Exhibitions in Kyiv

15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61

List of participants

Company name


703 Metalworking Plant of Boiler Equipment, Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

complete solutions of heating problems, production of steel structures for various purposes

Aerocorе Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

all kinds of research, design, production, commercial and other activities, provides advice and information, technical, economic, financial and others services. Representative of O.M.C. Collareda S.r.I. (Italy)

Alexeychyk V.V. PE, Kharkiv region, Ukraine

vulcanite wheels, flap grinding wheels, end flap wheels, polishing paste, abrasives and related materials

All.biz, Ukraine

specialized industrial web-resourse

Anshan Anza Electronic Power Co. LTD, China

lighting, electrical insulating materials, oil and gas and chemical industry, agricultural machinery, materials and products from plastic and rubber, alternative energy, security and fire-fighting, components, etc.

Araise Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

equipment for welding and cutting, welding materials, accessories and consumables. TM representative ESAB (Sweden)

Automatic Welding, Kyiv, Ukraine

international scientific and technical, industrial magazine

AV Polystar Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

vulcanite wheels, flap grinding wheels, end flap wheels, polishing paste, abrasives and related materials

Bdzhilka Private Commercial Firm, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

moulds, injection moulding machines of ТМ Asian Plastic Machinery, Chen Hsong Machinery; mills, dryers, feeders and other equipment of Shini Europe; chillers of Industrial Frigo

Best Business SE, Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of products from various types of electrocorundum, silicone carbide, synthetic diamonds and cubic boron nitride an also many other grinding materials and tools from these materials

Bezpeka Zhyttediyalnosti (Life Safety), magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Biko company Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

individual protection means, industrial abrasives, industrial fabrics, materials for auto repair, adhesives, sealants and threaded fasteners, cleaning materials, equipment and materials for toilets. TM 3M Representative (USA), Kimberly - Clark Professional (US), Polyco (United Kingdom), SafetyJoger (Belgium), Oxypas (Belgium)

Brovary-Plastmass Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

corrugated polypropylene bilayer pipes for outdoor sewerage (POLYCORR), pressure pipes made of polyethylene PE 100 for water systems, polypropylene pipes casing on the threaded joints for the construction of water intake and technology wells

Chasov Yar Refractory Products Plant PE, Donetsk region, Ukraine

manufacture of refractory products, materials, production of refractory clay, clay for ceramic tile, molding sands

Desta PE, Rivne, Ukraine

production of markings and information labels (nameplates), PVC trim panels, low temperature decals

Dovidnyk Golovnogo Energetyka (Directory of the Chief Power Engineer), Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Electrotema, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Equipment and Tools for Professionals, magazine, Kharkiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, Austria

plastics recycling machinery and technologies

Foundry of Ukraine, magazine

specialized industrial media

Fortuna-71 Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

TeslaWeld welding equipment

Galsoft-Service Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

machines for sheet metal processing (shears, sheet, coordinate punch presses) of TM DURMA (Turkey). Guarantee service

Golden Fleece, Ukraine, Industrial Company Ltd., Kyiv

production of band saws for metal, wood; abrasives; adhesives; coolants. Representative of ТМ Lennartz, Wikus, Arntz, Koronet, HERMES, VSM, Awuko, Deerfos, Indasa

Guvenal Kalip Elemanlari A.S., Turkey

die&mould production machinery

Hammer, catalogue, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized media of B2B format, which highlights the tools of world-famous manufacturers

IBC SYSTEMS Group of companies, Kyiv, Ukraine

plastics processing machinery

IBK KARE, Kyiv, Ukraine

information and editorship company

Industrial Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Inoil-Service Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

lubricating materials and technical liquids of ТМ UNIL (Belgium), ANDEROL (the Netherlands)

Inkos R&D Enterprise Ltd., Chernigiv, Ukraine

development and production of plastic profiles, technological equipment and auxiliaries. Profiles of hard PVC, plastic PVC pipes for pneumatics and water, PVC tape, PVC electrical insulating tubes

Institute For Super Hard Materials named after V.N. Bakul, Science and Technology Diamond Concern Alcon of National Academy of Sciences Of Ukraine, Kyiv

fundamental scientific researches of physical and chemical processes of mono and polycrystalline, disperse and film diamond and diamond-like materials creation and growth

Instrumental World, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Itton Service Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

three-dimensional printers and five-axis machines for prototyping, production of experimental samples, components and model tooling. Up-to-date modelling and engineering materials. Representative of ТМ Stratasys (USA), CMS (Italy), Rampf tooling, Lange + Ritter (Germany)

Kharkiv Aviation University, Ukraine

leading scientific institution in the domain of aviation and space technologies and developments

Kit Research&Production Small - Scale Company, Kirovograd, Ukraine

dies, molds, injection molds, modeling and other industrial equipment

Kulik System Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

ergonomic office furniture

KVota Small-Scale Enterprise, Ternopil, Ukraine

spare parts for mould and die production, lubricating materials for plastics’ production

Kyiv Polytechnical University, National Technical Institute of Ukraine, Kyiv

higher education institution of research type. Fundamental researches the following areas: information and communication technologies, energy conservation and efficiency, environmental management, new substances and materials

Kyiv Social Service PE, Ukraine

heating elements’ production

LBU-Tech Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

olesale of polymers TM PolyOne (EU), Molykote (EU), Condat (EU)

