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Report on the results of
ХІ International Exhibition Forum
Protection Technologies/FireTech-2012

Protection Technologies/FireTech 2012 Kiev IECXI International Exhibition Forum "Protection Technologies - 2012" was held in Kiev, September 26-28. Simultaneously with the Forum VI Specialized Exhibition "FireTech – 2012" was held. More than 130 exhibitors from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Cyprus and Croatia participated in the exhibition.
International Forum was organized by the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, State Inspection on Technogenic Safety of Ukraine, International Exhibition Centre, Ukrainian Fire and Technogenic Safety Union, Voluntary Fire Company of Ukraine jointly with Exhibition Companies Group "Bizon" (Russia) with the support of Association "Technogenic Security and Civil Protection of Population".

The opening ceremony of the Forum was held under press focused attention and with the participation of the distinguished guests:
- But Vitaliy Petrovich – fulfils the duties of the Minister of Emergncies of Ukraine;
- Ulinets Ernest Mikhaylovich – Head of the State Inspection on Technogenic Security of Ukraine;
- Khokhotva Aleksandr Mikhaylovich – Head of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine;
- Reva Grigoriy Vasilievich – Adviser of the Prime Minister (the Minister of Emergencies of Ukraine in 2002-2005);
- Makarchuk Yaroslav Ivanovich – First Deputy of Head of the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine;
- Krisa Ivan Akimovich – First Deputy of Head of the State Inspection on Technogenic Safety of Ukraine
and other special guests.

The high interest to the event is confirmed by great number of visitors of the exposition, which this year was visited by more than 3000 persons, including.

Visitors profile

Quantity, %

Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of security systems and systems of the emergencies early detection


Specialists on safety engineering, occupational safety and enviroment, capital construction and industry supply


Representatives of trade and intermediary organizations


Managerial personnel and staff of the state, municipal, rescue services and public organizations' services


Department staff of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, State Inspection on Technogenic Safety of Ukraine, State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine and their regional divisions


Representatives of the regional administrations and central government authorities


Representatives of other government and commercial institutions


However, public visitors were also interested in the exhibition. For example, they had an opportunity of free check on the accumulations of harmful substances in the body. The Forum allows not only to demonstrate new equipment and solutions for security, but also to share experiences on solution problems, which may arise in Ukraine. For example, due to technogenic emergencies, infraction of rules and regulations for handling with dangerous or explosible substances, infringement of fire-safety procedure, etc. Additional risk factors also may be worn-out equipment at the enterprises and outdated security technologies, which are used in certein industry branches. Besides, the manufacture budgeting is limited and production processes of many industries are imperfect and also there is an unwillingness to invest in the production reconstruction, etc.

Protection Technologies/FireTech 2012 Kiev IECDuring the opening ceremony of the exposition "Protection Technologies/FireTech-2012" demonstrative shows of modern fire fighting and rescue equipment were held. In particular, there was the deployment of a mobile hospital, personnel decontamination, deployment of fire and rescue department, as well as remote loading of explosible substances to the specialized vehicles. During the demonstrative shows the extinguishing of simulated fires with using of various types of fire extinguishers was represented.

The exhibition demonstrated a variety of goods and solutions from world wide known manufacturers from such countries as Russia, Belarus, Poland, Croatia, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Japan.

A great part of the exposition was located at the open area close to pavilions of the International Exhibition Centre. The fire - fighting vehicles from such companies as "Pozhtechnika" (Russia), "AutoKrAZ", "Iveco Magirus", "Ukrpozhservice" and "Pozhspetsmash" were presented. The company "LTC Trading & Consulting" (Cyprus) introduced fire and rescue equipment which is produced by Rosenbauer and Metz.

The Forum visitors had an opportunity to learn not only about the latest products of fire and technogenic safety, as well as about actual protective and rescue means in Ukraine, but also about the technical equipment level of the domestic firefighters. The highlight of this year exhibition was demonstration of retro fire-fighting vehicles, free of charge lifting at the turntable ladder Iveco Magirus. Anyone could lift for a couple of minutes on the Ladder M32 L n.B. HZL to a height of 32m. And that lifting was organized by the Company "Vitand Group" (it is an Ukrainian representative office of the Iveco Magirus Brandschutztechnik GmbH) and it was very popular with the event visitors – a lot of people stood in a line during the exhibition opening hours.

