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Official statements on the exhibition:

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Oleksandr Тurchynov
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

It is such events that stimulate the development of Ukrainian defense industry and consolidation of enterprises from different countries to address specific defense and security challenges. This exhibition is an open platform for discussions, exchange of experiences, integration and cooperation, whose goal is to create new innovative projects and modern technologies. As for the exhibits, you had an opportunity to see everything yourselves and draw your own conclusions about the magnitude and significance of the International Exhibition "Arms and Security".

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Arsen Avakov
Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

This is an event that creates great opportunities to review the latest accomplishments of scientific and design ideas in the field of military and special‑purpose equipment. Rich and diverse program of the exhibition, which includes presentations of innovative solutions, negotiations, friendly meetings, etc., is aimed at holding a direct meaningful dialogue, establishing partnerships and building business relations between the exhibitors. I am convinced that this year's edition will break new ground for the exchange of best practices, will promote the development of Ukraine's partner relations with foreign countries in combating crime, terrorism and other current challenges and threats.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Stepan Poltorak
Minister of Defense of Ukraine

This exhibition serves not just as a demonstration of achievements, but also as an opportunity for a direct dialogue between industry and military experts to work out single approach to the creation of advanced models of armaments and military equipment and vehicles. Participation in the exhibition of foreign companies will provide opportunities for an integrated approach to the application of the achievements of Ukrainian and foreign special‑purpose equipment and armaments manufacturers. Ministry of Defense of Ukraine considers this exhibition as the main demonstration platform for reviewing the advanced systems and products, which will facilitate the re‑equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with armaments, military and special‑purpose equipment that are in line with the current trends in the world defense market, as well as the expansion of mutually beneficial military and technical cooperation with participants of the event.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Yuriy Allerov
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine

The exhibition shows excellent models of Ukrainian‑made equipment, which competes and in some cases is better than foreign‑made equivalents. We had an opportunity to meet manufacturers from Europe and Asia, as well as potential clients who are ready to purchase Ukrainian military equipment. It is safe to say that the level of this exhibition is growing every year. It is very pleasant that the National Guard of Ukraine is armed with the great share of products manufactured by our country's defense companies and these products are ones of the best in the world, ensuring quality performance of military and combat tasks by the National Guard units.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Yuriy Brovchenko
Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

Today I attended the opening ceremony of the International Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2017". The magnitude of this year's event is striking. I managed not only to check with my own eyes the power of the Ukrainian defense industry, but also to communicate with international partners of Ukraine. I highly recommend this event to everyone!

From 10 to 13 of October 2017, XIV International Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2017" and XVI International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies/Firetech - 2017" took place at the International Exhibition Center. For several years now, the exhibitions are symbolically held on the eve of the Defender of Ukraine Day in a joint format.

The exhibitions were officially opened by:
Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine - Oleksandr Turchynov
Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Arsen Avakov
Minister of Defense of Ukraine - General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak
Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine - Volodymyr Omelyan
Federal Minister of Defence Production of Pakistan - Rana Tanveer Hussain
Deputy Minister of National Defense of Poland - Bartosz Kownacki
Head of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries of the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey - İsmail Demir
Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Defense of the United Arab Emirates - Major-General Abdallah A. Al Hashmi
General Director of International Exhibition Center Ltd. - Anatoliy Tkachenko

Official opening ceremony honorary participants:
Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine - Colonel-General Yuriy Allerov
Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine - Mykola Chechotkin
Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine - Yuriy Brovchenko
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine - Roman Greba
Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense - Sergiy Pashinskyi
Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine - Pavlo Degtiarenko
as well as foreign ambassadors, military attaches accredited in Ukraine and other honorary guests.

Official delegations which attended the exhibition:
1. Poland
2. Pakistan
3. Turkey
4. UAE
5. Lithuania
6. Brazil
7. Bangladesh

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017The exhibitions were covered by 173 media representatives from 112 accredited media resources, including 14 foreign media such as Jane’s Defence Weekly, Army Recognition, France Press, C4Defence, BBC News, European Security and Defence Mittler Report Verlag, TRT World, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited, Defence24.pl web portal and others

The exhibition program comprised 22 scientific and presentational events.

