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Report on the results of
X International Forum
Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: Present and Future
International exhibition Power Engineering for Industry - 2012

The 10-th International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: Present and Future" took place on September 26-28 2013 at the International Exhibition Center (Brovarsky Ave, 15)
The forum was held in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №570-r dated 10.08.2004.
Organizers: Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, "International Exhibition Centre".

The opening ceremony was attended by:
- Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Boiko
- Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mykola Romaniuk
- President of "International Exhibition Center" Victor Tkachenko.

Honored guests of the Forum:
- Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Ukraine Mr. Wolf Dietrich Heim
- Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Bulgaria in Ukraine Mr. Krisimir Minchev
- Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine, His Highness Dr. Christoph Weil
- Ambassador of Iran Mr. Hamed Mezerdzhin
- Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China in Ukraine Mr. Zhang Xiyun
- Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine Mr. Kim In Tszhun
- Ambassador of Turkey in Ukraine Mr. Mehmet Samsara
- First Secretary of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ukraine Ms. Sonia Krichkova
- Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ukraine Mr. Nazim Spartak oglu Aliyev
- Advisor on Economic Affairs of the Embassy of Romania in Ukraine Mr. Valentin Mammont
- Deputy Trade Representative of the Russian Federation to Ukraine Mr. Igor Kudryashov
- Regional Manager for Europe of the World Energy Council Mr. Slavov

During the opening ceremony the greetings of Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov, and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn were read.

The Forum was attended by:
- Heads of branch departments and senior staff of Ministry of Coal and Energy of Ukraine: Electricity Department; the Department of Strategic Policy, investment and nuclear - energy complex; the Department of the oil, gas, peat, petroleum industry and alternative fuels; the Department of Coal Industry; Department of Industrial Safety, Labour Protection, civic and physical protection, labor and social policy; the Department for European Integration and International Cooperation.
- Managers and experts of national energy companies and enterprises: NAC "Energy Company of Ukraine", GP NEC "Ukrenergo", NNEGC "Energoatom", NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine", "Ukrainian Coal" Enterprise.
- Guests of Forum: representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Council of Ministers of Crimea, Ukrainian Parliament, the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, ministries and departments of Ukraine, regional and city administrations.

International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: Present and Future" was traditionally held in the format of the Business Program and the International Exhibition "Energy in Industry 2012".

Anniversary events in 2012
- The 10th anniversary of the Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: Present and Future"
- The 80th anniversary of the launch of the first hydroelectric Dnieper HPP
- The 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine
- The 35th Anniversary of Atomic Energy of Ukraine


The day of Nuclear Energy
Organizer: NNEGC "Energoatom".
In the "Day of Nuclear Energy" there were:
- Plenary meeting "35 Years of Nuclear Energy in Ukraine - Achievements and Perspectives"
- TVEL fuel company (Russia)
- Round table discussion "Nuclear Energy Complex in the Context of Sustainable Development of Ukraine "NNEGC "Energoatom" (Ukraine)

Round table: "Oil and Gas Complex of Ukraine: Development Strategy"
Organizer: NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine"

Round table "Perspective of Coal Industry Development"
Organizer: Coal Industry Department of the Ministry of Fuel and Coal Industry of Ukraine

Scientific-practical seminar "The Peculiarities of Ukrainian IPS Operational Modes under Conditions of New Alternative Energy Power Plants Commissioning. The Outcomes and Recommendations"
Organizers: NPC "Ukrenergo"

Round table: "Introduction of High-Tech Equipment to Ensure Reliable Energy Supply and Increase the Efficiency of Power Networks"
Organizer: Electric Power Industry Department of the Ministry of Fuel and Coal Industry of Ukraine

The international conference "Modernization of the Industrial Complex of Ukraine in the Context of Cooling Systems (Cooling Towers), Pumps and Compressed Air Energy. World Experience. Techno Security"
Organizer: "AIR FORCE".

Seminar "Measures to Ensure Explosive Safety of Power Engineering Equipment. Engineering Solutions"
Organizer: "Zaporizhzhia Plant of High Voltage Equipment"

Seminar "Bruel&Kjaer Vibro GmbH Approaches to the Implementation of Solutions in the Sphere of Technical Diagnostics, Protection and Monitoring of Hydro- and Nuclear Power Plants Equipment"
Organizer: "Novatest" LTD

Seminar "Modern Electricity Meters, Automatic System for Commercial Measurement of Power Consumption (ASCMPC) Based on ZigВee Technology of CJSC "Energomera Electrotechnical Plants". Complex Measurement of Power Resources. ASCMPC Based on "Energomera" Complex of Technical Means with Billing Function for Homeowners' Association"
Organizer: "Energomera" LTD

"Expert and Analytical Round Table Discussions"
Organizer: STC "Psychea"

Seminar "Section on Internet Marketing of Electrothechnical and Industrial Products"
Organizer: "META" Internet Company

The business program of the Forum was attended by 850 experts - the energy sector of Ukraine, visitors from Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, USA, Hungary, Slovenia, representatives of legislative and executive power of Ukraine, international organizations, science, energy engineering companies, financial institutions, analytical centers and industry - specific publications, public professional organizations.