Lion Recycling Ukraine Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

secondary polymer pellets

Machentech Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of metal-working equipment, injection molding machines. Development of technologies and service. Delivery of spare parts, consumables and cutting tools. Representative of ТМ Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Sunnen (USA, Switzerland), AVIA FOP (Poland), Rhenus Lub (Germany), Haijing (China)

MakerLab, Kyiv, Ukraine

promotion and application of rapid prototiping 3D printing technologies. Official dealer of ТМ MakerBot of Ukraine

Melitopol Compressor PJSC, Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine

production of air compressors and spare parts to them

Metallicheskiy Vestnik (Metal Bulletin), magazine, Kharkiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

innovative technologies for agriculture

Nauka i Technika (Science and Technology), magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

New Technologies of Strenthening ”KARBAS” Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

strengthening the surface of machine parts by method of liquid nitriding in the salt solution

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, Ukraine

innovations for agriculture

Onix Universal Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

import of additives for PVC: integrated stabilizers, PE wax, black carbon. Production of basalt-graphite reinforcement

Optimal-MM Ltd., Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

manufacture of spare parts, tools and accessories to injection molding machines, extrusion machines and granulating machines

OSV Technology PE, Tsurupinsk, Kherson reg., Ukraine

polyurethanes, silicones, machinery, technologies. Representative of ТМ OSV (Ukraine), Zhermack (Italy), Acrylic One (the Netherlands), Pozzi Arosio (Italy)

Packprint Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

packaging materials and equipment

Pereviznyk, bulletin, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Plasten Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

complex stabilizers, lubricants, processing modifiers, foaming and colour agents for PVC. Representative of TM Baerlocher, Tramaco GmbH (Germany), Holland Colours (Netherlands)

Polymer-Engineering Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production and delivery of extrusion lines, different machines and equipment for manufacturing of polymer products – films, sheets, pipes, profiles. The firm delivers also thermoforming and CNC controlled trimming machines, equipment for mixing and recycling

Prostir 3D, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

three-dimensional printers for production of models, parts, prototypes, mock-ups; milling centers for treatment of light alloys, plastics, composites; technologies and materials for modeling equipment; composite materials for lightweight and durable constructions

PROTECHnology Industrial Machines Ltd., Turkey

equipment for surface treatment; systems of industrial cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning

Rezonans-Plast, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

manufacturing of industrial equipment, press-moulds, stamps etc.

Scientific Production Plant of Special Technological Equipment, Ltd., Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

production of galvanic equipment and equipment for the production of printed circuit boards

Schneider Electric Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

technologies, programs and services for energy management and automation: from elementary light switches to complex industrial systems

Slyapchuk Subsidiary Company, Kharkiv, Ukraine

tools’ production

Smartprint Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D pens consumables for 3D printers. Services of 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D modeling. Representative TM Flashforge, Mankati (China), David Laserscanner (Germany), Asiga (USA), DaVinci (Taiwan)

Stankoplast Ltd., Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

production, sale and service of injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines and grinders; Tongyong (China): equipment for processing plastics in "Thermoplastautomat" (Ukraine), used equipment of European and Turkish producers

State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, Kyiv

scientific and technical literature

Svit-Inform, newspaper, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

TDC Ukrspetstechnika Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

turning, milling and grinding tools, their implementation and technological support. Representative of TM PAFANA, FANAR, BAILDON, ANDRE, FENES (Poland), CARMEX (Israel)

Techimport Capital Group Ltd., Odesa, Ukraine

supply of industrial machinery for plastics’ processing

Techosnastka Ltd., Vinnytsa, Ukraine

design and manufacture of tooling: plastic injection molds, aluminum, zinc, copper alloys; for molding of thermosetting plastics and rubber, stamps for punching, bending, exhaust etc.

Technology PJSC, Sumy, Ukraine

production of light metallized packaging

Temp Plant JSC, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

special technological equipment for the production of printed circuit boards; plating equipment; pipe-welding equipment; metal structures. Representative of TM «Stoll», «Sessler», «Galfatec», «Wigal», «Sahffer», «Procon», «Fella» - Poland, Germany, Austria

Tetra Firm Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

largest in Ukraine manufacturer of metal wire mesh anf filters for injection moulding machines

Toolpress-Techno Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of technological equipment for processing of sheet metal and long steel and tools to this equipment, parts, service tools. Representative of TM PRIMA-POWER (Italy, Finland), WILSON TOOL (US, UK), UKB (Germany), Nibbler (Sweden), MÜLLER OPLADEN (Germany), SOITAAB (Italy), FICEP (Italy)

topbiz.com.ua, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial web-resourse

Transport, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Unikos Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

oils, lubricants and coolants made by the leading manufacturers of Western Europe and Ukraine for equipment, metal processing and transport

Vacuum Technologies Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

vacuum pumps, filters, lubricants

Vashchenko PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

trade and service of sheet metal processing machines and tools. Representative of GOEBEL, TRUMPF (Germany), TAMA (Denmark), RIVEDRILL (Spain), RIVETEC, SWAG (Czech Republic), SPIRO SA (Switzerland), H.M. TRANSTECH (Slovakia)

VML Ltd., Obukhiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine

injection molding machines of Haitian (China): energy saving (savings up to 80%), fully electric, budget, two platens (molding of large products)

Vyshneve Casting and Forging Plant PJSC, Ukraine

forging and casting manufacture

Welding and Metal Constructions, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Wesma Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial motor oils. Distributor of ТМ Mobil (USA), Pennasol (Germany), OSM (Ukraine)