Joint format of the exhibitions made them a large‑scale international business and scientific event dedicated to the full range of issues of defense and security of state and society. In general, two exhibitions covered the total space of over 24 000 sq. m - 21 000 sq. m in three halls indoors and over 3 000 sq. m outdoors.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Total number of exhibitors - 425 companies, including 36 companies from 13 foreign countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, Turkey, China, Italy, Pakistan, Switzerland, UAE, USA, Israel, France, Germany).

Over 19,000 trade visitors attended the exhibition throughout its duration, including the representatives of over 100 foreign companies from approximately 50 countries. The biggest number of visitors came from Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Pakistan, Romania, China, Germany, USA and UAE.

375 companies directly participated in "Arms and Security - 2017", including 33 foreign companies from 12 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Italy, Pakistan, Switzerland, UAE, USA, Israel, France, Germany), presenting products in two main segments:
- armaments and military equipment for the army and law enforcement agencies
- weapons and related products for civilian purposes

Defense industry of Ukraine was represented in the following formats:
1. Joint expositions of organizations:
- Ukroboronprom SC - 47 companies
- League of Defense Companies of Ukraine PA - 10 companies
- Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers PA - 4 companies
2. Expositions of the relevant ministries and departments:
- Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
- Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
- Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
- Security Service of Ukraine
3. Individual booths of state-owned and private enterprises.

This year's accomplishments and achievements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine were presented by the Police Guard, State Research Institute, Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, National Academy of Internal Affairs and Science‑Industrial Association Fort.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017The booth of the Police Guard provided an opportunity to review the full range of security services, represented by the new line of police vehicles, lethal and non-lethal weapons, latest technical security means, as well as mobile response squad in full gear. Besides, Police Guard professionals provided detailed information on each type of security - both technical and physical.

State Research Institute presented the developments that would be useful for the National Police. Among the most prominent developments was a multimedia shooting gallery. According to the developers, the shooting gallery does not require significant expenses, but may be useful for shooting training of the police officers. The shooting gallery simulates the movement of a vehicle, at which point a police officer is practicing to hit the car wheels.

Besides, experts of the Research Institute jointly with K‑9 units of the National Guard of Ukraine presented a mobile trailer complex for the transportation and maintenance of dogs. This complex, which is still a prototype, will be used by the National Guard of Ukraine K‑9 units to perform military and combat missions and exercises, which involve a small number of dogs.

Odessa State University of Internal Affairs and National Academy of Internal Affairs presented their developments for application by structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Scientific-Production Association Fort presented new and improved items of small arms.

Scientific institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine showcased the results of their work on improving military equipment and gear of the Armed Forces with the best developments of Ukrainian manufacturers.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine organized an exposition of 11 higher education institutions that demonstrated scientific and technical developments for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and defense companies, which are necessary for innovation development, defense capability and economy of Ukraine. In addition, jointly with the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry held V International Scientific Conference "Challenges of coordination of military technical and defense industry policies in Ukraine. Prospects of development of armament and military equipment".

Ukroboronprom SC presented the biggest exposition displaying 168 exhibits developed by 46 enterprises of the Concern, including high‑profile public premieres: modernized armored vehicles, radars, various types of armaments and joint developments with foreign partners.

The logical follow‑up of the foundation of the League of Defense Companies of Ukraine during the last year's exhibition "Arms and Security - 2016" was the participation of this organization in the exhibition this year. Joint booth of the League gathered 12 member companies that presented the whole variety of products for the military, from personal protection means to heavy armored vehicles.

Another joint debuting booth was the one of the Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers, which comprised 4 companies.

Foreign segment of the exhibition was marked by the national pavilions of Poland and Pakistan, while considerable number of companies from Turkey and China exhibited individually. Besides, booths of companies from 10 more countries (listed above) presented their products to international audience.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017A prominent exhibitor of this year was the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Poland, which showcased full‑scale model of KRAB self‑propelled howitzer. Growing presence of our neighbors indicates that they clearly understand the needs of Ukraine in modernizing and increasing the firepower of artillery units.

Additionally, Polish defense industry was represented by the joint booth of the Polish defense concern PGZ, which has been successfully cooperating with the defense industry of Ukraine for a long time. PGZ top managers, led by the President of the Management Board Błażej Wojnicz, discussed with the Ukrainian side the possibility of further deepening of cooperation and intensifying joint projects in the fields of R&D, ground and missile systems.

Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia and Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze N1 also presented noteworthy products for the modernization of air defense systems and Mi-family transport helicopters. Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze N2 presented DragonFly UAV designed to neutralize armored personnel carriers and infantry combat vehicles. PGZ also showcased a wide range of small arms with a wide range of ammunition.

