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Report on the results of
IX International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM – 2012

On November 6th - 9th, 2012 the International agroindustrial trade fair AGROFORUM was held
The organizer of the event is International Exhibition Center, Ltd.
Trade fair was supported by Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Official opening ceremony of the trade fair on the 7th November was headed by:
- Olexandr Grygorovych – Director of the Department of Engineering and Technical Support Agricultural Engineering of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
- Anatoly Tkachenko – General Director of "International Exhibition Centre" Ltd.

In welcoming to participants and guests at the opening, the head of the Department of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine noted the significant potential of the domestic agricultural sector, the possibility of a profitable business in agricultural industries, and also focused on the fact that the event helps to improve the country's image. One of the important mechanisms to attract investments, according to the Director of the Department, is the Law of Ukraine, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on November 6, 2012 "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Stimulation of Domestic Machinery Production for Agriculture", which creates favourable conditions for investments to domestic engineering companies. In particular, for the implementation of priority species competitive production of means of agricultural machinery for businesses the conditions of use of hardware components of leading world producers had been eased.

After the official opening there was observance of expositions also thematically related to "Agroforum": Trade Fair "CommunTech" (communal fund management and exploitation), Trade Fair "RoadTechExpo" (construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of motor roads, bridges and overpasses), International Water Forum "AQUA UKRAINE" (water preparation, water supply, water removal, sewage treatment, local water treatment devices, pumping and armature equipment, engineering networks), Trade Fair "EuroBuildExpo" (industrial and housing building, architecture and repair works, building technologies, materials and constructions), International Specialized Trade Fair "Energy Efficiency" (renewable energy, alternative types of fuel, energy effective and energy saving technologies, equipment, materials in power engineering, industry, building, housing and communal services, agro - industry complex), which took place simultaneously in the neighbouring pavilion of the International Exhibition Centre

Products from 18 countries of the world - Ukraine, Russia, the USA, China, Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Syria, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Poland, France and Switzerland - were represented by 109 participants on the following topics:
- agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts for it
- land-reclamation and sprinkling machinery and equipment
- logistics in agriculture
- modern technologies of production, harvesting and storing of crops
- agricultural construction industry, erection of hothouses, erection of quickly installed constructions
- feed production, feed preparation and storing
- food ration for livestock and poultry
- veterinary medicine and biological products
- plant protection means and fertilizers
- gardening, seed farming, seeds of native and foreign breeding
- equipment and devices for quality control of agricultural products
- organic food
- software for agricultural enterprises
- agrarian science.

On the stand of the Department of Engineering and Technical Support and Agricultural Engineering of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine the development plan of engineering for agriculture, new technical and technological solutions for a differentiated system of tillage and planting in crop and other achievements on engineering were presented.

According to experts, agriculture is the most promising sector of Ukrainian economy, which is now the fastest growing and the most attractive for investment, and corn is our strategic resource. Increased competition in the market has led to increase in agricultural areas of the role of logistics in the formation of the cost of production and sale of agricultural products. Transportation of grain appears to be one of the most important operations, not only during the harvest season, but in the off-season, when this is required by the recycling process.

In particular, the exhibition featured products of such well - known companies as: DAF TRUCKS - one of the most popular brands of trucks among transport operators in Ukraine, Representative Office in Ukraine "Schmitz Cargobull" - leading European manufacturer of wagons, dump trailers, and flatbed semi trailers Tarpaulin, which introduced at this year’s show a grain transporter with light but strong aluminium platform SKI 24 SL 10.5 with the suspension, which is especially suitable for work in the fields; SCHWARZMULLER Ukraine LLC - the fourth largest company in Europe for production of trailers and semi - trailers, who offers in Ukraine full range of services and has presented in the exhibition one of the ultra - light aluminium semi - trailer trucks, the frame of which was subjected to blasting galvanized beads, which has increased its durability; Volvo Ukraine LLC - the official representative of the Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation in Ukraine presented a draft vehicle bulk under grain lorry Volvo FM 400, which is specifically designed for agroindustrial complex; POZHSPETSMASH Plant LLC - known domestic manufacturer of fire engines mastered a new type of product. The exhibition presented a three - axis semi trailer PPZV-50 for grain and other agricultural products.

