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WEDDING & Graduation Party – 2012

19 – 22 April 2012
Kiev, International Exhibition Centre, 15 Brovarskoy Avenue

International Exhibition Centre (IEC) is the only organizer of the biggest and brightest wedding exhibition in Ukraine that has managed to establish an annual tradition of dates and venue of the exhibition project, to consolidate the best professionals of the wedding industry on its own area for 12 years.

From 19 till 22 April at the International Exhibition Center the Main Wedding Exhibition of the State was held. XII International specialized trade fair "WEDDING & Graduation Party - 2012" confirmed once more the high status of the most prestigious event in Ukraine as for professionals of wedding business of all directions, so for the future newlyweds and graduates. Days of "WEDDING & Graduation Party - 2012" holding have become the epicenter of the wedding and festive events, business negotiations and meetings.

By the exhibition brand "Wedding. Family Vernissage. World of Fashion" the event has been known since 2001. The recognition of exhibitors, visitors, a wide range of wedding professionals was won.
NEW 2012 was marked by the significant event - rebranding of the exhibition. An individual image of the new brand "WEDDING & Graduation Party" was created.

On April 19 at 12.30 the festive opening ceremony of the XIІ International specialized trade fair "WEDDING & Graduation Party - 2012" took place. Opening the event the President of "International Exhibition Center" Ltd. Viktor Tkachenko noted the positive dynamics of development of the exhibition, which exceeded the figures of the previous years on the number of participating companies and occupied area. At the exhibition in 2012 a wide range of products and services for the preparation for the wedding and prom festivities was represented by 182 companies on the area about 3000 sq.m. On the occasion of the opening of the Main Wedding Exhibition of the State the TV bridge with Ukrainian well-known leaders, singers and actors was held. Among them there were Olga Sumska, Vasyl Bondarchuk, Natalya Valevska, Marysia Gorobets, Yury Gorbunov, Lilia Rebryk, Tala Kalatay, Yuri Kot, Lyubava Greshnova, Igor Posypayko, Grygory Reshetnik, Arthur Bosso, as well as the organizer and leader of wedding celebrations of premium-class Alexander Sinyutin (Moscow, Russia). The stars congratulated warmly and emotionally the guests and participants with the opening of the exhibition.

This year the high level of stand presentations was demonstrated by all participants of the exhibition. Each stand represented its own unique wedding story - romantic and exciting. Specialists, numerous visitors could learn about the latest wedding and evening fashion, exclusive services of the organizers of the celebrations, wedding agencies, photo and video studios, author's handmade products, beauty salons, florists, interior designers, restaurateurs, confectioners and transport companies.

Manufacturers and official distributors of wedding and evening gowns, wedding salons and boutiques introduce visitors with the latest developments of domestic designers, innovations of European fashion. New trademarks and already known brands have been presented by 27 Ukrainian and foreign companies, among them are the wedding salons “Inta”, “Slanovskiy”, “Grand Ajour”, “Novia D'Art”, “Natali-Moda”, “DIVINA SPOSA PARIS”, “Victoria Bride”, TM “Victoria Maksymchuk”, TM “STELLA SHAKHOVSKAYA”, TM “MAXIMA”, Fashion houses “Yunona”, “Dante”, trade house “To be bride”, German firm “Calanthe”, the company from Russia “TERANI COUTURE”, etc.

Range of services from "A" to "Z" to organize and conduct the wedding celebration on the professional level was demonstrated by creative workshops, studios of celebrations and wedding agencies (“Iventis”, “DEVINA DESIGN”, “Grand Events”, “JENOLYA WEDDINGS”, “Tango”, “Wedding Time”, “Artmaxima”, “Guliay Dusha”, “Two Angels”, “Zhyzn Malina”, “Lifeberri”, “Happy Family”, etc.).

Decor of the wedding ceremony with flowers, fabric drapes, bows, balloons, ribbons, all kinds of accessories, candles and painted glasses, arches for outdoor registrations, bouquets and boutonnieres were presented by following decorators and florists - Design studio “Aquarel”, TM “Comfort”, “Studio RA”, “Wedding Accessories Studio”, “Amrita Leni”, “Jardin de Ville”, “Sky Studio”, etc.).

