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(21 - 24.11.2017, Kyiv, IEC)

On November 21-24 in the territory of International Exhibition Centre International Industrial Forum took place. Since 2005 International Industrial Forum has been included into the list of events officially certified and approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). Every year Forum confirms its status of the most significant exhibition in Ukraine in the domain of metal processing and machine‑building.

The organizer of the event - International Exhibition Centre Ltd. - expresses sincere gratitude to the firms and factories for choosing International Industrial Forum as a new products’ demonstration ground and a meeting place with current and potential partners for many years in succession.

337 companies from 29 world countries took part in the International Industrial Forum in 2017. Total exposition space made up 17 000 sq.m., and 11 236 professional visitors attended the event during its 4 days.

First Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Mr. Stepan V. Kubiv and Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Mr. Yuriy P. Brovchenko visited International Industrial Forum and give all‑out consideration to the expositions of Ukrainian machine‑building enterprises.

Ukrainian machine‑building industry was decently represented at the booths of production enterprises. Metalworking direction was traditionally represented by Avantis Production&Trade Company (Zhytomyr), Sumy Plant Energomach, MIOS Company (Drohobych), Khmelnitsky Press‑Forging Equipment Launching Plant "Prigma‑Press", Tandem Ltd. (Kyiv), Chernigiv Mechanical Plant PJSC, Kharkivabrasive Ltd. (trading house of Nova Vodolaga Abrasive Plant) and others. The companies, who brightly showed their newest developments in the domain of measuring instruments and industrial automation, were MicRa Ltd. (Kyiv), Microl Ltd. (Ivano‑Frankivsk), Novotest Ltd. (Novomoskovsk), VO Owen Ltd. (Kharkiv), Refit Ltd. (Ivano‑Frankivsk), Skloprylad Ltd. (Kyiv), Technopolice Ltd. (Kyiv), Ultrakon R&D and production company (Kyiv) and other exhibitors. Among manufacturers of hoisting and transporting and storehouse equipment it is desirable to admit Kyiv Crane Machinery Plant LLC, Krankomplekt Plant (Zaporizhzhya), Olexandria Hoisting&Transporting Equipment Plant Ltd. (Kirovograd region), Promtechconstruction Research and Production Small Private Enterprise (Kramatorsk) and many other production and development companies.

A distinctive feature of this year’s Industrial Forum was the large number of laser machinery presented at the booths of Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd. (China), SE Abplanalp Ukraine (Kyiv), Engineering department ALISTA of Dnipropolymermash Plant JSC (Dnipro), Aramis Ltd. (Cherkasy), El‑Sel Group Ltd. (Kyiv), MachEnTech Ltd. (Kyiv), Storozhuk Ltd. (Kyiv), Sphera‑Techno Ltd. (Kyiv).

Traditionally impressive and rich in high‑quality products was the exposition of industrial tools consisting of the constant exhibitors’ booths: Doss Instrument, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe (Germany), AV Polystar Ltd. (Kharkiv), ATA Abrasive Ltd. (Zaporizhzhya), Grand‑Service Technical Centre (Dnipro), Golden Fleece, Ukraine, Industrial Company Ltd., (Kyiv), Komkor VKP Ltd. (Dnipro), Microtech Private R&D Company (Kharkiv), Pneumomaster PE (Kyiv), Praktika Ukraine Ltd. (Dnipro), Centre of Innovation Technologies LM Ltd. (Dnipro), Stankoinstrumentimport Ltd. (Kyiv) and other manufacturers and suppliers of industrial tools.

Innovation projects and modern machinery samples from Europe, Asia and the USA were displayed at the booths of foreign exhibitors and Ukrainian dealers - Alfleth Engineering AG (Switzerland), Kraft Powercon Sweden AB (Sweden), Galika AG (Switzerland), VariUs Engineering&Technical Centre (Dnipro), Galsoft‑Service Ltd. (Lviv), Hydraulics‑Trade Ltd. (Melitopol), DTM‑Engineering Ltd., Zenitech Ltd. (Dnipro), Imperia Metalov Ltd (Kharkiv), Iskrostan Ltd. (Kyiv), Knuth Ukraine Ltd. (Dnipro), Power Belt Ltd. (Mukachevo), Sew‑Eurodrive Ltd. (Dnipro), Stan‑Komplekt JV Ltd. (Kyiv), Stankopromimport SPA (Kharkiv), TBS Group Ltd., Technopolice Engineering&Technical Centre, Toolpress‑Techno Ltd., Festo SE (Kyiv), Yuzhstankomash Ltd. (Pavlograd) and numerous other exhibitors.