Traditionally, during the completion of the agricultural year in the exhibition showed a comprehensive view of full cycle of agricultural production: from the project proposals that use innovative technologies to collecting, post - harvest handling, storage of grains and oilseeds, and, as the final part of the cycle, preparation of seeds and saturation of machine park for field works in the new agricultural year.

Exposure of winnowing, grain drying and elevator equipment was provided by such companies as: "Agrotech" PE (Lugansk) - this year the company introduced a new generation of separating machines of "Almaz" brand, which is designed for 100% pure grain of wild oats and other impurities; "Elevatorpromservise" OJSC (Mykolaiv) - product of this company is the equipment for companies engaged in the storage and processing of grain; "Vibroseparator" Inc. (Zhytomyr) - by far one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises in the sector of agricultural machinery, which produces a highly productive, reliable and efficient equipment - stationary and mobile grain cleaning separators, conveying equipment; "Agro - Vigs" ISC LTD (Kharkiv) - developed and manufactures the ISM - impeller separating machine, which is capable of simultaneously cleaning and calibration of wheat and other crops; "Spetselevatormlynmash" LLC (Kharkiv) - production company, which is one of the leading operators of the domestic market of agricultural equipment for processing, cleaning and sorting of grains and seeds with Fadeev’s sustainable way; "Remix" SBE (Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region) - equipment and components for enterprise storage and processing of grain; "Agrobudivelna Kompaniya" (Kyiv) - the company showcased a model of precast concrete structures of its own production, which can be used as a hangar for storage and repair machinery, grain and vegetable store, for pigs, cattle, and also as aviary; "Atribud" LLC (Kyiv) - the official representative in Ukraine of known Turkish manufacturer of equipment for storage and transportation of grain - the company "OBIAL"; Sioux Steel Company (USA) presented a high-quality Ukrainian farmers and grain elevators, grain storage; "Lubava" BSF (Kherson) - spare parts and consumables for milling industry; "Harkovprodmash" PJSC (Kharkov) - spare parts and accessories for grain cleaners; weighing, metering equipment, instruments for determining the quality of the grain are Kompania SPS, Weight Company "Mika", "Developmental technological bureau of heat power devices "DKTB TEP" PJSC; exhibition of agricultural machinery, spare parts, accessories precision farming, oil and lubricants - "Zeppelin Ukraine" GmbH - is part of an international network of companies, headquartered in Germany.

Leading national dealers of agricultural and municipal technology, brands such as Caterpillar, Bucyrus, JLG, Metso, Olympian, Challenger, Bourgault, Gregoire Besson, CLAAS; Farmet a.s (Czech Republic) - a firm that specializes in development, manufacture, sale and service of agricultural machinery for soil tillage and sowing, and the technology for oil-bearing crops; "Technika" PE (Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region) - sale of imported agricultural equipment from leading European and American manufacturers; "Ukravtozapchastina" Company Limited (Kyiv) - today’s leader in the market of tractors, agricultural and special equipment, motorcycles, spare parts, batteries, tires, wheels, lube, maintenance and repair materials made in Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, China, India; "Umanfermmash" PJSC (Uman) - one of the leading Ukrainian agricultural machinery and spare parts; "Ukragropostach" LLC (Kyiv) - general dealer in Ukraine of production association "Gomselmash" (Belarus) - the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the CIS, as well as the official representative of the Belarusian plants producing agricultural machinery and equipment; PW Group GmbH (Germany) - manufacture and sale of spare parts for combine harvesters; "Agroliux" UAB (Lithuania) - a supplier of spare parts for tractors; Invent Group (Donetsk) - the official distributor of lubricants Shell, filtration equipment Pall, Fleetguard and process liquids Houghton; "Zavod Gigroarmatury" LLC (Kyiv) - production of different types of fittings and high pressure hoses for hydraulic systems; "Mogilevsky zavod "Electrodvigatel" RUE (Republic of Belarus) - the largest manufacturer of induction motors in Belarus; "Elektromotor" PSC (Poltava) - the largest manufacturer of asynchronous AC motors in Ukraine; "Company "Santehplast" LLC (Kharkiv) - equipment and accessories for drip irrigation; "Spray Agro" LTD (Kyiv) - the official distributor of American company TEEJET - leading manufacturer of dispensers and accessories thereof, GPS navigation products, control equipment and devices; "Agro Invest" LLC (Kyiv) - the official dealer of Swiss corporation, manufacturer of equipment for precision farming Leica Geosystems; "TNT TPI" LLC (Dnipropetrovsk) - integrated solutions for precision farming tasks.

