Exhibitions in Kyiv, International exhibition centre Kyiv Ukraine

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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61

Main topics

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • vacuum sweeping and watering machines
  • snow ploughs cleaning machinery, equipment and machines for reagents distributing
  • silt pump and canal washing machines, sewage trucks
  • weight-handling machinery and equipment
  • excavation equipment, communal tractors
  • garbage transporters, compactors, movable bunkers
  • repair trucks, recovery vehicles, movable compressor stations
  • garden and park machinery
  • attached equipment
  • auto parts and components for municipal machinery, special machinery
  • leasing and rent of municipal machinery, special machinery and public transport

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • excavators, bulldozers, trench-diggers, cable and pipe layers
  • mobile elevating work platforms, motor graders
  • equipment and materials for road construction

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • busses, trolleybuses, trams, subway
  • transport park management systems
  • spare parts and components for public transport
  • constructions and arrangement of public transport stops

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • equipment for child’s playing complexes, sporting grounds
  • equipment and constructions for territory accomplishment: benches, orderly bins, fences, arbours, fountains, sanitizer spray booths, well-rooms, booths, public conveniences, parking, etc.
  • equipment for dog-walking zones
  • arrangement of public stations for renting bicycles, scooters, etc.
  • pleasure transport
  • outdoor illumination (street, road, highway, bridge, park zone, architectural lighting)
  • technologies of greenery planting and green areas keeping, landscape designing

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • containers for the collection of solid waste
  • switching lines, equipment for waste grinding, pressing and briquetting
  • garbage recycling and burning plants
  • waste-to-energy technologies
  • technologies for the operation of polygons, landfills
  • equipment and technologies for reworking of waste products

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • steam and hot-water boiler equipment. Burning equipment
  • waste heat recovery boilers and power engineering boilers
  • heat pumps
  • thermal insulation of heating systems
  • methods of diagnostics and sanitation of thermal networks
  • heat metering and control devices

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • lifts, components, control systems
  • dispatching of engineering systems of buildings
  • construction heat-saving materials and technologies
  • building heat-saving materials and technologies
  • machinery and equipment for repair and reconstruction of residential buildings
  • cleaning technologies, machinery, equipment, devices

Thematic sections of COMMUNTECH '2022
  • Smart-services for citizens
  • Smart-safety
  • Smart-environment
  • Smart-traffic
  • Smart-tourism