The FEC of Ukraine was represented by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, NEC "Ukrenergo", PJSC "Ukrhydroenergo";
PJSC "Volynoblenergo", PSC "DonbasEnergo", JSC "Zaporozhyeoblenergo", PSC "Nikolaevoblenergo", AK "Kharkivoblenergo", PSC "Khmelnitskoblenergo", PSC "Centrenergo", PSC "Cherkassyoblenergo";
NAEC "Energoatom" (Atomenergomash, Emergency Technical Center, Research and Technology Center, Zaporizhzhya NPP, South Ukraine NPP, Rivne NPP, Khmelnitsky NPP);
NAK "Naftogaz of Ukraine", DK "Ukrgazdobycha", DK "Ukrtransgaz", JSC "Ukrtransnafta", GC "Chernomorneftegaz", PC "Ukrnafta", PSC "Lvovgaz", UMT "Lvovtransgaz", Lviv branch of "Poltavagasdobucha", Main Oil Pipelines "Friendship", Lviv branch of JSC "Ukrtransnafta", OGPD "Borislavneftegaz", LLC "Horizons";
LLC "Donbass Fuel and Energy Company", SE "Eastern Mining", State Enterprise "Ukrainian Coal", SE "Lisichanskugol".

Every year, the exposure of the leading energy companies in Ukraine shows the public the state and trends of development of fuel - energy complex, presents the priority investment projects for the development of hydropower, thermal power generation, nuclear power, coal, oil and gas industry in Ukraine. So in 2012, to the project were presented:
- The construction of the Dniester PSP (2nd stage) and Kanev HPP, Kakhovka HHP expansion; reconstruction and new construction of small and medium - sized hydropower plants.
- The reconstruction of power plants: Burshtyn, Dobrotvor, Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog.
- The construction of the central shelter for nuclear waste, the implementation of safety programs at Ukrainian NPSs.
- The development of uranium production. Construction of the company based on Novokonstantinovskoye deposits of uranium ore, development of Central (West Zone), Severinsky, Safonovo, Aprelsky deposits. Reconstruction of ore processing complex (hydro plant). Construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel.
- Technical re-equipment of mines, "D.F.Melnik named", "Novopavlovskaya", "Shahtarska glyboka", "Russia", "Dimitrov", "Progress", "Stakhanov."
- The development of hydrocarbon resources in the Black Sea shelf. Production of diesel fuel. Upgrading of the transmission network, gas pipelines, "Union", "Pomar Urengoi - Uzhgorod", "Progress", "Elec-Kremenchuk-Krivoy Rog-Ishmael."
- The modernization of the oil transportation system. Diversification of sources and routes of supply of natural gas.

The exposure of companies-producers and suppliers of energy equipment and services included products of 168 domestic and foreign producers from Ukraine, Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Spain, China, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic and Switzerland. At the exhibitors' stands more than 1000 items and models of equipment, products and services for businesses of "big energy" companies, manufacturing and utilities industries, housing and utilities, transportation, food, chemical industry, construction companies, as well as to the public were displayed.

For the first time in the exhibition the following companies took part: Benish GPS Ukraine (GPS monitoring, satellite system security Benish Guard); FS - ELLIOTT LLC, Export, USA (manufacturing compressors); Fujian Fuan Mindong Yanan Electrical Machine Co. Ltd, China (production of generators and generator sets); Guangzhou Xinyuan Hengye Power Transmission Device Co., Ltd, China (manufacturing equipment for high-Lep); SPX ClydeUnion Pumps LTD, Glasgow, UK (design, installation of pumping equipment); SPX Cooling Technologies Inc, Overland Park, United States (manufacture of cooling towers and cooling systems for power plants); VUJE, Slovakia (engineering firm - in the field of nuclear energy and classical), Zamer, Poland (manufacturing of hot water boilers), "Aerfors" Ltd, Ukraine (engineering delivery and assembly of compressor, air and heat exchangers), JSC "East European head Research and Design Institute for Energy Technologies", Russia (manufacture and supply of equipment for nuclear facilities), FSUE "Mining and Chemical Plant", Russia (manufacture and supply of equipment for nuclear facilities) Ltd. "DneprVNIPIenergoprom", Ukraine (development of projects of thermal power plants, boiler houses and substations) GmbH "ISS Bardenhagen", Ukraine, Germany, (diagnostics and repair of heat exchangers), "MetroMetTreyd" Ltd, Ukraine (delivery of flexible copper bars, cables and wires), CJSC "Profotec", Russia (supply fiber - optic current and voltage transducers) of "SverdNIIhimmash", Russia (creating equipment and systems for the nuclear industry, the production of equipment for the energy sector, oil and gas), "VLI - KOMPLEKT" Ltd, Russia (production and supply of line fittings and tools for mounting self - supporting insulated wires).

