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Report on the results of
III International Trade Fair RoadTechExpo ’2012

From 6 till 9 of November in Kyiv in the territory of the International Exhibition Center (15 Brovarsky Ave., metro station Livoberezhna) the ІII International Trade Fair "RoadTechExpo’2012" was held together with the X International Trade Fair "CommunTech’2012".

Consolidation of these related exhibitions caused by the fact that they are devoted to the development and improvement of urban infrastructure. The infrastructure of a city includes all things providing normal life of people: roads and transport, external accomplishment, water supply, heating, etc.

The expositions of the International Trade Fair "RoadTechExpo" and the International Trade Fair "CommunTech" are the most powerful instrument for solving the practical questions of proper maintenance of the road - transport infrastructure, complex accomplishment of localities, improving the quality of communal services, ensuring the efficient use of energy resources.

On the total area of the exposition "RoadTechExpo"/"CommunTech", which was about 5300 sq.m., 91 companies from 14 countries (Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, the USA) introduced their achievements in the field of equipment, techniques, materials, technologies for road sector and housing and communal services.

The debutants of the exhibitions "RoadTechExpo-2012"/"CommunTech-2012" with products and machinery for exploitation, maintenance and repair of road saroused professional interest of visitors:
1. The company "Ekta"
, which is one of the European market leader in the development and production of specialized products based on the LED technology, presented modern solutions for the transport industry: active LED traffic signs, information boards, LED street lamps.
2. The first time in Ukraine in the territory of the IEC three companies from Russia presented their products:
"Plant KDM Named After M.I. Kalinin" - equipment for summer and winter road maintenance;
"STROMMASHINA CSP" - the leading manufacturer of crushing, grinding and sorting equipment;
"Sibur Geosint" - one of the biggest Russian manufacturers of the nonwoven geotextile, which improves the quality and durability of roads and traffic safety.
3. "Volteh" - the official authorized dealer of Volvo, one of the leading world manufacturers and suppliers of road - building and construction machinery.
4. "Wirtgen Ukraine" is the representation of "Wirtgen Group" in Ukraine, which has provided deliveries and service of road and construction machinery Wirtgen, Vogele, Hamm, Kleemann, Benninghoven, Case, Streumaster, Schafer for many years.
5. "Altsest" - one of the major national market operators on selling of professional tools and equipment for construction, repair road works, forests and gardens maintenance.
6. "Alta", "Logistic Group" showed the loaders for application in different industries.
7. The Company UMT ("Ukrainian Mobile Technologies") presented its own development - solution for creating the system "Intelligent City" in Kiev - the unified system of municipal transport monitoring and dispatching. Everyone was able to test the system and calculate the cost of its implementation for the real conditions by means of specially developed software solutions - the economizer.
8. At the stand of "Aeroex" you could see the most modern materials that significantly improve road traffic safety by maintaining the high levels of transport and operational characteristics of roads.
9. "Dataspektr" presented its own development: embedded road sensors for determination of the temperature of agents freezing and the state of the road surface.
10. LvivPlant "Electronmash" which is the part of "The Concern Electron", presented the small - sized truck of its own design. The car can be used for repairing of roads and sidewalks, snow removal, streets cleaning and taking out trash cans.
11. The Ukrainian company "Lotta" presented the snow-melting equipment of its own production for the first time. The equipment helps to melt snow, collected in any part of the city quickly and environmentally friendly to free the city of traffic jams.

High-quality lighting equipment was demonstrated by such companies as:
12. "SHEFT" is the producer of the LED street lamp ULSL-70, designed to illuminate the highways, streets, parks, etc.
13. At the stand of "Polygon-Auto" there were lighting poles that make street lighting to be high - quality and reliable.

- Municipal, road construction machinery, equipment and mechanisms for construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, pavements, materials and technologies
The variety of modern machinery, specialized vehicles and equipment for construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, communal and drilling machinery were demonstrated by the leading companies, which have been cooperating with the IEC for many years: Agrometall s.r.o. (Czech Republic), "Ukrindustralgroup", "AvtoKrAZ", "Agromashholding - Ukraine", "Amkodor Ukrospetsmash", "Globus Auto", "Karcher", "Kobalt", "Arzamas Plant for Communal Machine - Building "KOMMASH" (Russia), "Kommash" (Ukraine), "Construction Machinery", "Tehnoplaza Ukraine", "Kharkiv Plant of Construction, Road and Utility Machines" etc.

The company "Budshlyakhmash" which gained the status of the official distributor of the company "RM - Terex" in Ukraine this year, presented to the visitors samples of the backhoe loader Terex TLB 840 and the compact track loader Terex PT-100 G Forestry with mulcherfirst imported to Ukraine.

- Technical means of traffic management
Equipment and products for traffic safety were represented by the permanent exhibitors: "Atilos", "Rostok - Elekom", "SEA", as well as the company TIOMAN Sp.z o.o Sp.K (Poland).

- Accomplishment and municipal service of cities

- Production and consumption waste management
Special interest of the trade visitors was aroused by the exposition of the domestic and foreign companies: "HAMMEL - Ukraine", Naue GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Remondis AG & Co KG (Germany), "Recycling Line", "Eco - Lviv", "Elkoplast - Ukr", "Terminal Yug", "Tota Group".

"Vida" and "Nurseries and AthleticFields" visualized the products for playgrounds and sports complexes equipment. "Prodmash" demonstrated products for urban upgrading - benches, trash cans, lanterns for outdoor lighting, etc. At the exhibition you also could see the products of Avdiyivskiy Metal Constructions Details Plant, the manufacturer of the poles and outdoor lighting lamps that don’t inferior to the international standards by their technical data.

- Energy-saving mechanisms, technologies, equipment, materials, and tools for municipal infrastructure
The topic was presented by such Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, dealers and distributors of the well - known brands as "Zevs Technologies", "Rothenberger - Center", "Vertex Ukraine", "Dynamo - Continent", "Komposit - K", "Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NASU", etc.

"The PlantEuroformat" introduced the series of passenger lifts, the unique energy-saving technology for heating, as well as improved marshaling kiosks.

In the informative and thematically rich business program - the Congress, seminars, conferences, trainings - the heads of the Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing, representatives of regional and district state administrations, local authorities, heads of central and regional community services and enterprises state and commercial organizations, representatives of scientific institutions foreign experts took part.


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International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2012

Geography of Visitors

Geography of visitors


Kyiv and Kyiv region


Central/North region: Vinnytsa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Poltava, Cherkasy; Zhytomyr, Sumy, Chernihiv


East region: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv


West region: Volyn, Zakarpattya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi


South region: Crimea, Zaporizhzhya, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Kherson, Sevastopol City


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International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2012

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Road construction machinery and technologies


Communal machinery, machinery for special purpose


Lighting of roads, streets, highways


Means of road safety


Materials for road construction




International Trade Fair ROADTECHEXPO '2012