Protection Technologies/FireTech 2012 Kiev IECM32 L n.B. HZL – the latest lowlevel turntable ladder with operated rear axle and computer system of stabilization action, which allows to minimize the ladder fluctuation. And thanks to the low - situated buttresses the ladder can be used in the conditions of terminated space. Besides, M32 L n.B. HZL is the lowest in the world – its height for transportation is not more 3m. It allows vehicle to drive through the lowest arches in dense urban areas. Furthermore, the ladder cradle has the largest capacity in the world (400kg), which allows to save more people than earlier.

On the stand of the State Corporation "Ukrainian State Association of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine "Radon" the visitors of the exhibition were free of charge to carry out the measurement of internal radiated emission in the body and on the stand of the Company "Atomkompleksprylad" visitors were able to estimate the level of the incorporated radionuclides in the human body by means of the device "SICH-AKP-3". And also everyone had an opportunity to check food, agricultural products and building materials for the presence of gamma - emitting radionuclides on the device SEG-001 "AKP-S-63". In addition, the company demonstrated professional spectrometer PRS-01, a portable recorder of spectra finding out, localization and identification of fissionable and radioactive materials.

It must be said the Forum is not only a demonstration of modern technical security systems and protective means, as well as technologies of effective prevention and protection against emergencies of different origin, but also the promotion of progressive developments and innovative technologies in Ukraine. For another thing, the event is a catalytic agent of the modernization of professional structures technical equipment, the scope of which is the prevention and elimination of the emergencies. The exhibition also allows to professionals to discuss current industry problems and ways of their solutions.

In practice the Forum demonstrates the current situation in security area in Ukraine. And proposed solutions are focused on minimizing the possible damage, which may injure the population health by any negative factors, including fires (in cities and nature reserves), natural disasters (floods, wind spouts, etc), equipment depreciation, infraction of the accidents prevention, environmental pollution, etc. And now some statistics. Thus, in 2011 in Ukraine 221 emergencies were registered, during them 8200 people were saved. During recent years in Ukraine a positive dynamics of reducing the number and scale of emergencies has observed. It is based on the effective methods of emergencies prevention. Thus, according the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine statistics, on the first half of 2012, comparably to the same period in 2010, the number of the emergencies decreased by 6%. Nevertheless the scale of the emergencies and fatal cases increased. In 2011 in the industrial complex of Ukraine 1093 objects operated, on which more than 275 thousand tonnes of hazardous chemical substances were located, including 5,2 thousand tonnes of chlorine, 129,1 tonnes of ammonia, near 140 thousand tonnes of other hazardous chemicals.

Fires in 2011 were extremely problematic – 60790 (!) fires were noted and very often the burnings occurred at the rural area, where more than 1000 items are on the balance sheet and 98% of them exhausted their resources and they need their decommissioning. In the cities the most actual problem is a fire safety in high - altitude buildings. The problem consists in a little amount of the ladders, which are able to lift to these altitudes, and besides 37% of fire safety systems in buildings are not complete with fire fighting equipment. At the same time in 2011 the total number of accidents decrease on 9%.

In Ukraine 22563 objects with increased risk are operated, and accidents on 955 of these objects can lead to occurrence of emergencies in state or region scales. Besides of that in Ukraine there are 1093 chemical objects with increased risk, which are requested the implementation of the systems of early detection of emergencies and systems of centralized annunciation in the case of emergencies occurrence. The influence of harmful effects of water is typical to 27% of the territory of our country, where one third of population lives. Most of floods occurs in the Carpathian mountains, including Transcarpathian, Ivano - Frankovsk, Lvov and Chernovtsy regions.

The process of progressive accumulation of waste goes on. In 2011 their volumes were estimated at 35 billion tonnes. Notably the annual increasing of waste is estimated at 780-800 million tonnes more than 75% of which is industrial waste. In addition, the volume of hard domestic wastes is growing at 46 million tonnes from year to year. And also it is necessary to remember about the storage of toxic components of rocket fuel.