Republic of Pakistan debuted in the exhibition with the national pavilion, with Defence Export Promotion Organizaion (DEPO) being its organizer. Exhibitor companies - Heavy Industries Taxila and Fighter Tactical Gear - demonstrated models of Al‑Khalid and Al‑Zarrar tanks, Mohafiz armored vehicle, and special‑purpose and personal protective equipment.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Another newcomer nation was Turkey with 7 defense companies exhibiting at the event, including world‑famous Aselsan, Roketsan, BMC Otomotiv, Ares Shipyard and Repkon. This indicates that Ukraine and Turkey are strengthening ties in defense and military cooperation. We have common interests in satellite technology, diesel engines, ballistic missile engines and cruise missiles.

Manufacturers from China have increased their presence at the exhibition. 3 out of 4 companies debuted at this year edition: The first one is Beijing Automation Control Equipment Institute (BACEI) is a subsidiary of CASIC, the aerospace conglomerate responsible for China’s hightech killer drones. It isn’t too surprising for BACEI, whose specialty is avionics and sensors, to deepen its ties in Ukraine’s military‑industrial sector since Beijing and Kyiv do have plans for joint production of aircraft parts.

Another newcomer was state‑owned firm Changchun Weihong Dongguang Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. which is not connected to China’s big military conglomerates and has almost a half century’s worth of experience in manufacturing parts for the aerospace sector. Its current specialties are capacitors for circuit boards used in avionics and control systems.

Jiangsu Linry Innovation Material Technology and an already regular exhibitor Beijing Trueguard hope to corner the protective clothing market in Ukraine, given the strong demand by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies in bulletproof vests and kevlar helmets over the last few years.


Booths with weapons for civilian use (hunting, sports, cold and collection weapons) traditionally enjoyed the great deal of guests' attention. Noteworthy is the fact that virtually all Ukrainian companies engaged in the sale of civilian firearms participated in the exhibition. Accordingly, products of various brands from around the world were showcased, both in the mass market and elite exclusive segments.

Special feature of the Ibis booth was a large stand dedicated to GLOCK weapons, which have made a technological revolution in the guns' world.

STVOL booth offered visitors an opportunity to review the new models of weapons by Tikka, Rugger, Barrett, CZ, as well as to attend autograph session of legendary Tim Leatherman, creator of famous Leatherman knives and multitools, and take part in the drawing of 20 multitools.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Such Ukrainian manufacturers as Zbroyar, Stiletto Ukraine, XADO, Latek, Apikas and others also successfully presented their new products.

This year, the highlight of the Zbroyar booth were Z‑15 Sport SS 18" and Z‑008 Gen 3 Precision 26" rifles that attracted the attention of various visitors, including gun enthusiasts and weapon experts, military men and foreign specialists. Visitors of the booth had an opportunity to consult directly with leading experts, managers and designers of the company.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Stiletto Ukraine demonstrated an upgraded sniper rifle Stiletto STL‑016, which was nicknamed "Armata‑Killer" by press. The company also presented models of the advanced munitions specially designed for application by special‑purpose and army units. Besides purely military products, the company unveiled new cartridges and bullets for sports and hunting.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017XADO Concern, well‑known for gun care products, presented an already‑known heavy‑gauge long‑range rifle Snipex .50 BMG, its variation in the 12.7x108 caliber, and unveiled the new Snipex 14.5. The design of SNIPEX 14,5 provides for the maximum ease of use and affordable maintenance service and is built under bullpup configuration.

Delta Technics demonstrated four modified carbines. The company positions itself as a weapon custom studio and manufacturer of high‑precision bolt rifles for such purposes as sports, hunting and tactical application.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017TASKO Corporation showcased self‑loading sniper rifle 7ET3 12.7mm, self‑loading gun 7ET13 7.65mm and machine gun 7ET10 9x19mm.

Not only firearms were offered for the attention of civilians. The range of knives and other cutting items at the exhibition was presented by TM Boker, Cold Steel, Chris Reeve Knives, FKMD, Helle, Karesuandokniven and other well‑known brands.

And, indeed, the exhibition had a lot to offer regarding related products for hunting and outdoor activities (optics, airguns, flashlights, etc.) - both made in Ukraine and abroad.


