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WEDDING & Graduation Party – 2013

April 11 – 14, 2013

Kyiv, International Exhibition Centre, 15 Brovarsky Avenue

From 11 to 14 April at the International Exhibition Center the key event of the wedding industry – XIII International specialized trade fair "WEDDING & Graduation Party-2013" was held. Once more the exhibition confirmed the high status of the most prestigious event of our country as for professionals of wedding business of all directions, so for the future newlyweds and graduates. Days of "WEDDING & Graduation Party–2013" holding have become the epicenter of the bright wedding and festive events, business negotiations and meetings.

For thirteen years International Exhibition Centre (IEC) has kept the leading position of the organizer of the largest and most prestigious exhibition in Ukraine. Thanks to the annual tradition of the date and venue, representative structure of the participants, abundance of the exposition, number of visitors "WEDDING & Graduation Party" is considered the Main Wedding Exhibition of the State.

For years of "WEDDING & Graduation Party" holding the trade fair has won the recognition of exhibitors and visitors, as well as a wide range of wedding professionals. The permanent participants, as well as the independent experts estimate the fair project as the most effective for the brand companies that occupy the leading position in the Ukrainian market of wedding products and services, and for new players that wish to demonstrate their creativity and actively developing their business.

On April 11 within the framework of the exhibition the press conference "The Topical Issues of the Wedding Industry Development, wedding trends - 2013" was held with the participation of Olena Zabirnyk (President of the Wedding Association of Ukrainian), Ivan Gorodetsky (master, “Gorodetskiy Event Agency”), Olga Sumska (national actress of Ukraine), Yuri Kot (master, Agency "All For You"), Alina Kozachenko (wedding image stylist, fashion expert), Oksana Polonets (Ukrainian designer of wedding and evening dresses), Marin Guralyuk (TM “Maxima”).

At the ceremonial opening of the trade fair "WEDDING & Graduation Party-2013" organizers greeted the participants and guests of the event and wished fruitful work at the exhibition, interesting and useful meetings, new contacts, successful sales and good shopping. Congratulations on the opening of the exhibition of the Ukrainian famous masters, singers and actors (Olga Sumska, Arthur Bosso, Olexandr Sinyutin, Yuri Gorbunov, Taya Kalatay, Vasily Bondarchuk, Marysia Gorobets, Lilia Rebryk, Yuri Kot, Lyubava Greshnova, Igor Posypaiko, Gregory Reshetnyk, Natalia Valevska) were broadcast over the teleconference bridge.

This year the exhibition exceeded the parameters of the past years in the exhibition area, the level of the stand presentations, and of course, the number of visitors. Professionals, numerous visitors could learn about the latest wedding and evening fashion, exclusive services of the celebration organizers, wedding agencies, photo and video studios, author's handmade products, beauty salons, florists, interior designers, restaurateurs, confectioners and transport companies. The wide range of products and services for the wedding and prom festivities preparation was represented by 165 companies on the area about 3500 sq.m.

The manufacturers and official distributors of wedding and evening dresses, wedding salons demonstrated the latest developments of domestic designers, innovations of European fashion. New trademarks and already known brands have been presented by the following Ukrainian and foreign companies: Wedding salons “Grand Ajour”, “Natali - Moda”, “Victoria Bride”, “Hadassa”, “Apilat”, “Natalia Wedding Style”, “Lounge and Bridal”, “Amelin”, “Angel”, “Jasmine Empire”, “Verenea”, “Malena Lux”, TM “Victoria Maksymchuk”, TM “MAXIMA”, ТМ DARLING, ТМ LOVE STORY, Fashion house “Yunona”, Design Studio of Oksana Polonets, the company from Russia “Gabbiano”, Belarus salons “Tiana”, “Otrada”, etc.

The shows of the wedding dresses from the Center for Wedding, Evening and Children's Clothes “Natali - Moda” (collection "Chocolate Passion") and the School of Slavonian Fashion “Otrada” (collection "Ognetsvet") were the decoration of the exhibition.

The range of services from "A" to "Z" to organize and conduct the wedding celebration on the professional level was demonstrated by the wedding agencies, studios of celebrations, creative workshops (“Gorodetskiy Event Agency”, “Iventis”, “Grand Events”, “Tango”, “Wedding Time”, “Artmaxima”, “Guliay Dusha”, “Maryville”, “Diamond Show”, “St. Valentine’s”, etc.).

Decor of the wedding interior with flowers, fabric drapes, bows, balloons, ribbons, all kinds of accessories, candles and painted glasses, arches for outdoor registrations, bouquets and boutonnieres were presented by such decorators and florists as Design studio “Aquarel”, TM “Comfort”, “Studio RA”, “Show Centre”, “Amrita Leni”, “Meggi Bloom”, “Fantasy Land”, etc.).

The wedding photographers and videographers – exhibitors gave the splendid opportunity to the visitors to learn their photo and video works, estimate the style and professional level. Among them are photo and video studios that occupy leading position in the Ukrainian market of photo and video services and also new players of the market: “Dedkoff Production Studio”, “16on9”, “Denisfilm”, “Flycam Production”, Photo studio “Krik”, “LaedomStudio”, “Qvision Production Studio”, “Taras - studio”, “Karaban Studio”, “Photo Studio of Igor Seeman”, Volodymyr Volnikov, Dmytro Sobokar, Valery Veduta, Maria Smeshkova, Taras Ulianchenko and others.

