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(November 06-09, 2012, Kyiv, International Exhibition Centre, 15, Brovarsky Avenue)

Water is the most important component of life at our planet. To save water resources means to save life. Despite this fact, in the circumstances of rapid industrial development, high urbanization, agricultural intensification, to save water environment from pollution and depletion becomes harder and harder with each year. Replacement of used water supply and sewerage systems, implementation of new water-purificating technologies, using of closed cycle water consumption in production, efficient wastewater treatment, improvement of irrigation works technologies – are priority tasks, solution of which has strategical importance for the existence and development of our country. That's why, for the tenth time, to find best solutions for solving these tasks, International Water Forum gathered representatives of governmental, social, industrial, scientific and business communities of Ukraine and the world.

Traditionally, Forum is held by the order of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and combines exhibition and scientific - practical conferences, seminars, round tables and other events. Specialized exhibition, which can be called the "Forum's core" is a connecting link between domestic and foreign markets. The exhibition attracts international investments for realization of perspective projects of Ukrainian companies.

High level of organization the event is confirmed by honorable sign of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). "AQUA UKRAINE" is supported by sectorial Ukrainian Ministries. It shows the importance of Forum's issues for our country.

- Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy of Ukraine
- Ministry for Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- State Agency of Ukraine for Water Resources
- Messe Berlin GmbH
- International Exhibition Center Ltd

With support of:
- Association "Ukrvodokanalekolohiya"
- Association "Drinking Water of Ukraine"

The opening ceremony, which took place on November 6, 2012, was attended by:
- Anatoliy Blyznyuk - Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy of Ukraine
- Vasyliy Stashuk - Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for Water Resources
- Valeriy Saratov - Chairman of the National Commission of Communal Services Market Regulation
- Myroslav Pyttsyk - Vice-President of the Association of Ukrainian Cities
- Anatoliy Tkachenko - General Director of the International Exhibition Centre
- Other officials

After the welcome speech at the Forum opening, participants of the exhibition introduced to honoured guests the most interesting developments and innovations of their companies. The exhibition occupied more than 8,000 square meters. The products from 19 countries of the world were presented by over 200 enterprises and organizations, including: Ukraine, Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Taiwan, Uzbekistan.

A great number of different modern technologies and equipment were presented at the exhibition. The main players of Ukrainian water market shared their experience and achievements with visitors. As professionals say, "AQUA UKRAINE 2012" amazed people with the widest range of pumps and pumping equipment of the world's leading manufacturers. They demonstrated to people the last professional solutions for uninterrupted operation of water supply, firefighting and wastewater systems.

At "AQUA UKRAINE 2012" water - purificating, water - clearing, water - softening, desalinating, deironing, degassing technologies were presented. Water sterilizers of different productivity caused a great interest among visitors. Guests of the Forum could also see equipment for analysis and controlling of drinking and waste water. It is very important, because water- and sewage - treatment systems are always selected as a result of qualitative and quantitative composition of different admixtures, which are in the given environment. Highly efficient compressor equipment came to the fore. It is used in a wide range of branches: from water supply (air sources for natural and waste water treatment stations) till agricultural and other industrial sectors.

Nowadays the number of damages which were caused by the critical condition of water supply and sewerage network are much bigger than the relevant standard in Europe. Of course, we need to work a lot to reach European level. But anyway, the comprehensive view at last developments and achievements in this field is created by such an equipment as: pipes of different meaning, fittings, valves, equipment for the thermistor and butt welding, various pipeline laying technologies, new methods for leak and illegal connections detection, drilling rigs, water and sewer wells, machines and tools for processing of pipes.

Water recycling systems implementation with application of cooling towers, it efficient operation and proper maintenance gave a great opportunity to reduce using of water resources by enterprises; to reduce the volume of waste water and to limit negative effect on the environment. That's why, the complete information: from the nuances of the selection and design of cooling towers till possibilities of it production and package bundle, attracted attention of the food processing, chemical, gas & oil, metallurgy and representatives of other industrial sectors.

Annually, a strong interest for participants and guests of the Forum is caused by a wige range of constructions for mechanical and biological treatment of different productivity waste water as well as reagents for various purposes.

One of decisive factors of the growth of productivity and improvement of working conditions is automatization of technological processes. Making human free from the direct involvement in the production, automatization raised for a brand new level water supply, water treatment and waste water processes. So, modern equipment, services and complex solutions which were represented at "AQUA UKRAINE 2012" exhibition mirrored developing prospects in the Ukrainian water sector for the nearest future.

The problem of treatment and disposal of sewage sludge became particularly important. During decades, unprocessed they were drained off to the overloaded sludge zones. This caused the violation of environmental safety and living conditions of population. The direct way of solving this urgent problem is implementation of new technologies and equipment for municipal and industrial waste water dewatering. The scientists from all over the world are involved to solve this problem.

