Exhibitions in Kyiv, International exhibition centre Kyiv Ukraine

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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61

Dear participants and visitors of activities of International Exhibition Centre (IEC)!

Exhibition season in Ukraine has begun. In the new living conditions organization of exhibitions and conferences requires special attention to safety and health care. We do exhibitions and conferences a safe place for meetings. The priority of the IEC management is to create the necessary sanitary and hygienic conditions while preserving comfort for guests of the exhibition centre.

Personal protective means, enough social distance between participants of the events, constant disinfection of frequently touched surfaces, innovative technical solutions - this and much more has been implemented for the safety and well‑being of the participants.

IEC – is a safe space for doing business:

- pavilions are equipped with the up-to-date system of forced ventilation and conditioning. For example, pavilion №1 is equipped with 8 installations, each of which has a capacity 39 000 m3/h. Considering that the area of pavilion is 10 000 m2 with a height 8-13 m, then the complete air renewal in the pavilion takes 20 minutes.
- permanent medical office with qualified medical staff

Organizational solutions:

- implemented system of visitor online-registration
- opportunity to buy exhibition tickets online
- limiting and controlling the number of people who are in pavilions at the same time
- contactless control of badges for an exhibition
- increasing the number of security guards to monitor the observance of sanitary rules

Space organization:

- clearly marked safe distances, social distance at least 1.5 m
- delimitation of routes for entry and exit
- control to prevent crowds at the entrance and at information stands
- width of aisles between stands is increased and is at least 3 m
- location of furniture in conference halls is at the rate of at least 1.5 m of social distance

Taking care about everyone’s personal protection:

- obligatory covering of nose and mouth for employees of organizers, contractors and participants (mask, protective face shield, etc.)
- cash desks, information stands, service points are equipped with plastic shields
- obligatory contactless temperature control at the entrance to the pavilions
- obligatory hand disinfection at the entrance to pavilions
- disinfectants for general use inside the pavilions, on entrance groups, in water closets
- regular (at least every 2 hours) disinfection of frequently touched surfaces: handrails, door handles, countertops, etc.


- audio information about safety rules in the exhibition pavilions
- visual materials about hygiene rules on the territory of exhibition centre
- personal communication with people who do not follow sanitary rules

The above‑mentioned procedures and rules are the result of close cooperation between experts and representatives of the exhibition and congress industry and are based on:

- resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 500 dated 17.06.2020
- recommendations of the Standing Commission on Technogenic Environmental Safety and Emergency of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration)
- recommendations of the European Exhibition Industry Alliance EEIA
- recommendations of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI