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The XVII International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021 took place on 15‑18 June 2021 at the International Exhibition Centre.

Despite the difficulties due to the COVID‑19 pandemic, the current exhibition confirmed its status as a significant event of this type in Eastern Europe in terms of the number of exhibitors, the range of equipment and innovations, the level of representation and popularity among the public. The exhibition results showed us that the long anticipation allowed regular exhibitors and the newcomers, who have put on participation in the exhibition in these difficult times, to prepare well for it.

The following guests of honour attended the exhibition:

International Aviation and Space Salon AVIASVIT-XXI 2021

Foreign delegations from 24 countries, which arrived by the invitation of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Ukrspecexport SC, took part in the opening ceremony and the working days of the exhibition. The delegations represented the following countries: Spain, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Turkey, Qatar, Sudan, UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, USA, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Vietnam, Nigeria.


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

348 participating companies

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

30 000 sq.m of exhibition space

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

delegations from 24 countries,
39 foreign companies from 13 countries

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

42 full‑scale equipment samples

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

military attaches from 40 countries;
representatives of the EU and NATO offices

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

167 media representatives

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

21,681 unique visitors
from 61 countries



Representatives of the defence and related industries


Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, law enforcement and voluntary units


Scholars and students/cadets of specialised research and educational institutions


Weapon enthusiasts and the general public

309 companies represented the defence industry of Ukraine in the following formats:
1. Joint expositions of organisations:
- Ukroboronprom SC ‑ 42 companies
- National Association of Ukrainian Defence Industries ‑ 18 companies
- League of Defence Companies of Ukraine ‑ 23 companies
2. Expositions of the relevant ministries and agencies:
- Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine
- Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
- Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
- National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
- Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
- Security Service of Ukraine
3. Individual stands of state‑owned and private enterprises.


 International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

This year, the Concern's exposition was represented by 42 companies that displayed their exhibits on a joint stand in the hall and outdoors.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The flagship of the Ukroboronprom SC was the BM Oplot battle tank manufactured by the Malyshev Plant in Kharkiv. This armed vehicle has a leading position among the world's best tanks. The armed vehicle is intended for firing all types of ground (waterborne) and low‑speed low‑flying air targets under counterfire.

The real highlight of the exhibition was the exposition of the Luch State Kyiv Design Bureau that brought a lot of interesting and unique equipment. The mock‑up of the first domestic Sokil‑300 combat unmanned aerial vehicle gained a lot of attention among the visitors. The first prototype is to be assembled by the end of this year. International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021Representatives of the Luch Design Bureau informed that the unmanned aerial vehicle would perform both striking and reconnaissance functions. Therefore, the configuration of the UAV will depend on its purpose. The head of the Design Bureau, Oleh Korostelov, noted that the domestic UAV would have several advantages over the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UCAV and would be a worthy alternative. The main advantage of Sokil‑300 will be its ability to perform in poor weather conditions.

Another interesting exponent was a mock‑up of the Coral anti‑aircraft missile designed to shoot down modern fighters, helicopters, cruise and ballistic missiles and UAVs.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021For the first time, the Design Bureau presented the Amulet missile system designed to equip armoured vehicles and adapted to use the anti‑tank missiles for the Skif system. The Amulet is adapted for the use of both RK‑2S and the latest anti‑tank RK‑2М missiles. In addition, the Design Bureau presented the Bar'er‑VK naval missile guided weapon system. The system is intended to destroy ships, ground armoured targets and helicopters with RK‑2V missiles. The Design Bureau also demonstrated another system called Sarmat that can be used to equip combat vehicles and the Navy and Sea Guard vessels. The weapon set of this system is a 12.7‑millimetre KT‑12.7 machine gun and two RK‑3 guided missiles in transport launching containers.

The Luch State Kyiv Design Bureau presented the Bar'er‑S - upgraded self‑propelled anti‑tank missile system equipped with the Bar'er‑V RK‑2V guided missile designed by the Bureau, with a firing range of 7.5 km.

The Artem State Joint Stock Holding Company offered the visitors several developments. The first one was an unguided missile with a thermobaric warhead RS‑122TB for the Speka system. This ammunition is designed to destroy unsheltered manpower, unarmoured and lightly armoured vehicles, enemy infrastructure elements such as a mobile command post or a UAV launching position.

The next development demonstrated by Artem is a remotely piloted aircraft system called Myslyvets. This system is designed for air delivery of various types of warheads to enemy targets. In particular, Myslyvets can deliver a pre‑fragmented warhead with an explosively formed penetrator to destroy hostile fighters, light watercraft, unarmoured and lightly armoured vehicles.

The Artem SJSHC also demonstrated its newest 152‑millimetre kinetic blast fragmentation shell called KOFS‑152. This shell for 2S5 guns to be used with Zh‑48 charge is designed to destroy various targets and hostile manpower with kinetic, fragmentation and high‑explosive effects.

