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For many years of holding Arms and Security Exhibition, one of the most attractive for visitors has always been the exposition of hunting, shooting sports, self‑defense, cold steel and outdoor products. Over the last few years, the organizers of the exhibition have received many requests and wishes from both exhibitors and visitors to separate this subject from the military part of the exhibition. Thus, from October 8 to October 12, 2019, for the first time in the history of the Arms and Security Exhibition, a separate hall was singled out (hereinafter ‑ Hall No. 4), which embraced the whole exposition of products for civilians. During all the working days of the exhibition, the so called "real men's shopping center" was visited by more than 8 thousand people.


In total, there were more than 10 booths with non‑military firearms. However, it is worth noting that at these booths were presented more than 200 world‑famous brands of manufacturers of hunting and sporting weapons.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Traditionally, a great deal of visitors' attention was drawn to the booth of Ibis. This year, representatives of the company presented lots of new products and fascinating novelties. Upgraded Automatic ARC2 chassis. This is a modern second‑generation chassis for precision shooting. One of the features of the upgraded version in comparison with the previous one was the installation of an Arca Rail adapter that allows you to use a rifle to shoot in a standing position. From now on, the chassis can be fitted not only on the Remington 700 SA, but also on the Savage 110 SA. The chassis fitted on the Tikka T3 rifle will also be available soon. Glock 43x and Glock 48. The Glock 43x is a hybrid between the recently released Glock 48 and the smallest 9mm gun offered by the Glock, Glock 43. The gun is comfortable to use, has a slimmer body, less weight and is ideal for everyday wear. The Glock 48 is based on the Glock 43X, but has a longer barrel and is a replacement for the well‑known Glock 19. In addition, company representatives announced the start of their own production of ammunition for sports shooting.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019The booth of Stvol LLC also attracted lots of audience’s attention, which in addition to tactical weapons presented various examples of hunting rifles. One of those rifles was Benelli Raffaello Accademi. Being an exclusive limited edition, the rifle was released in an amount of only 1000 pieces. Particular attention was paid to the stand with tactical and traumatic guns from leading manufacturers such as Česká Zbrojovka, Beretta, Colt etc.

The good news for visitors was the return of Arm Elite to the ranks of exhibitors. The representatives of the company demonstrated at their booth a wide range of products for hunters ‑ from various accessories for weapons to exclusive guns of world‑renowned manufacturers.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Tactical Systems LLC presented their products at 2 booths simultaneously ‑ both at the military weapons exposition and at the exposition with civilian products. Thus, for civilian gun enthusiasts the company displayed hunting rifles from Chiappa Firearms, Sig Sauer, FN, ISSC and its own TS branded rifles. In addition to carbines, the company specialists introduced a variety of sports and pneumatic pistols.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Flarm proudly displayed at their booth a range of pistols from the well‑known Ukrainian brand Grandpower. Among the most interesting models were the X‑CALIBUR and Q100 pistols. The Q100 pistol was created on a base of a combination of the unique principle of locking the barrel of the K100 model and the original trigger mechanism used in handguns for practical shooting. The pistol is optimized to minimize preparation time before firing. It is mainly intended to be used either by security forces or simply for self‑defense.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019The largest non‑governmental weapons manufacturing plant in Ukraine Latek LLC, being the leader of the armament line of the Safari concern, manufactures and sells various weapons (pneumatic, traumatic, Flaubert's cartridge, fire smooth‑bore hunting and sports), sports equipment and inventory. At the Exhibition the specialists of the company demonstrated 14 rifles and 6 Safari TM pistols for shooting 9 mm rubber bullets.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019XADO LLC is well known for its products for both military and hunting enthusiasts. That is why the specialists of the company decided to divide their exposition into two booths with relevant products. In Hall No. 4 the visitors of the exhibition could see the variety of products for sports and shooting equipment. One of the highlights of the XADO booth was the SnipexRhino Hunter rifle, which is the hunting‑sport version of the Snipex M.50 BMG rifle. Designed to hit moving and stationary targets, including targets at long distances (up to 2000 meters).

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Representatives of the US company ATN at their booth demonstrated day / night and thermal vision optics. Thermal Smart HD sights and monoculars can meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, as well as the needs of military and hunters.

For those who appreciate steel edge, it has long been known that Arms and Security Exhibition has been a constant venue for blacksmiths from all over Ukraine for many years. That is why each visitor had the opportunity to purchase handmade cold weapons for every taste and for reasonable prices. In total, the exposition of the knives consisted of more than 20 booths with not only knives, but also axes and rapiers, most of them being exclusive in both decoration and quality.


The booths with clothes and equipment for outdoor activities were, as usually, crowded with visitors.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Traditionally, well‑known international brands, such as: 5.11 Tactical®, LOWA®, ESS®, Klymit®, demonstrated at the Exhibition on the booth of the Prof1 Group attracted lots of attention. International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019In addition, the company's specialists demonstrated their own production under the P1G® brand.

Ukrainian brand Chameleon, being presented not only in Ukraine, but also abroad and having quite a few foreign clients demonstrated its products at the booth of Bezpeka‑Komplex LLC.  The enthusiasts of outdoor activities know for sure that Chameleon clothing and accessories are always useful when hiking or camping. This was also confirmed by a large number of visitors at the company booth at the Exhibition.

At the booths of the exhibitors one could also find the products of such famous companies as: Acropolis, Avantmarket, Grillex, Abrams, ICU etc.


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019Another special feature of the Hall No. 4 was the large number of vehicles and equipment for active and even extreme rest. Line‑X has brought to the Exhibition two upgraded examples of Toyota Tundra. International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019The most peculiar thing about these two cars was a special protective elastomeric polyurethane coating that protects against scratches, chips and rust of the body, as well as of any other internal or external parts.

The booth of the Offroad Center LLC is also worth mentioning, since the company specializes in car tuning. At the booth of the company a modernized Ford F150 was demonstrated, with an installed ARB protective equipment and a solid aerodynamic cabin.

The visitors could also get acquainted with various boats, presented by the companies Powerboat, Aqua Star, UMS Marine, BPG etc.


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019The exposition of the Hall No. 4 will not only be remembered for its variety of stands for outdoor activities, but also for its rich interactive and entertaining program. Arms and Security‑2019 Exhibition has become the venue for holding UADR Time Attack drone racing competition. This is a race where pilots need to compete not in open combat with other rivals, trying to take the lead, but where the pilots compete for the best time lap. On October 12, Kyiv Drone Racing Competition Cup took place. The event was organized by Ukrainian Association of Drone Racing.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2019During all the working days of the Exhibition the airsoft and bow shooting took place, where everyone could test their abilities in accurate shooting. Every day, the shooting gallery attracted a large number of visitors confirming the popularity of this kind of sport.

The Timetag competitions were also popular among the audience. This is a new dynamic non‑contact team game that requires participants to possess both logical thinking and agility, as well as teamwork skills.

In general, the organizers received positive feedback from both visitors and exhibitors regarding the organization of a separate exposition of products for civilians, already receiving requests for participation next year.