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On the 19-22 April 2012 the XII International Specialized Trade Fair «Universe of Beauty and Health» was held on the territory of the «International Exhibition Centre», Kiev, Ukraine.
International Exhibition Centre.
Venue: International Exhibition Centre (Brovarsky Ave 15, Kyiv, Ukraine).

98 companies presented products from 18 countries, including Ukraine, Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, India, Italy, China, Latvia, Poland, Russia, USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Jordan.
The number of domestic exhibitors - 95, foreign exhibitors - 3 (Austria, Hungary, Poland).

The market of the beauty industry worldwide is dynamically developing, using the latest innovative design, and based on best international experience of professionals whose mission - to preserve our health and beauty.

How to keep health and youth in the intense pace of modern life? To solve this problem by learning high-quality and efficient products from producers of different countries, as has been proven in the Ukraine, and the news, it was possible at the «Universe of Beauty and Health - 2012».

Cosmetics for face and body

The most modern and highly productive products in the cosmetics industry represented by companies such as «Amrita‑Ukraine» (Ukraine) - Ukrainian cosmetics Amrita is based on the unique natural component fitomelanin which keeps longer young and healthy skin, has a regenerating effect, protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences; «Iven Cosmetics» (Czech Republic) - cosmetics based on animal collagen, TM TianDe - exclusive products based on innovative recipes of ancient Chinese scientists; Ltd. «Pharmacy №96» (Ukraine) Ukraine represented a new cosmetics based on the Dead Sea Minerals TM Dead Sea TREASURES and TM DOLMEN Dead Sea Products; TM «Mirra» (Russia) is not the first time presented at the exhibition and is popular in Ukraine. MIRRA cosmetics based on natural plant and essential oils, extracts and juices of plants, seafood, natural minerals; a regular participant of the exhibition company «Mirt Group» (Ukraine) - the official distributor of cosmetics of TM Maxim (USA), Odaban (UK), Klima (USA); Ltd. «Nano‑Tech» (Ukraine) - nanocosmetic Nano Tech (Japan), combining the achievements of high technology and natural ingredients. In some of funds is argireline - the development of modern Japanese scientists, which earned its creators the Nobel Award; LLC «Sengara» (Ukraine) – in this cosmetics use peptides, which is the effective prevention of aging; «Factory health technology» (Ukraine) - domestic natural cosmetics based on medicinal plants to environmental and climatic characteristics of our country; Representative office in Ukraine Ferrosan International A/S (Denmark) - cosmetics IMEDEEN® is world leader in the segment of anti-aging skin care; Evviva Beauty (Ukraine) - cosmetic products from leading world manufacturers: TM «Biobyuti» (Russia), Revivogen, Clearogen, Rejuve MD (USA), TM Bielenda (Poland) and other companies.


It is known that the make-up use to enhance natural beauty, make a face more attractive and expressive, hide small imperfections, highlight the depth of the eyes, lengthen lashes, if necessary, to remove traces of fatigue and change appearance according to fashion.

All for a bright and light make-up demonstrated the following companies: «Timetron» (Austria) - first introduced to the Ukrainian consumer product - cosmetics premium Revelique; AVON COSMETICS UKRAINE (Ukraine); TM Pupa (Italy). To get practical consultations on make-up techniques, the latest trends, fashion trends wedding and evening make-up and «try» on a variety of images you can on stand of constant exhibitor - Author's school style and make-up Natalia Naida.

Products and services for hair care

We know that beautiful hair is not just decoration, but also an indicator of health.
Products for effective hair care was presented at the stands of companies: TM «Chandi» (India) - an innovative product for coloring hair. Indian rinse Chandi based on natural henna and Indian herbal healing well colors the hair in natural color and has a therapeutic effect on them; TM «REF» (Sweden) - Hair Care Luxe class for professionals and ordinary consumers; «SAKURA COSMETICS-Ukraine» presented the products of world-renowned Italian manufacturer, which has many years of positive experience and is widely known among professional hairdressers and stylists who keep track of new products hairdressing industry; «ProLine» (Ukraine) - products for hairdressers; Human Hair (Ukraine) - Shop of natural hair.

Has become a traditional to part in the exhibition salons, which stylists and leading masters‑hairdressers in practice demonstrating their hairdressing: a network of salons «LONDA», Beauty salon «Winter Cherry», Academy of Vladimir Tarasyuk.

Products for nail industry

Nails require regular maintenance like hair and body.
Beauty-nail industry news demonstrated companies: «Diamond cosmetics» (Poland) on first time represented a wide range of products for nail service in Ukraine, «Master of Beauty» (Ukraine), «Gostra gran» (Ukraine), «Useful things» (Ukraine).

Phyto. Products for balanced diet.
Hand-made natural cosmetics

About natural products for conservation of youth, health and beauty.
Was possible to got information on stands: NATURE'S SUNSHINE PRODUCTS; LLC «Biopharma», «Greenex»; LLC «Invistra»; LLC «Saules Factory Ukraine»; «Choice» (Ukraine); «Сelandine» and others.

I would like to mention once company, which participated in the exhibition «Universe of beauty and health» was the first presentation of innovative products in Ukraine - Speedfitness (Hungary). It is the latest generation of EMS (electro-myo stimulation) devices. 20 minutes of pure muscle work - without straining tendons and joints - directly results in increased calorie burn, weight loss, cellulite reduction, improved well-being, pain reduction, increased endurance, stamina and vitality

More information about exhibitors on site

The traditional holding of the Competition of Wedding and Evening style (April 21), in which participated practitioners masters-hairdressers and makeup artists and tried their talents just starting out, as always was a true feast for visitors. The final parade of masters with their beautiful models become brighter final chord! All participants were awarded diplomas. The winners also received gifts from TM «Chandi».

Information about Competition of Wedding and Evening style here

The exhibition «Universe of Beauty and Health-2012» - is an opportunity for participants to present their products and services directly to end-users, guests of the exhibition - see the latest technologies and products of the Ukrainian market, to establish promising contacts.
This is an opportunity to be naturally healthy, beautiful and successful!