In the veterinary and feeding products, companies such as: Wynveen International (Netherlands) - a leading manufacturer of equipment for the production of animal feed; "Bieltek" LTD (Ukraine - Syria) - provided highly purified veterinary products, which leads to increased efficiency and lower period of withdrawal from the body; "Kakhovka Protein Agro" LLC (Nova Kakhovka) - Ukraine's largest complex for processing of soybeans and a leading producer of soybean meal and soybean oil; "MBS" LLC SHP (Kyiv) - domestic manufacturer of probiotics for animals and birds, which has successfully collaborated with leading Ukrainian poultry farms; "Mobile milling trucks" LLC (Republic of Belarus) - a highly profitable manufacturer of equipment for the production of feed protein and mineral and vitamin supplements; "Nita - Farm" CJSC (Russia) - a leading developer of medicines for livestock and poultry; "Nagoda Trade" LTD (Kyiv) -the company presented at the exposition pelletizer for animal feed and fuel pellets; "Promelectro" LTD (Kharkiv) - production and sale of household shredders that are designed for the processing of grain and root crops for fodder for domestic animals in private plots and farms; "Protex - Trade" LTD (Kyiv) - supplier of high quality feed additives, fish meal; "Laboratory of natural technologies" LTD (Poltava) - producer of natural hygienic preparations for domestic animals care, prevention of mastitis, veterinary balsams.

Attention of visitors was attracted to the exposition of companies working in the field of agrochemicals and fertilizers:"Reakom" LTD RPC (Dnipropetrovsk) - the only Ukrainian manufacturer of chelated micronutrients in a biologically active form for different crops; "APK - Group" LLC (Brovary, Kyiv region) - presented diagnostic device sheet, which measures the need for plants in various food items; also the company offers fertilizers, micronutrient fertilizers and plant growth stimulants; "Kvadrat" LTD (Kharkiv) - offers complex fertilizers; "Fertelita Group" LTD (Odessa) - the company specializes in the supply of fertilizers throughout Ukraine in wagon loads, as well as in the section of seed and planting material: "Supermarket of field crops seeds" LTD, Trade House "Nasinnya" LTD etc.

AGROFORUM has become a traditional meeting place for agro - industrial experts: it is interesting not only for representatives of the farming economies, but also for the leading agricultural enterprises and associations, which made it possible to assess the supply and demand for products and equipment for all sectors of agricultural market at local, regional and international level, to find the best and most necessary for their business. The exhibition was a wide field for the establishment of the necessary business contacts. After all, in a well - established tradition, it was held together with strong international events: Trade Fair "CommunTech", Water Forum "AQUA UKRAINE", Trade Fair "EuroBuildExpo" and investment forum on energy efficiency and renewable energy, and the specialized Trade Fair "Energy Efficiency", where various technologies and equipment for different areas of agricultural production were exhibited.


Geography of visitors

The Central part of Ukraine (Vinnytsa, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Kirovograd, Poltava, Sumy, Cherkasy, Chernigiv region)


The Eastern part of Ukraine (Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv region)


The Western part of Ukraine (Volyn, Zakarpattya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi region)


The Southern part of Ukraine (AR Crimea, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Kherson region)


The CIS countries


Other countries




International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM 2012

Activity of the company who visited the exhibition

International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM 2012

Fields of the company who visited the exhibition

International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM 2012