Unfortunately, the National system of monitoring of emergencies sources and their forecasting does not operate in Ukraine. The system of population annunciation also is not very well at work. Thus, the number of radio sets, which in Soviet times played the role of the system of annunciation people, is continually decreasing, and the new buildings are not equipped with them at all. The above mentioned statistic shows that the implementation of policy of natural and technogenic emergencies prevention should be the priority direction of the executive branch activity.

Exposition of the Forum covers several subjects areas, including:
- Fire, industrial and technogenic safety;
- Personal protective equipment for population and personnel;
- Rescue activity.

In their turns, the companies presented not only software, but also the equipment, as well as various technical devices and solutions to ensure the technical staff safety, to improve the efficiency of rescue activity and monitoring services, etc.

But what is the exhibition without novelties? Among them is the fire - fighting multifunctional robotic complex, which is used in confined areas with a high level of risk to people's lives, from the company "DOK-ING" (Croatia) – world leader in designing and manufacturing of multifunctional robotic vehicles for demining and fire - fighting in extremely dangerous circumstances. Among the novelties of company "Technos-M+" (Russia) are gas fire extinguishing RUE-70-150 of it own production. The solutions opens with a build-in it pneumatic chamber, which allows the device to operate up to 5 times during service period without an additional repair.

Protection Technologies/FireTech 2012 Kiev IECCompany "Kvirin" (Ukraine) introduced the next solutions: new line of fire alarms "Schrack Seconet AG" series Integral IP MX/CX and communication technology X-line, which allows to use the fire alarm cable up to 3500m (!) and to include up to 250 devices. A new device in a line of aspirating alarms Vesda VLW-008 was also presented at the exhibition. The main area of its application is sector of warehouses, where the length of 4 air intake pipes achieves 280m. The company also introduced gas fire extinguishing based on 3M TM Novec 1230 – fire - extinguishing agent of new generation.

"Tetis-Breathing Systems" (Ukraine) presented a line items from leading manufacturers breathing apparatus and fire equipment, heat - repellent and chemical defense suits, diving and compressor equipment, as well as samples of rescue products for immediate medicine. It's important to note one more novelty – panoramic mask "Delta" (the development of the Russian company "Kampo") for breathing apparatus of rescue services. The mask has a modern ergonomic design. Innovative materials are applied in it. They allows completely eliminate fogging during the operation, when the temperature is in the range from -50ºC to +60ºC. Besides, a new model of chemical protection suit was presented. It is a novelty of a new generation for the firemen from the company "Trelleborg" – "Trelchem Super 162-02". It protects the skin, visual and respiratory organs not only from the effects of more than 150 varieties of chemicals, but also from the thermal effects. The company also exhibited protective means and specialized equipment produced by the company "Williams Fire & Hazard Control" (USA), as well as a breathing apparatus "Interspiro".

Company "Ozon S" (Ukraine) presented a solutions of 2012 – upgraded program and technical complex "Ozon VO". The complex is oriented to be used in a single set of the automated systems for early detection of emergencies and annunciation, as well as regional centralized automated system of the annunciation. The complex is in accord with the requirements of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine and technical conditions, which were agreed upon the State Inspection on Technogenic Safety of Ukraine.

Company "A plus B" introduced fire-safety materials, produced by "A+B" (Russia), including: fireproofing paints "Fenix" for wooden and metal constructions, cable manufacture; plaster "Neosprey" and sheet "Ekoplast" for fire protection of metal and concrete, and also other fire - safety materials, which are certified in Ukraine.

Protection Technologies/FireTech 2012 Kiev IECThe entrant of the exhibition is the company "D-33" (Ukraine, the exclusive distributor of the Italian company "Amonn Fire Srl"). "D-33" presented one component fire safety spouted water - based compositions: "Amotherm Brick WB" with the fire - resistance class REI120 for concrete sheets, and also "Amotherm Steel WB" for the implementation of fire - resistance class for metal constructions R-30, R-45, R-60 and R-90 with excellent adhesive properties. Both compositions were developed by the creators of the famous Ukrainian market of spouted paint "Protherm Steel", which was produced in Russia by Italian license. This paint is well recommended in Ukraine, and new paints of Amotherm line with an improved recipe perfectly meet requirements for this kind of production in Ukraine. By the way, in the nearest future the company "D-33" is planning to certify a fire-retandant paint on the solven basis "Amotherm Steel SB" to provide a fire - resistance for metal constructions, as well as planning a certification fire - safety materials for wood and wooden products.

