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VI International Trade Fair «RoadTechExpo - 2015», devoted to complex improvement and development of road and transport infrastructure, took place on November 10-13 in Kyiv in International Exhibition Centre (15, Brovarsky Ave., Livoberezhna underground station, Kyiv, Ukraine). It is annually takes place at the same platform with International Trade Fair «CommunTech».

Ukraine's integration to world's economy requires modernization of road industry in general, which in turn presupposes constant maintenance of highways and streets in a proper condition, implementation of modern means of traffic safety, applying of automated management systems of traffic flows, etc.

Combination of these thematically related exhibitions - «RoadTechExpo» and «CommunTech» allows to represent machinery, equipment and materials for city economy and street - road network in particular.

Keeping steps with time, participants represented various products, made considering the latest world tendencies: for economical use of energy resources - LED traffic lights and lightning equipment, sound notification devices for disabled people, hardware and software complexes for traffic management automation, DE-icing reagents for using in city line and in motorways for fighting with ice-crusted ground during winter period. Among the machinery novelties - road car KrAZ for removing snow from road and its simultaneous sprinkling with DE-icing coatings.

Special machinery for road maintenance was successfully demonstrated at the stands of enterprises:
AvtoKrAZ, Construction Machinery, Agromarket+, Truck - Volvo, Budshlyakhmash, Globus - Auto, Amkodor - Ukrospetsmash and others. Presented samples arouse visitors' interest, among them were heads of city administrations, highways, communal enterprises, as well as engineers and mechanics of operating organizations.

Developments for traffic management, intelligent management systems, innovative software were represented by domestic manufacturers and representatives at their stands: Atilos, Rostok - Elekom, Swarco Traffic Systems GmbH.

Projects of United Nations Development Program in Ukraine (UNDP)
were for the first time represented at Trade Fair «CommunTech»:

«Transformation in the direction of energy efficient lightning» aims to create conditions for accelerating the transition to modern energy efficient lightning technologies, which can lead to saving of electricity throughout the country and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Working in 170 countries of the world, UNDP offers solutions and global vision of problems considering specifics of local development and helps countries to withstand the crisis, develop and support economic growth. Partnership of UNDP with national, regional and local institutions has become catalyst of adoption laws and strategies for integration of Ukraine with world processes.

List of participants

Visitors of Trade Fairs «RoadTechExpo» and «CommunTech» also had an opportunity to get acquainted with the wide range of products, represented at the exhibitions, which at the same time took place under the roof of International Exhibition Centre: XIІI International Water Forum «AQUA UKRAINE» (water preparation, water supply, water removal, sewage treatment, engineering networks), VIII International Trade Fair «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy» (energy efficient and energy saving technologies in power engineering, industry, construction, housing and communal services, agro - industrial complex), V International Trade Fair «EuroBuildExpo» (residential and industrial building, materials and constructions), ІІI International Trade Fair «Industrial Ecology» (industrial and hazardous waste treatment, industrial emissions purification, environmental monitoring), XII International Agroindustrial Trade Fair «AGROFORUM» (agricultural machinery, modern technologies in plant growing, animal and poultry breeding).

At present large-scale exposition of abovementioned exhibition events, which occupied nearly 13000 m2, over 352 enterprises demonstrated their achievements for various branches of national economy. They represented products of 18 countries of the world (Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA).

Trade Fairs «RoadTechExpo» and «CommunTech» once again became the demonstration platform with new products and machinery for road industry needs. Applying of these developments, certainly, should contribute to qualitative road maintenance, road constructions, elements of road equipment: maintenance of their technical condition, timely conducting of necessary seasonal road works, improvement of traffic safety ensuring.

Target audience of the visitors - the heads of government and executive authorities, in particular profile specialists of appropriate departments of Kyiv City State Administration, management board of the capital and regional road and communal services, road operational governments, representative of small and medium business, foreign specialists indicate the importance, topicality and high professional level of abovementioned exhibition events.

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2015

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2015

International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2015

Field of the Company’s Activity, %

Road sector


Construction and project


Machine building


Provision of road infrastructure


State authorities


Scientific and educational institutions


Social organizations





Topics Interesting to Visitors, %

Road-building machines and technologies


Utility-cleaning technique


Elevating & transport equipment


Materials for road construction


Traffic Safety


Lighting equipment for roads, streets, highways