The wide range of professional topics of "AQUA UKRAINE" exhibition was completed with great number of containers, tanks, cisterns, reservoirs of different shapes, sizes and functions.

Informatively saturated exposition of the State Agency of Ukraine for Water Resources highlighted the condition of Water Resources in all regions of Ukraine. It introduced the development of branch history, implementation of the basin principle of water resources management. It also introduced protection against harmful impact of water, providing rural areas with central water supply.

Participation of Kyivvodokanal Ltd. became vivid and memorable. On the 7th of November exhibition's visitors became witnesses of an exciting "show of dancing excavators". Virtuoso drivers demonstrated incredible opportunities of heavy equipment. These machines poured beer into a glass, started up fireworks and even kissed each other. Everybody were touched by the great show.

The Conference "Quality drinking water for Ukrainian people" became the central point of the business program. The Conference was held within the VIII International Congress "Institutional and technical aspects of reforming housing and communal services - 2012" (organized by the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine). The conference highlighted a wide range of problems, conjuncted with current situation of water supply and quality of drinking water. The Conference helps to attract an investments into the water supply and sewerage sector, introduced the ways of performing National Programm "Drinking water of Ukraine". The National Commission of Communal Services Market Regulation explained stimulating tariff methods. They were approved not so long time ago. These methods mean switching into the long-term (3-5 years) of stimulating schemes of tariff regulation within transportation of thermal energy and central water supply & sewerage sectors.

As usual, the scientific - practical Conference "Water and environment" (which is organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine; State Agency of Ukraine for Water Resources) was very saturated and efficient. A lot of important questions were discussed, such as: ecological situation in Ukraine, protection of water resources and influence of the climate on it, rational water usage, features of drinking water in Ukraine, flood controlling actions. The Conference became an important phase on the way of solving problems of water sector of Ukraine.

Annual professional competition "Best Worker of Technical Services of Water Supply and Sewerage Sector of Ukraine" was held in the format of two nominations: 1) pressurized embeding into the water supply network, 2) mounting the water supply network by plastic pipes. At this time, welders of 9 leading teams of water utilities enterprises competed for the title of the best one. There were teams from Kyiv, Lugansk, Chernigiv, Khmelnitskiy, Poltava, Ternopil, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Komsomolsk. Each of disciplines had its own assessment criterias. Speed is a priority indicator for the first nomination, quality is a priority indicator for the second one. Winners were spoted as a result of thorough analysis of executed works and according to above - mentioned criterias. In the nomination "Pressurized embeding into the water supply network" the winners were: 1) Luganskvoda, Ltd. 2) Khmelnytskiy water utility enterprise, SCE 3) Chernigiv water utility enterprise, CE. A welding machine was the main prize of a competition. It was provided by "Eurotrubplast" TH in the "Mounting the water supply network by plastic pipes" nomination. "Ternopil water utility enterprise", CE which is a regular participant of the competition won this welding machine. The second place was won by "Kyiv water utility enterprise", AC PJSC and the third place was won by "Kharkiv water utility enterprise", CE. All the winners were awarded with diplomas and memorial cups.

Some 6370 specialists from Ukraine and abroad, including neighboring and distant countries. They took part in the work of the four - day water exhibition, scientific conference and business program.

Exhibition AQUA UKRAINE 2012 Kiev IEC

The concept of "AQUA UKRAINE" Forum involves a comprehensive approach to solving problems of water industry. Traditionally, at the same time with Water Forum at the International Exhibition Centre, the following thematically related events took place: the X International specialized exhibition "COMMUNTECH" (technologies, equipment and materials for communal heat - and - power engineering, road construction, municipal engineering, special - purpose vehicles, urban transport, production and consumption wastes, municipal improvement and services), the IX International Agricultural Exhibition "AGROFORUM", the V Specialized Exhibition "Energy efficiency" (alternative and renewable energy, power efficient and power saving technologies, equipment, materials in power engineering, industry, construction, housing and communal services, and agriculture); the II specialized exhibition "Eurobuildexpo" (industrial and residential construction, architecture and repair, building technologies, materials and structures, machinery, equipment, and tools for building and repair work, elements and objects of designe and decor). So, International Exhibition Centre provided again the unique opportunity for in total 11340 professionals, at the same time, to get a full range of information about the latest technologies and equipment in the water and related economical sectors.
Summing up the results of an anniversary X International Water Forum "AQUA UKRAINE–2012", participants evaluated high organizing of the event. They also noted professional level of visitors, relevance and importance of business program.


Exhibition AQUA UKRAINE 2012 Kiev IEC


Exhibition AQUA UKRAINE 2012 Kiev IEC


Exhibition AQUA UKRAINE 2012 Kiev IEC


Exhibition AQUA UKRAINE 2012 Kiev IEC