Representatives of the Kharkiv Design Bureau of Engineering (KMDB) presented the latest modification to the Ukrainian BTR‑4 designed specifically for the marine corps. According to the Bureau's engineers, the vehicle differs from the mass‑produced BTR‑4 in weight, being two tonnes lighter. The vehicle body is equipped with the so‑called floats to improve its buoyancy. In other words, the vehicle has a lower submersion and is better suited for amphibious operations.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

The exhibition visitors were pleasantly surprised to see a new association of private defense companies ‑ the National Association of Ukrainian Defence Industries (NAUDI). The appearance of the Association was impressive as its exposition was one of the largest and it's exhibits has not left indifferent most of visitors. NAUDI united 18 participating companies under it's exposition. Armoured wheeled military vehicles, automated troop control systems, artillery weapon systems, radar systems, and much more were displayed at the united stand.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021Ukrainian Armor Design and Manufacturing Company demonstrated Smereka, a 120‑mm mobile mortar complex based on the Varta armoured vehicle. It is a system with automatic deployment and targeting, with large‑scale "digitisation" and integration into modern command and control systems. All this makes it possible to destroy hostile targets in a minimum of time and change position before the enemy strikes back. The Ukrainian Armor carries out the Smereka R&D by order of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

At the exhibition, the company representatives, for the first time, demonstrated an armoured vehicle called Novator with a 12.7 mm NSVT combat module (with the possibility of modification to install a Browning M2 machine gun).

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021UkrInnMash Corporation presented the Kevlar‑E armoured personnel carrier.

The Kevlar‑E amphibious full‑track fighting vehicle is intended for:
- transporting personnel of mechanised infantry units;
- providing their fire support in the battle;
- destroying modern armoured and unarmoured combat vehicles, low‑flying low‑speed air targets, sea targets under naval coastal warfare operations and other separate ground targets.

Another NAUDI participant, Tritel Company, presented the NOTA system designed to combat UAVs, block mobile networks, and counter radio‑electronic and radar reconnaissance assets. The NOTA can take a DF bearing of radio emissions and jamming of wireless communication channels, satellite navigation, remote control, telemetry data transmission and technical reconnaissance assets.

Representatives of the Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Plant demonstrated their development, a 155‑mm self‑propelled wheeled far‑ranging quick‑firing howitzer with automatic loader Bohdana R&D. The Bohdana is intended to carry out direct fire strikes on hostile frontline brigade forces and general fire strikes at a range of up to 40 km depending on the shell type. Unfortunately, the vehicle itself was not presented at the exhibition, as it was undergoing state testing at the time.

Ukrspecsystems, a Ukrainian manufacturer of UAVs and ground equipment for unmanned aerial systems, presented its PD‑2 UAS complex. Having analysed the lessons learned in Eastern Ukraine and the feedback from users and partners, the company created a high‑tech and versatile product capable of operation in harsh weather conditions anywhere in the world.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021Another highlight of the exhibition was the exposition of the Proximus LLC. They presented several developments, including the Prometei‑MF5 universal EW support station. This station is designed to jam unmanned systems, artillery radars, navigation systems, communications between command posts and military equipment. The Prometei‑MF5 station has a reconnaissance and direction-finding range of 30 kilometres and a radio jamming range of up to 25 kilometres.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021In addition to Prometei, the exhibition debutant demonstrated another complex, Bukovel‑AD R4 Anti‑Drone EWF. The complex is also designed to disrupt unmanned aerial vehicles' flight missions through radio‑electronic impact on onboard radio‑electronic systems of UAVs. The complex has a passive system for detecting and finding the direction of UAVs. The Russian Orlan‑10 UAVs can be detected at a distance of 70 to 100 km, and the Bayraktar TB2s at a distance of 200 km. The effective jamming range is up to 16‑20 km. Deployment time is 2 minutes. According to the company representatives, Bukovel‑AD R4 is popular abroad, so the company has orders till 2022. During comparative tests abroad with Israeli, German or other systems, the Ukrainian development shows better performance.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The VK System Research and Production Company demonstrated the Oncilla armoured vehicle. The vehicle was developed by the Polish company Mista but is manufactured near Kyiv and is a Ukrainian vehicle. International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021According to the Ukrainian military who already use this vehicle, it has already been tested in various conditions both in summer and winter, has a record of continuous column marches of up to 1000 km, is built for extreme terrain and impassable road mobility. The vehicle is equipped with a remotely‑operated combat module fitted with a 12.7 mm NSVT machine gun designed to destroy lightly‑armoured targets, fixed fire units and manpower, as well as low‑altitude and low‑speed air targets. The combat module is controlled by an operator from inside the combat vehicle. The developers say that due to its high payload and versatility, the Oncilla armoured vehicle has significant potential for further upgrades. In particular, the developers assert that the Oncilla can easily be converted into an NBC reconnaissance vehicle, command and control vehicle, reconnaissance or patrol vehicle, self‑propelled anti‑tank system, ambulance, police vehicle, and other special variants potential consumers could use.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021Another newcomer, the Mad Nomad company, made a splash among visitors with its all‑terrain vehicle. The vehicle is designed for off‑road driving. It can be used in the army "support line" to open up new opportunities for border guards, engineering corps and forest ranger brigades as a patrol and ambulance vehicle and to make crossing sites and perform reconnaissance missions. The Nomad has a number of unique features that distinguish it from similar all‑terrain vehicles. In particular, a wheel torque of about 10,000 Nm. Thanks to its design, the all‑terrain vehicle can overcome ground obstacles and glide through the water. The vehicle can therefore be for a good reason called an amphibious all‑terrain vehicle.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The exhibition "show stopper", the Ukrainian multi‑purpose stealth UAV by AIR COMBAT EVOLUTION Company, will be the last highlight from Ukraine.

