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Every year on the first Wednesday of June, under the auspices of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), Global Exhibition Day is held.

The appearance of this holiday testifies to the recognition of the crucial role of the exhibition industry in the economy of the modern world, its enormous and often leading importance for the internationalization of trade and the development of regional and international cooperation.

The main goal of the holiday established in 2016 is to note the merits of all the professionals involved in the preparation, organization and promotion of exhibition events.

Global Exhibition Day aims to focus the attention of all participants in the world market on understanding the exhibitions as a key tool and driving force for the development of the economy of individual countries and the whole world, stimulating business development and innovation.

The exhibitions open the way to the market for new companies and brands, offer optimal conditions for the presentation of products and services, the search for partners and the establishment of productive contacts. Exhibitions stimulate production and sales, innovation, export development, saturation of markets with new goods and services.

Exhibitions are the most effective marketing tool, providing the business with one of the highest rates of return on funds invested in events. Among other things, exhibitions are an important source of information.

Professional exhibitions are a very effective, sustainable and fairly large branch that can offer various opportunities for the development of other industries. This is a special segment of the economy.

The annual approximate turnover of the global exhibition industry is more than 100 billion US dollars. About half of this amount goes directly to the organization of events, and the rest accrue torelated areas (transport and logistics, tourism and hotel business, restaurants and services, media etc.). The exhibition industry also offers wide employment opportunities for specialists in various fields: from marketing, sales, operations to engineering, technological, working specialties, as well as useful practice for students.

We would like the development of the industry of live communication business events to take its rightful place among the priority tasks of any state policy. And a professional holiday is another reason to draw the attention of governments to this.

Dear colleagues and friends! We heartily congratulate everyone associated with the exhibition industry!

We wish you bright and successful projects, new professional achievements, well-being and health!

Happy Global Exhibition Day!