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Our team is already present at the workplace at full strength. We wish the same to you!
We will be glad to resume communication and answer the frequently asked questions:


As for now, there are no preconditions for canceling the exhibition. The European countries with which we keep pace marching out of the quarantine are already announcing the resuming of international flights in June‑July, and in September the exhibition events will take place. At the same time, international exhibitions are already opening their doors in Poland on the 6th of June. As for Ukraine, the exhibition partners of the IEC will organize their first post‑quarantine events in August.

Currently, the question is not whether the exhibitions of the autumn season will take place, but the main point is the safety rules regarding their holding. All exhibition operators are now actively working on this issue, realizing the need to maintain the balance of maximum security and convenience. Therefore, we are getting ready for the new season in a new and safe environment.


Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately), the current crisis in our experience is not the first one. The picture of the past crisis is still fresh in our memory. What does the practice show?

In difficult times, some companies refuse to exhibit, other exhibitors remain, and some participate for the first time. On the other hand, according to statistics, the number of target trade visitors at exhibitions only grows in a crisis period! These trade visitors are the official representatives, employees authorized to make decisions, and professionals. Why is it so?

Visitors come to the exhibitions to quickly analyze the current state of affairs, to keep up to date, to find out the current state of the market players, and to find the foothold for making the right decisions.

According to a survey by Incomm Center for Research & Sales Training (USA), 91% of visitors regard the absence of a company at a leading exhibition as an "alarm signal".

The crisis starts the process of a so‑called "zeroing" of relations, so there are opportunities to attract customers who, in other circumstances, would not even consider proposals for cooperation.

Some people are losing their regular suppliers and are looking for the ones to replace them. Others look through the assortment and positioning and chooses products of a different price segment. Someone, just in case, is looking for an alternative to what he is using now.

The crisis stimulates the desire to get first‑hand information, personally establish and maintain business contacts, compare and choose current offers and products.

The most interested and prospective clients come to the exhibitions. People who spend their time and money on visiting the exhibition are in the active phase of searching and collecting information, consciously go to the stands and show interest in goods and services, obviously, are more susceptible to the offers of the exhibitors.

The exhibitions attract the most solvent consumers. According to a study published by Continental Exhibitions, visitors of the specialized exhibitions spend significantly more than those who do not attend the exhibition events.

What are the consequences? Amid a decrease in the number of exhibitors and an increase in attendance, the effectiveness of participation in the exhibitions is increasing.

During the crisis, consumers more than ever need a sense of confidence in the companies. It is no secret that many customers regard the company's annual participation in professional exhibitions as an indicator of success and stability. A specialized exhibition is a great opportunity to show that you can be trusted, to earn a reputation as a reliable partner with whom one can confidently overcome the crisis.

The only answer to the question "Should I participate in the exhibitions during the crisis?" is obvious - yes, it is indeed worth it. One should only think over the details.