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On the 11-14 April 2013 the XIII International Specialized Trade Fair “Universe of Beauty and Health” was held in the territory of the “International Exhibition Centre”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
International Exhibition Centre.
Venue: International Exhibition Centre (Brovarsky Ave 15, Kyiv, Ukraine).

The exhibitors presented a wide range of products from Ukraine, Belarus, Great Britain, Vietnam, India, Israel, Italy, Russia, the USA, France, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland and Japan.

Beauty and health is closely interrelated and depends only on us. To be beautiful and healthy, we need to make some effort. Beauty industry professionals help us. There are producers and distributors of cosmetics, masters of nail care, make-up artists, hairdressing masters and many others.

You could view the wide range of products and services for health and beauty at the exhibition “Universe of Beauty and Health’2013”.

Cosmetics for Face and Body

Today the necessity of eco-friendly, organic, no harmful products is particularly acute. At the exhibition cosmetic companies, to keep pace with the times, demonstrated high quality natural cosmetics, created on the basis of extracts of medicinal plants and gifts of the sea. Modern cosmetics is the unique combination of restored recipes of nature and the latest advances in cosmetology.

Beauty products that were capable of neutralizing the negative impact of environmental factors and prolong youth, were presented by TM ATHENA'S (Italy) - organic cosmetics, based on argan and olive oil, shea butter, aloe vera extracts and flowers bach.

TM Dr.NONA, TM HLAVIN, TM Mon Platin presented cosmetic from Israel based on the Dead Sea minerals that is popular all over the world and in Ukraine.

TM FLUIDS is manufactured in Ukraine and it is known by its natural herbal deodorant. The trademark enriched with a new product - the "green" cream with amber and gold leaf.

The product of the third generation, the natural cosmetic cream Elicina (Chile) - the only original cream of the Chilean snail extract, which consists entirely of natural organic substances became the novelty of the exhibition was.

Alushta Ether-Oil Farm-Factory offered visitors 100% natural products by its own production to support beauty and health: essential oils, cosmetic balms, salt, herbal teas.

“Biopharma” Ltd has got the exclusive right for selling of the ayurvedic cosmetics and oil in Ukraine. Ayurvedic cosmetics contains only natural vegetable oils, herbs and minerals.

Online shops of natural cosmetics “Mladna”, “Health Gift” are pleased to offer a range of beautiful, fragrant, handmade cosmetics for body and face care.

For the first time at the exhibition visitors could see professional cosmeceutics of TM KleoDerma. TM KleoDerma is the innovative injection - free anti - age therapy.

The representative in Ukraine of the International cosmetic - pharmaceutical holding “Kosmoteros Group” (France, Switzerland, Russia) is the constant participant of the exhibition “Universe of Beauty and Health”. It presented the new developments in the field of health and beauty: professional wellness - cosmetics, ampoule phytocosmetics and other products.

Cosmetics for body care (UK, the USA) from the company “Mirt Group” had success among visitors as usual.

Decorative Cosmetics

The decorative cosmetics Cinecitta Make Up (Italy) was represented on the exhibition for the first time. There were decorative cosmetic products for professional make-up artists, stylists, television, photography, cinematography, beauty salons.

On the stand of the Style Studio “Terra Viva” it was possible to achieve impressive results from makeup with cosmetics Cinecitta. “Terra Viva” prepares masters - make-up artists and stylists for 10 years. The professionals of the Style Studio "Terra Viva" helped the visitors to achieve the impressive results with makeup by means of cosmetics Cinecitta. For 10 years the studio has prepared the masters - make-up artists and stylists who are among the best in their craft today.

Hair Care

Beautiful hair for women is the best natural decoration, the sign of beauty and femininity, their business card. The company “Irida - Ukraine” demonstrated the innovative product of the Russian producers TM “Horse Power”. The shampoo “Horse Power” is known as a secret of stars for strong and beautiful hair.

On the stands of the companies “Human Hair”, the Salon of Nataly Korol the visitors had the opportunity to get the advice and services on hair extensions, to learn about fashion trends in this direction and buy wigs, accessories and with their help to change the hairstyle in a few seconds.

Products for Nail Industry

The companies “Ostraya Gran”, the Manicure Acedemy of Irina Amrosieva “Useful Things”, the Studio PhotoNailArt presented quality instruments, current trends and techniques in the art of manicure.

Interesting novelty from Europe was the technology PhotoNailArt that allowed to create any images on your nails in a few minutes! Thanks PhotoNailArt every woman can choose from thousands designs that were created by the computer with photographic clarity and quality.

The wide range of products for preserving youth, beauty and health was also presented by the following companies: “Ecovista” - sale of ecologically friendly products for home, Nuga Best, Imex - Trade Co., Ltd. - massage equipment for the prevention and recovery of health, SPA SHOP, SPC “RIZ”, MARY KAY and many other.

The Pharmaceutical Company NATURES ONLY (the USA), which appeared on the Ukrainian market in March this year, presented its natural products for health maintenance at the exhibition.

Beauty salons come to help us to support our body to stay young, to create a perfect and stylish image, just to treat us. The beauty salon “Jazz” presented its services for the first time at the exhibition. Traditionally the salon network “LONDA” participated in “Universe of Beauty and Health”. Annually leading masters and stylists show their hairdressing in practice.

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The Contest of Wedding and Evening Style, that is held in the framework of the exhibition every year, is an organic addition of the exhibition’s image and it is a bright memorable accent.

The participants of the competition (hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists) had to create a harmonious image corresponding to the current trends of wedding and evening fashion. Participation in the Contest provides the opportunity for practicing masters to demonstrate their style and skills, to be aware of new products of the professional field, to expand professional horizons, and for beginners - the unique chance to express themselves, to get the professional assessment of their work, learn from someone who is more experienced.

All the participants were awarded with diplomas and useful gifts from the prize partner of the exhibition – ТМ Cinecitta Make Up.

More about the contest

The annual exhibition “Universe of Beauty and Health” is the opportunity for participants to present their products and services directly to the end consumer, and guests of the show, to check out the new products on the Ukrainian market or purchase products.