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"Live" events - the choice of world business

For almost a year now, the coronavirus has been raging, provoking the need to move many events and activities to digital platforms. However, numerous studies and global analysis in various areas have shown that companies seek to return as soon as possible to the formats of personal meetings and direct contacts with their partners and customers. This mechanism is recognized as the most effective marketing tool for business recovery after the "pandemic crisis". Personal contact and trust will always remain the key factors in building a reliable and effective partnership.

A year of working in the mode of forced "virtualization" of communication has passed, but it is clearly premature to talk about the possibility of fully replacing offline events with the virtual ones. Moreover, experts are absolutely convinced that in most cases, the online format can successfully complement the "live" event, but can not fully replace it. The exhibition industry is the clearest confirmation of that.

Online platforms, with all their usefulness, will not allow a potential consumer to see and evaluate the key product’s parameters live, such as weight, size, overall scale, smell and tactility, other characteristics that may be important to different people in different cases.

There are many other benefits of the exhibition events that are not digitally transferable:

- Live communication with specialists;
- Personal acquaintance with the top managers of the companies;
- The possibility of full contact with the representatives of different companies in one place;
- Discussion of any issues in "live" conversations without possible technical restrictions;
- The possibility of a comprehensive assessment of the exhibits, which are interesting to a visitor (individual consultations, testing, operation nuances etc.).

And the main factor: at the exhibition it is always possible to conclude a full-fledged contract, test and purchase the equipment, spare parts, materials, receive and promptly compare product offers from different companies.

After all, it is the physical presence of people and products in one space that shapes consumer success and is crucial to any business.

We are pleased that our conservative industry continues to play a key role in shaping the direct contact between the companies and their customers. The IEC team is happy to do the best for you and create the most suitable, comfortable and safe conditions for the success and development of your business through participation in the annual specialized exhibitions.