Shows of wedding fashion, staged weddings, various workshops for companies operating in that sector, the business forum for the professionals of the wedding industry, seminars for brides were were in the exhibition program. Also at the exhibition there was the Contest of the Wedding and Evening Style for the wedding stylists (hairdressers, makeup artists).

Once again the organizers of the exhibition "WEDDING & Graduation Party-2013" with the help of Igor Seemann (photographer, member of the Association of Ukrainian Wedding Photographers) held the Contest of Wedding Photography. At the exhibition they named three winners of the contest. In the category of "On-line Voting" the talented young photographer Taras Ulianchenko became the winner, the permanent exhibitor Taras Omelchenko (“Taras - Studio”) won in the public voting. Dmitry Sobokar (winner of the Wedding Photography Contest 2012) was unanimously named as the winner of the third category “Voting of the Jury”. The winners of three categories of the contest were awarded by valuable prizes from the organizers and also from the media partners of the exhibition.

The organizers hold the contest annually, hoping thus to involve many highly skilled professionals that are able to demonstrate the high level of professionalism and good taste. We are always interested in discovering new names and noticing the growing skill level of the contest participants on the one hand and on the other hand in observing the strong attention of the community of professional photographers and the large audience of visitors to this event.

During all days of the exhibition there was the real show with all his characteristic attributes on the stage: the performances of dance and music groups, contests, focuses, special effects. The best representatives of the new generation of event organizers such as the talented actor and showman Ivan Gorodetsky (“Gorodetsky Event Agency”) and Olena Zabirnyk (Wedding Agency "Iventis") who is well - known throughout professional circles organized and held that spectacular super - show, invited brilliant performers, music stars that were recognized in Ukraine and also new stars. Dignified professional, extraordinary and thoughtful interpreter, modern and stylish Ivan Gorodetsky was the main master of the exhibition show program.

During different days of the exhibition holding among the stars that performed in the show program there were the famous professional masters Yuriy Kot, Bogdan Tryboy, Max Yurchenko, Taras Gasan, Yuriy Myroshnichenko; pop stars Roman Bondarchuk, show - ballet “Respect”, Torry Joy, the group “Lemon”, bayan duet “Real Brothers”, Naty Mulyar & Rumores Band, Sergiy Ulashev, dance groupe “Ja Suria”, Olga Zemlianska, cover band “Real Band”, ballet “Déjà vu”, Arthur Bosso, Yevgen Khmara, the winner of the show Voice of the Country Ivan Ganzera,  the finalist of the show “Ukraine Got the Talent” Emin Samedly.

International Exhibition Centre expresses its appreciation to the partners, who decorated and equipped the scene, exhibition pavilion, recreation area, made qualitative photo and video of the exhibition due to their efforts and skills:

1. Scene:
- At the exhibition 2013 thanks to the efforts of Ivan Gorodetsky and his creative skills, as well as the partners of “Gorodetskiy Event Agency” the visitors and participants were presented the new design of the scene using LED canvases.

2. Decoration and Design of the exhibition, recreation areas, the area for the contest of the photography:
- Company “Show-Centre”;
- “Studio RA” (decoration by fabrics);
- Design studio “Aquarel” (wedding floristics);
- Company “Didzher Effects” (setting of the fountain, special effects).

3. Shooting:
- Dedkoff Production Studio (photo and video support of the exhibition);
- Volodymyr Volnikov (photo).

4. Sound, light:
- DJ Davay Brothers (light devices);
- One Music (professional sound equipment).

Wide advertising campaign with the support of the General information partner of the exhibition - the magazine “Zhenikh & Nevesta”, the General Internet partner of the exhibition Wedding.ua, the official media partner “Wedding Magazine”, the exclusive Internet partner Yanevesta.com, the exclusive media partner “Vasha Svadba” and numerous professional publications, Internet portals, radio stations, television and news agencies allowed the wide range of professionals and entrepreneurs, whose business is directly related to the wedding industry, as well as future newlyweds and graduates to learn the full range of wedding products and services.

Statistical analysis of the visitors “WEDDING & Graduation Party – 2013”

WEDDING & Graduation Party – 2013

During the days of the event more than 6500 guests attended the exhibition (among them 2470 are the specialists) from Ukraine and near abroad countries:
- specialists of wedding business - 38%;
- representatives of civil registry offices - 2%;
- representatives of commercial structures - 8%;
- newlyweds, graduates - 52%.

For years of holding the exhibition became the significant event in Ukraine, reflecting the new trends in wedding and evening fashion, the level of the wedding services market development. Moreover, the most important achievement of our work is the fact that at own exhibition area, we have consolidated the best companies of the Ukrainian and foreign wedding industry, have created favorable conditions for the participants to present the wedding product and expand the business ties. Despite the slight interference of exhibition clones short - term existence that simulate the project “WEDDING & Graduation Party”,  the authority of our exhibition activity remains consistently high.

The organizers of the project invite interested organizations and companies to cooperate and participate in the XIV International specialized trade fair “WEDDING & Graduation Party – 2014” which will be held at the International Exhibition Centre from 10 to 13 April 2014.