This ambitious project was developed by the best Ukrainian aerospace industry specialists led by former CEO of the Antonov SE Oleksandr Los and former head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU) Volodymyr Usov. International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The UAV was developed in partnership with Ivchenko‑Progres SE, Motor Sich JSC and Hydrobest LTD. Thanks to the latest stealth technology and its flat wing shape, the UAV is virtually invisible to radars and difficult to detect. The ACE ONE speed is close to supersonic. It is 1,000 km/h. It is controlled by an artificial intelligence system that can control a swarm of such UAVs. The domestic UAV will not only perform reconnaissance operations but will also be able to use high‑precision guided weapons located in two large internal compartments against ground and air targets.


The participating companies represented the following countries:

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

Czech Republic

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021


International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021



International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021

The participation of the American company Lockheed Martin, which for many years occupies the first place in the world's top 100 ranking of arms‑producing and military services companies, is significant for Ukraine and is a high status for the exhibition. The main purpose of their participation was to promote the latest modification of the F‑16 Fighting Falcon to the Ukrainian market. The upgrading mainly affected electronics of the fighter: it received a new onboard APG‑83 (SABR) radar that could detect and identify targets in the air and on the ground at long distances, as well as onboard EW with jamming systems, helmet‑mounted target designation system, Link 16 TDL and much more.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021Another exhibitor, no less famous than Lockheed Martin, was Brazilian aircraft manufacturing conglomerate called Embraer. The company received the status of a strategic partner of the Aviasvit‑XXI Aviation and Space Salon. The conglomerate representatives demonstrated A‑29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft and KC‑390 military transport aircraft competitive with Ukrainian An‑178.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The Tatra Czech company decided to present a chassis for the Ukrainian anti‑aircraft missile system ZRK‑SD of the Luch State Kyiv Design Bureau. During the exhibition it became known that the coastal version of the Ukrainian Neptun system would completely change its chassis. All first division special vehicles will be based on adapted off‑road vehicles from the Czech manufacturer instead of KrAZ trucks. The first samples of the serial production of the Neptun anti‑ship system will be demonstrated at the military parade dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The exhibition newcomer, OCEA company (France), specialising in shipbuilding, showcased the results of its cooperation with the Ukrainian partner, Nibulon company. International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The Ukrainian‑French partnership began in July 2020 when Nibulon, the leader of the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with OCEA to build OCEA FPB 98 MKI fast patrol boats as part of a government project to enhance maritime security and border protection in Ukraine. 20 boats will be delivered under the contract, 15 being built by OCEA and 5 by Nibulon. Various production processes were being demonstrated through built‑in cameras for four days in real‑time in Nibulon's workshops fitted with equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021After its successful participation in 2019, Turkish Menatek specialising in producing components for light and heavy military vehicles has decided to become an annual exhibitor. The company representatives stated that our market has become attractive for them, as Ukraine is rapidly adopting NATO standards and is in an active phase of designing and developing high‑level equipment. That is why the company plans to take an important role in supplying its products to produce this type of equipment. According to the company representative, they were already in contact with several major companies and had even developed the running gear for one company's armoured vehicle.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021The stand of another newcomer, Turkish MKEK (MECHANICAL AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CORPORATION), attracted much attention from official delegations and visitors. The company representatives demonstrated their developments in small arms and told about their project ‑ a new 76‑mm naval gun.

International specialised exhibition Arms and Security ‑ 2021Milanion Company (UAE) which was at member of the joint exposition of the National Defense Industry Association of Ukraine presented the Agema 8x8 unmanned platform on the Association's booth. It is a fully modular, fast and adaptive unmanned ground vehicle with high performance standards. The multi‑role platform of the amphibious vehicle is equipped with proven world‑class systems and fitted with a customisable sealed deck that can be adapted to any mission‑specific payload. It is controlled remotely and can be programmed to perform autonomous missions.
The AGEMA is built for extreme terrain mobility with high torque, a high force of traction, independent suspensions, low centre of gravity and the ability to climb steep 40‑degree inclines.


