine, LLC with foreign investments, Kyiv

wide range of Mogilevkhimvolokno, JSC (Belarus) products, namely food polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyester fiber, nonwoven polyester, polyester yarn, polyethylene film, polyolefin film (POF), polypropylene film biaxial oriented (BOPP), pressure fire hose, and other products

Buhler AG, Representative Office in Ukraine, Kyiv

technologies and equipment for the food and non-food industry. Innovative solutions for optical sorting of plastics

Building Magazine, Kyiv

specialized information and analytical media

Bulletin of the Head Technician, Kyiv, Ukraine

information and practical printed media for the effective management of a company’s technical services

Business-Guide, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Chang Woen Machinery Co., Ltd, Taiwan

design and manufacture of all kinds of recycling machines and whole turnkey lines including PE film recycling and PET bottle recycling, wood recycling, tire recycling, paper recycling, cable wire recycling, shredders, crushers, washers, dryers and other equipment

Chasov Yar Refractory Products Plant PE, Donetsk region, Ukraine

manufacture of refractory products, materials, production of refractory clay, clay for ceramic tile, molding sands

Desta PE, Rivne, Ukraine

production of markings and information labels (nameplates), PVC trim panels, low temperature decals

Eldi Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

PA, POM, PE, PTFE, PI, PVC, silicones, polyurethane, mica materials, ribbons, cords; teflon fabric, siliconised fabric PCB, glass fiber, PET film. Representative of TM LICHARZ, ISOFLON, ROYAL DIAMOND, GEHR LTD

Electrician, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Energotechnology Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

equipment for polymers loading, dye dosing and drying of raw material, thermocontroling and cooling devices, granulators and finished product transporting equipment. Representative of ТМ PIOVAN SPA (Italy)

Equipment and Tools for Professionals, magazine, Kharkiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, Austria

plastics recycling machinery and technologies

Eurojet Ltd., Brovary, Kyiv region, Ukraine

Inkjet, laser, thermal transfer coding systems. Automatic labeling applicators and automatic labeling systems. Consumables for printing and coding equipment. Representative of CARL VALENTIN GMBH, KBA (Germany), ETIPACK SPA (Italy), Solaris laser S.A (Poland)

Falcone Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

hot-runner systems for mouds; mould components; exclusive representative of YUDO (Korea) and also a distributor of FCPK Bytow (Poland) in Ukraine

Fav Kyiv Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

KALAFAT company is the official representative of DENER company (Turkey) in Ukraine, as well as a range of other manufacturers of the following metal processing machinery: sheet benders and guillotines, laser, plasma, hydroabrasive machines; profile rollers, pipe benders, rollers; band saw machines; painting equipment; metal cutting equipment

Ficep, Italy

manufacturing of automatic CNC systems for processing of sheets and profiles for steelwork production

Foundry of Ukraine, magazine

specialized industrial media

Galsoft-Service Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

machines for sheet metal processing (shears, sheet, coordinate punch presses) of TM DURMA (Turkey). Guarantee service

Global Technologies Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

powder paint, liquid paint, equipment for powder paints and liquid paints coating, heat-resistant protective materials and equipment made to provide the control of coverage quality, technical service for diagnosing powder coating. Representative of ТМ AkzoNobel, Sta-Tic, Korotek (Turkey, Ukraine)

Golden Fleece, Ukraine, Industrial Company Ltd., Kyiv

production of band saws for metal, wood; abrasives; adhesives; coolants. Representative of ТМ Lennartz, Wikus, Arntz, Koronet, HERMES, VSM, Awuko, Deerfos, Indasa

Hammer, catalogue, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized media of B2B format, which highlights the tools of world-famous manufacturers

Heatanticorrprotection R&D Centre Ltd., Severodonetsk, Lugansk region, Ukraine

manufacturer of Mixture for metal galvanazing ZINTEC® (96% Zn in solid film), all-season and liquid insulation ALLISOL®, metal-polymeric aluminum-rich protective and decorative composition

IBC Plastic Systems Group of companies, Kyiv, Ukraine

chilling equipment, loading, dosing, drying, grinding of polymers. Industrial robots. Equipment for surfaces cleaning. Representative of TM Green Box, Plastic Systems, Campetella, Rea Steam (Italy), Maguire (USA)

Imatek-Esco Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

implementation of solutions based on 3D printers, 3D scaners and 3D printing services; large format printers and scanners of companies ROWE (Germany), Contex (Denmark) and software solutions for workflow automation at the enterprises; exclusive representative of 3DSystems Inc. (USA) in Ukraine - the world's leading manufacturer of 3D-printers