The constant exhibitor TL TECHNOLOGY AG (Switzerland) for the first time in several years displayed the equipment: lathe‑milling‑grinding machine SCHAUBLIN 302‑CNC, manual measuring 3D machine EROWA and auxiliary elements for the machine‑tools.

One more long‑expected novelty at the exhibition became a punching press EUROMAC, which was represented at the booth of Italian Machinery Association.

Great attention of professionals was attracted to the exposition of MOTOR SICH company, among which in particular seven new units of Lubny Machine‑Building Plant should be emphasized: four‑coordinate processing center of MС617‑5‑Sin840 model, high precision internal grinding machine of МС3225 model, CNC semi‑automatic turning machine with automatic tool change and supported storage unit of МС112‑А‑WL4T model.

As always, rich and dynamic was "UkrWelding" exhibition. This year within its bounds the XII Open Competition of Welders’ Proficiency "The Golden Cup of Benardos - 2017" took place and scientific and practical conference "Modern Problems of Welding Industry", organized by Welders’ Society of Ukraine. These events were aimed at increasing the prestige of workers' professions and encouraging industry professionals. On November 24th the winners of the competition were solemnly awarded.

Exhibitors, domestic and foreign companies, presented a significant amount of equipment and materials for the introduction of innovative technologies into the welding industry. At the booths of PE Idel (Odesa), KT Ukraine Ltd. (Kyiv), Fronius Ukraine Ltd. (Kyiv region) and many others during all four days of the exhibition the equipment operation was demonstrated to a wide audience of specialists.

Among Ukrainian producers in the domain of welding and related technologies Vistec Machine‑building Plant PJSC (Bakhmut, Donetsk region), Vitapolice Ltd. (Kyiv region), Donmet Ltd, Autogenous Equipment Plant Ltd. (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region), Energy Welding Ltd. (Zaporizhzhya), Sumy‑Electrode Ltd., Techvagonmach Research and Production company Ltd. (Kremenchug, Poltava region), Techpostavka Ltd. (Dnipro) and many other enterprises presented their products and technologies.

Robotic systems at the booths of Binzel Ukraine GmbH (Kyiv region), CB Robotics Engineering Ltd. (Kyiv region), Summit Ltd. (Dnipro), Techvagonmach Research and Production company Ltd. (Kremenchug, Poltava region), Triada Ltd. Co. (Zaporizhzhya), Fanuc Ukraine Ltd. (Kyiv) attracted relentless focus of the visitors. It is difficult to take one’s eyes off a robot‑manipulator, which confidently, sequentially and gracefully describes the trajectory, fulfilling the production task.

Equipment for plasma cutting of metal in large variety was presented at the stands of Ukrainian manufacturing companies Artil Ltd. (Mykolaiv), Zont ALC (Odesa), Effect‑Energy Ltd. and NTMA Ltd. (Ivano‑Frankivsk), Stankoservice‑Yug Ltd. and Techmach Research&Production Private Enterprise (Odesa), Favorit AM PE (Lviv).