Since the founding the International Exhibition "Power engineering for industry" has the status of image energy exhibition of Ukraine, where the leaders of the energy engineering and instrument with a long history, wide geography of the world market are presented.

In his opening speech at the opening of the Forum the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko said: "For us it is very important that all the companies present here today are our partners and stakeholders for creation of energy independence of Ukraine."

The diplomas of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, certificates, cups and medals "Ten Years Together" were awarded to 53 companies, annual exhibitors of 2003-2012: "ABB Ltd", Ukraine, JSC "NIAEP," Atomstroyexport", Russia, SE "Rosatom", Russia, DTEK, Ukraine, CJSC "Energomera", Russia; SRPA "Impulse", Ukraine Ltd. "Kotloturboprom", Ukraine, Sumy plant "Nasosenergomash", Ukraine, Ltd. "Kapital", Ukraine; CPP "PROMIX", Ukraine NPP "Radium", Ukraine; plant "Electrotyazhmash", Ukraine; PC "Fuel Elements", Russia, OJSC "Turboatom", Ukraine PJSC "Poltava Turbomechanical Plant", Ukraine, LLC "E.Next.Ukraine" Ukraine, State Enterprise "Zorya - Mashproekt", Ukraine, JSC "ZTR", Ukraine, "Slavenergoprom" Ltd, Ukraine, national energy companies - NAEC "Energoatom", NEC "Ukrenergo", "Naftogaz of Ukraine" and their companies.

At the exhibition "POWER ENGINEERING FOR INDUSTRY-2012" for the participating companies operating in the segment of industrial and consumer markets, a special thematic section, which is the power equipment and electrical products to the public was organized. The section was introduced to the format of the exhibition - fair "Electrical Engineering of Modern House - 2012" without creating a separate exposure, and conducted targeted advertising campaign, designed for wholesale and retail trade companies, service companies, construction and maintenance organizations and the public. Products to the final consumer were represented by LLC "Vatra and the public", JSC "DKS", Trading House "Energocomplekt", LLC "ETІ Ukraine", LLC "Kompaniya SEA", LLC "LedLayf", LLC "NIK" UA "Roxtec", LLC "SV Altera", Trading House "Svetotechnika", LLC "SIKAM Ukraine", SPE "Hartron - Plant Ltd", LLC "Transformator Service", UTOS, Ltd. "Kievelektrotermometriya". At their booths there were products for both industrial enterprises and public - the "smart home", sockets, switches, voltage indicators, power meters, cables, wires, circuit breakers, connectors, control panels, capacitors, fuses, relays, LED energy saving lighting, heating floor and ceiling heating, wall heaters, voltage stabilizers, solar water heaters, gasoline generators and transformers for residential use and cottages, lightning protection of buildings and much more.

Energy companies - the sphere of high-risk facilities and increased industrial hazards. Nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydro, oil and gas wells, products pipelines, have major potential to create a man - made disaster, various accidents, threats to people and the environment. On the background of the world's man - made disasters, the theme of security is becoming particularly urgent and relevant. The security industry, advanced technology and equipment presented at the exhibitions "PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES-2012", "FIRETECH-2012" and "POWER ENGINEERING FOR INDUSTRY-2012" would establish a joint exhibition "FEC SECURITY" and provide participants and visitors with a wide range of fire and rescue equipment. Among the participants we would like to point the products: Enterprise "Radium", Ukraine (electronic equipment for control and protection of nuclear power plants), SC "Radon", Ukraine (removal, disposal of radioactive waste); Donetsk Mine Rescue Equipment Plant, Ukraine (personal protective means); Inbioteh, Ukraine (eliminating oil spills); PromSIZ, Ukraine (personal protective equipment); Promenergoremont, Ukraine (gas fire extinguishing systems components), Sparing - Vist Center, Ukraine (radiation monitoring devices), Emergency Technical Center of NAEC "Energoatom" (decontamination of mashinery and equipment, collection and transport of radioactive materials, the elimination of radiation accidents), Atomkomplekspribor, Ukraine (production of alpha-, beta-, gamma - ray spectrometers, instruments and systems for radiation and process control for nuclear power plants) and many others.

The exposition was placed on the area of 7000 square meters with 500 square meters of the open exhibition space. The exhibition was visited by 3150 people from Ukraine, visitors from near and far abroad. Among the guests - 238 business leaders at all levels of the energy sector, heads of enterprises - power equipment manufacturers, heads of engineering and technical services of the major energy production enterprises in various sectors of the economy, housing, transport, planning organizations, research institutes, financial institutions. The exhibition was also learned by the participants of the meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities held at the International Exhibition Centre on 27-28 September 2012, it was attended by more than 200 mayors of cities in Ukraine.

The exhibition's participants praised the event organization, noted the representative and high professional level of guests and visitors. For the organizers the main indicator of the work level was the decision of 94% of enterprises to participate in the exhibition in 2013, including 11 companies who took part for the first time; 6% answered that they "will make their decision later."

XI International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: Present and Future" and the International exhibition "Power Engineering for Industry-2013" will be held on 24-26 September 2013.