Visitors were given the opportunity to learn, appreciate the style and professional level of workof the best wedding photographers and videographers - exhibitors, among them are the winner of international competitions, leader in the wedding photo and video production in Ukraine - “Dedkoff Production Studio”, as well as “ARS Studio”, “Denisfilm” & Yuri Golub, “Flycam Production”, Photo studio “Krik”, “LaedomStudio”, “Orlinsky”, “Qvision Production Studio”, “RET-Photo”, “Taras-studio”, “Photo Studio of Igor Seeman”, Volodymyr Volnikov, Stepan Mikhailov and others.

This year the exhibition organizers have expanded their boundaries not only in increasing of the area, the number of participants and range of provided products, but also in increasing of the range of activities.

Show program

NEW The show program of the trade fair "WEDDING & Graduation Party - 2012" is the real breakthrough of the year that certainly raised the prestige of the exhibition. There were no such star guests at any exhibition in Ukraine before. The best representatives of the new generation of event organizers such as Olena Zabirnyk (Wedding Agency "Iventis") who is well-known throughout professional circles and the talented actor and showman Ivan Gorodetsky (Creative workshop of Ivan Gorodetsky) organized and held that spectacular super-show, invited brilliant performers, music stars that were recognized in Ukraine. Dignified professional, extraordinary and thoughtful interpreter, modern and stylish Ivan Gorodetsky was the leader of the show. His brilliant acting talent, sparkling humor and natural magnetism was really able to start and inspire audiences. The unique combination of energy, creativity and skill, intelligence and personal charm, unconditional managerial talent of Helen Zabirnik who is the chief coordinator of show program, led the event to the undeniable success. This creative union has generated a new format of interactive show-program, that is able to offer to the future newlyweds and graduates many interesting ways of realization of their dreams - holding of a bright, spectacular holiday with the participation of charismatic leaders, as well as the well-known performers of various genres.

Also we wouldlike to note the contributions to the show program of the General media partner of the exhibition - the magazine "Zhenikh & Nevesta", that invited the audience favorites such as Valeriy Yurchenko (“Ukraine Got the Talent-1”) and Irina Borysyuk (“X-Factor”).
During different days of the exhibition holding among the stars that performed in the show program there were Volodymyr Gryshko, Natalia Valevska, famous leaders of TV show Ivan Gorodetsky (“Bachelor”), Grygory Reshetnyk (“Bachelor 2”), Yuriy Kot (“All for You”), Lyubava Greshnova (“Weighted and Happy”), Max Yurchenko, winners of the programs “Ukraine Got the Talent”, “X-Factor” Valeriy Yurchenko, Alex Kuznetcov, Iryna Borysyuk, Nataly Pugachova, “MMDance”, Dmytro Skalozubov, Renata Shtifel, “Nomad”, “Ducktime”, “Tiramisu”, Torry Joy, the group “Lemon”, the show-ballets “Scarlett”, “Vatan”, “Empiry”, “House People”, the group “2SUNNY”, Roman Bondarchuk. Also the audience was offered the shows of bridal and evening dresses collections (“Nataly-Moda”, “Dante”), demonstration of outdoor ceremonies from the best Ukrainian masters of ceremonies (Georgy Zhukov, Iryna Barda, Bohdan Lyubomirsky, Olga Streltsova), staging of a wedding dance.


The central place of the whole show was the real decoration of the event. International Exhibition Centre expresses its appreciation to the partners, who decorated and equipped the scene, made qualitative photo and video of the exhibition due to their efforts and skills:
1. Decoration and Design
- Company “Show-Centre”
(stage decorations)
- “Studio RA” (decoration by fabrics)
- Design studio “Aquarel” (wedding floristics)
- Company “Didzher Effects” (setting of the fountain, special effects)
2. Shooting
- Dedkoff Production Studio (photo and video support of the exhibition, creation of advertising video “WEDDING & Graduation Party - 2012”)
- Volodymyr Volnikov (photo)
3. Sound, light
We expresses special thanks to the Creative Workshop of Ivan Gorodetsky for the rapid delivery of sound and light equipment of their permanent partners:
- DJ Davay Brothers (light devices)
- One Music (professional sound equipment)

Events During the Exhibition

Thanks to the boundless energy and professional training of the director of the event-company “Iventis”, President of the Association of Wedding Organizers Olena Zabirnyk the following events for managers, organizers, coordinators, newlyweds took place on the exhibition:
1. Second business forum for the specialists of wedding industry (Organizer: Association of Wedding Organizers)
2. Seminar for newlyweds (Organizer: Author's wedding studio “Iventis”),
also there were hold:
3. Conference “Life in Marriage. The way to Success” for newlyweds (Organizer: Allukrainian fund “Family”)
4. Workshop for wedding photographers (Organizer: Ukrainian Association of Wedding Photographers). United in the Association, high-level specialists and popular Ukrainian wedding photographers gathered the large audience of colleagues to discuss quality, advanced techniques and marketing tools of wedding photography.