Imex-Line PE, Odesa, Ukraine

supply of plastic injection molding machines. Representative of Aedice Co.Ltd. (Taiwan) in Ukraine

Industry in Focus, magazine

specialized industrial media

Inkos R&D Enterprise Ltd., Chernigiv, Ukraine

development and production of plastic profiles, technological equipment and auxiliaries. Profiles of hard PVC, plastic PVC pipes for pneumatics and water, PVC tape, PVC electrical insulating tubes

Institute For Super Hard Materials named after V.N. Bakul, Science and Technology Diamond Concern Alcon of National Academy of Sciences Of Ukraine, Kyiv

fundamental scientific researches of physical and chemical processes of mono and polycrystalline, disperse and film diamond and diamond-like materials creation and growth

Itton Service Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

three-dimensional printers and five-axis machines for prototyping, production of experimental samples, components and model tooling. Up-to-date modelling and engineering materials. Representative of ТМ Stratasys (USA), CMS (Italy), Rampf tooling, Lange+Ritter (Germany)

Kim Ukrainian‑Polish Joint Company, Lviv

exact life-sized model copies of aircraft, ships, helicopters, armored vehicles etc.

Kvota PE, Ternopil, Ukraine

components for the manufacture of molds and dies, lubricants and preservatives in the production of plastics

Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law, Ukraine

scientific researches in the field of business development, innovations, problems of functioning and integration of entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine under conditions of European integration etc.

Kyiv Polytechnical University, National Technical Institute of Ukraine, Kyiv

higher education institution of research type. Fundamental researches the following areas: information and communication technologies, energy conservation and efficiency, environmental management, new substances and materials

Linyi Aoxing Chemical Co., Ltd., China

plastic materials manufacture

Logo-Svit Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

freight forwarding services; logistics of the full delivery cycle; advisory services in the field of foreign trade activities, services of the importer/exporter, customs clearance agent (Ukraine, China)

Machentech Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of metal-working equipment, injection molding machines. Development of technologies and service. Delivery of spare parts, consumables and cutting tools. Representative of ТМ Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Sunnen (USA, Switzerland), AVIA FOP (Poland), Rhenus Lub (Germany), Haijing (China)

Metalforme, Italy

production and supply of equipment for metal sheets operation

Mogilevkhimvolokno, JSC, Belarus

polyester products: PET for the production of injection molding products and for the processing of PET for food purposes; Polyester composite materials, polyester thermoplastic elastomers, fiber and rope polyester matted, black, highly wound, hollow, silicone, bicomponent; polyester technical threads, polyester non‑woven needle‑punched fabric: LavsanGeo, LavsanTech, LavsanFT, spinner‑geotextile, for roofing materials; strapping tape, PET bottles preforms, fire pressure sleeves. Polyethylene, polyolefin, polypropylene films. Fatty acid methyl esters

Moretto S.p.A., Italy

production of peripherals and automation equipment for polymer processors, in particular for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines: transport, drying, gravimetric and volumetric dosing, material storage solutions, thermostats, coolers and supervisory systems

Nauka i Technika (Science and Technology), magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Nel-Plast PE, Kharkiv, Ukraine

injection molding on vertical and horizontal injection molding machines

Novator Educational and Methodological Center Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

training of experts and officials of the enterprises and organizations of fire safety, labor protection, electrical safety

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, Ukraine

innovations for agriculture

Omela Group Ltd., Obukhiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine

injection molding machines: delivery and maintaenance; exclusive representative of Haitian (China) in Ukraine

OSV Technology PE, Oleshky, Kherson region., Ukraine

polyurethanes, silicones, machinery, technologies. Representative of ТМ OSV (Ukraine), Zhermack (Italy), Acrylic One (the Netherlands), Pozzi Arosio (Italy)


industrial web recourse

PM-CM Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of metalworking equipment, spare parts, tools, crane equipment, rack systems. Service and technical support. Representative of ТМ FICEP S.P.A., Nuova C.M.M., PIEMME S.A.S., Promotec (Italy), Stierli (Switzerland)

Polymer Tubes, Magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

special information and analytical edition

Polymer-Engineering Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production and delivery of extrusion lines, different machines and equipment for manufacturing of polymer products – films, sheets, pipes, profiles. The firm delivers also thermoforming and CNC controlled trimming machines, equipment for mixing and recycling

Polymerservice Group of companies, Kharkiv

polymer processing machinery supply. Representative of ТМ Borche (China), Moretto (Italy) and many others

Prigma-Press Inc., Khmelnitsky Press‑Forging Equipment Launching Plant, Ukraine

design and production of press-forging machinery

Prostir 3D, Dnipro, Ukraine

three-dimensional printers for production of models, parts, prototypes, mock-ups; milling centers for treatment of light alloys, plastics, composites; technologies and materials for modeling equipment; composite materials for lightweight and durable constructions

Rezonans-Plast, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

manufacturing of industrial equipment, press-moulds, stamps etc.

