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VІІ International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo-2016» took place on November 8-10, 2016 in the International Exhibition Centre (Brovarsky Ave., 15, Livoberezhna underground station, Kiev, Ukraine) that traditionally held in a context of thematically related International Trade Fair «CommunTech».

These exhibition projects are focused on comprehensive improvement of human settlements of our country, including: design of roads and objects of road service, construction, repair and maintenance of roads and streets, enhance traffic safety, improving transport accessibility not only in urban but also rural areas, the development of car tourism.

Road maintenance – the responsible and constant process that requires of re-equipment of road and communal vehicles, up-to-date engineering development to ensure convenient movement, compliance with external lighting with energy efficient lighting, etc.

The first step of familiarization with the exposition
was open ground in front of the exhibition hall

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2016It is known that one of the primary guaranties of creation the roads of European level high-quality materials for the production of which requires high-tech equipment. Among the interesting novelties of this year – new installations (asphalt mixing and concrete mixing), close to the best world samples, which were presented by Kremenchuk plant of road machines («Kredmash») to real assembly. In the opinions of the representative of the plant, during the exhibition the installations were visited by nearly 1,000 professionals in the field of road construction, representatives of communal services of cities of Ukraine, the commercial entities involved in road construction.

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2016With the advantages of lifting equipment, essential for any construction, advised by the specialists of the company «World of manipulators» (Vinnytsia). Crane-manipulator – is a great assistant in the work of communal services, motor car enterprises, construction companies, forestry, etc., as evidenced by a professional interest in this device.

A variety of machines, equipment, products, services presented at «RoadTechExpo» and «CommunTech» expositions, provided an opportunity to obtain maximum information of almost all elements of the process, associated with the improvement and development of the condition of the road network: from the setting stage of designing of any complexity infrastructure objects, including highways, streets, bridges («Integrated Construction Design Institute»), ensure road enterprises equipment and materials for road construction taking into account the best world experience in this field – manufacture of asphalt mixing and concrete mixing installations (Kredmash Service), development and implementation of automated control systems of technological processes for the road construction industry (Information Systems, Scientific - Technical Centre) to create comfortable and safe traffic conditions. It is – special purpose vehicles, systems of traffic control, high-quality lighting etc.

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2016A wide variety of different types of equipment, presented by domestic manufacturers and representative offices at the exhibition, useful for construction and repair works, and to maintain proper technical condition of roads and associated areas: «Budshlyahmash», «Kriukovsky Railway Car Building Works», «Globus Auto», «Construction Machinery», «M.А.C. Machinery», «Volvo Ukraine», «ETC», «Technovector», «Promagroleasing‑Ukraine», «Amkodor‑Ukrospetsmash», TMT‑CO GmbH and others.

To create the road network conditions for fast, convenient and safe road traffic and pedestrians, the engineered features are constantly being improved, demonstrated by companies: «SEA Company», «Rostok‑Elekom», «Atilos», «Swarco Ukraine» and others.

For anybody not a secret that traffic safety is strongly influenced by the level of light of roads. Led street lights provide great visibility even under the difficult environmental conditions (rain, snow, fog). Precisely such products were presented at the booths: «Poligon‑Auto», LEDsvit, «Svetiled», «Sky Aero Service».

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International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2016Simultaneous conducting of International Trade Fairs of the related topics: «EuroBuildExpo», «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», «AQUA UKRAINE», «Industrial Ecology», «Power Engineering for Industry» on the total area of nearly 16 000 sq.m., promoted not only increasing the number of visitors (more than 12000), as well as expansion of its branch structure.

About the professional direction of «RoadTechExpo» and «CommunTech» Trade Fairs shows the target audience visitors, consisting of officials of government agencies, chairmen of regional and district state administrations, mayors of cities and settlements of Ukraine, managing staff of road services (incl. «Kyivavtodor») and municipal enterprises, road maintenance office, particularly specialists, with the authority for purchase of products, interested professionals of the related industries, representatives of state and commercial enterprises.

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2016

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2016

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2016

Field of the Company’s Activity, %

Road sector


Construction and project


Machine building


Provision of road infrastructure


Central and local authorities, other authorities


Scientific and educational institutions


Social organizations





Topics Interesting to Visitors, %

Road-building machines and technologies


Utility-cleaning technique


Lighting equipment for roads, streets, highways


Traffic Safety


Asphalt plants


Elevating & transport equipment


Materials for road construction