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Report on the results of
IX International Trade Fair

What solutions are used by law enforcement and security agencies, and also by private security firms to ensure safety? What new special products were presented by domestic enterprises? What attracts in a weapon? What protection for information systems and communication channels are most demanded? Answers to all those issues you could obtain visiting the IX International specialized fair "Arms and Security - 2012", which was held in Kiev from 26 to 29 of September. This year more than one hundred exhibitors from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic and Netherlands took part at the fair.

Exhibition organizers are International Exhibition Center LLC, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in cooperation with "Exhibition Companies Group "Bizon" Ltd (Russia), by the support of the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine and the State Service of Export Control of Ukraine.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2012 Kyiv Ukraine IECDespite of some crisis developments in economy, exhibitors noted a significant increasing number of visitors year on year. This year, the exhibition was visited by more than 6,000 people, by the way 65% were private persons who are interested in weapons, equipment and ammunition, and more than 17% representatives of the Ukrainian law enforcement ministries and departments. Also the fair was visited by representatives of security services of industrial plants, financial institutions, shopping malls, etc. The fair displayed interesting exhibits from Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Turkey, Italy and other countries. And there were much to see. The singularity of this year fair was the first time organized a live webcast of the opening ceremony, which was provided by the company Guns.ua.
This ceremony was rather pompous and included special forces display. They demonstrated activity in critical situations with the application of weapons. The fair was opened by:
- Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko;
- Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Chief of Staff Sergei Lekar;
- President of the International Exhibition Centre Viktor Tkachenko and other important persons.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2012 Kyiv Ukraine IEC"Arms and Security - 2012" has shown an active interest of visitors to the products that were presented here. A lot of interest was paid to newcomers at the fair (such companies has been more than a dozen). Mostly attention of visitors was focused on stands with various weapons that has been represented here well - from handmade knives and pneumatics to hunting carbines, shotguns, pistols, rifles and machine guns of industrial production. The clang of locks from the stand of the State - Owned Science - Industrial Association "Fort" of MIA of Ukraine were heard even at the entrance to the pavilion that made fair more interesting for study. By the way, the exposition of the enterprise "Fort" provided an opportunity to become familiar with entire of products, including combat, traumatic and gas pistols, sniper rifles, submachine guns and assault rifles, machineguns end so on.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2012 Kyiv Ukraine IECThe stand of the State enterprise "Ukroboronservice" was an additional highlight of the exhibition because of samples of rarity weapons such as: the machine gun "Maxim", Mosin`s rifle (1891), Mosin`s rifle (1944), Thompson`s submachine gun (1928), Naguan`s revolver (1895), the pistol - carbine PPSh-41, the submachine gun RPD-44, etc. Visitors displayed a great interest in rare exhibits presented here, once again confirming that what's old is new again.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2012 Kyiv Ukraine IECRegular exhibitor – biggest distributor and owner of retail chain the "IBIS" company (Ukraine) - presented a wide range of different weapons, clothing and accessories, knives, etc. On the stand with the acting virtual shooting range anyone could shoot from a variety of weapons. IBIS presented new sports pistols of various calibers such as: the model range of Taurus, Glock 17 and Glock 19, KAHR PM9, H&K USP, H&K P30, Walther PPQ, Walther P99, Sig Sauer X-Five, Sig Sauer P226, Sig Sauer P229, Beretta 92, Beretta PX4 Storm and carbine BD-42/II. It is necessary to point out that during the fair exhibitors have proposed discounts not only at the stands but also at representatives in Kiev, Odessa and Donetsk for metals detectors Garrett Super Scanner, Garrett GTI 2900 and Garrett Super Wand (25%), clothing, accessories Blackhawk and Snugpak, as well for shooting glasses Revision. Besides discount on service of shooting range you could get 10% discount for any products on the stand.

Among the stands with cold steel arms were presented well - known brands (Kershaw, Gerber, Cold Steel, Leatherman, Spyderco, Boker, Linder, Zero Tolerance, etc.) and companies with handmade knives made in Ukraine and Russia. On the stand Arms Factory "Zlatoust" (Russia) you could find gift copies of cold steel arms (sword - blade, swords) - a real masterpiece of art weapons.

Representatives of companies and law enforcement agencies were interested in new advanced developments of enhancing security. In particular, new models of lightweight materials for body armor, communication equipment, ammunition and uniforms. The company "TEMP 3000" (Ukraine) presented new lightweight body armor for the MIA of Ukraine and security agencies. The weight of body armor made from new material (pressurized fiberglass) was one kilogram lighter than those that used today. This body armor meets requirements of I-IV classes of protection and material looks like regular polyvinyl chloride film. Body armors of various classes of protection were represented at the stand of company "Materialoznavstvo" (Ukraine), better known as a trademark MATE. One of the company activities branch is means of protection for the elite units of security agencies and VIP. Among the new products were presented the body armor with a circular protection "class 2" that is completely soft and without any hard inserts and metal; plastic shield (weight 12kg) with protection class 3 (bullets from AK-47, AKM, AK-74). For comparison - the same steel shield weighs 35kg, and 2 models of body armors with protection class 3 and also with circular protection of the bullets AK-47, AKM, AK-74 (weight only 5,8kg), and a plastic helmet (1,4kg) with protection class 2 (it protects from TT bullets with steel core!).