Rubin Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

innovative additives for polymer production of ТМ LG Chem, SBS Polychem and many others

Rundist Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

jewelry making tools, equipment and supplies for jewelry production. Representative of ТМ AVALON, SOLIDSCAPE, LEGOR, VALLORBE, KROMAS

S.T.M.-Ukraine Ltd., Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

official distributor of drive machines and conveyor components of famous European producers: System Plast (Germany); STM Riduttori, GSM Riduttori, Neri Motori (Italy)

Savitur PE, Kremenchuk, Poltava region, Ukraine

calcium carbonate of ТМ ERCIYES MIKRON (Turkey); self-adhesive protective film, packaging tapes and masking tapes of ТМ ADIN Tape; sandwich panels of ТМ SAVITUR

SK Trading Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

suppliers of equipment and vacuum blowers. Representative of ТМ EVP, GOORUI, LONGTECH

Skladska Technika Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

hoisting and transporting equipment, rollers, wheels. Representative of ТМ Blickle (Germany)

SmartPrint Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D pens, supplies for 3D printers. 3D printing services, 3D scanning, 3D modeling. Representative of ТМ Flashforge, Mankati (China), David Laserscanner (Germany), Asiga (США), EnvisionTec (Germany)

Stankin Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

welding wire of ТМ DEKA

Stan-Komplekt JV Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

3D printers for metal of TM SLM Solutions; metalworking equipment SAHINLER, Sente Makina, Gomel Machine Tool Plant. Kirov VIZAS, Vistan (Belarus), ARSENAL™ (Bulgaria), HARDINGE (USA), etc.; welding, compressors; lifting devices

Stankoplast Ltd., Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

production, sale and service of injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines and grinders; Tongyong (China): equipment for processing plastics in "Thermoplastautomat" (Ukraine), used equipment of European and Turkish producers

Starlinger & Co Ges.m.b.H, Austria

machinery and process technology for woven plastic bags

Stasenko and Partners PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

devices for thermal analysis: supply and technical support in Ukraine. Representative of Netzsch Gerätebau GmbH (Germany)

State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, Kyiv

scientific and technical literature

Svit-Inform, newspaper, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Tana Manufacturing and Commercial Firm Ltd., Severodonetsk, Lugansk region, Ukraine

polymer compounds manufacturing, based on polyamides 6 and 6.6, polypropylenes, polyethylenes, ABS plastic

Techcom TK Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

components for production equipment for canning, dairy, fat, alcoholic beverage, beer and soft drinks, food and perfume industries. Representative of ТМ NGB (Israel), Movex, Magris (Italy)

Techimport Capital Group Ltd., Odesa, Ukraine

supply of industrial machinery for plastics’ processing

Technopolice Firm Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

system integrator in the field of design automation, engineering design, preparation of manufacture and product lifecycle management (CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM). Representative of PTC Inc., MSC Software (USA), Intermech (Belarus)

Techosnastka Ltd., Vinnytsa, Ukraine

design and manufacture of tooling: plastic injection molds, aluminum, zinc, copper alloys; for molding of thermosetting plastics and rubber, stamps for punching, bending, exhaust etc.

Temp Plant JSC, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

special technological equipment; pipe welding equipment for the construction of oil and gas pipelines; welded metal constructions. Representative of TM Stol, Sessler, Galfatec, Wigal, Sahffer, Procon, Fella (Poland, Germany, Austria)

Tetra Firm Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

largest in Ukraine manufacturer of metal wire mesh and filters for injection moulding machines

Tomasz Galiński, Poland

production of mesh filters for various industrial purposes

topbiz.com.ua, Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial web portal

Trans Torg Company Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

the international company which is engaged in the production, sale and delivery of raw materials and dyes for polymers production

Ukrainian National Company "Ukrverstatoinstrument", Kyiv, Ukraine

machines, metal-cutting equipment and tools

Ulysses Service Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

3D printers of Makerbot, Concept Laser

Upakovka, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized information and analytical edition for manufacturers and consumers of packaging products and equipment

Welding and Metal Constructions, magazine

specialized industrial media

Zadoyan PE, Khmenytsky, Ukraine

industrial machinery, injection molding machines of TM KUASY, WINDSOR, ARBURG, BATTENFELD, DEMAG, DKM: sales, technical support, spare parts supply. Casting of plastic products