Especially glamorous this year was the specialized exhibition "Hydraulics. Pneumatics. Bearings", with its variety of drive and compressor equipment, gearboxes, bearings and auxiliary parts for almost all fields of industry. Great interest was attracted to booths, where the latest technology were demonstrated: Tysk Trading House, the representative of "Lider" plant (Kharkiv) - the launch of a compressor from a mobile device at a distance of almost 500 km, Hydrohouse Ltd. - manufacture of gaskets by a method of punching from cylindrical billets. Bearings of well‑known world brands have been presented at the booths of Kinex Bearings A.S., (Slovakia), V‑Cube Engitech PVT. LTD. (India), Autoprompodshipnik Ltd. (Kharkiv), Victoria Ltd. (Kyiv), Galpidshypnyk Ltd. (Kyiv), Irbis Trading House Ltd. (Kharkiv), Rollimpex Ltd. (Dnipro) and many other companies. Drive equipment of world‑known brands like Getriebebau NORD, Robert Bosch, Siemens and others were a traditional ornament of the exposition. The topic of drive technologies is harmonically combined with a wide assortment of lubricating materials and industrial chemicals from famous trademarks presented at the booths of Unil Lubricants N.V. (the Netherlands), Wesma Trading House (Kyiv), Euromastyla Ltd. (Kyiv), Motul Ukraine Ltd. (Kyiv), Industrial Oils I.L.S. Ltd. (Kyiv), Fuchs Mastyla Ukraine Ltd. (Lviv). Modern pneumatics were worthily presented by the companies Camozzi Ltd., Metal Work Ukraine Ltd., Pneumotec Corporation (Kyiv), SPR‑Energo Ltd. (Lviv) and others.

This year’s specialized exhibition "Hoisting and Transporting, Storehouse Equipment", beside the booths of constant exhibitors Mabudo Sp. Z o.o. (Poland), Enerprof Ltd., Europromkolesa Ltd. (Kyiv), Inox Time Production Company Ltd. (Olexandria), Enterprise of Power Supply System and Electric Drive Ltd. (Kharkiv), Skladska Technika Ltd. (Kyiv), TORWEGGE‑Fregat Ltd. (Dnipro), Ugmetiz Ltd. (Odesa) and others saturated with high‑quality professional products, was accompanied with a live demonstration of loaders’ operation from Demix Ltd. (Dnipro).

It is encouraging to observe that the importance of "Industrial Safety" topic is better and better realized by the enterprises’ profile officials due to broadening of the assortment of professional industrial protection goods displayed at the booths. Overalls, protective footwear, means of individual and collective protection, which were presented by Portwest Ltd. (Ireland), Armis Group Ltd. (Dnipro), Insight Ltd., Consafety Ltd., Professional Safety Ltd., Center of Industrial Personal Protective Equipment Ltd. (Kyiv), as well as seminars focused on labour safety, which were organized in the second exhibition day by the representatives of the profile media "Okhorona Pratsi" ("Labour Protection") and "Promyslova Bezpeka" ("Industrial Safety"), were well‑regarded by the attendees, which will inherently contribute to fulfillment of the requirements for Ukraine's integration into the economic space of the European Union in the long view.

The growing interest to Ukrainian market in the world is confirmed by the expansion of collective exhibitions of manufacturing enterprises from China, Czech Republic and Turkey, which this year contained a significant number of product samples.

List of participants

Generally, comparing the qualitative and quantitative content of the exhibition with the previous years, we can observe the increasing attention to innovative technologies and the tendency for their gradual introduction in domestic production. Within the bounds of the International Industrial Forum - 2017 a number of scientific and practical seminars and conferences devoted to the latest industrial technologies, automation of production and quality control took place: "Innovation Computer Technologies for Product Design and Development. Augmented Reality Opportunities" (Engineering Company Technopolice), "Assurance of Accuracy in Modern Quality Control. Measuring Solutions from Nikon Metrology" (Chemlaborreactive Ltd.), "Modern Equipment and Technologies for Professional Technical Education" (Center of Technological Initiatives Ltd.), International Research and Practical Conference "Modern Mechatronic Automation Systems for Industrial Technological Processes" (Information Technology and Natural Sciences Department of Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law), Research and Practical Seminar "Modern Non‑Destructive Testing Technologies and Possibilities of Their Use in Machine‑Building and Related Areas" (Ukrainian Society for Non‑Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute).

Events program

To sum up the results of XVI International Industrial Forum, the following figures should be admitted:

International Industrial Forum 2017

International Industrial Forum 2017

International Industrial Forum 2017

International Industrial Forum 2017

International Industrial Forum 2017

International Industrial Forum 2017

International Industrial Forum 2017

Organizers express their thankfulness to all participants
of specialized exhibitions and hope for the next meeting in 2018!


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