Several new products were presented also by the company "Talan" (Ukraine). Among them there is the latest individual protection means against the high temperatures exposure - suit "Talan", which meets the strictest requirements to the operational parameters. Also the new item for maximum head protection was introduced at the Ukrainian market - fire helmet Calisia Vulcan type CV 102 and rescue helmet Tytan (Poland), produced with high quality materials and certified in Ukraine. One more novelty is the joint development with "Alkhim" (Ukraine) - foam agent "Alpen" of general purpose with increased corrosion protection. Besides alcohol - resistant foam agent Thunder Storm FC-601 A (the manufacturer is the company "Williams") was introduced at the Forum. It was developed on the basis of its own modern technology, the efficiency of its appliance exceedes the other alcohol-resistant foam agents. And it is effective for extinguishing oil products. It is certified in Ukraine. In the nearest future "Talan" intends to introduce at the market heat - reflecting suit "TOK-Talan" and belt for firemen.

The developer of protective clothing for firemen, rescuers and oil industry workers - company "Pirena" also presented such novelties as: frost - resisting foam agent with the temperature of freezing -10ºC ("Pirena-2") and -20ºC ("Pirena-3"); special foam agent for plane emergency landing ("Pirena-4"); thermal protective suit "Index-800" with protection to 800ºC; rescue belt "Pirena".

It’s quite difficult to guarantee the reliability without using of modern electronics. In particular, such solutions were presented by Ukrainian companies "Intelekt" and "Integrated Technical Vision", on the stands of which fire - burglar systems were introduced. Notably, the systems "Sola XXX" and programme monitoring complex "Sova - monitor" from the company "Intelekt" are very marketable among the national customers.

Natural emergencies periodically occur in many countries, including Ukraine. Thus, the regular floods in the western part of Ukraine require the agility from experts of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine. And here we should pay attention to the company "Ramira" (Romania), which presented dike dams against floods.

Protection Technologies/FireTech 2012 Kiev IECA wide range of professional equipment for firemen, rescuers introduced such companies as "PozhTechService" (Russia), "Post-01" (Ukraine), "Technology for life" (Ukraine), etc.
Automatic fire-fighting systems and systems of early detection of technogenic emergencies were presented at the stands of the companies "Altosan", "Fittich AG - Ukraine", "Petrovsky plant of coal machinery", "Rondo", "Ukragrotech", "Telecom - Complex" (Ukraine), etc.

The results of the state policy in the sphere of civil protection and technogenic safety were introduced on the stands of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine, the State Inspection on Technogenic Safety of Ukraine. Companies "Industrial Safety Products", "Polikim", "Ukrgasmask" and others demonstrated protective means for employee.

During the Forum such events as presentations, round - tables, seminars and conferences were held, on which the current issues of the industry were examined. In particular, the problems of radioactive substances, improving the efficiency of the rescue activity, specialties of the hazardous substances transportations, supporting of the population centralized annunciations in the case of the occurrence of natural and technogenic emergencies (including the accidents at the chemical objects with increased risk), and problematic issues in ensuring the fire safety on the objects of different forms of ownership were discussed.

One more time the exhibition confirmed the high interest of specialists to the products and solutions, which were demonstrated during the working days of the Forum "Protection Technologies/FireTech - 2012". Every year the number of the exhibitors is growing and the items’ line renovates not only by foreign but also by national solutions, which are cheaper than their foreign counterparts, and their quality is on the high level. At the same time the technics is upgraded and comes to more multiused, while the engineering factors of devices are drastically improving. Companies - participants are successfully mastering the market, on which they are realizing the national products, that meet international safety standards. And proposed solutions allows not only to eradicate emergencies more professionally, but very often they allows to prevent the emergencies before they occur.

We hope that the technical upgrading of the divisions of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine (especially fire and rescue divisions in the regions) will be faster than at present time. And then the population, including the citizens of skyscrapers, as well as populations of the regions which are regularly affected by floods, can be fully confident that in the case of emergency they will be quickly saved. And the damage from emergency will be as minimized as possible.