The organizers hold annual contests, hoping thus to involve as many as possible highly skilled professionals that are able to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and good taste. We are always interested in discovering new names and noticing the growing skill level of the contest participants.

1. Contest of the Wedding Photography
In the competition wedding photographers from different cities of Ukraine demonstrated their skills. Informational sponsor of the exhibition www.obruchka.com.ua assisted in visitors voting for the best photo of the contest (the III stage of the Contest).
According to the authoritative competition jury:
- members of Ukrainian Association of Wedding Photographers: Volodymyr Schurko (Lviv), Dan Khecho (Kyiv), Dmitro Yanovsky (Kyiv), Igor Tymophiychuk (Chernivtcy), Eduard Khitry (Rivne), Oleg Golovatcky (Lviv)
- Dedkoff Production Studio: the heads of the studio Max and Iryna Dedkovy (Kyiv)
- Khanoff Production: the heads of the studio Vadym Khanoff (Kyiv)
and considering the results of voting, the best photographers were named:
Yaroslava Prokhorova
(Kyiv), Dmytro Sobokar (Kyiv), Oleg Breslavtcev (Simferopol), Slava Krik (Kyiv).

2. NEW Contest of the Wedding Videography
As for the opinion of the jury:
- Mykola Druzhkov, producer at All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, Workshop of Rolan Bykov (Moscow)
- Marina Pedinotty, Wedding agency “Pedinotti” (Milan, Italy)
- member of Ukrainian Association of Wedding Photographers: Dan Khecho (Kyiv)
- Dedkoff Production Studio: the heads of the studio Max and Irina Dedkovy (Kyiv)
- Khanoff Production: the heads of the studio Vadym Khanoff (Kyiv)
in the regime of secret on-line voting the works of the folowing videographers won:
Gennadiy Kazimko
(Kyiv) and Max Tuzhylin (Kyiv)

3. Contest of the Wedding and Evening Style
Contestants have demonstrated to the future brides and graduates their professional skills, contemporary images and ideas. The leader of the competition was Felix Leonovich Alto (Club Kiev leading). The authoritative jury determined the winners in the categories: “Wedding Hairstyle” and “Evening Hairstyle”. The final step of the competition - award of the winners and the final parade of the stylists with their beautiful models on the stage.

4. Competition for Future Newlyweds
With the active assistance of the Wedding agency “Iventis” prize drawing for visitors of the wedding exhibition was held. Gifts, certificates, discounts on goods and services were provided to future newlyweds by exhibitors. The contest was fun, interesting, and brought all the participants a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions.

Wide advertising campaign with the support of the General media partner of the exhibition of the magazine “Zhenikh & Nevesta”, General internet partner of the exhibition www.wedding.ua and numerous professional publications, internet portals, radio stations, television and news agencies allowed the wide range of professionals and entrepreneurs, whose business is directly related to the wedding industry, as well as future newlyweds and graduates to learn the full range of wedding products and services.

Statistical analysis of the visitors “WEDDING & Graduation Party – 2012”

WEDDING & Graduation Party – 2012

During the days of the event about 4 700 guests attended the exhibition (among them 1 500 are the specialists) from Ukraine and near abroad countries:
specialists of wedding business - 38%
representatives of civil registry offices - 2%
representatives of educational institutions - 5%
representatives of commercial structures - 13%
newlyweds, graduates - 42%

“WEDDING & Graduation Party” is recognized as the most effective exhibition
as for the companies that are already well-known on Ukrainian market of wedding goods and services and so for new companies wishing to promote their products and develop their own business. This event offers the unique opportunity to get the most complete information about wedding industry, its development trends, improve professional knowledge and status of the company, establish new contacts with potential partners and customers, enjoy the enchanting show program.

The organizers of the project invite interested organizations and companies to cooperate and participate in the XIІI International specialized trade fair “WEDDING & Graduation Party - 2013” which will be held at the International Exhibition Centre from 11 till 14 April 2013.