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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
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ADDIT EXPO 3D - 2017

On March 28th to 30th 2017 in the territory of International Exhibition Centre (Kyiv, Brovarsky Ave., 15, "Livoberezhna" underground station) IX Kyiv Technical Fair, IX PLAST EXPO UA and I ADDIT EXPO 3D International specialized exhibitions took place. The thematic sections of the mentioned events comprised technology and equipment for plastics processing, technology, equipment and materials for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, as well as mechanical engineering, metalworking, tool and surface treatment.
The organizer of the events was International Exhibition Centre.


"Inter" TV channel about the exhibition


Totally 98 enterprises from 7 countries, namely: Austria, Belarus, China, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey took part in the exhibitions. General size of the exhibition space exceeded 5000 sq. m; during 3 working days the event was attended by 2485 professional visitors.


List of participants


In general, the exhibitors noted that after several years of certain standstill in the industrial market, the consumers intensified their activity and showed increased interest in new equipment and materials. As a direct consequence, "deferred demand" allowed participating companies make a series of sales directly from the exhibition. Many professionals supported the opinion that this year’s event was much more successful in comparison to the previous years.

Below are some positive and encouraging comments from the participants:

PLAST EXPO UA 2017"Our company Galsoft Service Ltd. has participated in Kyiv Technical Fair for about 9 years in succession. We are satisfied with the exhibition. Every year we bring some machinery to exhibit. Next year we plan to participate as well".

PLAST EXPO UA 2017"I am Andrew Strelchenko, director of Prostir 3D company. We participate in ADDIT EXPO 3D. The exhibition demonstrated the applicability of the topic. During 2 days of the exhibition our customers surprised us by their heightened interest to our exposition. A representative of Stratа Sys company, who was also working at our booth, admitted that, despite the complicated economic situation in Ukraine, the visitors showed great interest to the exhibition. This event is really promising, he said. In spite of the fact that the exhibition is held only for the first time, the customers were coming well-prepared and the level of attendance was good. Thus, our company is planning to participate in the next edition of ADDIT EXPO 3D".

PLAST EXPO UA 2017"My name is Andrew Yanchevsky and I am the sales director of Khmelnytsky Plant "Temp". Our enterprise produces galvanic equipment and takes part in Kyiv Technical Fair for several times. We can confidently say that the exhibition is rewarding. Next year we are going to participate again, in order not to miss any opportunities. The exhibition allows us to demonstrate our products and observe the novelties of other companies. It is useful because this is the way for us to show our presence in the market and development".

PLAST EXPO UA 2017"I am Ivan Gorshkov, the sales director of Haitian Ukraine – manufacturer of injection moulding machines. For several years in succession our company has been a constant participant of Plast Expo UA, but this edition, to our mind, has been the most effective of the previous 7 years. Three machines were sold during two exhibition days. This fact is really significant. In 2017 it was the first time that we brought a machine specially for the exhibition. Many thanks to the organizers for a good job. We can recommend participating in Plast Expo UA".

PLAST EXPO UA 2017"I represent Polymerservice company, my name is Andrew Antonov. Our company has not participated in any exhibition in Ukraine for 6 years. The more so we were pleasantly surprised that Plast Expo UA has been very effective. It’s the second working way and the number of visitors is impressive. It is felt that producers and processors of polymer products are tired of waiting for something and decided to finally update both the equipment park and their business contacts, what we see today in the number of visitors who came to the exhibition. Hope that the exhibition will become more and more prosperous and efficient. Would be good to see more Ukrainian companies among the exhibitors, not only those from abroad. We will promote the development of the polymer industry in Ukraine in every possible way".

PLAST EXPO UA 2017"My name is Yaroslav, I am the technical director of Rubin Trading House. It’s our first participation in Plast Expo UA exhibition. Our goal was to develop and study new product markets. In our opinion, the exhibition is more than successful. There were a lot of contacts, plus we had the opportunity to meet with all our current customers in one place. It’s a good start, to our mind. In any case, our company is considering participation in the next year with a large assortment, since we received requests for new product groups at this exhibition. We are very pleased that an exhibition with such a theme exists today in Ukraine".

PLAST EXPO UA 2017"This is the second time our company OSV Technology participates in Plast Expo UA. Compared to the last year, this exhibition shows an upward trend. With proper guidance and development of this exhibition, it will acquire international significance. I hope to see not only visitors from Ukraine, but also European experts next year. I believe that the exhibition has the right to live and to increase the number of visitors and exhibitors".

Within the bounds of the exhibitions a diversified program of conference and round table discussions in current industrial issues.


Events program


To sum up the results of the events, some relevant statistic data should be admitted:






Video reports

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