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1. Small arms and ammunition
2. Scopes, night and thermal vision devices
3. Cold steel
4. Communication devices and systems
5. Armor protection means, clothing and equipment, individual protection
6. Combat service support

1. Missile and artillery weaponry and ammunition
1.1. Tactical and short-range missiles
1.2. Field artillery
1.3. Anti-tank artillery and complexes
1.4. Artillery reconnaissance means, automated control and navigation
1.5. Anti-aircraft missile complexes and missiles
1.6. Air defense radars
1.7. Air defense operations center
2. Armored vehicles and weaponry, repair and modernization
- tanks
- infantry fighting vehicle
- weapon stations
- engines
- active protection
- mobile repair facilities
3. Unmanned aerial vehicle for ground reconnaissance
4. Electronic warfare measures
5. Means of combined arms intelligence
6. Troop command and control systems, communication facilities
7. Military vehicle, field engineering and topographic equipment
8. Radiological, chemical, and biological defense
9. Warfare environment simulator, range facilities and training aids

1. Means of investigative activity provision
2. Means of carrying out the operative-technical measures
3. Counteraction to technical reconnaissance means
4. Means of active defence
- Non-lethal weapons
- Pyrotechnics
- Irritant effect facilities
- Blinding-noise facilities
- Electroshock facilities
- Criminal motion limitation facilities
5. Criminalistic technologies
6. Inspection equipment
7. Security systems
8. Communication means and systems, automation and information protection
9. Special vehicles and other means of transport
10. Special light and audio signaling equipment
11. Systems and facilities ensuring traffic safety

1. Borderline surveillance
2. Technical means of border control
3. Coast guard ships and motorboats
4. Special vehicles and other means of transport
5. Special light and audio signalling equipment
6. Complexes of technical means of security and life-support systems for border guard authorities and their units
7. Surveillance, communication, information transmission systems and control automation used by border guard authorities

1. Aircrafts
2. Helicopters
3. Aircraft and helicopter armament
4. Unmanned aerial vehicle
5. Trainer aircrafts, training devices and simulators
6. Technical facilities for air reconnaissance, intelligence data handling system
7. Air defense radar locators
8. Air defense operations center
9. Anti-aircraft missile complexes
10. Man-dropping parachutes, cargo-ejection systems
11. Life-supporting and rescue means
12. A
erospace surveillance platform