International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017As always, considerable attention of visitors was attracted to the full‑scale models of vehicles and equipment, the total number of which constituted over 80 units this year.

One of the most popular exhibits was, indeed, self‑propelled artillery unit Krab manufactured by PGZ (Poland) with AS90 155mm/52 turret, on K9 Thunder chassis.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Ukrainian Armor unveiled 3 vehicles. The main feature of the upgraded Varta armored vehicle is the automatic combat module Iva, which greatly expands the range of capabilities of the vehicle. The module is manufactured by CheZaRa and has a modern fire control system, which includes a television camera with a double field of view, a laser rangefinder, and data processing and display devices. Presented medical version of Varta is designed for transportation of the wounded. The vehicle accommodates up to 6 sitting or up to 4 lying cases depending on the situation.

During the exhibition, the concept of another new development of the company - Novator specialized armored vehicle - was made public. Its main tasks will be surveillance and intelligence, border patrol, special missions and casualty evacuation.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Techimpex demonstrated BTR-80T and BRDM-2T variants of modernization of BTR-80 and BRDM-2, respectively, ZIL‑135LM for BM‑27 Uragan and a light tactical vehicle designed for raids by reconnaissance scouts.

Arsenal Plant presented a modernized ZSU‑23‑4 with the installed radar with digital antenna arrays, which allows to locate a target at a distance of up to 35 km, an optical tracking system for locating and tracking a target, as well as a module with 4 surface‑to‑air missiles.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017International Armored Group (UAE) showcased its popular Jaws armored vehicle. Since its unveiling in 2013, the vehicle has proven itself as a reliable transport for the peacekeepers in troubled regions of Iraq and Africa.

A-Energy presented Scat reconnaissance robot, which can be applied to transport various cargoes on the battlefield or in dangerous areas, indoor video reconnaissance, under‑vehicle inspection, search for dangerous objects, CBRN reconnaissance without risk to human life.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Robotics Design Bureau showcased RSVK-M2 "Hunter" - a robotic autonomous platform for surveillance and firing using machine guns, automatic grenade launchers, anti‑tank missile systems, cannons, etc., and is operated jointly with the guidance devices developed by the company. The platform has successfully passed a number of tests on test ranges and in the ATO zone.

KOLIBRI Boat manufacturing company presented 2 watercrafts designed for professional application by military, police, rescue teams, state institutions and industrial companies. KOLIBRI STARK PHSC‑650 VOЇN is a high‑speed patrol‑assault RIB with an aluminum hull, designed according to the National Police of Ukraine technical requirements. KOLIBRI STARK KM‑450HD is a multifunctional inflatable boat for professional operation that meets the technical requirements of the Armed Forces.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Brig Motors demonstrated BRIG RIB of the Navigator series designed for quick‑response combating of offshore crimes, detecting poachers, examining watercraft, helping border guards and rescue teams.

An important and topical issue in recent years was building of a new modern cartridge and ammunition production plant in Ukraine for military needs in accordance with NATO standards.

This year, three exhibitors showcased their solutions in this field: Speсtehnomash, Stiletto Ukraine and Tasko Corporation. The number of visitors at the booths of the above enterprises once again stressed the urgency of this matter.


Thermal Vision Technologies showcased a new system of reconnaissance and detection of optical devices "Sych 5K10" and portable device "Sych‑N 6K10". The optoelectronic system is designed for 24×7 terrain video monitoring, target location and automatic detection of camouflaged optical sighting and surveillance devices, and prevention of sniper attacks or terrorist acts at the planning stage.

Yuzhnoye State Design Office presented a new "Cyclone‑4M" launch vehicle, which is planned to be launched from the newly built cosmodrome in the Nova Scotia province in Canada. This is a two‑staged medium‑lift LV that will be manufactured in cooperation with a number of state‑owned enterprises. The LV is manufactured in cooperation with Canada as a response to the growing demand for commercial missions for launching drones, probes, satellites, etc.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Infozahyst unveiled Khortytsia‑M mobile signals intelligence unit installed on the Iveco EuroTrakker chassis. The system is designed for the assessment of the electromagnetic environment, location, detection and rapid analysis of radio signals.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Redut showcased Vidsich radar for the first time. The system effectively detects UAVs and jams navigation and control signals. The radar operates on the basis of the Doppler effect at the distance of up to 10 km and is capable of detecting even small drones due to the length of the radio wave. The deactivation of an UAV is done by blocking the operation of the drone navigation systems (GLONASS, Galileo, GPS). A special feature of the system is the use of know‑how for detecting small air targets and capability to distinguish artificial flying vehicles from birds.

