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On 7-9 November V International Trade Fair "Industrial Ecology - 2017" took place in the International Exhibition Centre. It is the integral part of thematically related branch events ("AQUA UKRAINE", "CommunTech", "RoadTechExpo", "Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy", "EuroBuildExpo").

- International Exhibition Centre, Ltd.
With the support of:
- Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses of Ukraine.

At the opening ceremony on the 7th of November were present:
- Eduard Kruhliak – Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Chairman of Organizing Committee on preparation and holding International Trade Fairs "AQUA UKRAINE", "CommunTech", "Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy", "EuroBuildExpo" and the XIII International Congress "Institutional and Technical Aspects of Reforming of Housing and Communal Services"
- Iryna Ovcharenko – Chairman of State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
- Bruno Denis – Head of EIB Representation in Ukraine
- Yuriy Khivrych – President of "Drinking Water of Ukraine", Association
- Anatoliy Tkachenko – General Director of "International Exhibition Centre"
- other honorable guests.

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017After greeting words the honorable guests and visitors of the exhibition got acquainted with the latest resource‑saving and low‑waste solutions, environmentally‑friendly technologies, the implementation of which is necessary in all spheres of the national economy.

At this year exposition "Industrial Ecology - 2017" their achievements were represented by both constant participants and companies‑debutants as well. The increasing number of participants, the expansion of the products and services nomenclature shows the importance and topicality of its implementation for increasing of ecologization level, which will contribute the civilized scientific‑research progress.

The advanced systems and equipment in the sphere of industrial air purification, gas filtering and dust treatment systems, scrubbers, cyclones, devices for measuring of gas pressure and gas flow rates were represented at the stands of the companies: "Bmz Progress", "Energomashekology Consortium", "Proba", "Sates", "Mdsj Logistics Industry Machine Engineering (Turkey) and many others.

The leading market players - companies "Ecoprotection", "Eco‑MB", "Spetsenergocomplex", "Ukrgeologostrom", "Ukrecoprom" offered to the visitors services in the sphere of geodesy, geology and engineering, developments of the scientific‑technical documentation and receiving of all necessary adjustments and permissions regarding environmental protection.

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017A full range of services, including radiation treatment, a series of studies to identify radiation anomalies, radiological exploration of construction sites for residential buildings, food inspection and other objects on the content of radionuclides was presented at the stand of the permanent exhibitor - the State Scientific Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS).

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017In the framework of V International Trade Fair "Industrial Ecology" traditionally took place the "Exposition of Ecological Transport". Electro cars KIA, Nissan Leaf, BMW, charging stations, giroboards, electric motorcycles, bicycles, motorbikes and goods for sport & rest were presented on the stands of: E‑Bike, E‑line, Association EV‑UA, Blitz Auto, Electroautosam Club. Exposition increased genuine interest among the participants and visitors.

List of Participants

Thematically events traditionally took place as the part of Trade Fair:

- During the Series of Eco‑conferences "EKOtransformation" (organizer: Publishing House "Media‑Pro"): "ЕКО transformation: green modernization of production" and "Waste and recycling: 50 main questions" issues of updated and new international standards in the field of environmental management of the ISO 14000 series, criteria for state support to environmental projects and investors' proposals, waste management of electronic and electrical equipment, investment attractiveness and tariff setting in the field of waste recycling and disposal were discussed.

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017- Informational seminar "Implementation of resource‑saving and clean production in Ukraine: best practices" (organizer: "Center of resource‑saving and clean production". The programme "Resource‑saving and clean production: approaches and successful implementation at Ukrainian enterprises" were presented by representatives of the Center. The number of interesting examples of the of RICH methodology usage in order to improve the ecological state of enterprises of the industrial sector of the national economy were presented for the audience of event.

Business programme

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017For the second year in a row Ecological Investments in common with International Exhibition Centre during the Exhibition work organized the collection of used fluorescent lamps - "#Give a Lamp". The purpose of the action is to inform about the proper handling of hazardous household waste and the need for its disposal. This year, 147 kg of waste paper, 115 kg of batteries, 35 kg of small office equipment, 140 thermometers, 2067 lamps, and 2.5 kg of plastic were collected with the help of the indifferent to the ecological situation of the country.

International Trade Fair "Industrial Ecology" is the modern area for solving ecological problems that gives the opportunity for specialist to track the changes of legislation base, to obtain information concerning the last development tendencies of ecological culture at all levels, to compare and objectively evaluate market proposals.

The amount of specialists‑visitors of the abovementioned complex exhibition project (AQUA UKRAINE, CommunTech/RoadTechExpo, Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy, EuroBuildExpo, Industrial Ecology) was over 8 500, the total area was about 16 000 sq.m, having gathered under the roof of the International Exhibition Center 385 enterprises‑participants.

Together with these events the International Trade Fair "Power Engineering For Industry" was held. More than 13 000 specialists visited the large‑scale exposition, among them the management and engineering staff, specialists in environmental safety of enterprises metallurgical and machine‑building, mining and processing industries, energy, chemical and petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, agro‑industrial sectors, environmental inspections, State Committee for Consumer Goods, design, assembly, construction organizations, research organizations, other interested specialists.

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017

International Trade Fair Industrial Ecology 2017

Field of the Company’s Activity, %

Ecological enterprises and organizations


Mechanical engineering


Mettallurgy industry


Chemical industry


Food processing industry


Design and construction


Power and heat engineering


Gas and oil industry


Agricultural sector


Central and local authorities, other authorities


Scientific and educational institutions





Topics Which Were Interesting for Visitors, %

Industrial air purification


Industrial waste and recycling


Toxic and radiological waste management


Electromagnetic and radiation emissions


Environmentally technologies and production


Recycling and disposal of plastic waste


Decontamination and remediation of soil


Soundproofing, noise control