- Signing of the contract between Ukrspecexport SC, part of Ukroboronprom SC, for the modernisation and repair of the Pakistani Air Force aircraft.

During the second day of the exhibition, a contract was signed with Pakistani partners to repair Il‑78 refuelling aircraft that can be used as a military transport aircraft and is designed for aerial refuelling of military aircraft.

"This is the second contract over the last year to repair the Il‑78 for the Pakistani Air Force. In June 2020, Ukrspecexport won a multimillion-dollar tender to repair the refuelling aircraft. Based on its results, Ukrspecexport SE has signed a contract with the Pakistani Air Force Procurement Department to repair military aircraft. The contract was successfully completed by the Mykolaiv Aircraft Repair Plant, which is part of the Concern", Ukrspecexport CEO Vadym Nozdria said.

- A meeting of the Ukroboronprom SC management with the French delegation during the French Security Days in Ukraine organised by the French Embassy in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the possibility and prospects of contracts with Thales, Safran and Airbus companies within the already signed memoranda of cooperation. In particular, the parties discussed projects in aircraft engineering, armoured vehicles and radar systems.

- The National Association of Ukrainian Defence Industries (NAUDI) and the National Association of Private Defence Industries of Indonesia have concluded an agreement on military‑industrial cooperation.

Andrii Senchenko, NAUDI Chairman, and Hendra Guvanan, CFO of the National Association of Private Defence Industries of Indonesia, were signatories of this contract.

The parties agreed to promote the development of cooperation through the selection of partners and integrators, implementation of partnership projects, strengthening the human and production capacity of defence industries, technology transfer, etc. The agreement is valid for 10 years and can be extended. The cooperation agreement with the Indonesian peers is the first step of NAUDI towards the promotion of Ukrainian military equipment, armament and ammunition in foreign markets.

- Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between NAUDI and the Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing.

The Memorandum reinforces the intentions of the parties to cooperate in the field of security and defence to enhance each other's ability to develop a strong and independent defence industry.

The parties will develop various joint defence projects, in particular, to supply products for the needs of military and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Georgia and third parties, conduct research and development work, organise training programmes for military personnel, develop supply and demand chains, and intensify marketing activities.

- The founding meeting of the Naval Subcluster of the Public Union "Ukrainian Maritime Cluster".
Organised by: KLIVER company.

- The final of the fifth Vernadsky Challenge for engineering start‑ups in space technology and active bioelectronics.

A total of 132 start‑ups (89 foreign and 43 Ukrainian) took part in the competition. 10 participants from 6 countries (Ukraine, USA, Canada, Spain, Slovakia and Sweden) reached the final.

The third place in the Vernadsky Challenge and a UAH 400,000 grant went to BOROSPACE from Slovakia. The project authors developed an innovative lithium‑ion battery design allowing the battery to store electricity and serve as a hybrid rocket fuel after the mission is accomplished.

The second place and a UAH 600,000 grant went to the Provizio project from Ukraine. The project team developed a device for measuring intraocular pressure to help postpone vision loss. The Provizio software notifies a doctor in real time of any changes to the pressure and informs him/her of possible treatment options.

The first place in the Vernadsky Challenge 2021 and a UAH 1,000,000 grant went to the Medicsen project from Spain. The Medicsen team created a smart patch, which opens micro‑pores in human skin to allow the non‑invasive administration of large molecule drugs, such as insulin.

- A meeting between the Command of the National Guard of Ukraine and the Commander of the General Inspectorate of Carabinieri of Moldova.

During the visit of the Moldova delegation to the exhibition, negotiations were held with the Command of the National Guard of Ukraine during which the parties agreed on the need to initiate cooperation within the Memorandum of Understanding between the General Inspectorate of Carabinieri of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the National Guard of Ukraine, which is now in the process of its harmonisation by the parties.

- Carrying out demonstration tests of military equipment on a specially prepared ground on the last day of the exhibition.

Ukroboronprom SC attended the demonstration with a T‑72 tank, BTR‑3DA and BTR‑4E APCs and the Ukrainian Armor Company with its Varta armoured vehicle. The demonstration is the way to announce that the Arms and Security ‑ 2022 exhibition will expand to a new format and that demonstration perfomances are being introduced as a part of its programme for all those wishing to show in action what their equipment is capable of.

See you 27‑30 September 2022 at the
International Specialised Exhibition Arms and Security - 2022!


The report is based on the materials of the Defence Express monthly journal, which is the General Information Partner of the Arms and Security Exhibition, of the Militarnyi portal, which is the Special Information Partner of the Exhibition, and the materials of the exhibition participants.