Matrix UAV unveiled a new universal multi‑platform "Chimera". "Chimera‑H" is equipped with a gasoline generator, lifts 5 kg of payload and is capable of flying with it up to 3 hours. The UAV can carry bombs, serve as a signal repeater, artillery fire controller, is applied for guarding the border and monitoring the situation in the city. Another vehicle of the new line - "Chimera‑T" - receives power from the ground power unit by wires and operates as a tethered balloon.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Market‑Mats showcased a full-featured stationary Mi‑24 helicopter simulator. It is used to maintain piloting, navigation and combat skills of the flight crew of the combatant forces and cadets for Mi‑24 helicopter. It is designed to provide the possibility of effective training of flight training cadets and maintenance of the appropriate level of tactical training of the flight crews of the army aviation units, while minimizing aviation equipment resource use and reducing costs.

Ukrspetstekhnika unveiled the first Ukrainian portable anti‑UAV gun. The gun is designed to counter commercially available UAVs and may be used directly at the forefront in the combat zone, as well as, for example, for escorting army columns.

The company also showcased Polonez mobile anti‑UAV system. It is capable to detect UAVs, identify them through optical and thermal imaging devices, after which the coordinates are transmitted to an automatic combat module with a machine gun, which captures the target, tracks it, and, if necessary, destroys it. The complex is also equipped with the electronic warfare means: system of suppressing control and telemetry channels of UAVs.

Mathesis demonstrated a new‑generation situational center - an integrated software solution capable to automatically process large volumes of information coming from different sources, organize data, display results on a map, analyze and present summary results in a concise and visual form. The situation center is designed to provide information to an organization, assist in the strategic and operational planning of the structural units' activities, provide situational awareness, monitor the implementation of plans and support management decision‑making.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Spetsmontazh presented SHELD mobile shelter. The shelter is constructed and mounted on the site for two hours with the possibility of full relocation and is equipped with bunks and amenities.

Plit demonstrated Garda mobile gabion construction, which ensures the safety and preservation of soldier's life on the battlefield and during protection of important strategic objects from attacks by enemy units. Such complexes are already delivered to the ATO zone where they proved to be reliable and efficient rapidly constructed fortifications.

Adron unveiled RSP‑1U Strazh missile attack alert system. The complex is designed to detect a guided missile attack on an aircraft, alert the crew of the direction of the missile attack, as well as to automatically activate the false target system.

Armorum Solutions showcased "Shadow" signals intelligence system, medevac stretcher, as well as integrated machine gun and grenade launcher mounts. The key advantage of the company's products is that they were tested and are continuing to serve on the forefront of the ATO zone.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Pyryatynsky Delicates presented ready‑to‑eat meals in retort pouches, which are designed to be stored and consumed in the field by the military. The combat rations are developed according to NATO standards and approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Besides, the company showcased field rations for outdoor shops (daily and single‑meal rations).

Traditionally, one of the largest segments of the exhibition was gear, clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment for military and law enforcement agencies. About 40 Ukrainian manufacturers showcased both already time‑tested products and a number of new products, which attracted great interest of visitors.


During this year's edition, Ukroboronprom showcased a number of new products for the first time in Ukraine.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017One of the most prominent premieres was new‑generation air surveillance radar 80K6T developed by Iskra. This radar is capable of detecting all air objects at a distance of up to 500 km, at all altitudes, from 0 to more than 40 km, and track up to 500 targets at a time. At the same time, due to its A/S up to 70 degrees, the system allows to detect tactical and operational tactical missiles, and small‑sized and cruise missiles at low altitudes with terrain following. This radar can operate with all the anti‑aircraft missile complexes the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017This year's exhibition also saw premier demonstration of the new Strazh combat vehicle, which is the result of the joint work of Zhytomyr and Kyiv armored plants together with Artem. This latest development is designed for the fire support of tanks on the battlefield, ensuring their protection and destruction of both aerial and ground threats - from anti‑tank missile systems to enemy armored vehicles and helicopters.

Morozov Design Bureau presented a new modification of BTR‑4MB1 with significantly enhanced armor protection. BTR‑4MB1 has a new front and other structural changes aimed at improving survivability and combat effectiveness.