Profile changing of many enterprises of the former USSR were a regularity of the beginning of 90-s. That is what happened with the well-known Ukrainian PJSC plant "Mayak" that retrained from the production of tape - recorders to the production and repairing of weapons and devices for launching out of control aviation rockets, as well equipment for receiving, recording, and reproducing of sound and images. The plant "Mayak" presented models of tank machine gun KT-7.62 and a machine gun KM-7.62.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2012 Kyiv Ukraine IECThe company "Zbroyar" Ltd. (Ukraine) presented their own products which is manufactured on CNC machines that guarantees excellent quality and full compliance of zero - defect target. Zbroyar displayed popular models of hunting grooved carbines Z-15 and Z-008 and new product of 2012 year - self-loading model Z-10 for medium ranges.

The same situation is with PJSC Lugansk Cartridge Works (Ukraine) that produces ammunition for sporting, hunting weapons and for various caliber of rifles, presented the souvenir coins that is quite an attractive way to invest in modern unstable economy.
The new company that was displayed on the fair was the Anti Terror Academy Training Centre (Czech Republic), the instructors of which have had deep experience in counter - terrorism and crisis situations.

At the stand of the State Research Institute of MIA of Ukraine the company "Intekhplyus" with the company "IT Corporation" (Russia) presented a System of electronic monitoring of persons under control using the technology of the company Serco (England).
It was rather interesting to see products of the new exhibitor the company "Squall" that was Ukrainian manufacturer of professional tactical equipment for security services and law enforcement agencies. Products have distinguished by their originality. The company presented a series of new products for concealed carry of weapons and outfit (the target audience - body - guard groups). Squall demonstrated an extended list of tactical outfit: new modular tactical waistcoat, pouches and special assault products.

The company "Tactical Systems LTD" displayed a wide range of highly - accuracy small arms (carbines, rifles, sub - machine guns, grenade gun, etc.) and accessories, outfit, uniforms and kit of more than two dozen of leading brands from Europe and the USA. By the way, together with the Dnepropetrovsk Research and Production Company "Imkas" manufactures suppressors.

On stands of companies Lahoux Optics (the Netherlands) and Thermal Vision Technologies (Ukraine) were presented night vision scopes with thermal imaging that were essential issues for SWATs and hunters. In particular, among the new issues of Lahoux Optics demonstrated the thermal imager "Flir Scout PS" that aroused great interest of visitors and potential buyers.

The company Fiord-Boat Ltd. (Ukraine) presented models of boats "Fortune" and "Storm", that are currently operated by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine and the model of "Typhoon" (4.8m), developed by the terms of reference of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Currently being developed special - purpose boat.

International Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY '2012 Kyiv Ukraine IECOverview of the fair would not be complete without mentioning about means of communication. It is necessary to point out the stand of the company "Dolya&Co. Ltd", where new license - free radios, new solutions for safety of children - radio and video - babysitter producing by Motorola were presented. The fair of this year has been extended by a new direction "Outdoor and Leisure", where you could find equipment and accessories for hunting, outdoor activities and extreme sports, tourist equipment and equipment for mountain climbing, etc.

Among the new exhibitors of this direction we could point out an original proposal by the company "Petservice Ukraine" that presented a treadmill for dogs. The stand of producer of training revolvers SNIPE retail chain ZBROIA (Ukraine) was very interesting as well. On the stand you could find range of traumatic and hunting weapons, products for hunting. Hunters were not indifferent to the stand of Ukrainian National Epagneul Breton Club (Ukraine). A stand of the company "Zolotyi Mayster" (Ukraine) periodically was a movie set for a variety of visitors because very attractive stuffed animal or bird were represented.

During the fair the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine hold workshops. On those workshops were discussed such topics as: the order of development and improvement of uniforms for internal affairs bodies; regulatory support of organization and certification of hunting weapons, ammunition, special self - defense ammunition and pyrotechnic household products; high energy intensive compact lithium and lithium - ion power sources for portable devices. Development of a research laboratory of chemical power sources of Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology; electronic monitoring of the location of the suspect or condemned: peculiarities of electric shock devices on the territory of Ukraine for their technical characteristics; biometric techniques for personal identification.

As a conclusion, it is necessary to take into consideration that products of domestic enterprises can compete with foreign me-too products. In any case, the exhibitors and number of visitors have confirmed the success of the event. This means for exhibitors new buyers and new contracts with ministries, law enforcement and security agencies.