The new upgraded version of BTR‑4MB1 is also equipped with a new opto‑electronic sight OEP‑VN with a powerful thermal imager, coupled with a high‑precision digital fire control system. The sight was developed by Izyum Instrument‑Making Plant.

Another vehicle unveiled by Ukroboronprom was BRDM‑NIK armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle developed by Mykolayiv Armored Plant. It is a deep modernization of BRDM‑2, which is operated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Modernization efforts were mainly focused on a significant enhancement of armored protection and driving performance of the vehicle. BRDM‑NIK has reinforced armor in a completely redesigned front zone, as well as elements of slat armor, substantially increased interior volume and a robotized combat module. Besides, the vehicle is powered by IVECO diesel engine with a power output of 150hp and reinforced suspension. In addition, BRDM‑NIK is equipped with new digital radio stations that provide reliable and secure communication.

Ukroboronprom unveiled the carbine submachinegun M4 - WAC‑47, which is manufactured under the US government license and is the result of the international cooperation project. The new assault rifle is to become new firearms in accordance with NATO standards.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017The joint development of Ukroboronprom and WB Group, one of the largest private associations of the Polish defense industry - ZRN‑01 Stokrotka multiple rocket launcher - was demonstrated for the first time in Ukraine. The system is designed to detect and destroy ground targets, from infantry to shelters, as well as for destroying air targets, primarily unmanned aerial vehicles. For this purpose, Stokrotka is equipped with a modern target detection system, which includes Ukrainian‑made radar and Polish‑made optical devices and a digital fire control system. Target detection system can detect even small unmanned vehicles, including those made of "transparent" composite materials, at a distance of about 10 km. The multiple rocket launcher carries Ukrainian‑made Artem RS‑80P unguided missiles.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Progress unveiled its development - Karasuk, a new high‑precision shell. Karasuk is a "smart weapon" sample, which provides maximum probability of destroying a target with a first shot at a range of up to 12 km. Using semi‑active laser guidance contributes to maximum strike accuracy achieved throughout the range of the distance of the shot.

It is possible to use both ground laser designator rangefinders and those mounted on UAVs for guidance of Karasuk. This ensures effective destruction of protected control and communications centers, bridges, crossings, strongholds, enemy artillery and other targets.

Artillery Armament Design Bureau developed and mastered the production of KBA40 23mm barrels for anti‑aircraft mount ZU‑23‑2 (2A13). KBA40 will quickly replace similar Soviet barrels that are currently used in AA mounts ZU‑23‑2, which have proven to be an effective means of destroying both air and land targets. At the same time, Ukroboronprom enterprises are developing combat modules using KBA40 barrels for equipping Ukrainian armored vehicles.

Mobile mortar complex Bars‑8MMK, developed by Ukroboronservice, demonstrated its capabilities at the outdoor space. The system is equipped with 120‑mm mortar and is designed for ground units fire support under conditions of modern maneuvering war. It takes only 30 seconds to bring the complex to combat readiness condition and 20 seconds to leave the position after the last shot.


Meeting of the delegations of the Ministry of Defence Production of Pakistan and National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Federal Minister of Defence Production of Pakistan, Rana Tanveer Hussain, along with other members of the Pakistani delegation, met with Oleg Gladkovskyi, First Deputy of the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine. The parties discussed new ways to deepen bilateral relations, especially in the field of defense production, and a number of other important issues of mutual interest. Rana Tanveer Hussain noted that bilateral ties between the defense industries of both countries have been strengthening for twenty years, and called to further develop this cooperation.

Signing of key agreements between companies and government departments of Ukraine and Turkey
International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Turkish company Aselsan and Spetstechnoexport signed an additional package of documents related to the delivery of Turkish‑manufactured VHF tactical communication systems to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the amount of $43,635 million. The relevant agreement for the supply of Turkish communication equipment against the state guarantee of the government of Ukraine was signed between Spetstechnoexport and Aselsan within the framework of the visit of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Ukraine. Deliveries will be made in 2018. In addition, Aselsan signed an agreement on the purchase of communication equipment with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Spetstechnoexport also signed an agreement with another leader of the Turkish defense industry - Roketsan. The document concerns the joint development of reactive armor for tanks. From the Ukrainian side, the agreement was signed by Deputy Director Vladislav Belbas, from Turkish side the signature was put by the Chairman of the Board Emin Alpman.

Signing of a memorandum of cooperation between "Ukroboronprom" and Lithuanian Association of Security and Defense Industry
International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Ukroboronprom and Lithuanian Defense and Security Industry Association (LDSIA) signed a key memorandum aimed at fostering cooperation between defense companies from the two countries. This document is the basis for the creation of joint projects for ensuring the defense capability of Ukraine and Lithuania. Denys Gurak, Ukroboronprom's Deputy Director General for Foreign Economic Activity, and Rosvaldas Gorbaciovas, Director of LDSIA, signed the memorandum.

Signing of this document became another step in strengthening the cooperation of Ukroboronprom with defense enterprises and organizations of NATO member countries, which is a strategic task for Ukraine's integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Signing a memorandum of cooperation between "Plant 410 CA and Rockwell Collins
International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Plant 410 Civil Aviation and the leading American corporation Rockwell Collins, specializing in manufacture and development of digital and electronic systems for aviation, as well as other avionics, signed a memorandum of cooperation. Avionics produced by Rockwell Collins meets the highest international standards, allowing Plant 410 CA to use advanced American technology for aircraft repair and modernization.

The memorandum was signed by Viktor Han’kevych, Director of Plant 410 CA, and Didier Perrin, Senior Director Marketing, Sales and Support, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Rockwell Collins.

Announcement of signing of a contract for the purchase of new BTR-4E by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
As announced by the Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak on the opening day, a contract for the purchase of BTR-4E of the latest modernization will be signed upon the end of the exhibition. Besides, according to the Minister, there were changes made to the state defense order in 2017, and it is planned to significantly increase orders of Stugna, Corsair and other anti-tank missile systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Presentation of the General Advanced Research and Development Agency - GARDA
International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017In the framework of the exhibition, scientific conference "Challenges of coordination of military technical and defense industry policies in Ukraine. Prospects of development of armament and military equipment" took place. It was attended by representatives of Ukroboronprom, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Armed Forces of Ukraine and other states, including NATO countries.

According to Denys Gurak, Deputy General Director of Ukroboronprom, all the advanced achievements that are now forming the future world receive only the first impulse from the state, which is a signal for private business to provide investment. It is this combination of state support, private capital and scientific thought that allows to obtain breakthrough technologies. To implement such a concept, Ukroboronprom initiates the GARDA platform, which borrows the best practices of the American DARPA. The creation of GARDA is related to the Euro‑Atlantic course of Ukraine and the transformation of Ukroboronprom. Its goal is to combine advanced scientific thought, investment, technology exchange mechanisms, and their protection.

Meeting of SkyWideSystems with the military delegation from Iraq and Adron
SkyWideSystems booth was attended by the military attache of the Republic of Iraq, Brigadier General Mohammad Shanshul Kasem, together with Ukrspetsexport representatives. During the meeting, the parties discussed the matter of training the Iraqi Air Force riggers in Ukraine, as well as the possibility of supply of emergency parachute systems to the air crew of AN‑32 squadron. There were also negotiations held on designing of cargo parachute systems to deliver cargo up to 500 kg suitable for AAD application. In addition, the company discussed the possibility of applying the GPS complex of the aerodynamic guidance system ADROS BAU‑01K in parachuting cargo systems for cargo dropping at given coordinates with Adron top managers.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017Autograph session of the legendary Tim Leatherman
Extraordinary hype was caused by the autograph session of the multitool creator and founder of Leatherman company - Tim Leatherman. It was organized by STVOL on the second day of the exhibition. Those who attended the company booth had an opportunity to engrave an autograph on a blade or a handle of their own knife or a multitool with a laser.

Presentation of the second edition of the Ukrainian Private-Sector Defense Industries Directory
International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2017The second edition of the Ukrainian Technologies: Ukrainian Private-Sector Defense Industries Directory was presented during the exhibition by Defense Express Media and Consulting Company. Besides Defense Express, the Directory was co‑authored by the team of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and includes 76 Ukrainian private companies involved in the strengthening of Ukraine's defense capability.

Arms and Security - 2017 served as a display of the power and defense capabilities of Ukraine, pointed out that Ukrainian exhibitors comprise a good symbiosis of state and private enterprises that are already able to meet the modern requirements of the world's arms market, and emphasized the interest of foreign players in cooperation with Ukrainian partners and clients.

We invite everyone to participate in the next
XV International Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2018"
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